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8 Best Hemp Products on the Market

By Marie Veksler – Sep 24, 2014

By now, most people have heard about the medical uses for the cannabis plant. However, many people may not realize how versatile the list of consumer uses for the plant has become. Hemp is an easy to grow crop, and every single part of the plant, from the seeds to the stalk can be used to make consumer products. The seeds are a super food of nutrition for human and animals. Hemp seed oil can be used to make environmentally friendly personal hygiene products. The stalks can be used to make fibers for clothing, paper, and more. Below is a list of highly recommended hemp products that demonstrate the versatility of the hemp plant.

best hemp personal product

Dr. Bronner’s, Personal Hygiene Products

Dr. Bronner’s produces several natural, organic hemp oil products, all of which are all environmentally friendly. The product line includes soap, lip balm, lotion, shaving gel, hair care products, and baby soap. These product are available in a variety of scents that are all naturally sourced from essential oils. The soap may also be used as laundry detergent. All ingredients are ethically sourced, fair trade products. Emanuel Bronner, a third generation master soap maker, from Germany, began producing these products commercially in 1948. Emanuel passed away in 1997, but fourth and fifth generation Bronners run the company today, keeping Emanuel’s legacy alive.

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Happy Hemp, Hemp Seeds

Happy Hemp sells both raw and toasted hemp seeds. Both are vegan, gluten free, nutritional super foods that are high in protein and fiber while maintaining the perfect ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6. The raw seeds will “melt in your mouth like butter,” and can be added to any recipe for a nutritional kick. The toasted hemp seeds are lightly salted, and are a delicious crunchy snack alternative. Are you new to cooking with and eating hemp seeds? No problem! The Happy Hemp website provides several delicious recipes to help you get started. Plus, the owner has a great story to share about her new healthy life adventure!

best hemp products

Earth Dog, Hemp Dog Collar

These 100% hemp dog collars are handmade in the United States. They offer a decorative line of collars that boast bright colors and shapes, as well as a line of solid colors. Because these collars are made of hemp, they are antimicrobial, so the collar is not likely to get stinky after your furry friend goes for a swim. If the collars do get dirty, they are machine washable! The collars are incredibly soft and flexible to provide man’s best friend with the comfort he deserves. Earth Dog also manufactures hemp leashes, harnesses, beds, chew toys, and key chains, and part of the proceeds go to a spay and neuter program. These are great quality products that support a great cause!

best hemp products

Hempz, Original Herbal Body Moisturizer

This body moisturizer is made with 100% pure hemp seed oil, and boasts dramatic skin hydration and nourishment. The original fragrance is light, bright, and down right enjoyable. They offer a variety of fragrances, though, including coconut & watermelon, vanilla plum, pomegranate, sandalwood & apple, and many more. The product list does not stop at body moisturizer either. They also offer lines of body wash, body oil, body scrub, sun tan lotion, and lip balm.
best hemp products

PrAna, Men’s Hemp Clothing Line

PrAna’s men’s hemp clothing line of pants, shorts, short sleeved shirts, long sleeved shirts, and tank tops are made from at least 50% hemp. This line not only looks sharp, but is incredibly soft and comfortable. The wearer will notice how light, durable, comfortable, and breathable the material feels. Still not convinced? All items in this line are antimicrobial as well. Less bacteria means less body odor if you wear them for such activities as yoga and rock climbing.
best hemp products

Raw, Hemp Rolling Papers

Raw’s full line of organic hemp rolling papers are made from all natural, unbleached, unrefined, organic hemp. These papers are available in different shapes and sizes to fit all smoking needs. They are even available in pre-rolled cones for those who prefer not to or do not know how to roll. Plus, Raw supports family business! These papers are produced in family owned factories in Alcoy, Spain.

best hemp products

Nutiva, Hemp Seed Oil

This product is 100% organic, cold pressed and not processed, so that it retains all 20 amino acids. Nutiva suggests using the hemp seed oil raw or just slightly heated in salad dressings, smoothies, pasta, and provides a cookbook with many more recipe ideas. Hemp is great for digestion as well as nutrition, and hemp seed oil is an easy way to start to incorporate hemp seed into your diet. Nutiva, as a company, operates with social and environmental responsibility in mind, and they have a large line of like minded products to offer.

best hemp products

The Wonder Seed, hemp hand cream

This hand cream is formulated for optimal human skin absorption, and long term use! All of the ingredients are all natural and vegan, so it is also environmentally friendly. The fragrance is nice and light. The company is family owned, and operates with an socially and eco-conscious philosophy by supporting fair trade ingredients. The Wonder Seed product line consists of facial, hair, and body care products. Each product is scented with natural essential oils.