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WINTER- Mason Jar Events Seasonal Pairing Dinner

WINTER | Mason Jar Events Seasonal Pairing Dinner

DATE |  

TIME | 5pm – 10pm

LOCATION| Colorado

TICKET COST | Invitation Only



Celebrate the changing seasons and the bounty of fall as Mason Jar Event Group crafts an evening of lux cannabis culture, dining, music and the finest offerings of the Colorado High Life.



DATE |  Sunday, February 19, 2017

TIME | 11am -4pm

LOCATION | The Falls Event Center – 8199 Southpark Ct Littleton, CO 80120

TICKET COST | $10 in Advance – $15 at the Door



The Cannabis Wedding Expo is a place for couples to meet face to face with traditional and nontraditional vendors in the cannabis wedding scene and learn how to incorporate cannabis into their perfect day! Attendees will be able to sample tasty (non-infused) bites, purchase gifts and favors, order custom clothing, watch live-glass blowing and so much more!


The sale of cannabis at the Expo is strictly prohibited.



The Falls Event Center - 8199 Southpark Ct Littleton, CO 80120


Normalizing Cannabis Weddings, One Canna-Bar At A Time

You shouldn’t have to sneak out of a loved one’s wedding – or even your own, for that matter – to smoke a joint.

This is the decree of Love and Marij, a cannabis wedding and special events planning/advocacy group spearheaded by Stamford, Connecticut’s Niki McDonald.

The online platform, launched in July 2015, serves both as a listing service/inspiration board for prospective brides and grooms in legalized states who are looking to incorporate cannabis into their ceremonies, and as a network that advocates for the rights of said brides and grooms.

“While Love and Marij… lists the world’s first cannabis-friendly wedding vendors, most wedding vendors still fear working with cannabis, which makes it difficult for newly engaged couples to plan a wedding with cannabis,” McDonald told Civilized.

“At this moment in time, because cannabis is still federally illegal, a lot of wedding vendors… and a lot of people [in general] just don’t understand the laws or are afraid of the laws, which are ever-changing.”

Enter Love and Marij. Every day, the group works with wedding industry leaders – be they hoteliers, limo drivers, venue operators and everything in between – to educate them about the various ways cannabis can legally and responsibly be incorporated into upscale events of all kinds.

From bud bouquets and cannabis corsages to ganja gift-bags and ceremonial smokes, the ways marijuana can be married with a wedding if you can find an accommodating vendor are endless (as demonstrated on Love and Marij’s homepage, which offers a range of examples of ‘upscale imagery’ provided by cannabis-loving newlyweds).

The canna-bar is the biggest challenge

Alexander Elledge Wedding 573 / Jessica Hill Photography

But the most desirable (and often most challenging) way to incorporate cannabis into your ceremony, according to McDonald, is with a ‘canna-bar’, which serves up a range of strains to guests. The trouble with canna-bars is that in most states, you cannot serve cannabis at a location that has a liquor license. McDonald says there are always “creative workarounds” to issues like this, like the Loopr bus in Denver, which doubles as cannabis-friendly transportation to your venue and a place to recreate with cannabis outside of your venue.

Desire for cannabis-friendly event planning has always existed, surmises McDonald. Now that legalization measures are sweeping the nation, these demands are being legitimized for the first time – and the growing pains are palpable.

“The demand for cannabis weddings has always been there… brides and grooms may not bring it to the forefront of their wedding to actually serve it, but tons have a quick hit to help calm their nerves before they go down the aisle, or they sneak out to recreate,” said McDonald.

This gap in services is something McDonald first picked up on while she was still working in television production in 2014. After being sent by MSNBC to cover marijuana legalization in Colorado, she saw first-hand the lack of understanding around the potential for ‘sophisticated’ cannabis use – and the lack of access to professionals who could help facilitate it.

lauren brad details 56 uai 2880x1920 / Ali. V Photography

“Whenever I would tell my friends back home that cannabis could be upscale, there was no frame of reference. They couldn’t picture that,” said McDonald. “I also noticed that a bunch of people I knew who were getting married wanted to have cannabis at their weddings and couldn’t figure out how to do it legally… I saw where the market needed help and figured this was the perfect cause for me to start fighting.”

While there’s still a long way to go in terms of the acceptability of cannabis-infused weddings and events, McDonald believes a societal shift of sorts is undeniably underway.

“More and more people – especially in states where it’s legal – are looking to include cannabis in one way, shape or form [in their weddings] and there are more and more service providers coming forward saying they’ll do it,” said McDonald, adding that “a comfort level is starting to emerge.”

She hopes this movement will be further burgeoned by Love and Marij’s upcoming release of a state-by-state educational infographic, which will detail for vendors (or a DIY couple) how they can legally work with cannabis for a wedding. The graphic is set to be released by early November, “for the start of engagement season.”

weed wedding011 / Ali. V Photography

“We’ve figured out all the loopholes so that anyone who wants to do this, in whatever capacity they want, can do it… These infographics will give a lot of people who are sort of on the fence about [cannabis weddings] the power to go full throttle,” said McDonald. “From there, I think it will just be a matter of seeing people do it, and [hopefully] it will just become normal.”

Banner image: / Ali. V Photography




  • Share our official contest announcement (est Nov 15, 2016 – start of peak engagement season)
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  • BRAND YOURSELF WITH AN AWARD!  Your media outlet will get to choose a digital award that speaks to the ideals of your readers.
  • Brand Exposure to thousands of wedding vendors looking to learn more about cannabis.
  • Your Branded Award with your chosen winners will remain live on for one year; bringing continuing notoriety to your brand.

Ex:  Classy Magazine’s “Classiest Cannabar Award” or  Wow Magazine’s “Most Polarizing Cannabar”



AWARD ELEMENTS: Choose the title of your award,  qualifications of what you’re looking for in a cannabar and submit a digital image to serve as your branded trophy icon.  You may also share additional stats about your following so that wedding vendors and cannabis companies that are targeting your demographic can go after your award!

SUBIT YOUR AWARD ELEMENTS TO LOVE AND MARIJ: will list your award, qualifications and icon on the Best Cannabar Contest official contest entry page so that cannabis companies and wedding vendors can go after designing a cannabar worthy of your award!



At the start of peak engagement season, Love and Marij will share our official cannabar contest announcement – please release this announcement with your following.  Tease your following with what they can do to win your award!



Love and Marij will share the official cannabar contest page – a listing all of the photo submissions.  Share this page with your following and encourage them to vote for their favorite cannabar! 



Tell Love and Marij which cannabar team design wins your award.



Love and Marij will keep the winners of your award along with your award branding live on our 2017 contest page for one year!


Award Titles are first come, first served.  Final award images and criteria must meet the approval guidelines of Love and Marij.








REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!  First 50 companies will be granted entry!



Mon Jan 16, 2017 – Sun Jan 22, 2017 | VOTING SHARED BY LOVE & MARIJ & MEDIA SPONSORS


*Dates Subject to Change











  • 1 YEAR LISTING ON LOVE AND MARIJ (Jan 1, 2017 – Dec 31, 2017)

Once payment is received, Love and Marij will build a brand page for you on OR where newly engaged couples looking to stock their cannabars can find you and your wedding friendly products and services.  Love and Marij will connect newly engaged couples to your listing through advertising at wedding expos & mainstream wedding planning resources.


  • FREE 2016 LISTING ON LOVE AND MARIJ (Date Paid – Dec 31, 2016)



Love and Marij will connect you with the closest cannabis friendly wedding vendors and event planners to get them comfortable with recommending your products and services to their clients.



Love and Marij will be using the proceeds of the contest to spark the following attention:


  • CANNABIS WEDDING INFOGRAPHIC: Love and Marij will releasing a state by state infographic that educates newly engaged couples and wedding vendors on how to legally and responsibly incorporate cannabis into weddings.  (Advertising space on the infographic available to 5 companies/state.)
  • EDUCATIONAL ARTICLES: Love and Marij will be funding the creation of “weed wediquette” educational articles; informing wedding guests and event planners on best practice for embracing cannabis at upscale events.



  • BRIDAL EXPOS: Love and Marij will be be targeting newly engaged couples by marketing our educational infographics in the goodybags of multiple wedding expos in states where cannabis is legal.
  • PRINT & ONLINE ADS: Love and Marij will continue to disrupt the wedding industry with upscale cannabis imagery with online and print advertising in mainstream bridal magazines as and strategic cannabis .

Weed Wediquette Articles

Guest Guide to Your First Weed Wedding

7 Tips to on How Navigate Your First Weed Wedding


What strains should you serve at your wedding? Cannabist Pot Critic Jake Browne and Whaxy Chief Editor Marie Veksler share their top recommendations.

Budgeting the Wedding Canna-Bar vs. Alcohol Bar

How to calculate the cost of alcohol vs cannabis for an upscale event.

Why You Should Have a Cannabar at your Wedding, Even if You Don’t Smoke

Cannabis is becoming the new champagne! Even if you don't smoke, consider serving cannabis at your wedding!

Cannabis Consumers Have Better Sex

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Cannabis Consumers Have Better Sex

By The LA Lady – Jun 2, 2016

Cannabis users are almost guaranteed multiple orgasms, according to a new survey.

An annual study conducted by surveyed over 5000 singles, regardless of whether or not they’re members of the site. The 2016 data looked at people’s attitudes towards cannabis and how it affects their personal relationships and dating life.

“Match is exploring at a new type of relationship – the one between singles and weed,” the company says. “For the first time, a dating company is looking at marijuana and the role it plays with singles and dating.”

Insights from the study include:

Cannabis users have more orgasms: Singles who have smoked marijuana were 109 percent more likely to have experienced multiple orgasms. Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for millennia, so it’s not surprising that couples who use cannabis are having better sex.

Cannabis users have an active single life: They were 58 percent more likely to have gone on a date in the past year, 44 percent more likely to be looking for a committed relationship, and 15 percent more likely to already have a partner.

Cannabis users are more likely to hook up: A cannabis enthusiast is 30 percent more likely to make out at the end of the night. There are cannabis products that can enhance arousal, not to mention strains of cannabis that enhance physical sensations. And since cannabis users are having multiple orgasms, they’re actively seeking out sexual activities.

Other insights from the study focus on cannabis as a factor in choosing a partner:

Cannabis users are picky: Cannabis users “are pickier about the type of person they date. They’re less likely to date someone who is unemployed, lives at home with their parents, is a virgin, and is messier than they are,” according to the survey.

Cannabis users are educated: Singles in support of ending cannabis prohibition are 65 percent more likely to have graduate degrees, employment and a healthy lifestyle.

Cannabis use is generational: Generation X was a product of the “Just Say No” campaign and it apparently worked. Both Baby Boomers and Millenials are more comfortable with marijuana, which indicates age is less of a factor.

Cannabis users are more likely to vote for Bernie Sanders: 76 percent more likely, in fact.

Alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs are more of a turn off than cannabis: When looking at habits, singles indicated that illegal drug use was the number one turn-off (90 percent) along with alcohol (78 percent) and tobacco (75 percent). Regular cannabis use came in at 70 percent, with gun ownership following at 34 percent.

the LA lady (1)

Canna-Banana Pancake Recipe

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Canna-Banana Pancake Recipe

By Kailey Sawyer – Nov 12, 2015

Piping hot and golden brown, with crispy edges… you can never go wrong when pancakes are involved. Try this cannabis-infused version of the classic banana pancake and submit yourself to breakfast bliss.


  • ¾ cup flour
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 2 ripe bananas, peeled and mashed (pro tip: place them in a storage bag and squeeze until mashed)
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • ¾ cup cannabis milk
  • ½ cup water
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil


  1. Preheat a frying pan or griddle on medium-high heat.
  2. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine mashed bananas, eggs, cannabis milk, water and oil. Mix well.
  4. Pour the banana mixture into the bowl containing the dry ingredients, gently stirring. Batter should appear somewhat lumpy.
  5. Lightly grease the pan or griddle with oil and slowly pour batter according to size preference.
  6. Flip the pancakes as soon as bubbles surface.
  7. Heat pancakes for another minute, flipping to warm both sides thoroughly.


Serving suggestions: Top these canna-banana pancakes with fresh sliced bananas, your favorite nuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a drizzle of warm maple syrup or honey.

Try another INCREDIBLE Recipe:

Use the link below to download the free Whaxy Cannabis Cooking Calculator App on your Android phone to figure out the perfect dose every time!

whaxy cooking calculator for posts 600 x 300

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

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Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

By The LA Lady – Jun 21, 2016

A substance that can relax muscles, ease anxiety and enhance your mood seems like the perfect aperitif for some fun time in the bedroom. Cannabis can increase your sensitivity to touch, get your nerves under control and create a feeling of euphoria that adds to the already-heightened experience of sex. And with the diversity of strains, you can customize your intimacy, depending on what you’re trying to achieve (besides the obvious).

It’s important to note that your favorite edible or a heavy concentrate might not be the best bet for a sexual experience unless you are fully aware of how it will affect you. So instead of ill-advised experimentation, here are some basic tips before incorporating cannabis into sexy time:

  • Don’t consume too much. Unsurprisingly, the more stoned you get, the less some are able to function. A study by the American Academy of Neurology explains as much, so go easy and practice moderation when using cannabis to enhance sex.
  • Prepare (and protect) yourself. Any substance that can lower your inhibition can also lead to high-risk behavior. Protect yourself from STD’s by having protection readily available.
  • Do a trial run. At least make sure you have an idea of how you’ll react when trying a new strain or delivery method, especially if you plan on using it with a new partner. Paranoia and dizziness are not ingredients for great sex.
  • Dryness. Ladies: Marijuana can occasionally cause dryness in the mucous membranes, which includes your vagina. If you’ve tried a strain you like but have never used it during sex, you might want to have some lube close by. You, and your partner, will be thankful.

With these guidelines in mind and the knowledge that one strain of cannabis may affect every person differently, here are some of our favorite cannabis strains for sex:

For Wild Nights

Silver Haze: This fast-acting sativa will come on strong and stay that way. If you have plans to experiment in the bedroom, this might help you overcome your insecurities with its playful qualities that may give you the giggles.

best cannabis strains for sexSilver Haze

Trainwreck: As the name suggests, this is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a punch, and will bring with it inspiration and focus very quickly. It eventually tapers off into a soothing body high and euphoria that will keep you in the mood.

best cannabis strains for sexTrainwreck

XJ-13: If you’re looking for a sativa experience without overstimulation, XJ-13 will keep you energized and focused without the anxiousness that can sometimes accompany a strong sativa. It’s a good strain to try if you want to sample a sativa and also like a body-tingling high.

best cannabis strains for sexXJ 13

For Balanced Experiences

Chemdawg: This balanced hybrid can have strong, immediate effects, but you’ll come out of it with reduced anxiety and relaxation. If you’re nervous about your performance, this is a great strain to try.

best cannabis strains for sexChemdawg (Chemdog)

Blue Dream: While this strain can be considered sativa-dominant, users can experience both the clear-headed effects as well as a body high. If you like the cerebral effects of sativas and the body high of an indica, blue dream is a great way to experience both in one night.

best cannabis strains for sexBlue Dream

Bruce Banner: With both an uplifting mind experience and skin that is extra sensitive to touch, this hybrid comes on quickly with some serious stress relief. While it can produce a balanced experience, it’s a strong strain that may not be ideal for cannabis novices.

best cannabis strains for sexBruce Banner

For Sweet, Sweet Love Making

G13: This indica strain was allegedly created in a government research facility trying to grow powerful strains of cannabis. Indeed, it produces significant body effects that are great for getting touchy-feely, but with clear-headed effects that will keep you in the present.

cannabis strains for sexG 13

Skywalker OG: Although this strain is a considered a hybrid, it has both the strong body effects and the mind-altering qualities of a classic indica. The effects are gradual and it may take a few minutes to experience them. If you’d like to get lost in the stars with your partner, this strain is for you.

cannabis for sexSkywalker OG

Grand Daddy Purple: This potent California indica produces a psychoactive high that’s common among West Coast indicas. Users can expect feelings of happiness and euphoria with a significant body buzz that heightens sense of touch. Consider this strain if you’re looking for a shared experience of intimacy with your partner that borders on psychedelic.

cannabis strains for sexGrand Daddy Purple


the LA lady (1)

Guide for First Time Cannabis Consumers

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Guide for First Time Cannabis Consumers

By Gooey Rabinski – Dec 1, 2015

Cannabis legalization has been sweeping the nation. Lifestyle consumers in four states and the District of Columbia can now, without fear of legal retribution, possess and smoke cannabis. Those who were resolved to purchase the herb in a black market, under prohibition, have been doing so for decades. For others, however, who refused to break the rules by buying from black market dealers, legalization provides a new and legitimate environment for safety purchasing and using high-quality, laboratory tested cannabis and related products.

The two major emerging groups of people legally smoking and vaporizing cannabis are the middle aged and seniors; large numbers of those between 45-85 years of age are experimenting with cannabis. Seniors are often stereotyped as using cannabis as more of a medical therapy to treat a variety of diseases and ailments. However, many middle aged and senior consumers do so for recreational purposes and lifestyle enhancement. This naturally involves the management of anxiety and stress, which any medical professional will agree helps to prevent disease and improve health — a major concern of anyone over 40.

Legality Crushes Cannabis Stigma

Regardless of whether motivated by lifestyle enhancement, self-medication, preventative therapy, or simple curiosity, non-traditional cannabis consumers are emerging in large numbers and infusing billions of dollars into newly legal markets, whether as tourists or residents who are regulars at their local dispensary. Also, legal environments encourage friends, family, and co-workers to share cannabis with one another, acting as agents-of-change and influencers with colleagues and peers who might not be bold enough to voluntarily walk into a dispensary or pack their own bowl.


Full legalization is also helping to remove the stigma from cannabis use that was built by decades of Reefer Madness-style propaganda. Many seniors and patients won’t consider cannabis if it is illegal, even in states that offer robust medical programs. However, following recreational legalization and the slow dissolve of decades-old cannabis stereotypes and misperceptions, many conservative citizens and seniors are becoming more open to the idea of using the herb.

For example, during a conversation with a cannabis business owner in Washington State, the author learned of the entrepreneur’s conservative neighbor, a man in his 60s who had been prescribed Vicodin (hydrocodone/acetaminophen) by his physician for pain management. Unfortunately, this use of Vicodin led to an overdose — along with the obvious panic that befell him and his worried wife. Later, the businessman smelled cannabis from his conservative neighbor’s house. He learned that the overdose scare had prompted this pain patient to discontinue using opiates, replacing them with cannabis.

Basics for Beginners

There are some basic rules for those who have never consumed cannabis. It must be stressed that everyone is different; cannabis will affect everyone differently. The same sample of a particular strain may put one person to sleep while energizing another. Also, some may get very high, while others feel relatively little psychoactive effect after having consumed a similar portion of the same strain. Something called receptor expression means that the number and density of CB1 and CB2 receptors scattered throughout the brain, central nervous system (CNS), and immune system varies between people.

Thus, one person could, theoretically, have twice as many CB1 receptors as another. Because this receptor binds with the THC molecule (the two exhibit something called a high binding affinity), those with a brain or CNS that features greater expression (larger numbers) of CB1 receptors may result in a perception of more potent cannabis and increased euphoria. Also, the endocannabinoid system produces its own cannabinoids, like anandamide, that regulate the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. Differences in the endocannabinoid system from one person to another may result in sometimes dramatic differences in individual efficacy.


First Time or First Time in Years Guideline

First-time or novice users can avoid undesired side effects of cannabis such as paranoia, couchlock, excessive appetite, and confusion by following some basic rules.

  • First, users shouldn’t ingest edibles for their first cannabis experience. The unpredictability and sometimes amplified potency of cannabis edibles makes them a poor candidate for first timers. Click here to learn more about why edibles are so unpredictable and often extremely potent.
  • Second, cannabis newbies shouldn’t indulge in concentrates like BHO, CO2 oil, rosin, or live resin for their first few experiments with marijuana. First-time consumers should stick to smoking or vaping flowers, and only experiment with more exotic extracts and concentrates after gaining more experience.
  • Third, newbies should ask their budtender for high-quality, mid-potency cannabis. Stick to strains that are tested at 10-15 percent THC — or whatever one’s budtender recommends — for the first few sessions.
  • Fourth, choose a comfortable, relaxing, familiar environment for the first few smoking or vaping sessions. First-time consumers should reflect on their mood, energy level, and general comfort, ensuring that no undue stress or interruptions will taint their entry into the world of cannabis.
  • Fifth, those who dislike smoking or find that they experience excessive coughing should use a vaporizer. Also, only cannabis flowers that have been properly dried (to remove the chlorophyll) and cured should be consumed. Curing is critical for a smooth smoking experience and maximum aroma and flavor. Those who preach the 1970s black market cliche “If you don’t cough, you don’t get off” discount the improvements of well-cured cannabis, displaying the ignorance exhibited by many in prohibitionist states and black markets.

Set and Setting

The effects of cannabis depend on many different factors, including one’s metabolism at the particular time and their overall health, as well as the quality of their sleep. But these are all characteristics of the consumer herself. What about one’s environment? Called set and setting, this is a pivotal factor in how one experiences the psychoactive effect of cannabis and whether it is ultimately a pleasant or regrettable experience.

It is recommended that first-time consumers situate themselves in a familiar, comfortable environment, such as a favorite room or on a sofa at home. Often, cannabis newbies indulge in public settings, such as a downtown club in a remote city or a wedding reception in another state. While this may be a convenient time of celebration where cannabis is purposefully made available, it may not be optimal for an opening session for someone with no experience.


Those in legal states should consult a trained, qualified budtender at a reputable dispensary or retail outlet and follow their advice. Customers shouldn’t be shy and need to clearly and honestly inform their budtender of the effects they are seeking. Often, years of experience and thousands of customers enables a budtender to provide sound advice and an obvious first-hand familiarity with all of the strains sold at his or her particular dispensary. Part of a budtender’s job is being intimately familiar with the varieties and products available at their location and the effects that they have on a wide variety of patients and customers.

What Effect?

Those in legal states, where safe access to cannabis flowers and products is available, enjoy a luxury that almost no one on the black market experiences: The ability to choose between sativa or indica and a selection of strains, many with detailed laboratory reports indicating the exact percentages of major cannabinoids and terpenes, including tests for pesticides and other contaminants.

Those pursuing an energizing, cerebral high should seek out sativa strains, while people who want to deal with pain and gain the ultimate in relaxation should consider an indica (also great for the millions of American who suffer insomnia). Indica strains sometimes deliver the infamous couchlock and intense munchies (good for those undergoing chemotherapy who experience nausea and appetite loss). Recreational consumers, especially those with busy lifestyles and family responsibilities, often prefer hybrid strains that deliver more sativa characteristics than indica.

The benefits of hybrids of all varieties include helping prevent the paranoia and confusion that can result from a potent sativa — while avoiding the couchlock and sedative effects of strong indicas. Hybrids, often bred from indica and sativa strains, theoretically offer the best of both of their genetic parents, buffering many of the polarizing side effects experienced with their sativa-dom or indica-dom cousins.

Employ the Edibles Mantra

Experienced cannabis smokers and vapers know that, when it comes to edibles, the rule is start low, go slow. For one’s first few times smoking or vaporizing cannabis, the same advice should be observed. Cannabis smoke or vapor first enters a user’s lungs, where it is delivered to the heart, which pumps it directly to the brain. The time from initial toke to perceived onset is about 2.5 minutes. Thus, patients and lifestyle users can conveniently smoke a small sample of mid-potency cannabis and wait a few minutes to gauge the effect.


If, after a few minutes, a first-time user feels little or nothing, they can easily and quickly smoke or vape more — avoiding the risk of getting too high or experiencing negative side effects. This process is called titration and is simply dosing one’s medicine or euphoriant in an effort to dial it in to achieve the desired effect — but not to overdo it and get spun out. If this happens, click here to learn how to mitigate a high that has gone off the tracks with simple household items like black pepper and oranges.

Those blessed with safe, legal access to cannabis medicine and related products should celebrate by visiting their local dispensary and having a detailed consultation with a senior budtender to ensure that the most appropriate cannabis medicine or recreational flowers are purchased and used properly. If the few basic rules provided in this article are followed, users should enjoy their first cannabis experience. Hopefully it will be filled with wonder and relaxation and be the first of thousands of healthy smoking or vaping sessions, helping people of all ages enjoy more content, productive lifestyles while decreasing their use of alcohol and prescription opiates.

Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Beauty Products

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Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Beauty Products

By Sophie Saint Thomas – Apr 19, 2016

As cannabis legalization creeps forward, consumers are enjoying a use for the plant that defies unkempt stoner stereotypes: cannabis beauty products.

“Weed, because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties is great for the skin,” says Aspen-based medical marijuana doctor Wendy Zaharko, M.D., noting the importance of endocannabinoid system homeostasis. Even mainstream medical professionals are touting appearance-enhancing abilities (and no, we don’t mean a weed version of beer goggles).

“Cannabis is an antioxidant; it can help slow down the damage to skin cells from oxidation by free radicals, which prevents aging,”

says New York City-based dermatologist and RealSelf contributor Michele S. Green, MD.

“It is rich in supplements for healthy skin such as potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc which is beneficial for skin rashes, acne, and many other skin conditions.”

To achieve these benefits, companies are adding cannabis to traditional topical beauty products such as salves, lotions, and hair and skin oils.

Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted, cannabis-friendly date coaching, swears by hemp products to treat her breakouts. “I started suffering from hormonal acne right around the time I turned 30, and I came across the Hemp Blemish Salve from Uncle Harry’s Natural Products. Unlike other acne treatments I had tried; the hemp salve didn’t irritate my skin or dry me out too much. Now when I feel a pimple coming on, I reach for the hemp salve rather than the salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide,” says Peckler.

cannabis beauty product guide

Like Uncle Harry’s Natural Products, most of these beauty products are currently typically created out of hemp, marijuana’s more industrial sister in the cannabis species. The Body Shop has a reasonably-priced hemp body care line, as does Marley Natural. Moon Rore, who makes hair oil, body butter, and lip treatments, differentiates itself by opting for CBD oil from hemp extract. (Moon Rore also charges each of their items with crystals, for an extra magical kick). “I noticed that there are a lot of hemp oils in everything, but there’s not a lot of people utilizing the CBD oil,” says Moon Rore founder Maggie Murphy.

If beauty manufacturers want their product to be available nationwide, they are forced to opt for hemp products rather than whole plant cannabis. While cannabidiol (CBD) is found in hemp, as Project CBD reports, hemp oils contain far less cannabidiol than cannabis, and lack medicinal terpenes and crucial secondary cannabinoids like THC, CBN and CGB. It is CBD that is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects, an important role in skin care, and an effect that works better if cannabinoids and terpenoids are working together, due to the entourage effect.

best cannabis beauty products

Some skin care companies, such as Cannabis Basics, create both cannabis and hemp-only lines, so a hemp version of their product is available for purchase everywhere, but those in legal states can still enjoy the beauty benefits of whole plant cannabis. For those in such states, another wonderful cannabis-based beauty brands is Kush Creams.

Even the real-deal cannabis oil products are non-psychoactive when used on your body, as they bind to the CB2 receptors needed to produce the therapeutic effects but do not enter the bloodstream, and CB2 receptors are mostly located outside of the brain and central nervous system. As much of legalization opponents’ cannabis fears stem from the high produced by the THC in cannabis, non-psychoactive beauty products could fight stigma as well as pimples.

“When you take the high out of the equation, but the medicinal and therapeutic benefits are still strong, cannabis changes from an illicit drug to a medicine. That’s how you change hearts and minds in the general public. Once you’ve personally experienced the positive effects, you’ll be more comfortable talking about it with the people in your life,”

agrees Peckler.

Sophie Saint Thomas

Romantic Getaways: How I Bought Cannabis in Europe

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True Story: How I Bought Cannabis in Europe

By Julene Hoff – Aug 19, 2016

I was in the ladies room when I found the cannabis vapor pen at the bottom of my bag. This was not an ideal time for such a revelation; I was in Stockholm’s international terminal, which meant I’d unwittingly snuck it through customs twice so far.

To be fair, this particular brand’s vapor pen looks more like an e-cig than a cannabis product. (The all-caps “MENTHOL” label affixed to the tube probably didn’t hurt either.) There wasn’t much to be done upon discovery except check to see how much was left. I held it up to the light: almost empty. No problem – I’d just finish it off before my next flight in a few hours. I retreated into the nearest bathroom stall and proceeded to get quite high, bundling my scarf, coat, and sweater to create a makeshift sploof to diffuse the vapor. Needless to say, this wasn’t quite how I’d envisioned my first foray into international marijuana consumption.

When I stumbled across half-price tickets to Europe on an airline that still checks the first bag free, I couldn’t supply my payment information fast enough. Having listened to a lot of people wax poetic about the benefits of international travel, I know it’s one thing to talk about and quite another to actually take the plunge. Two weeks abroad would give me plenty of time to jump between museums and enjoy the local flavor, from what I could tell.

how to buy weed in europeJulene Hoff’s view right before she found the cannabis vapor pen in her bag in Stockholm Arlanda Airport. (Photo provided by Julene Hoff.)

Before traveling, I did the requisite Googling to assure myself that I wasn’t entering any weed-free zones. The wisdom of strangers did not disappoint: my first stop, Barcelona, is fast transforming Spain into the “Holland of the South’ – and I could hardly fancy myself a 420 enthusiast without sampling the city’s cannabis club scene, right? While the city sounded marijuana-friendly in a low-key way, similar to Seattle, the finer details of procurement posed a bit of a problem – namely, my lack of Spanish identification. The clubs that would allow me to join with a foreign passport, provided I supplied a Spanish address, had a much steeper membership fee than any of the highly recommended clubs listed on the internet. Not that I had a Spanish address, but I knew it was just a wink-nudge to jot down something residential (not your hotel) that the club won’t ever send mail to. I figured I stood a good chance of figuring it out upon arrival—there had to be some app that would help me sort things out.

Once in Barça, a generic weed app confirmed my suspicions about the cost versus quality of the fare in foreigner-friendly clubs; anywhere known for the quality of their product requires Spanish identification to become a member. Finding a local sympathetic to my plight proved difficult—bro ex-pats are apparently as cool overseas as they are on their home turf. The only offers of assistance had less to do with purchasing a few grams than with me coming over to their flat; I wouldn’t trade being a conventionally attractive woman for anything in the world, but these overtures grow tiresome. Had none of these men seen Bob Saget’s cameo in Half Baked? Considering the abundance of easily acquired flower back home, I couldn’t convince myself to jump through hoops to get it while on the road. If nothing came up, I’d just hold out until getting stateside.

A week later in Prague, after my travel companion noted that I’d been “rather grumpy” in a way he could “handle exactly one more day of,” I decided to give it another go. Back to the internet, which offered up the following options: buy from the dealers in large city squares (not advised), asking your bartender (iffy, might get you kicked out or overbilled), or email one of the handful of people positing themselves as Prague pot blogs. The last option probably sounds sketchy—and it was—but that’s never kept me from following advice found online before.

how to buy weed in eruopeJulene Hoff’s view after she finished the cannabis vapor pen in the bathroom at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. (Photo provided by Julene Hoff.)

The first email I sent yielded the name of a bar I could get to via public transit and the confirmation that the barman would be “helpful,” though there was no mention of the price. A swift visit to Google revealed this to be one of two bars commonly suggested to travelers trying to pickup; it also revealed that the bathrooms were known to be gross, the bartender might be an asshole, and that there was probably a host of junkies just waiting to steal my purse.

One German visitor had this to say of The Club:

“Very bad drinks at very high prices. The only reason that they have so many recommendations is cause they sell Marihuana illegally. You always have to expect a raid (happened several times). If you don’t want to experience Czech jails, just don’t go there… AVOID.”

I admit the last line made me raise an eyebrow, but reviews of the only listed alternative suggested I would be purchasing from the same variety of sketchy characters in the bathroom – and that’s a line I’m just not willing to cross.

Email number two connected me with a service that delivered only to hotel rooms or apartments and required a good deal of information prior to scheduling a drop-off time. Three grams would run me 900CZK (or $37) surprisingly close to what I would pay in Denver, so this seemed the most logical option. Except the same friend that complained about my mood, a known excessive when it comes to alcohol and cocaine, was dismayed by the mentioned of a delivery drug deal. Considering I asked permission instead of begging forgiveness after, it was a tough point to argue. Besides, “I went to Prague and had my weed delivered” does not make for a particularly interesting anecdote.

how to buy weed in europeHer view from the St. Charles Bridge in Prague. (Photo provided by Julene Hoff.)

Left with one (possibly) viable option, I opted to head out at 10pm on a Wednesday for the bar mentioned in that first email. It took a few convenience stores before I found one selling transit tickets. The bar was in Žižkov, a neighborhood known for parties and bars filled with locals and ex-pats alike. The most difficult part of getting there was finding a corner store selling transit tickets, honestly. I took the subway several stops and found the bar without problem — this is the era of mobile GPS, after all. (Not to mention reasonably consistent and affordable service from Project Fi.)

Following the email’s instructions, I knocked at the door and waited to be buzzed in. After taking a seat at the bar and ordering a beer, I took some time to case the joint. The first thing I noticed was an abundance of people under the age of 23 at the tables surrounding me. The second was that the fog filling the room had a 3:1 ratio of cigarette smoke to weed. The scent of herb was faint by comparison. Granted, there is a lot of tobacco being smoked in Czech Republic in general; everyone smokes at the bar, in restaurants, and abundantly throughout the streets. Czech Republic is also, much like the rest of Europe, a big fan of the spliff. (I am not.)

The barmaid was indeed friendly when I asked if she happened to know where I could buy weed, encouraging me to see and smell before purchase as she handed me a nondescript dimebag. The weed was plush with good color, red hairs and a light frosting of trichomes. I’m sure that could’ve crystallized into something even more audacious, but this weed was still a week or two shy of being appropriately cured and dried. But let’s be real: it’s not like I hauled my cookies across town to say “no” upon finding the verdant grail, even if it could’ve used another week or two to cure. I paid 500 CRK (or $20) for two grams – only slightly more than if I’d gone delivery, sans delivery fee and the tip no dispatcher ever mentions. She was also quick to sell me packs of oddly sized Prague-branded papers and filters, a swank-looking set of local goods in gold foil packaging. The bartender loaned me her grinder and I set about rolling myself a proper Yank joint of the all-green variety. I’m sure you can imagine how cool I felt borrowing some guy at the bar’s lighter to light and re-light that damn damp thing.

Most conversations I overheard were in English, and I struck up several as I sat there: about drum and bass with the Eastern-block hot bartender who claimed she was 40; a Yank that took advantage of dual citizenship to move to Canada after George W. got his second term – the only one I’ve ever heard of; and two Italian guys that managed to annoy everyone by loudly asking after the weed’s quality, and the bartender when one asked “for the pot” without buying a drink first.

At this point I was pretty high on that foreign supply, hadn’t eaten in 10 hours, and was battling it out with the growing awareness of my dry eyes and smoke-hazed contacts. I became very wrapped up in dealing with this, but heard enough to know that the language barrier was not doing the Italian guys any favors. I can’t remember if they even got their weed, but I do remember being self-conscious about the awkward amount of time I spent rubbing my eyes. I wasted another hour bullshitting with the aforementioned characters before the bar closed and kicked everyone out. I made it back to the apartment by tram without incident, the micro-stash lasted the final few days, and I was pleasantly surprised by my significantly lower tolerance upon returning home. This marked a successful trip and initial foray into international pot tourism, though in the future I’ll stick to finding my hookup after landing. Store-bought pot may be more convenient, but there’s something to be said for the entertainment value of a digitally-assisted cheeba chase.

how can americans buy weed in europe

Learn How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil in 55 Seconds

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Learn How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil in 55 Seconds

By Marie Veksler – Mar 30, 2016

Watch this video to learn how to make cannabis infused coconut oil in less than 60 seconds.

After you watch the video, read below to learn why coconut oil is the ideal lipid for cannabis infusions. The use the step-by-step recipe to make this cannabis infused coconut oil at home.

Why Coconut Oil?

You can use any oil or even butter; however, we recommend coconut oil as it is more easily digested relative to other fats.

Why Soy Lecithin?

The addition of soy lecithin is optional; however, we recommend it because it helps your body absorb the THC present in your oil.


  • ¼ oz (7 grams) of cannabis buds or 1 oz (28 grams) of trim
  • 2/3 Cup of Coconut Oil
  • 1 tsp of Soy Lecithin (optional, can also substitute for sunflower lecithin in place of soy)
  • 1 Cheesecloth

Yield: This will produce approximately ½ cup of cannabis coconut oil, which is the amount called for in many edible recipes.


  1. Preheat oven to 220° Fahrenheit.
  2. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.
  3. Grind up the cannabis buds or trim and spread evenly on cookie sheet lined with foil.
  4. Bake in oven for one hour. This is known as decarboxylation and will convert the THC in your cannabis to its psychoactive form. If you desire a more sedative edible, leave in the oven for another 30+ minutes, which will begin converting the THC to CBN.
  5. Place the cannabis, soy lecithin, and coconut oil in a crock-pot set on low. Stir, cover, and let sit for at least 3 hours. Note: coconut oil remains solid at room temperature – to turn it into a liquid for measuring, place the oil in the oven while the cannabis decarboxylates.
  6. Let the oil cool in the crock pot with the lid on – this will take some time as most slow cookers are well insulated. Once warm (not hot) to the touch, strain the cannabis from the coconut oil using a folded cheesecloth.

Substitute your cannabis infused coconut oil in place of butter or oil in any recipe. Unused cannabis coconut oil can be covered in an airtight and stored in a cool, dark place for up to 30 days. It can remain fresh longer if stored in the freezer.

Add a tablespoon of this cannabis coconut oil to your morning coffee in place of creamer or use it in one of these INCREDIBLE Recipes:

Use the link below to download the free Whaxy Cannabis Cooking Calculator App on your Android phone to figure out the perfect dose every time!

whaxy cooking calculator for posts 600 x 300