Love and Marij is looking to share with the world how couples are using cannabis to enhance the quality of their life and relationships.  Help shatter outdated stereotypes and educate the world on the power of the plant by sharing information about cannabis use in your relationship!


  1. BOTH YOU AND YOUR PARTNER should fill out the survey below
  2. Feel free to answer as many or as few questions as you’d like. Share only what’s comfortable!
  3. Someone from Love and Marij will follow up with you with any follow up questions on your story and get your approval on an article before we post!


Canna Couple Questionnaire - How Does Cannabis Elevate your Relationship?

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Tell us about your favorite recreational vices - how often do you enjoy specific strains of cannabis, vs alcohol vs cigars etc

Let us know what you do and if cannabis, alcohol or any other recreational vices factor in.

Elaborate on what you do for a living and how you feel cannabis strengthens your professional performance?

Let us know strains and consumption methods you enjoy by yourself - how does your partner feel about that?

Let us know strains and consumption methods you enjoy together and WHAT ACTIVITIES YOU LIKE DOING WHILE HIGH

What are some strains and activities you DON'T enjoy doing while high

Share any judgements or first reactions to cannabis use that your partner may have initially had and how you managed to work around it!

Are there specific strains or consumption methods that pair perfectly with dining, movies, music, events or help bring you closer together?

What strains and consumption methods work (or don't work) for you - what feelings can cannabis enhance?

Mention specific strains and consumption methods that work or don't work for you!

Strain & date ideas, Words of Wisdom, Words of Warning... how can people learn from your experiences?