Author: Rachel Cruz

January 20, 2016

Gives new meaning to being “high on love.”

By Rachel Cruz | Jan 20, 2016 03:13 AM EST

Weed, or marijuana, is beautifully set in this groom’s boutonniere as part of a cannabis wedding. (Photo : Twitter Photo Section)

Colorado held the very first Cannabis Wedding Expo at the Denver’s Point Gallery Sunday to showcase vendors who can provide brides and grooms their very own weed wedding.

Seen at the event were various wedding products like cannabis-inspired foods and drinks, flowers, wedding favors and decorations. However, it was also a great way for marijuana-loving couples to come up with creative ideas for planning their ceremony properly, according to Fox Denver.

“I think the way that’s it’s presented is still so elegant and yet it still has that edgy feel of being on the edge of prohibition,” said Shelby Barsh, a woman planning her own wedding who has been looking for different options.

Colorado made marijuana legal in 2012, but there are laws covering its sale, purchase, possession and use, per the local government’s official web portal. Vendors at the expo were also there to guide brides and grooms on how to do a proper weed wedding without going against the law, including considering which guests to invite and where to have the celebration. The event was off-limits to those under 21 and no cannabis was sold on the premises, according to Daily Mail.

“Cannabis can be incorporated into events and weddings in classy, modern and sophisticated ways. It doesn’t have to be totally in your face. It can be on a discreet level – or it can be loud and proud around your love of the bud,” said Bec Koop, a wedding florist who helped organize the event, according to The Cannabist. “So let’s be honest – it’s always been there, it’s been a part of almost every party and event scene, so why not incorporate it? The expo is really an opportunity to showcase this new trend that’s not going away.”

Online wedding event guide Love and Marij sponsored the event, according to San Francisco Gate. On its website is a growing list of couples who have had a cannabis-themed wedding and there are also tips and leads for brides and grooms.