AnnaBis is a company started by women for women as the first luxury fashion brand for sophisticated female cannabis consumers. Love and Marij talked to their founder to learn a little bit more about the synthesis of fashion and function that is AnnaBis style since they’re reaching their first anniversary in just one month. Founder and CEO Jeanine Moss didn’t only let us in on the mission over at AnnaBis, she also gave us her expert recommendations pairing on sleek purses for any occasion.

For the ten years that I have had a medical card I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for various containers and zippered bags to repurpose as a place to store my cannabis. Whether the bag is squish resistant or smell proof; it generally serves some sort of purpose. Moss is a medical cannabis patient but still felt like a criminal when carrying her buds, “We have careers, families, own our homes, are role models – and here we are hiding our cannabis in tea tins and giveaway cosmetic bags.  And I was one of them!” And now AnnaBis handbags are ideal for a date night out, a girls lunch, and even your own special wedding day because they are elegant, discreet, and seriously cute. 

What Moss has given the sleek stoner is a place to store their cannabis that doesn’t scream “This is my stash!” like a plastic baggy or tea tin did to her when being pulled out of a Gucci bag. Jeanine Moss used her background in product development combined with her experience with women of sartorially saturated New York City to birth the genius idea of fashion forward, smell-proof handbags. As Moss tells it, “I realized that grown women were acting like teenagers sneaking around and pulling baggies out of their Louis Vuitton purses!  It just didn’t seem right.” Once Jeanine Moss realized that she wasn’t alone in the struggle she decided it was time to change the game.

What is AnnaBis?

AnnaBis is on a mission to keep stylish lady stoners feeling classy, organized, and free to be confident while holding their medical or recreational cannabis. They currently carry four styles of handbags including the ‘Chelsea’ slouchy cross body bag and ‘Melissa’ leather and vegan clutches in bold, bright colors and prints.  The ultimate girl boss even gave us a sneak peek at some Holiday styles and colors that will be released in a couple of weeks and all we can say is … yes. The best selling bag this year was the Melissa wristlet and clutch, and this season AnnaBis will release a slightly bigger bag with an external phone pocket so there’s more space in there for cannabis and gear. Moss and her team named the genius hybrid Maya and she told us, “She is going to fly off the shelves because she also comes in amazing colors like purple python and rose gold foil.” which are both perfect colors for a wedding!

When planning out the first AnnaBis bags Moss uses her massive experience in the consumer goods industry to pinpoint exactly what the modern female cannabis smoker wanted in a handbag. “In the beginning I was only going to create purse accessories … But women kept saying, “Also give me a handbag with the Aroma-Loc technology built in to go out at night.”  So that’s why we started making crossbody…(bags).” This is a sentiment that Moss and the whole team at AnnaBis carry with them as they move forward, when we ask them for it they will make it. Each of their handbags and vape cases use Aroma-Bloc™ Technology which is at a very basic level a special combination of materials to contain the smell rather than soak it into the bag’s lining. When creating new styles, Moss assures us that AnnaBis always takes what the women of the cannabis world tell them into account. From the organization and smell proofing, to the leathers, cloths, and styles; AnnaBis wants every woman of cannabis to adorn themselves with AnnaBis.

While acquiring all of this valuable research for their new Holiday line, the team found that women of cannabis wanted to know more about what was going on in legal cities, and AnnaBisGreenGuides were born. The company has created visitor guides for three exciting cannabis friendly cities (Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) that will expand into a larger series as time goes on. They’re truly helping women enjoy the healing herb on the go! Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk handbags.

Which AnnaBis Bag is Right For Me?

Every AnnaBis handbag and vape case features secreted away, smell proof pockets catering to every lady cannabis connoisseur, but how do we figure out which one is right for us? AnnaBis has made that easy by including a guide to choosing which bag is best on their webpage. The guide lets us in on how much storage is available in each bag and what type of pockets are hidden away inside. When we asked Jeanine about her preferences for specific events she filled us in on the little benefits of each creation. Jeanine informed us that the new colors and prints are to die for so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for new releases. “Snake print leather, black buff python, purple buff python, navy and black quilted leather, red lizard print, rose gold and pewter foil – whether you’re a boho, rocker, glam or classic – you’ll find something fantastic for your fashion and function.”

Date Night

When it comes to going out with that special someone for dinner or a fun cannabis event Moss says, “I love the Chelsea Crossbody for a date night because she’s elegant but discreet.” The phone is easily accessible in the external sleeve and you can fit almost anything you need in there. This bag is so ideal, everything that we may need on a date has a special pocket and the zippered airtight cannabis chamber is below the main compartment so there won’t be any smell cross mojination. Seriously, everything you could want, Jeanine says that she can stuff “my keys, small wallet, two pairs of glasses, lipstick, eye drops, hand cream, lighter – and there’s still room”. She also likes this bag for a date because there is tons of room in the cannabis compartment as well, so there will definitely be some herb to share.

Girls Lunch

During the Day Moss says her go-to bag is the Kirsten Crossbody (a new holiday style!) which she cites as the best small bag you can have since it’s big enough for everything short of a computer. It is a purse that gives us freedom to turn our long lunch into a cocktail because it translates so easily from day to night. The handbag also features a “faux lining flap” covering the Aroma-Bloc™ sealed compartment so as Moss says, “Someone can literally look inside your bag and not see the compartment where you store your medicine.  Lots of people like to take it to sporting events, concerts … for that reason.” Plus, it’s big enough to store a stash that will smoke out all your girls before lunch to make that conversation extra silly.

For the Wedding

Whether you’re in the bridal party, just going as a guest, or it’s your very own special day; an AnnaBis Whoopie Vape Case or Melissa Clutch are the perfect thing to carry while getting ready or while we’re at the event itself. The smell proof luxury clutches fit into totes and larger handbags or work great on their own. We’re also so excited for the Holiday 2016 line to hit the store because the rose gold and pewter foil are going to be excellent for any bride’s color scheme.

Where do you store your stash? I have a makeup bag that I use when I’m travelling but otherwise I’ve reserved an area at the bar in our dining room for our shared cannabis, glass, etc. Which AnnaBis bag is your favorite? Do you have any color or pattern recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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