Love and Marij – Photo by Danielle Lirette

The 2017 Denver Cannabis Wedding Expo was a blast! Love and Marij is proud to be a cornerstone of this wonderfully executed event. We caught up with vendors already listed on our site and met new creative businesses we hope to work with as well. The energy of the crowd was un-missed. It seemed attendees and vendors alike were raising their eyebrows together at the bud-ing industry of cannabis weddings!  With delicious food and drink samples, exciting displays of craftsmanship, beautiful decor, and cannabis-themed… everything, it was hard to nail down our favorites!

Here are the top eight most intriguing vendors/displays of the day:


  1. Transportation
Inside the My 420 Tours Bus

My 420 Tours and High End Transportation were running shuttle busses back-and-forth from the Mineral Light Rail Station to the Expo all day. Although there was no consumption allowed inside the event itself, attendees could take rides on the shuttle buses for opportunities to consume their cannabis and socialize with other attendees. With long cushion seats, stylish interior lighting, and complementary smoke tools, you had no trouble feeling at home on the busses.


  1. My Bud Vase
My Bud Vase –Photo by Danielle Lirette

At first glance, the My Bud Vase booth seemed like they were selling beautiful vases with bursting flower arrangements coming out of each of them. Only with further inspection, however, did the down stems and bowl pieces attached to them come into view. These beautiful and discreet water pipes are perfect for table centerpieces, gifts, or for sitting on your nightstand. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and even have modified whiskey decanters (featured).


  1. Aspen Canyon Ranch
Aspen Canyon Ranch- photo sourced from Aspen Canyon Ranch

On 450 acres of beautiful private property, you could have the cannabis wedding of your dreams! Aspen Canyon Ranch offers all-inclusive wedding packages for up to 100 guests. The packages include full use of the property, lodging, indoor & outdoor event spaces, event coordinator, outdoor activities, flatware, glassware, tables & chairs, and much more for very reasonable prices. Bringing more than 100 guests? They have additional accommodations and endless amounts of camping space for everyone.


  1. The Green Solution Bud
The Bud poses for a picture – Photo by Danielle Lirette

The Green Solution -a dispensary with thirteen locations in Colorado- brought along their friendly mascot, The Green Solution Bud, to help pass out their awesome 20% off online coupons. The Bud was more than happy to take selfies with attendees and vendors alike. Love and Marij even snagged the Bud for a sesh in our photo booth by Flashbox.


  1. GroundSwell

    The GroundSwell Team – Photo by Danielle Lirette

GroundSwell, a self-proclaimed “cannabis boutique,” is now offering boutique cannabis wedding end event services. Have a guided, educational visit to their dispensary for groups up to 30 with a prefixed menu for selection. Purchase cannabis gift bags with concierge services for selection. Hire concierge services for cannabis event catering.


  1. Imagicka
Imagicka Entertainer – Photo by Danielle Lirette

This troupe of magical performers offers a large variety of stunning cannabis themed entertainment for your wedding or event. They offer acts such as burlesque, contortion, stage magic, cabaret, silk aerialists, and much more. One of Imagicka’s beautiful performers was decked out in a glittering bright green burlesque cannabis-esque dress with a matching headpiece.


  1. Steepfuze Coffee
Steepfuze – Photo by Danielle Lirette

This coffee company specializes in creating CBD infused coffee beans. At the expo, Steepfuze was handing out free samples of their brewed regular CDB-infused coffee and their CDB-infused chocolate-orange-ginger coffee. The regular tastes like normal coffee; you would never know the difference. The flavored coffee was a delicious twist on the natural coffee flavor. Both were delicious and an ingenious way to get your daily CBD in the morning.


  1. Repurposed Petals
Photo Sourced From Repurposed Petals Facebook

Think of Repurposed Petals as your GREEN after-party flower cleanup crew. The team goes in after your wedding and collects every flower, leaf, and petal left over. They ensure the wilted flowers go to compost piles and the pristine ones get rearranged and donated to your community (think nursing homes, hospitals, or community centers). This way, none of your expensive flowers go to waste and you get to write it off as a donation on your taxes!


The 2017 Denver Cannabis Wedding Expo was so much fun! We can’t wait for the next two in Portland on March 26th and San Francisco on April 30th.