Just when you sigh that exasperated sigh of relief that the holidays are over, New Year’s arrives and suddenly the store shelves are stocked with Valentine’s Day decor.  Another unavoidable “Hallmark holiday” has arrived, but whether you’re single or with a special someone, today is a wonderful day to treat yourself by indulging in some TLC with CBD (or THC if it’s legal)! 

Cannabis is an excellent tool in bridging the gap between you, your personal and sexual health, and your partner(s).  At Love and Marij, we believe in the holy trinity of mind, body, and cannabis, and that’s what our 2020 V-day is all about. 

We caught up with Ashley Manta, award-winning sex educator and entrepreneur of the brand CannaSexual to explore some tips for successfully correlating sex and cannabis to enhance your Valentine’s day. 



Whether alone or with someone you trust.  “It’s important to tailor your cannabis consumption to the specific needs of your body and mind on any given day,” she reminds us. 



Cannabis does not always have to be consumed via inhalation in order to reap its benefits. When asked if she could settle on one strain as a prelude to intercourse for the rest of her life, she’s unable to pick just one because her needs vary.  Manta says she tailors her route of consumption and strain depending on her desired effects, sharing that some days she reaches for a 1:1 CBD to THC cultivar to help relax her, while other days she relies only on CBD topicals like Foria. No matter what you’re smoking on, before you cut to the chase, “communicate your needs to your partner,” Manta states. 



The value of reading as a means to enhancing one’s sex life is often overlooked. Just like many things in life you sometimes need to read the guidebook before you roll your sleeves up. Manta suggests from the plethora of pleasure-mastery books, Come As You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life” by Dr. Emily Nagoski, is at the top of her list to accompany a joint. “It’s phenomenal,” Manta confirms, and “a must read for anyone who has a vulva or loves someone with a vulva,” she insists. Reader’s seeking tips for improving their own pleasure or for their partner can improve their knowledge of extensive topics like arousal, desire, being turned on and how our brains process all of these stimulants. 



Decided upon staying in with some edibles and Netflix to treat yourself?  Manta suggests two must-see documentaries that explore opposite sides of the spectrum of cannabis’ reputation. “Grass is Greener” on Netflix, takes a cultural approach and shows the perspective of cannabis as a disruptor within communities of color and how folks have been targeted. “Weed the People” may be a more positive V-day flick with its perspective on the medicinal cannabis industry through testimonies by patients. 


No matter how you decide to incorporate cannabis into your Valentine’s day agenda this year, remember to always dose safely and practice safe sex.   


Happy Valentine’s Day!