When looking for a partner, many cannabis connoisseurs prefer to find a cannabis counterpart.  Your “bowl-mate” might be someone who after work prefers a bong in place of Burbon or prefers a hike topped off with a little rollie instead of a Rolling Rock.

Once we find that special someone choosing the perfect strain for that very first date can be an art form all it’s own. Already established couples have learned about each other’s strain preferences and sensitivities. It is really important to take it slow when smoking, vaping or ingesting cannabis with someone new. Start small and get to know each other through understanding the other’s tolerance and preferences with cannabis.

First dates make everyone feel differently, some are anxious while other get excited, it all depends on the person. We reached out to some of our favorite cannabis experts and got their advice on which strains will work best for a first date.

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Everyone gets nervous, but some are extra prone to anxieties and that is only enhanced by something as stressful as a first date. I am personally this type of first date companion unless I medicate with a heavy Indica strain that I know won’t make me too lethargic or cut off the process from my brain to my tongue. Ritesh, a product specialist at beloved dispensary MedMen in West Hollywood, suggests Granddaddy Purple for those that get more nervous on first dates. He also thinks the best idea for the occasion would be a relaxing shared spicy (spliff) while walking down the beach. The Indica will calm us down and the quiet space of the ocean will be perfect for getting to know each other.
CNoTe, owner of Royal Trees Collective operating out of Orange County, says that “sometimes, especially when I’m first meeting someone. I’ll get a little nervous. I’ll want to get stoney to calm my nerves but I also don’t want to be too dazed to where the other person is turned away by it.” This is when he turns to Sativa Alaskan Thunderf*ck (also called Matanuska) because “It instantly relieves my nerves and allows me to get to know that person without feeling like a nervous wreck.” Before taking any of these strains on a date with us we should always try them out in a safe space at home first.

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Another really fun side effect of smoking cannabis with a lover is the hilarious giggle sessions that can ensue. One time after trying out some Moby Dick my partner and I play wrestled and laughed like weirdos for about an hour; sometimes a strain can work strange magic like this. We asked our most favorite giggle bot Dan, social media manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona, what strain was perfect for a first date and he chose three uplifting Sativas. Those that enjoy exceedingly silly times and aren’t susceptible to anxiety will love Sour Cream, Skunk Candy Haze and Cinderella 99 because “they all encourage sociability, the giggles and make you feel nice physically when you get close with your date.” He also suggests a nice hike that ends in a romantic picnic for a cannabis date idea, but he didn’t forget to add the importance of “Netflix & Chill, duh!”.

Skunk Candy Haze from High Mountain Health

On the first date with my love we met for an Arizona craft beer and ended up going on a miniature bar crawl of our small town because we simply wanted more time to talk to each other. We met each other when a friend brought me to his house for an after work smoke sesh. Despite being a nervous nelly, he kept me at ease and we’ve spent pretty much every day together since that fated January evening.

What type of first dater are you? Are there any first date strains that you find more preferable than the ones we listed?  Tell us in the comments below!

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