When guests arrived at for an evening of cannabis and yoga, no one was quite sure what to expect.  Nestled in the mountainside of Boulder Canyon, everyone’s welcoming smile and the breathtaking landscape was assurance, we were in a for a night of ceremonial cannabis bliss.

As I arrived from the beautiful drive four miles along side Boulder Creek, I was welcomed by Matt Davenport, CEO of Permalos Consulting.  He walked everyone through the different cultivars throughout the night and spoke briefly about his ambition and drive to continually educate not only himself but others about the regenerative and grown in living soil cannabis we would be smoking all night!


Matt had some of his collection of books about regenerative farming methods, carbon farming, living soil, and microbes.

Rachael Carlevale teaches yoga five days a week and was our guide to learning to communicate with the medicine we would be partaking.

Philip Wolfe and Cultivating Spirits would be telling us how to identify terpenes and how to really enhance your high without knowing the specific strain by being aware of your senses and pairing different cultivars with different foods.


The Cheshire House, is the childhood home of Dennis, and has been ever evolving and growing as if it is something from a fairy tale. Guests were even greeted by a friendly fox who made his way up to hill to peek at the all the happenings. Stunning mountain views and Evergreens gave a small glimpse at a trickling river down below.

The Ganja:

The main room was aligned with yoga mats in a big circle, and on the table was a blend of joints with and without hash, bowls, a bong, and a dab rig for some stellar concentrates. Matt spoke of the way the herbs we were going to be smoking were grown, in living soil free of pesticides, chemicals, engaging in natural pure sunlight, and the time and dedication to make the hash oils.

The cultivars used throughout the night were, Holy Headband (Headband & Big Sur Holy), Blackbird (SR 71 & Purple Kush), and Toji (Tahoe OG & Off Grid Kush).

Before everyone gathered around to smoke and take in the medicine, Rachael passed the cannabis we would be smoking in a small bowl. Reminding all to be mindful to feel the energy of the plant and be aware of that spirit connection. The ceremonies are designed to model traditional approaches to plant communication and guide individuals to connect with the earth and their most authentic selves.



Rachael led a relaxed yoga ceremony, twisting and stretching our bodies just enough for everyone to feel so full and energized. She spoke of building the relationship with plant medicine that is rooted in the ancient Shipibo shamanic lineage and listening through your heart as to be mindful of your intentions.


After the yoga, everyone gathered inside and outside passing joints and bowls around, laughing and enjoying the refreshing experience. Appetizers of golden beet and tomatillo tacos with roasted asparagus and zuchinni brushetta were passed around as everyone got ready for an amazing cooking demonstration by Robyn Lawrence, author of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook.

Robyn talked about how easy it is to make your own cannabis infused cooking oil and what to do just encase you eat to much! Along with a sample and a signed cookbook, each guest got see how versatile cooking with cannabis can be.

The Food:

As we sat down at the dinner table it all seems like a regular dinner party but of course Cultivating Spirits gives you a little extra surprise. To the right of your knife were two small bowls of Toji and Blackbird cultivars for each guest to pair with each dinner and dessert. Philip walked us through recognizing the flavor profiles and a with a toast and a hit of your personal bowl, dinner officially was served. Guests were treated to local, organic, non-GMO food prepared by Cultivating Spirits’ renowned chefs. The toji paired with the main dish perfectly. As well as some of Boulder’s signature potions from Shine Restaurant to drink alongside a flour less chocolate cake with a blackberry compote, which was of course paired with Blackbird.

After dinner it was time to fire up the dab rig with some amazing rosin made by Matt. Guests were treated to an experience full of mindfully consuming cannabis and being aware of not only themselves  but of the energy and properties of this unbelievable plant. Reminding us to always continue our knowledge about sustainability, remaining mindful of our intentions, educating yourself on edibles, and staying present with each breathe in and out.  This was the premier transformational experience with Ganjasana and there will be more to come.

“I honor the plants, not only Cannabis for saving my life, but all our plant allies.” -Rachael

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