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Canna Couple Singles: Andrew

Andrew Mieure is the owner of Top Shelf Budtending which aims to provide an elegant, safe and responsible cannabis experience for event guests.


In this interview Andrew delves into the cannabis dating world, offering advice and sharing his own experiences.

I suffer from a lot of anxiety, so cannabis helps me mainly in that aspect of dating. When you’re out dating or seeing new people it’s a lot easier to approach when you are medicated, but it can also go the other way. If you’re too medicated it can cause anxiety.


When you go on dates do you smoke before you go to curb your anxieties?

For me a lot of it comes down to set and setting. If it’s at my own place or in more of a private environment I think it would be wise to use cannabis. But it also depends. If I’m going to a bar or a more public place, that’s when I tend to have the most anxiety. If I have the wrong strain at the wrong time in the wrong place, it can actually make it worse.

So what are those strains that you don’t like?

For me, it’s the terpine lemonine. Any of those lemon scents or pine scents is what cause me to have anxiety. So I’ve known that and just really high THC varieties can cause that influx of anxiety. For when you’re meeting someone for the first time, my best advice is always using a 1:1 [a one-to-one ratio of THC and CBD]. That will be a good balance of getting your mind in the right state and then having that CBD to help calm you down. The THC puts you into a different mental state and calms you as far as your racing mind. Then the equal amount of CBD is going to take the edge off that THC. So it’s a more calming experience overall. We’re starting to find more that the terpine profile or scents of cannabis are starting to affect people more so than just names of strains or simply just THC levels. High THC can definitely cause anxiety, but high THC coupled the wrong smell profiles for your body can really start to cause some issues.

When dating, do you look for people who consume cannabis?

Living in Colorado it’s a lot easier to bring up the conversation of cannabis. We’re fortunate enough to live in a place where it’s legal and a lot of people are in the industry here. So you can meet a lot of people that way at industry events and things like that. If it’s somebody that I don’t know they usually get to the point where they ask, “What do you do for a living?” and I have a business in the cannabis industry. So a lot of the times you have to tell them, you can’t lie about that. You tell them and their either cool with it and want to move forward or their not and it just goes from there. If they’re not into it and don’t partake, it’s not a game changer for me. It’s not that big of a deal. If they don’t partake, they don’t partake. But they can’t really impose their beliefs on me do to the lifestyle I live as far as my business and what I do in the industry. If they’re wanting to impose their beliefs on me about being anti-cannabis I wouldn’t move forward with that. If they’re alright with it I can deal with that. That’s not a problem.

Do you ever meet someone on a first date that is completely turned off by you using cannabis?

Usually most people look online before they meet people. I don’t hide what I do, so it’s usually never a problem. There have been times when people just don’t know or I meet out at a place and I tell them about it and they end up standoffish in a way and it just doesn’t go anywhere. The conversation kind of halts and you don’t really have much to talk about. There’s a ton of different things that I’m into. It’s not just cannabis. I’m not just a one sided person, but it’s such a big part of my life now that that would have to be a requirement as far as anything long term. But as far as short term standard dating it’s not a game breaker for me. It might be for some people though.

What would be your cannabis-related date night?

I think the coolest thing to do, for me, because I provide consultations services as it is – I shop with people already – it would be sweet to take somebody into a dispensary and educate them about it. If they’re in the industry or don’t already need that education we can pick out something that we can find both mutually enjoyable. Pick out a nice strain that would meet both of our requirements. We could use that either towards the middle of the day or the end depending on when the smoking occurs because you obviously can’t smoke in public or anything. As far as activities go I’m personally into video games, movies, things like that. So that’s right up my ally. It would be really sweet to get high and go ice-skating or something, but now since it’s starting to get warm out, Colorado’s too beautiful. Smoking down a bit and then going hiking is always a good time. Seeing something beautiful. 

How does cannabis affect your sex life?

I worked with Cannasexual’s Ashley Manta on an article based on curbing anxieties of having sex with someone for the first time. We came to the conclusion that a 1:1 would be your best bet because it’s not going to get you anxious, but it will chill you out enough. And there are some people that just want to be so stoned that their anxiety is completely gone and they have no idea what’s going on. You can run into issues with not being able to get it up or for women, not being into it as much. You’ve got to be really careful about how much you consume. I think with sex drive and everything related to that, the main thing is dosage. Whatever strain you pick, don’t have too much because that can have an effect on some people’s blood pressure. For other people it can affect their anxiety and their mental state and they might not be into it as much as they would be normally. But it can also help those things. Like, if your mind is scattered all the time, you can smoke and get centered on that one thing and you’re ready to go. It can really help. But it all just depends on the person and you really have to know yourself. For me specifically, it’s just trying to get rid of the anxiety, and that’s all it’s ever been for me. For me it’s just low dose. If you want it to last for a while throughout an encounter, maybe even a low dose edible like 5mg. Eat that probably 20-30 minutes before you hang out and it can kind of take the edge off without being too much. But edibles last so long, 4-6 hours, it’ll go through the entire encounter. Either that or smoke right before because smoking’s usually about 60 minutes or so until you start tapering down. But it all depends on the person.

Do you have a story that sticks out in your mind about dating and cannabis?

I was starting to talk with a girl that runs a cabaret service. She’s like, “Come to this party! It’s going to be sweet.” I had no idea what it was, it was like $10 to get it, membership. So I go up to this party in Boulder and I walk in and there are naked girls everywhere. I’m like, “Alright, cool.” She comes running up to me like, “I’m so excited to meet you!” So the first time I meet her is when she is performing at this cabaret show. Super cool girl, really awesome, super good person. I didn’t really know she was into cannabis at the time, but she was super into my business and wanted to work together. So, we’re still working things out with getting some events going, but it’s just crazy some of the paths that being associated with a more liberal substance will take you down. Because there more people who are into free sexual movements or cabaret & burlesque. A lot of these things kind of parallel one another. So, when you’re into cannabis and you’re in this industry you’re going to start meeting a lot more like-minded people. But my first encounter with a lady was at her cabaret show, and I saw everything.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people looking to involve cannabis in their romantic relationships?

I always recommend: be mindful of your dose, be mindful of your set and your setting. Make sure you’re not smoking to impress somebody. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, make sure to let somebody know. There are times when I legitimately don’t like smoking in public. I’m more of a sit-at-home, get really stoned and watch cartoons kind of guy. But for other people, make sure you know how a strain is going to affect you. Journal if you can, to make sure that you don’t smoke a type of terpine profile that would put you in the couch or make you sleepy on a first date. I really think the best middle ground is something medium potency and something that you enjoy. If it’s with another stoner, find something that you’re both into. You can always ask what strains they like or go shop before hand so you can both enjoy the smell profiles, the taste profiles of that strain. That always makes the first date a little less nerve-racking, especially if you know you’re hanging out with a stoner. You can always ask her questions like, “What is your favorite variety or smells?” Bring a jar with you of something you got at a dispensary that just blew your mind and open it up. Have it be a really good icebreaker. Kind of describe what you’re smelling between one another. Or bring a jar of joints and dump them out on the table or something. Cannabis always makes an impression no matter what.

Canna Couple: Ashley & Bruno

Ashley Manta is the genius behind Cannasexual, a lifestyle brand used to represent pleasure-focused events and educational workshops

What is your partner’s name?

Bruno is my main romantic partner.

How long have you been together?

We met in June of 2015.

How did you meet?

We actually hooked up the first night that we met because we met at a sex party in San Diego. But it turned into a relationship and we were both excited about that. Neither of us saw that coming!

Tell us about your first time using cannabis together.

The first time we used cannabis together was at my apartment in L.A. He drove up for a date and I had a bowl packed and ready to go when he got there. I believe it was… Blue Dream if I remember correctly. It would’ve either been Blue Dream or a Jack Herer strain like a Candy Jack or a Juicy Jack. It was something mellow with a little bit of creativity. I had never really smoked with a partner intentionally before having sex prior to that point. I had partners back in Pennsylvania where there was cannabis around but it was never done like, “we’re going to smoke and then we’re going to do this.” That was the first time. So, in a lot of ways he was sort of an early adopter of my CannaSexual efforts. The first thing that we did was I sparked up the bowl. I took an inhale and then I shotgunned the hit into his mouth and we started kissing. I found that so hot and connective and sexy!

How did you initially bring up the conversation of cannabis?

He actually Googled me the day after we met. I mentioned that at the play party that I do sex and cannabis because I brought Foria (THC-infused coconut oil sex spray) for the all the people who wanted to try. That’s one of my party favor things that make people happy that I’m at their parties. I will bring Foria and if anybody wants to experience it, they drop their drawers, I give them the spritz, and you know, they’re off to the races. So Bruno knew right away that I was cannabis friendly and then he went home and Googled me. He actually messaged me the next day and said “I have to warn you. I’m a little star struck. You’re like a known person. You’ve been on podcasts and Life On The Swingset!”

Tell us about a typical sesh!

Well I’ll use this week as an example. He came over for lunch. I had a bowl packed and ready to go. I offered it to him and he took a small hit because his tolerance is no way near mine. So he takes the littlest tiniest amount, which is totally fine, and he’s good to go for a couple hours. I smoke, like, the rest of the bowl and then I’m just starting to feel it a little bit. Then we get naked. The first thing I want to do when he comes over is jump on top of him! We just have this incredible sexual chemistry and it’s still going strong almost two years later. We just can’t get enough of each other! So, he comes over and we smoke or vape. If he has time…if it’s like a sleep over night which we do sometimes, he’ll do an edible so he’ll have a longer period of time. Then we get naked and start touching each other and flowing energy together. We’re both into Tantra and energetic sex and paying attention to the dynamics that go on between bodies, not just physically but on an energetic level. Typically our dates are around five hours and we usually use at least two or three condoms in that time period.

What do you think of your partner’s cannabis use? Have your thoughts changed over time?

I’m super supportive of him using cannabis. I would be kind of sad if he didn’t, because it’s so fun for us to share together. I think certainly his consumption has increased through knowing me partially because I get so much free product from companies that I can’t use it all. I send vapes and edibles home for him and his wife just to support them in their relationship and to kind of spread the love. I would say his experimentation and consumption has definitely increased since knowing me.

Are there any strains or high-activities you don’t enjoy with your partner?

Sexually, we are unbelievably compatible. When it comes to sex and cannabis he is my favorite partner to be with. He is the one I am most excited to try new things with. We usually don’t do too much outdoorsy stuff when we’re together, other than going to the beach to relax and watch the waves crash. But in terms of like, hiking or doing those kinds of recreational activities, that’s not something we typically do when we’re high together.

Are there times you prefer to enjoy cannabis without your partner? How does your partner feel about that?

He is super supportive. We very much have a free agent kind of relationship. When we’re together that’s awesome. When we’re not, we are our own deciding factor. Especially me because I don’t have any relationship agreements that put rules on what I can do. I don’t have to notify anyone if I meet a new partner. I don’t have to give notice about sleepovers. I can basically do what I want when I want. He’s super supportive of that. He really values my autonomy. He has a lot of autonomy in his own relationship but he does have a primary relationship with his wife and there are agreements that go along with that. I have no interest in putting limitations on what he can do when he’s not with me because I don’t feel like that’s my place to do. So we’re both very into everyone doing their own thing in following their own path.

Has cannabis use ever caused tension in your relationship (bad first reactions, financial issues, etc.)? How did you work through it?

One time I gave him something that made him paranoid. I didn’t know, he didn’t know. We just kind of had to work though it and I supported him through it. We did an XJ-13 joint. I loved it. It was great for me. For the sex part it was really energetic and exciting but then we went to a party and he got a little bit anxious and didn’t really want to be around people. So we ended up leaving the party really quickly. I felt bad that something I had given him had been not enjoyable, although obviously it was unintentional. We have since taken that particular strain out of the rotation.

How does cannabis play into conflict resolution within your relationship?

Cannabis is so helpful for having conversations that are challenging, Specifically high CBD products. There was a thing that happened back in February where there was a misunderstanding and some hurt feelings. My default is to panic. I get nervous and I assume people are going to leave and not want to be with me anymore which is silly and like, my own shit. So having a high CBD strain to calm my shit down is really really valuable to get myself back into rational thought and more present in my body and not freaking out and shaking and having my stomach all in knots and unable to eat anything. Cannabis really helps me feel more centered and able to have the conversations which inevitably allay my fears and make me feel so much better.

How does cannabis play into the romantic aspects of your relationship?

Everything that we do has to be scheduled because he lives with his wife and he has multiple other relationships so Google calendar is our best friend. That makes non-monogamy so much easier. A lot of times he’ll come over and we’ll have sex dates, but sometimes we do actually venture out into the world. I’ve taken him to the San Diego Cannabis Farmer’s Market, which he really enjoyed. We got to sample some of the things that vendors were showcasing. The event featured everything from dabs to joints to edibles. I think he did a low-dose edible and a couple puffs off of a joint and he was golden. I was driving because my tolerance is such that I only stay high for like, twenty-five minutes, so it makes more sense for me to be the designated driver. Sometimes we’ll smoke and then go out to dinner and notice the ways in which the food tastes so much better and really enjoy it in a powerful way. Or we’ll go look at something beautiful—we’ll go to the beach and watch the sunset and share a vape pen together as we’re watching it. It’s just little things like that.

If you were to stop using cannabis for an extended amount of time, do you think it would affect your relationship? If so, how?

No. Other than him being really surprised. I currently consume cannabis every single day, multiple times a day, so that would be kind of a huge life upset for me. I did actually give it up for a week about two weeks ago. I took a tolerance break and it was fine! He was supportive of me doing what ever I needed to do to take care of my body. From my perspective, if he decided to push back form the table with cannabis or be like, “you know what? I’m just not interested” which happens sometimes, I’d be fully supportive. He doesn’t consume every time we see each other. Sometimes he has to go back to work. I’m fully in favor of him just being wherever he is and consuming when it feels comfortable and appealing and not consuming when it doesn’t because I only want people to be doing it if there is a “hell yes” from them.

How does cannabis affect your sex drive?

Putting my sex educator hat on for a second—sex isn’t a drive in the sense that a drive for food or shelter is about life or death, and sex isn’t life or death. However, I do have a really high level of interest in sex and my desire tends to manifest spontaneously (rather than responsively to specific stimuli). So in terms of enhancing that, there is nothing cannabis can do to make me more sexual than I already am completely sober. For me it really is about the sensation and the intimacy and feeling more connected to energetic perception. I just got attuned to Reiki in December (which is a healing modality). I noticed that I am better at Reiki and more energetically attuned and sensitive when I have been using cannabis. So, I like it for that reason. I am much more able to perceive where my partner is. My intuition seems to be heightened when I’m using cannabis and that feels really good for me.

If you plan to have kids, how will your cannabis use change?

I never plan on having kids. I’m very aware that the way I approach cannabis may not work for someone who has kids. I don’t ever have to worry about little feet running into my bedroom when I’m trying to get off after I’ve just smoked. That will never happen (except for my cat who is a pervy voyeur, but he’s a lot more self sufficient). I love other people’s kids and I support them in having them but I will never ever ever have my own.

Are there any stories that stick out in your mind?

Back in December, Bruno and I did this thing called a “Love Is Art” kit. It’s this big canvas and you spread paint on it and you have sex on top of it. We got really high together with a combination of edibles and smoking. We do the edibles, then we smoke to get high while we wait for the edibles to kick in. We lit some candles and laid out this huge tarp so we wouldn’t get any paint on the carpet. We had unbelievably awesome sex all over this canvas and now for Christmas he got it stretched out and framed for me. It’s in my office and every time I look at it I think about that night in December that we just had such beautiful, connective sex and…made art together! (pictured below)

Any words of wisdom for other couples looking to bring cannabis into their relationship or their sex life?

The golden rule of edibles “start low go slow” is really useful for cannabis. Start low. Start small. Start with really micro dosed amounts. Try them on your own and see how they affect you, then incorporate them into a couple situation. If it doesn’t work, you need to be able to pinpoint why. Was it the dosage? Was it the particular product? Was it just that night? Was it the partner? Being able to isolate those variables is really valuable. Masturbation is really important for a healthy sex life anyway. Using new cannabis products on your own and seeing how they go…actually keeping a log of it is really useful and not enough people do it.

Canna Couple: Madlyne & Dan

Madlyne comes to us from Irie Weddings & Events. This hard-working team of event planners is dedicated to giving their couples the beautiful wedding day they have always dreamed of and incorporating cannabis in classy and tasteful ways.

How long have you been together? How did you meet?

We have been together 11 years and now have a toddler. We met at a midnight showing of X Men dressed as Rogue and Gambit. He was lighting cards on fire and I thought, “That’s the dude I’m going to marry.”

Tell us about your first time using cannabis together.

We were sixteen. I knew he smoked with his friends, so on Valentine’s Day I picked up a dime bag from someone in my English class and a heart-shaped pizza. We drove out to a deserted area and smoked and eighth together while we listened to Jimi Hendrix and hung out in sleeping bags.  

Tell us about a typical sesh!

It’s typically after our toddler goes to bed around eight or nine o’clock. We always have daily stuff to get done and clean up at that point in the night, so we like to smoke and relax before we do it. Some nights when we don’t feel like cleaning, we’ll order a pizza and just hang out together. I am normally the one to initiate a smoking session. We’ll smoke whatever, but we prefer heavier saliva’s. I’m not a regular drinker, maybe one beer or glass of wine occasionally, but he likes to have a beer to unwind. So, when I reach for my bong, he will reach for a beer as well.

What do you think of your partner’s cannabis use?

I like that he likes to share a bowl with me. It’s a nice way to connect. We both work too much during the day that it’s nice to have that evening connection with each other. It’s like, “I missed you today. Here’s a bong rip.”

What activities do you enjoy together while using cannabis?

Besides just hanging out in front of the TV, we like to use our fire pit outside. We’ll hang out there, chat about our day, take in the spring air, and sometimes grill something up to eat. We also have a corn hole set that we play sometimes.

Are there any best or worst high-date with your partner that stick out in your mind?

One time I can think of is our first experience with edibles way back in the day. We had gotten them from a friend and we didn’t know what we were doing. Dan had a 200mg edible and I had a 60mg one. We ended up with the spins, puking everywhere. It was a terrible experience.

Are there times you prefer to enjoy cannabis without your partner? How does your partner feel about that?

He doesn’t care what I do or when I do it. He knows I’m the heavier smoker in the relationship and is very supportive. I work from home, so occasionally he even asks if I need him to pick up any weed for me before he comes home.

Has cannabis use ever caused tension in your relationship?

Not at all. It has been a source of awesomeness for us.

How does cannabis play into conflict resolution within your relationship?

Oh, I have to smoke before we argue. That’s how it goes. I calm down and smoke a bowl. I think to myself, “Are you really pissed off? Probably not.” It also helps curb the influx in my hormonal cycles. When Dan comes home from work some days I have to say, “Would you like to smoke a bowl? You look really stressed.”

How does cannabis play into the romantic aspects of your relationship?

Normally, with our toddler, it’s hard for us to get out and go on dates. Recently, however, we did hire a baby sitter so we could eat some edibles and go see a small concert. Sometimes we like to go to the botanical gardens as a family. We’ll consume a small amount before those trips as well.

If you were to stop using cannabis for an extended amount of time, do you think it would affect your relationship?

For Dan, it’s not a huge priority in his life. For me, it’s a little bit more irritating if I can’t smoke. I had to go nine months without cannabis when I was pregnant. That was difficult for me personally, but it didn’t cause any relationship issues.

How does cannabis play a role in your sex life?

It play’s a huge role. I like to get all my work and cleaning done before I can relax and unwind. When we want to be intimate but I can’t help thinking about stuff I need to get done, I’ll smoke a little first. It helps me relax and get in more of a romantic mood.

How does cannabis play a role in your parenting?

Oh my god, I need it. If I weren’t a consumer I would lose my shit. Toddlers are little balls of energy, so it’s necessary for me. When I consume, I am a much more relaxed parent. I don’t get anxious and it helps relax that parenting “hover” tendency.

Any words of wisdom for other couples looking to bring cannabis into their relationship?

Honesty and communication is good for any couple. If you have certain feelings about your partner’s cannabis use, make those feelings known. Say, “I want you to cut back on it” if that’s how you feel.

2017 Denver Cannabis Wedding Expo Recap

Love and Marij – Photo by Danielle Lirette

The 2017 Denver Cannabis Wedding Expo was a blast! Love and Marij is proud to be a cornerstone of this wonderfully executed event. We caught up with vendors already listed on our site and met new creative businesses we hope to work with as well. The energy of the crowd was un-missed. It seemed attendees and vendors alike were raising their eyebrows together at the bud-ing industry of cannabis weddings!  With delicious food and drink samples, exciting displays of craftsmanship, beautiful decor, and cannabis-themed… everything, it was hard to nail down our favorites!

Here are the top eight most intriguing vendors/displays of the day:


  1. Transportation
Inside the My 420 Tours Bus

My 420 Tours and High End Transportation were running shuttle busses back-and-forth from the Mineral Light Rail Station to the Expo all day. Although there was no consumption allowed inside the event itself, attendees could take rides on the shuttle buses for opportunities to consume their cannabis and socialize with other attendees. With long cushion seats, stylish interior lighting, and complementary smoke tools, you had no trouble feeling at home on the busses.


  1. My Bud Vase
My Bud Vase –Photo by Danielle Lirette

At first glance, the My Bud Vase booth seemed like they were selling beautiful vases with bursting flower arrangements coming out of each of them. Only with further inspection, however, did the down stems and bowl pieces attached to them come into view. These beautiful and discreet water pipes are perfect for table centerpieces, gifts, or for sitting on your nightstand. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and even have modified whiskey decanters (featured).


  1. Aspen Canyon Ranch
Aspen Canyon Ranch- photo sourced from Aspen Canyon Ranch

On 450 acres of beautiful private property, you could have the cannabis wedding of your dreams! Aspen Canyon Ranch offers all-inclusive wedding packages for up to 100 guests. The packages include full use of the property, lodging, indoor & outdoor event spaces, event coordinator, outdoor activities, flatware, glassware, tables & chairs, and much more for very reasonable prices. Bringing more than 100 guests? They have additional accommodations and endless amounts of camping space for everyone.


  1. The Green Solution Bud
The Bud poses for a picture – Photo by Danielle Lirette

The Green Solution -a dispensary with thirteen locations in Colorado- brought along their friendly mascot, The Green Solution Bud, to help pass out their awesome 20% off online coupons. The Bud was more than happy to take selfies with attendees and vendors alike. Love and Marij even snagged the Bud for a sesh in our photo booth by Flashbox.


  1. GroundSwell

    The GroundSwell Team – Photo by Danielle Lirette

GroundSwell, a self-proclaimed “cannabis boutique,” is now offering boutique cannabis wedding end event services. Have a guided, educational visit to their dispensary for groups up to 30 with a prefixed menu for selection. Purchase cannabis gift bags with concierge services for selection. Hire concierge services for cannabis event catering.


  1. Imagicka
Imagicka Entertainer – Photo by Danielle Lirette

This troupe of magical performers offers a large variety of stunning cannabis themed entertainment for your wedding or event. They offer acts such as burlesque, contortion, stage magic, cabaret, silk aerialists, and much more. One of Imagicka’s beautiful performers was decked out in a glittering bright green burlesque cannabis-esque dress with a matching headpiece.


  1. Steepfuze Coffee
Steepfuze – Photo by Danielle Lirette

This coffee company specializes in creating CBD infused coffee beans. At the expo, Steepfuze was handing out free samples of their brewed regular CDB-infused coffee and their CDB-infused chocolate-orange-ginger coffee. The regular tastes like normal coffee; you would never know the difference. The flavored coffee was a delicious twist on the natural coffee flavor. Both were delicious and an ingenious way to get your daily CBD in the morning.


  1. Repurposed Petals
Photo Sourced From Repurposed Petals Facebook

Think of Repurposed Petals as your GREEN after-party flower cleanup crew. The team goes in after your wedding and collects every flower, leaf, and petal left over. They ensure the wilted flowers go to compost piles and the pristine ones get rearranged and donated to your community (think nursing homes, hospitals, or community centers). This way, none of your expensive flowers go to waste and you get to write it off as a donation on your taxes!


The 2017 Denver Cannabis Wedding Expo was so much fun! We can’t wait for the next two in Portland on March 26th and San Francisco on April 30th.