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Fall Fun for Cannasseurs

Autumn Arrivals for Leaf-loving Couples

Get cuddly with some of our top fall items for canna-couples and lovers alike!

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Join us for a cannabis friendly  evening on the MetLo Rooftop with Highly Devoted’s Molly Peckler.  Service by Top Shelf Budtending and Healthy Headie.

10% off with Coupon Code:  LOVEANDMARIJ


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Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on an LA Rooftop

Love and Marij partnered up with Highly Devoted Coaching to recognize cannabis as a healthy part of your love life with the world’s first Cannabis Friendly Single’s Speakeasy.

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Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on an LA Rooftop

California made history back in 1996 by recognizing the medicinal value of cannabis.

Twenty years later, Love and Marij partnered up with Highly Devoted Coaching to recognize cannabis as a healthy part of your love life with the world’s first Cannabis Friendly Single’s Speakeasy.

The mission of the inaugural Singles Speakeasy, hosted by Highly Devoted’s Molly Peckler, was to bring like minded singles together over the common bond of cannabis.

When looking for a partner, we tend to look for someone who has similar values and perspectives. Cannabis consumers are no different. Even though you may know you’re more than your cannabis use, it can be hard to bring up smoking on the first date, no matter your age.

Joints, a romantic rooftop setting and decadent bites, by The Herbal Chef, fostered an atmosphere that allowed new relationships to form.

Terpene bowls were placed on every table to accent the cannabis and food flavors. Presto Doctor checked registered California medicinal patients looking for love into the event and stayed on hand to answer questions about safe cannabis consumption.

Not only were some sparks kindled, the Speakeasy provided a space for singles to truly relax and foster new friendships with likeminded single socialites. The curated event brought together not only folks from the cannabis industry but also models, writers, and educators. The Green St. Agency’s outdoor art installation ignited conversations that lasted long after the night was over.

Molly briefly spoke about cultivating confidence with cannabis and how to find a partner whose values align with your own. Soon after, joints were shared to elevate conversations to a new height.

The evening culminated with extraordinary gift bags and multiple groups of couples leaving together to continue partying together on a Wednesday evening.

With the help of our like-minded sponsors, the Speakeasy brought together a high class cannabis consumption and re-defined the image of what a “stoner single” looks like in the 21st century.

Interested in bringing cannabis into your love life?

Get ready for romance cannabis by trying one of these California products on your next date.


To Whom It May : These individual chocolates aim to be as unique as their consumer. Minimalistic packaging accentuates crisp flavors of the chocolate while leaving out any hash flavor. The beautiful box would be a great first date gift along with your choice of flowers.



Sacred Epsom Salt and Cannabis Massage Oil: Combine Sacred into a luxurious couples bath lit with candles, add in your favorite strain and you have a cozy at home spa date. Spice things up after with Sacred‘s massage oil!

I had my first full night’s sleep after relaxing into a bath of this. My skin came out feeling so soft and subtle afterwards, perfect for pairing with a massage oil.




Deviant Dabs : Compact dabs? Dabs in a compact?! Man, while California may be behind on the legalization front (for now) they are really slaying it in the design game. If your looking for a gift for your makeup & dab loving girlfriend, look no further. We know a few beauty gurus who would agree that dabs and makeup are the perfect combo! Just watch how thick you lay on the winged tip cat eye.



Foria : Oh, I love Foria. Never have I found a lubricant that is so relaxing and stimulating. Helps ease any tension or pain during sex or to just enhance pleasure for both parties. Be prepared to want to keep going longer than expected.

We have not met a single soul who can not help but sing high praises for Foria! The opaque bottle is discreet enough to leave out on your bedside without anyone knowing how much fun you’ve been having. It is the perfect addition to your single life as well as a staple in love life.




Moonmans Mistress : I never thought I’d be so excited for a healthy edible! The best part about them is that they taste so delicious you wouldn’t expect them to be good for you. When you open the box up, it’s full of information and fun.

If you’re looking for that nostalgia factor, here you go. Not only is their name and packaging so catchy, they carry some of the cleanest edibles you can find. Reminding you of those fresh baked cookies with a little extra magic.




Swerve Confections: Get these bad boys delivered right to your doorstep from the talented people at Swerve. These bars are packed with Cacao, a known aphrodisiac promoting feelings of bliss. Alongside it is Cacao’s noted love child, Maca, which is known as “nature’s viagra.” Best for a day time romp followed by coffee on the veranda.

I ate one or two of these a day while in California. I wish I could eat one every day! The high is constant and invigoratingly focused without causing too much anxiety or paranoia. Perfect for anyone looking to walk for miles along the beach or explore treasures that California has to offer.





Kurvana: The classic flavor of the hybrid Girl Scout Cookies can be used all day. A stimulating cerebral strain with a relaxing body high for a flawless transition from daytime to dusk and beyond. You’ll feel as hazy as the sorbet sunset over the ocean.

Disposable and portable, vaporizers are perfect for beginners who are interested in dabbing or for anyone looking for a mellow alternative to any flame. Sativa strains can sometimes be too jittery while a heavy Indica can put you in the couch. Hybrids are ideal for dates as it gives both parties a comfortable middle ground.




Warm & Crispy: If you have been wanting to try out one of our chefs at home cannabis recipes for your date night in, try this medicated coconut oil which has a slow and gradual digestion that makes for an uplifted experience with less anxiety.




Sailene: One of Molly Peckler’s favorite pre-rolls!

Joints are a cornerstone social and communal activity for smokers. The circle created by passing a joint is inclusive and brings together people. Have a joint rolling night where you and your partner can compete in who can make the best looking jay. Winner gets greens for a designated amount of time. And the loser? We’ll leave that up to you.



Pura Vida Granola: With 100 retailers in 8 cities over California, it is not hard to find this superfood packed essential. Wake your bae up with some pancakes sprinkled with this granola after a night filled with Foria fun! Throw it in some yogurt after a partnered workout and see gains in more than just your relationship.




Mind Tricks: These edibles are widely raved about and for great reasons. Every bite is excellent. Cleverly named Mind Tricks these infused toffee bites can trick you into wanting to eat the whole bag. Just share them with date, take a walk and see what unfolds.



Kush Queen: You really can never have to many atomizers. The Crystal Cult has some sleek and sexy pieces that scream Queen! Grab these in different colors for your girl tribe to let everyone know who’s squad is on fleek.




Bhang Chocolates: Surprise your honey with some after dinner dark chocolate. With professional chocolatiers making non medicated goodies for retailers like Whole Foods, you can bet these chocolates are a perfect gift for any Cacao & Cannabis lover.

Bhang offers a variety of flavors, from milk chocolate with pretzel to dark chocolate and an equally varying dosage choices. I found happily helping myself to seconds of the pretzel chocolate bar; even though I’m not typically a fan of milk chocolate!  From high CBD to 200mg THC, you can find a Bhang perfect for any occasion.





’96 Extracts: If your belle of the ball would rather have dabs than diamonds, treat her to ’96 Extracts.  My initial thought when I saw the package was, ‘This looks like Chanel’ or something that diamonds would arrive in.



Highland Pantry: These low dose CBD and THC edibles are truly out of this world! Spread it on gluten free toast and add bananas for a sandwich fit for The King. If you’re really looking to build a great canna-sandwitch gift basket, we recommend their entire highly elevated Vegan line to surprise your royal other.


ClubM : If you’re a medical card patient in California, you should subscribe to this elegantly curated monthly subscription box. Browse through their previous boxes to purchase or sign up to be surprised with delightful cannabis goodies delivered to your door.

If you’re thinking about incorporating Cannabis into your love life – schedule a free consultation with Molly or request a speakeasy in your city!


The next Singles Speakeasy event is coming up October. 19 at the Metlo Rooftop Denver! Order your tickets now for an unforgettable night!

Photography by: Todd Westphal Photography

Cannabis Singles Speakeasy | Denver | Wed October 19th

Cannabis Singles Speakeasy | Denver | Wed October 19th

Hosted by: Highly Devoted

WHEN: OCTOBER 19th 2016

WHERE: MetLo Rooftop | 1111 Broadway Denver, CO 80203

WHAT: Enjoy an evening of Hors d’oeurves by Jordan and Jane on a BYOC roof atmosphere with Top Shelf Budtening and Healthy Headie – hosted by Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted

PRICE:  $50 | ($25  with coupon code LOVEANDMARIJ)






Finding love isn’t easy (especially in Denver) and it’s even more complicated when cannabis is part of your life. When you find out someone new is cannabis friendly, there’s an instant bond, camaraderie, and a feeling of comfort. We’re creating the type of event that Cannabis Friendly Singles have been waiting for.

This time around, let cannabis help you connect you with like minded singles while enjoying a breathtaking rooftop setting over looking the mountains with the freedom for those 21+ years old to recreate with cannabis in comfort.


The Singles Speakeasy is a cannabis friendly workshop and mixer hosted by Life Coach and Dating Expert, Molly Peckler, of Highly Devoted Coaching, and Love and Marij.

Once guests arrive and begin to mingle while enjoying products from our sponsors, Molly will lead a workshop about dating efficiently, and the power of connecting over cannabis. After the workshop, guests can relax and enjoy the romantic rooftop, spark a conversation over at Healthy Headie’s VIP Experience or Top Shelf Budtending’s beautiful Bud Bar, and put the lessons learned in the workshop to work.

We’ll culminate the evening with a few surprises, and hopefully several new connections will have sparked before the night is over. All guests will receive gift-bags stuffed with love from some of our favorite companies.

Molly Peckler, Host of the Singles Speakeasy and Founder of Highly Devoted

This event will be Bring Your Own Cannabis – or BYOC! 


We are searching for men and women, who are currently single and searching for a committed relationship. We are looking for anyone who wants to share their passion for cannabis with a partner.

Age: 21 +

Orientation : All Welcome!

Do you know of someone who would be a good fit for this event? Share this page with them, or email Molly, and send them the link below!

Are you interested in taking part in this groundbreaking private event? Request an invitation by filling out the information below, and you’ll be notified of your invitation status by October 16th.



Molly Peckler, Founder and Head Coach of Highly Devoted Coaching, is the world’s first cannabis friendly Life Coach and Dating Expert. Molly founded Highly Devoted in 2015, and she dedicates her practice to cannabis consumers around the world who defy the stoner stigma. She specializes in helping clients build lasting confidence by implementing logical strategies for achieving their goals. Molly is proficient in developing custom online and offline dating strategies specifically meant to identify an ideal cannabis friendly partner. Molly is based in Venice, CA, and works with clients around the world via Skype or FaceTime.

Molly is a proud cannabis enthusiast, and she is well versed in the medical benefits of cannabis, as well as its ability to enhance lives and relationships. She is happily married to a fellow cannabis consumer, and her relationship with her husband inspires her to help others find the happiness, confidence and love she gets to experience every day. Molly is dedicated to shattering outdated cannabis stereotypes, and she is passionate about legalizing cannabis throughout the United States and beyond.





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Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on an LA Rooftop

Love and Marij partnered up with Highly Devoted Coaching to recognize cannabis as a healthy part of your love life with the world’s first Cannabis Friendly Single’s Speakeasy.

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Cannabis Singles Speakeasy | Los Angeles | Wed Sept 21st | 7pm


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