Calculating the cost of alcohol for a wedding has been brought down to a science because there aren’t many things that will make a guest unhappy like an emptied bar. But now, as high end weddings are colliding with medical and recreational cannabis, there are new precedents for what a full bar entails. When guests are cannabis smokers in a recreational state it’s a necessity to provide an upscale cannabar alongside the traditional alcohol bar.


A Cannabis Bar?

The wedding industry has already begun to adapt to recreational cannabis offering various cannabis friendly cannabis venues, limo services and even budtending and catering. A cannabis bar features an array of different types of flower either raw or rolled into joints, wax for dabs and edibles for those who choose to ingest instead of inhale.
A smart cannabis couple will layer their canna-bar starting with a both light 60% Sativa or 60% Indica hybrids of canna flower and small dosed amuse bouche edibles, around 10 mg per portion. Mocktails made with cannabis infusions are also a supremely novel idea both for before and dinner. After eating the main course, dessert type edibles can be served alongside dabs for those that partake. Layering a cannabis bar in this fashion will ensure that the party keeps moving and the guests aren’t napping while the bouquet is thrown.

Wedding Alcohol Calculator

There are a bounty of websites that offer wedding alcohol calculators letting a bride input the total number of beer drinkers, wine drinkers and alcohol drinkers into a data field which will calculate the basic price of the bar. We used this wedding alcohol calculator for a basic idea of what a wedding bar costs judged as if there are an equal number of beer, wine and liquor drinkers each having 4 drinks. With these metrics a small 100 person wedding would cost around $325, a medium 200 person wedding would be about $650 and a large 300 person wedding bar would cost around $1215. This is for basic cost spirits, for the top shelf alcohol and wine this price will only increase.


Canna-Bar Wedding Prices

Many high end travelling consulting companies like Top Shelf Budtending out of Colorado consult with guests on which strains will work for each specific person. They are a fantastic safety net for the canna-couple so they won’t have to worry about guests getting too stoned to party. The majority of a bill at a canna-bar mostly goes to the budtending service which costs about $500 per event. The skills of a bartender at a wedding aren’t imperative but with budtending, one wrong edible or strain can make a guest have a horrible time. Not only will a budtender protect patrons from being over served they can also help keep the event classy and non offensive to cannabis conservatives.


About half a gram per guest is the best way to calculate how much cannabis will be needed at a wedding. Based off of the knowledge of professional budtender Andrew Mieure from Top Shelf Budtending prices can vary between $200 and $500 depending on the addition of wax and edibles. According to his estimations with a price base of about $150 per recreational ounce of cannabis, a wedding with:

-100 guests would cost around $800

-150 guests about $950

-200 guests about $1025

When it comes to edibles Colby Hockersmith from High Country Healing weighed in on what to expect to lay down financially. Top Shelf Budtending also offers edibles but those are priced based on what each individual couple would want. If we’re planning to serve pre packaged edibles Hockersmith advises that we assume 1 100mg edible to split between 2 people. This prices are as follows based on an average retail price of about $30 per 100mg edible.

25 = 13 packages = 1,300mg = $325 – $390

-50 = 25 packages = 2,500mg = $625 – $750

-100 = 50 packages = 5,000mg = $1250 – $1,500


Concentrates aren’t something that everybody at a wedding would be interested in but for the more experienced connoisseur. Hockersmith also assessed what a wedding budget would look like with wax based upon the idea that each person is going to dab about half a gram. This is the maximum that someone would want to dab at a wedding, but these prices are based there with about $45-100 per gram.

-25 = 13 grams = $585 – $1,300

-50 = 25 grams = $1,125 – $2,500

-100 = 50 grams = $2,250 – $5,000


The cost of a cannabis bar at a wedding is minutely lower than an alcohol bar if we’re only going to stock it with flower. When edibles get involved, the price of the canna-bar is about equal to an alcohol bar with stock liquor, beer and wine. Everything changes, though, when wax gets involved. Adding wax to a cannabis bar is almost like adding top shelf liquor to an alcohol bar.