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Canna Couple Singles: Andrew

Andrew Mieure is the owner of Top Shelf Budtending which aims to provide an elegant, safe and responsible cannabis experience for event guests.


In this interview Andrew delves into the cannabis dating world, offering advice and sharing his own experiences.

I suffer from a lot of anxiety, so cannabis helps me mainly in that aspect of dating. When you’re out dating or seeing new people it’s a lot easier to approach when you are medicated, but it can also go the other way. If you’re too medicated it can cause anxiety.


When you go on dates do you smoke before you go to curb your anxieties?

For me a lot of it comes down to set and setting. If it’s at my own place or in more of a private environment I think it would be wise to use cannabis. But it also depends. If I’m going to a bar or a more public place, that’s when I tend to have the most anxiety. If I have the wrong strain at the wrong time in the wrong place, it can actually make it worse.

So what are those strains that you don’t like?

For me, it’s the terpine lemonine. Any of those lemon scents or pine scents is what cause me to have anxiety. So I’ve known that and just really high THC varieties can cause that influx of anxiety. For when you’re meeting someone for the first time, my best advice is always using a 1:1 [a one-to-one ratio of THC and CBD]. That will be a good balance of getting your mind in the right state and then having that CBD to help calm you down. The THC puts you into a different mental state and calms you as far as your racing mind. Then the equal amount of CBD is going to take the edge off that THC. So it’s a more calming experience overall. We’re starting to find more that the terpine profile or scents of cannabis are starting to affect people more so than just names of strains or simply just THC levels. High THC can definitely cause anxiety, but high THC coupled the wrong smell profiles for your body can really start to cause some issues.

When dating, do you look for people who consume cannabis?

Living in Colorado it’s a lot easier to bring up the conversation of cannabis. We’re fortunate enough to live in a place where it’s legal and a lot of people are in the industry here. So you can meet a lot of people that way at industry events and things like that. If it’s somebody that I don’t know they usually get to the point where they ask, “What do you do for a living?” and I have a business in the cannabis industry. So a lot of the times you have to tell them, you can’t lie about that. You tell them and their either cool with it and want to move forward or their not and it just goes from there. If they’re not into it and don’t partake, it’s not a game changer for me. It’s not that big of a deal. If they don’t partake, they don’t partake. But they can’t really impose their beliefs on me do to the lifestyle I live as far as my business and what I do in the industry. If they’re wanting to impose their beliefs on me about being anti-cannabis I wouldn’t move forward with that. If they’re alright with it I can deal with that. That’s not a problem.

Do you ever meet someone on a first date that is completely turned off by you using cannabis?

Usually most people look online before they meet people. I don’t hide what I do, so it’s usually never a problem. There have been times when people just don’t know or I meet out at a place and I tell them about it and they end up standoffish in a way and it just doesn’t go anywhere. The conversation kind of halts and you don’t really have much to talk about. There’s a ton of different things that I’m into. It’s not just cannabis. I’m not just a one sided person, but it’s such a big part of my life now that that would have to be a requirement as far as anything long term. But as far as short term standard dating it’s not a game breaker for me. It might be for some people though.

What would be your cannabis-related date night?

I think the coolest thing to do, for me, because I provide consultations services as it is – I shop with people already – it would be sweet to take somebody into a dispensary and educate them about it. If they’re in the industry or don’t already need that education we can pick out something that we can find both mutually enjoyable. Pick out a nice strain that would meet both of our requirements. We could use that either towards the middle of the day or the end depending on when the smoking occurs because you obviously can’t smoke in public or anything. As far as activities go I’m personally into video games, movies, things like that. So that’s right up my ally. It would be really sweet to get high and go ice-skating or something, but now since it’s starting to get warm out, Colorado’s too beautiful. Smoking down a bit and then going hiking is always a good time. Seeing something beautiful. 

How does cannabis affect your sex life?

I worked with Cannasexual’s Ashley Manta on an article based on curbing anxieties of having sex with someone for the first time. We came to the conclusion that a 1:1 would be your best bet because it’s not going to get you anxious, but it will chill you out enough. And there are some people that just want to be so stoned that their anxiety is completely gone and they have no idea what’s going on. You can run into issues with not being able to get it up or for women, not being into it as much. You’ve got to be really careful about how much you consume. I think with sex drive and everything related to that, the main thing is dosage. Whatever strain you pick, don’t have too much because that can have an effect on some people’s blood pressure. For other people it can affect their anxiety and their mental state and they might not be into it as much as they would be normally. But it can also help those things. Like, if your mind is scattered all the time, you can smoke and get centered on that one thing and you’re ready to go. It can really help. But it all just depends on the person and you really have to know yourself. For me specifically, it’s just trying to get rid of the anxiety, and that’s all it’s ever been for me. For me it’s just low dose. If you want it to last for a while throughout an encounter, maybe even a low dose edible like 5mg. Eat that probably 20-30 minutes before you hang out and it can kind of take the edge off without being too much. But edibles last so long, 4-6 hours, it’ll go through the entire encounter. Either that or smoke right before because smoking’s usually about 60 minutes or so until you start tapering down. But it all depends on the person.

Do you have a story that sticks out in your mind about dating and cannabis?

I was starting to talk with a girl that runs a cabaret service. She’s like, “Come to this party! It’s going to be sweet.” I had no idea what it was, it was like $10 to get it, membership. So I go up to this party in Boulder and I walk in and there are naked girls everywhere. I’m like, “Alright, cool.” She comes running up to me like, “I’m so excited to meet you!” So the first time I meet her is when she is performing at this cabaret show. Super cool girl, really awesome, super good person. I didn’t really know she was into cannabis at the time, but she was super into my business and wanted to work together. So, we’re still working things out with getting some events going, but it’s just crazy some of the paths that being associated with a more liberal substance will take you down. Because there more people who are into free sexual movements or cabaret & burlesque. A lot of these things kind of parallel one another. So, when you’re into cannabis and you’re in this industry you’re going to start meeting a lot more like-minded people. But my first encounter with a lady was at her cabaret show, and I saw everything.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people looking to involve cannabis in their romantic relationships?

I always recommend: be mindful of your dose, be mindful of your set and your setting. Make sure you’re not smoking to impress somebody. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, make sure to let somebody know. There are times when I legitimately don’t like smoking in public. I’m more of a sit-at-home, get really stoned and watch cartoons kind of guy. But for other people, make sure you know how a strain is going to affect you. Journal if you can, to make sure that you don’t smoke a type of terpine profile that would put you in the couch or make you sleepy on a first date. I really think the best middle ground is something medium potency and something that you enjoy. If it’s with another stoner, find something that you’re both into. You can always ask what strains they like or go shop before hand so you can both enjoy the smell profiles, the taste profiles of that strain. That always makes the first date a little less nerve-racking, especially if you know you’re hanging out with a stoner. You can always ask her questions like, “What is your favorite variety or smells?” Bring a jar with you of something you got at a dispensary that just blew your mind and open it up. Have it be a really good icebreaker. Kind of describe what you’re smelling between one another. Or bring a jar of joints and dump them out on the table or something. Cannabis always makes an impression no matter what.

Canna Couple: Ashley & Bruno

Ashley Manta is the genius behind Cannasexual, a lifestyle brand used to represent pleasure-focused events and educational workshops

What is your partner’s name?

Bruno is my main romantic partner.

How long have you been together?

We met in June of 2015.

How did you meet?

We actually hooked up the first night that we met because we met at a sex party in San Diego. But it turned into a relationship and we were both excited about that. Neither of us saw that coming!

Tell us about your first time using cannabis together.

The first time we used cannabis together was at my apartment in L.A. He drove up for a date and I had a bowl packed and ready to go when he got there. I believe it was… Blue Dream if I remember correctly. It would’ve either been Blue Dream or a Jack Herer strain like a Candy Jack or a Juicy Jack. It was something mellow with a little bit of creativity. I had never really smoked with a partner intentionally before having sex prior to that point. I had partners back in Pennsylvania where there was cannabis around but it was never done like, “we’re going to smoke and then we’re going to do this.” That was the first time. So, in a lot of ways he was sort of an early adopter of my CannaSexual efforts. The first thing that we did was I sparked up the bowl. I took an inhale and then I shotgunned the hit into his mouth and we started kissing. I found that so hot and connective and sexy!

How did you initially bring up the conversation of cannabis?

He actually Googled me the day after we met. I mentioned that at the play party that I do sex and cannabis because I brought Foria (THC-infused coconut oil sex spray) for the all the people who wanted to try. That’s one of my party favor things that make people happy that I’m at their parties. I will bring Foria and if anybody wants to experience it, they drop their drawers, I give them the spritz, and you know, they’re off to the races. So Bruno knew right away that I was cannabis friendly and then he went home and Googled me. He actually messaged me the next day and said “I have to warn you. I’m a little star struck. You’re like a known person. You’ve been on podcasts and Life On The Swingset!”

Tell us about a typical sesh!

Well I’ll use this week as an example. He came over for lunch. I had a bowl packed and ready to go. I offered it to him and he took a small hit because his tolerance is no way near mine. So he takes the littlest tiniest amount, which is totally fine, and he’s good to go for a couple hours. I smoke, like, the rest of the bowl and then I’m just starting to feel it a little bit. Then we get naked. The first thing I want to do when he comes over is jump on top of him! We just have this incredible sexual chemistry and it’s still going strong almost two years later. We just can’t get enough of each other! So, he comes over and we smoke or vape. If he has time…if it’s like a sleep over night which we do sometimes, he’ll do an edible so he’ll have a longer period of time. Then we get naked and start touching each other and flowing energy together. We’re both into Tantra and energetic sex and paying attention to the dynamics that go on between bodies, not just physically but on an energetic level. Typically our dates are around five hours and we usually use at least two or three condoms in that time period.

What do you think of your partner’s cannabis use? Have your thoughts changed over time?

I’m super supportive of him using cannabis. I would be kind of sad if he didn’t, because it’s so fun for us to share together. I think certainly his consumption has increased through knowing me partially because I get so much free product from companies that I can’t use it all. I send vapes and edibles home for him and his wife just to support them in their relationship and to kind of spread the love. I would say his experimentation and consumption has definitely increased since knowing me.

Are there any strains or high-activities you don’t enjoy with your partner?

Sexually, we are unbelievably compatible. When it comes to sex and cannabis he is my favorite partner to be with. He is the one I am most excited to try new things with. We usually don’t do too much outdoorsy stuff when we’re together, other than going to the beach to relax and watch the waves crash. But in terms of like, hiking or doing those kinds of recreational activities, that’s not something we typically do when we’re high together.

Are there times you prefer to enjoy cannabis without your partner? How does your partner feel about that?

He is super supportive. We very much have a free agent kind of relationship. When we’re together that’s awesome. When we’re not, we are our own deciding factor. Especially me because I don’t have any relationship agreements that put rules on what I can do. I don’t have to notify anyone if I meet a new partner. I don’t have to give notice about sleepovers. I can basically do what I want when I want. He’s super supportive of that. He really values my autonomy. He has a lot of autonomy in his own relationship but he does have a primary relationship with his wife and there are agreements that go along with that. I have no interest in putting limitations on what he can do when he’s not with me because I don’t feel like that’s my place to do. So we’re both very into everyone doing their own thing in following their own path.

Has cannabis use ever caused tension in your relationship (bad first reactions, financial issues, etc.)? How did you work through it?

One time I gave him something that made him paranoid. I didn’t know, he didn’t know. We just kind of had to work though it and I supported him through it. We did an XJ-13 joint. I loved it. It was great for me. For the sex part it was really energetic and exciting but then we went to a party and he got a little bit anxious and didn’t really want to be around people. So we ended up leaving the party really quickly. I felt bad that something I had given him had been not enjoyable, although obviously it was unintentional. We have since taken that particular strain out of the rotation.

How does cannabis play into conflict resolution within your relationship?

Cannabis is so helpful for having conversations that are challenging, Specifically high CBD products. There was a thing that happened back in February where there was a misunderstanding and some hurt feelings. My default is to panic. I get nervous and I assume people are going to leave and not want to be with me anymore which is silly and like, my own shit. So having a high CBD strain to calm my shit down is really really valuable to get myself back into rational thought and more present in my body and not freaking out and shaking and having my stomach all in knots and unable to eat anything. Cannabis really helps me feel more centered and able to have the conversations which inevitably allay my fears and make me feel so much better.

How does cannabis play into the romantic aspects of your relationship?

Everything that we do has to be scheduled because he lives with his wife and he has multiple other relationships so Google calendar is our best friend. That makes non-monogamy so much easier. A lot of times he’ll come over and we’ll have sex dates, but sometimes we do actually venture out into the world. I’ve taken him to the San Diego Cannabis Farmer’s Market, which he really enjoyed. We got to sample some of the things that vendors were showcasing. The event featured everything from dabs to joints to edibles. I think he did a low-dose edible and a couple puffs off of a joint and he was golden. I was driving because my tolerance is such that I only stay high for like, twenty-five minutes, so it makes more sense for me to be the designated driver. Sometimes we’ll smoke and then go out to dinner and notice the ways in which the food tastes so much better and really enjoy it in a powerful way. Or we’ll go look at something beautiful—we’ll go to the beach and watch the sunset and share a vape pen together as we’re watching it. It’s just little things like that.

If you were to stop using cannabis for an extended amount of time, do you think it would affect your relationship? If so, how?

No. Other than him being really surprised. I currently consume cannabis every single day, multiple times a day, so that would be kind of a huge life upset for me. I did actually give it up for a week about two weeks ago. I took a tolerance break and it was fine! He was supportive of me doing what ever I needed to do to take care of my body. From my perspective, if he decided to push back form the table with cannabis or be like, “you know what? I’m just not interested” which happens sometimes, I’d be fully supportive. He doesn’t consume every time we see each other. Sometimes he has to go back to work. I’m fully in favor of him just being wherever he is and consuming when it feels comfortable and appealing and not consuming when it doesn’t because I only want people to be doing it if there is a “hell yes” from them.

How does cannabis affect your sex drive?

Putting my sex educator hat on for a second—sex isn’t a drive in the sense that a drive for food or shelter is about life or death, and sex isn’t life or death. However, I do have a really high level of interest in sex and my desire tends to manifest spontaneously (rather than responsively to specific stimuli). So in terms of enhancing that, there is nothing cannabis can do to make me more sexual than I already am completely sober. For me it really is about the sensation and the intimacy and feeling more connected to energetic perception. I just got attuned to Reiki in December (which is a healing modality). I noticed that I am better at Reiki and more energetically attuned and sensitive when I have been using cannabis. So, I like it for that reason. I am much more able to perceive where my partner is. My intuition seems to be heightened when I’m using cannabis and that feels really good for me.

If you plan to have kids, how will your cannabis use change?

I never plan on having kids. I’m very aware that the way I approach cannabis may not work for someone who has kids. I don’t ever have to worry about little feet running into my bedroom when I’m trying to get off after I’ve just smoked. That will never happen (except for my cat who is a pervy voyeur, but he’s a lot more self sufficient). I love other people’s kids and I support them in having them but I will never ever ever have my own.

Are there any stories that stick out in your mind?

Back in December, Bruno and I did this thing called a “Love Is Art” kit. It’s this big canvas and you spread paint on it and you have sex on top of it. We got really high together with a combination of edibles and smoking. We do the edibles, then we smoke to get high while we wait for the edibles to kick in. We lit some candles and laid out this huge tarp so we wouldn’t get any paint on the carpet. We had unbelievably awesome sex all over this canvas and now for Christmas he got it stretched out and framed for me. It’s in my office and every time I look at it I think about that night in December that we just had such beautiful, connective sex and…made art together! (pictured below)

Any words of wisdom for other couples looking to bring cannabis into their relationship or their sex life?

The golden rule of edibles “start low go slow” is really useful for cannabis. Start low. Start small. Start with really micro dosed amounts. Try them on your own and see how they affect you, then incorporate them into a couple situation. If it doesn’t work, you need to be able to pinpoint why. Was it the dosage? Was it the particular product? Was it just that night? Was it the partner? Being able to isolate those variables is really valuable. Masturbation is really important for a healthy sex life anyway. Using new cannabis products on your own and seeing how they go…actually keeping a log of it is really useful and not enough people do it.

Canna Couple: Madlyne & Dan

Madlyne comes to us from Irie Weddings & Events. This hard-working team of event planners is dedicated to giving their couples the beautiful wedding day they have always dreamed of and incorporating cannabis in classy and tasteful ways.

How long have you been together? How did you meet?

We have been together 11 years and now have a toddler. We met at a midnight showing of X Men dressed as Rogue and Gambit. He was lighting cards on fire and I thought, “That’s the dude I’m going to marry.”

Tell us about your first time using cannabis together.

We were sixteen. I knew he smoked with his friends, so on Valentine’s Day I picked up a dime bag from someone in my English class and a heart-shaped pizza. We drove out to a deserted area and smoked and eighth together while we listened to Jimi Hendrix and hung out in sleeping bags.  

Tell us about a typical sesh!

It’s typically after our toddler goes to bed around eight or nine o’clock. We always have daily stuff to get done and clean up at that point in the night, so we like to smoke and relax before we do it. Some nights when we don’t feel like cleaning, we’ll order a pizza and just hang out together. I am normally the one to initiate a smoking session. We’ll smoke whatever, but we prefer heavier saliva’s. I’m not a regular drinker, maybe one beer or glass of wine occasionally, but he likes to have a beer to unwind. So, when I reach for my bong, he will reach for a beer as well.

What do you think of your partner’s cannabis use?

I like that he likes to share a bowl with me. It’s a nice way to connect. We both work too much during the day that it’s nice to have that evening connection with each other. It’s like, “I missed you today. Here’s a bong rip.”

What activities do you enjoy together while using cannabis?

Besides just hanging out in front of the TV, we like to use our fire pit outside. We’ll hang out there, chat about our day, take in the spring air, and sometimes grill something up to eat. We also have a corn hole set that we play sometimes.

Are there any best or worst high-date with your partner that stick out in your mind?

One time I can think of is our first experience with edibles way back in the day. We had gotten them from a friend and we didn’t know what we were doing. Dan had a 200mg edible and I had a 60mg one. We ended up with the spins, puking everywhere. It was a terrible experience.

Are there times you prefer to enjoy cannabis without your partner? How does your partner feel about that?

He doesn’t care what I do or when I do it. He knows I’m the heavier smoker in the relationship and is very supportive. I work from home, so occasionally he even asks if I need him to pick up any weed for me before he comes home.

Has cannabis use ever caused tension in your relationship?

Not at all. It has been a source of awesomeness for us.

How does cannabis play into conflict resolution within your relationship?

Oh, I have to smoke before we argue. That’s how it goes. I calm down and smoke a bowl. I think to myself, “Are you really pissed off? Probably not.” It also helps curb the influx in my hormonal cycles. When Dan comes home from work some days I have to say, “Would you like to smoke a bowl? You look really stressed.”

How does cannabis play into the romantic aspects of your relationship?

Normally, with our toddler, it’s hard for us to get out and go on dates. Recently, however, we did hire a baby sitter so we could eat some edibles and go see a small concert. Sometimes we like to go to the botanical gardens as a family. We’ll consume a small amount before those trips as well.

If you were to stop using cannabis for an extended amount of time, do you think it would affect your relationship?

For Dan, it’s not a huge priority in his life. For me, it’s a little bit more irritating if I can’t smoke. I had to go nine months without cannabis when I was pregnant. That was difficult for me personally, but it didn’t cause any relationship issues.

How does cannabis play a role in your sex life?

It play’s a huge role. I like to get all my work and cleaning done before I can relax and unwind. When we want to be intimate but I can’t help thinking about stuff I need to get done, I’ll smoke a little first. It helps me relax and get in more of a romantic mood.

How does cannabis play a role in your parenting?

Oh my god, I need it. If I weren’t a consumer I would lose my shit. Toddlers are little balls of energy, so it’s necessary for me. When I consume, I am a much more relaxed parent. I don’t get anxious and it helps relax that parenting “hover” tendency.

Any words of wisdom for other couples looking to bring cannabis into their relationship?

Honesty and communication is good for any couple. If you have certain feelings about your partner’s cannabis use, make those feelings known. Say, “I want you to cut back on it” if that’s how you feel.

Self Love Sanctuary: Ashley Manta

I know I’m not the first to be guilty of faking pleasure, Anyone else with me?  For the longest amount of time, I found myself disappointed at my inability to fully enjoy my experienceNow I am here introducing the first installment of

Self Love Sanctuary

Self love breaks down to be many different levels, each with their own importance. A few years ago I came across an article about a female masturbation class held by Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross. Betty has been a palpable force on women’s sexual pleasure for over three decades. My experience with giving yourself pleasure was that it was sinful and a first class ticket to be damned growing up as young women in a religious setting. The moral dilemma between of being sinful was overridden by being so compelled to experience something I felt was a natural part of life. Betty opened my eyes about how as a mother, entrepreneur, or working 40 hours a week you could still find the time to self love and understand the importance of making your body feel good.

I first heard of combining Cannabis with self love when a friend made her own cannabis lube. It brought my awareness into a deeper state of what makes my body feel good instead of focusing on just an end goal. Fast forward to 2016, I get wind of this extremely talented women named Ashley Manta and all the feels of empowerment and sexual liberation arise.

This woman, who claims the grandmother of female masturbation, is one of her heroes sparked the inspiration to create this wonderful healing space.  Shutting down taboos of Cannabis and Sex on so many levels we are talking on the personal level with the Canna Sexual’s Ashley Manta. Housewives come in all walks of life and finding that little bit of time to enhance the pleasure in your life is an ESSENTIAL! Check out my interview below with Ashley.

Ashley Manta CannaSexual

Stoned Housewife: Lets just jump into it!  What would you suggest to women who are to think they are busy to with work, kids, spouses, etc to take the time to self love.

Ashley Manta: It is such a gift to prioritize our pleasure. Whether that’s one night a week where you take your vibrator into the bathtub with you or go in your room, shut the door, and light some candles to make a safe comfortable space (a sanctuary). Just make your body feel good without being goal oriented. It doesn’t have to be about getting off. Touch your body the way it feels good. That will build on itself. The more you do that, the more you want to that, and the more you can do that. It is a good habit to get into.

Stoned Hw: What products do you suggest? Let’s say you were stranded on a desert island and you did not have to worry about survival…all you had to do was masturbate, What would be THE 4 things you would have to have.

Ashley M: My dessert island tool kit would include:

  • Foria Pleasure
  • A nice vaporizer with a mid range THC/CBD fruity citrus terepene flower selections
  • We-Vibe Touch AMThis vibrator is Rechargeable, Rumbly & Amazing
  • Njoy Pure Wand: We all know about the Pure Wand. If you don’t Treat Yo Self and order yours here

Stoned Housewife: Where is the craziest place you ever self loved?

Ashley M: My car during a summer job. I was working late so I went out to my car on break and put a blanket over me with my boyfriend on the phone and I went to town. I got off and it was glorious. Then I put on some hand sanitizer and went back to finish my shift.

Stoned Hw: I know of your previous workshop All Hands on Bits where you do live demos! Have you had one  in Colorado yet?

Ashley M: Not yet, But I would really like to! I find it to be very valuable because when you see me acting out those things that I am teaching you on a body, it brings forward the, “oh that’s what that looks like!” Its always fun to have bodies present, people seem to absorb the material more.

Stoned Hw: What about masturbation on your period? I feel our moon time is slowly becoming less of a burden and more of a time of relaxing and going within, generally doing things to make your body feel better during that time.

Ashley M: I think masturbating on your period is amazing! Its actually one of the things I miss about having a period because of my IUD. 

Stoned Hw: Talk about sexual freedom!

Ashley M: Yes exactly. Masturbation was necessary because sometimes I get really aroused and its really distracting. I found that happening more when I was on my period.

Stoned Hw: Have you met Betty Dodson?

Ashley M: Yes, We met and shared drinks. Being the grandmother of female masturbation, she was doing this shit in her apartment in New York in the 70s. Giving them Hitcachi’s and a hand mirror, having them lay on their backs and buzz off! She is a force and she is such a badass.

Stoned Hw: I feel like your the modern day BD. I absolutely love you! Your love of combining sex and cannabis is the encouraging other women to stand up and take back this personal power. You are the bomb.

Ashley teaches her own self love classes of various proportions, where it is optional for her to showcase the art of hand stimulation with live demonstrations. If you have interest in booking a bachelorette Cannasexual party sign up for the newsletter here to be notified of when Ashley opens up her booking!

Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on a Denver Rooftop

After such a fabulous success on the LA rooftop less than one month ago Molly Peckler from Highly Devoted Coaching paired up with Love and Marij once more to throw a Singles Speakeasy at the prestigious Metlo Rooftop in Downtown Denver, CO.

Just two short years after the first commercial sale of cannabis in the Rocky  Mountain State this event was intended to bring together any singles that may be looking for someone to share a bowl with.

As guests arrived they were greeted by a variety of vendors catering to their every need. On that crisp Autumn rooftop singles were greeted with warm hemp tea and nibbles from Jordan & Jane infused catering service.

As singles perused the various cannabis vendors and mingled they had multiple choices for how they’d like to get lifted. Top Shelf Budtending had a full event set up featuring tons of strains for those that prefer flower. The talented budtender waiting for any question that a guest may have was just icing on the cake.

For those that prefer dabs and concentrates the Healthy Headie was present alongside Top Shelf Budtending to provide dabs and volcanos fit for wax, shatter, butter, and all of the above. Between the two any types of inhalation was handled and singles were at ease as they began to embrace the loving ideology that goes along with marijuana use.

Dixie Brands were representing with tincture samples along with some bath soaks and lotions. Featured on their table was Aceso, the new CBD only line recently released by the edible & topical company. Other vendors included the stylish compartmentalized carry cases from Stash Logix.

For the more intimate couples and even just to feel sexy when we’re alone Evo labs brought samples of their award winning odorless cannabis infused personal lubricant to hand out to Singles Speakeasy guests throughout the night. The product is meant to heighten stimulation for all genders and in turn heighten the levels of physical intimacy that we can achieve with a partner.

After just a few short words in the first hour of the event from Molly Peckler guests were ready to mingle and explore how cannabis can open us up to love. The next Singles Speakeasy is taking place at a secret location in Orange County, California. Who is ready to hit the OC and meet their bowl-mate?

Photo Credit goes to: Jacob Blaskis, Marie Graham, and Maggie Murphy

Netflix + Burn One: Top 5 Best Date Night Movies

So long Netflix and Chill, four more states have welcomed recreational cannabis and we think the world should take a load off and burn one, Netflix and burn one to be exact. Getting close, or closer, with a special someone is a lot easier in the comfortable and intimate setting of our own living room which is why a movie night is one of the best date nights to add to our repertoire. These movies will enhance a movie night spent with a lover, just don’t forget the herbal refreshments.

5. Leap Year (2010)

Falling into the classic rom-com genre this is a great go-to for a newer couple that can’t decide on a movie because they’re cute and too nervous around each other. The film stars Amy Adams and Matthew Goode as he escorts her across the gorgeous Irish countryside to take part in an obscure Irish tradition. Her plan is to propose to her boyfriend that just happens to be in Ireland on the day of the Leap Year. As her and her escort (Goode) travel she may change how she understands love and partnership, or she may not. The cliff hanger, the sweet anger flirting, and the intertwined love stories all make this a fabulous option for a couple’s night in.

4. Zootopia (2016)

This is one of the new released on Netflix at the moment and it truly is a must watch for anyone who loves family comedy or animation. Zootopia follows along as a little bunny as she defies all odds and becomes a cop. This light, fun movie is such a great choice for a date because we won’t run the risk of crying or getting political. And seriously, what’s better than smoking a blunt and watching a cartoon film!

3. Dope (2015)

Crime and comedy merge in this whirlwind story of three “geek” best friends who get swept up in the Los Angeles drug trade after going to a party that got busted by the police. The three well meaning kids go on an epic adventure through Los Angeles scraping past police and gangsters alike. The film was produced by Forest Whitaker and Pharrell Williams and debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a perfect exciting pick for anyone who loves to stay on their toes.

2. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

As far as dates go, it’s hard to go wrong with a silly and hilarious movie choice and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is just that. The mock horror film combines slapstick and witty hilarity to knit quite the plot amidst all of the laughs and nonsense. See what happens when everything is taken the wrong way and we guarantee that there will be some laughs shared while any pair takes some time to Netflix and chill.

1. Dough

Ever wondered what happens when an elderly Jewish man and a young Muslim boy work together at a bakery? What if the young boy starts baking all of the goods with cannabis? This movie explores just that and serves and a poignant, witty take on modern society. We laughed, we cried, we couldn’t get enough of this heartfelt dramedy. It is possible that it could give us a good cry so be sure that isn’t a deal breaker on the date before clicking on Dough.

Of course we also love so many other films but these are the hottest on our list for date nights right now. What is your favorite movie to watch with your boo? Do you love to roll a fat one and snuggle up on the couch in the late Fall and Winter? We do!!

"Night Before" Fiance Gift Ideas for the Canna-Couple

The most memorable part of any wedding is the love that’s shared between the celebrated couple. One of our favorite ways that couples shower each other for their special day is with their Night Before fiance gifts. These gifts don’t have to be anything big, just little trinkets and treasures that remind a special someone just how special they are.

While cannabis is a very casual, mellow herb that entices the makeup free hippy in all of us at one time or another; a wedding is a classy affair. That is why there are companies emerging all over the nation that cater to the more elegant cannabis consumer, whether they are medical or recreational smokers. These in vogue gifts combine wedded bliss with canna-bliss flawlessly making them perfect for any fiance the night before the big weed wedding.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Started in Prague, Shine is a company that aims to take over the world and with their luxurious product we won’t be surprised if they succeed. Each 24K gold rolling paper is crafted with the finest edible gold. Shine combines this edible gold with a hemp blend base so it still burns extra smoothly, make sure to buy the 12-pack so our honey’s can share. This is the perfect gift for both sides of any canna-couple so that they can roll one up with their bridesmaids and groomsmen while they prepare for the big reveal.

AnnaBis Melissa Clutch

As the best selling bag from the first ever cannabis fashion brand AnnaBis, the Melissa clutch and wristlet are a must have for every lady stoner. Any cannabis bride would be absolutely tickled to open up their brand new Melissa wristlet. Not only is it super cute it is the perfect accessory to help a bride carry her cannabis, tools, and phone from her bridal suite to photos and onto the reception. The smell proof bag can also carry two medicine containers, eye drops, mints, a pipe, a vape, a lighter, and our phone; handy and adorable. Keep an eye out for new styles from AnnaBis for the 2016 Holiday season.

KushCards Interactive Stationary

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a heartfelt, hand written message from a lover. KushCards has taken the time honored tradition of greeting cards and taken it one step higher. Each of their customizable cards contains a little space to put a pre-roll; the perfect thing to lull a nervous bride or groom to sleep the night before the wedding. These cards are perfect for a Night Before gift for any fiance but that’s not all the NYC based company can do. KushCards can also create menus, invitations, and any event stationery that a cannabis wedding might need.

MaryJane Wedding Gift Box

The MaryJane gift box is an all inclusive gift option for either the bride or groom the night before. This cannabis themed wedding gift box includes two beautifully etched wine glasses, romantic hemp oil massage candles, etched glass bowls and paperweights, a clear heart nug jug, and an opal celebration pipe all packaged in a white satin lined box. Build the anticipation for the wedding night with this myriad of romantic gifts with a marijuana spin.

These are just a few weed wedding gifts suitable for a cannabis couple the night before their big day. We are specifically in love with the AnnaBis bags and Shine 24 Karat rolling papers, what is your favorite? Do you have any canna-brands that you just love to gift? Let us know in the comments.

Top 7 Ways to Be Creative While Stoned

There are so many reasons to take part in cannabis use, one of the easiest spaces to access using the plant is a creative one. Everyone is different and thus, everyone expresses themselves in unique ways. These are the best tools to help us access this right brained side of ourselves.

Though some people consider themselves ‘not the creative type’ or maybe that person that simply ‘can’t hold a tune’ there’s still a way to harbor their creative energy. Perhaps a left brain inclined individual prefers to think objectively about philosophical issues or maybe they just really love doing puzzles, everyone could use a creative outlet now and again. These are good ways for anyone to use cannabis to help them express their creative energy without strain or anxiety.

Listen to Music

Cannabis and music are age old friends with popular culture constantly relating young kids in the ‘70s and ‘80s listening to records, tapes and eventually CDs together after getting stoned. As video games, streaming Netflix and ‘must watch’ sports games have become more important to youth culture the art of listening to music is slowly dying. Instead of getting together with friends to share our new favorite song we’re secluding ourselves into the world of headphones where we listen to our favorite jams privately in a public world. Cannabis can not only enhance our ability to hear and understand the music with the deeply psychoactive effects it can also help us feel more comfortable sharing with others at is relieves anxiety; making cannabis+music the perfect way to yet again make the art of listening a thing shared between friends.

Favorite Stoned Spotify Playlists: Wild + Free, Underground Hits & Feel Good Indie Rock


We’ve all seen those pottery places like Color Me Mine where we can paint already formed bowls, figurines and mugs for ourselves or a loved one and have it glazed right then and there. One of our favorite canna-businesses Puff, Pass and Paint has recently expanded to include Puff, Pass, and Pottery has taken it one step farther and lets stoners form their own clay into whatever their heart desires.  Denver potter Jessa Decker-Smith has signed on to teach the 2-hour class that lets us have the experience of learning the basics, getting lifted and making something new and exciting. This is such a fantastic opportunity that can be easily booked through Colorado Cannabis Tours.

Cooking a New Recipe

Almost every night while I’m planning dinner I’ll take a bong rip and then type the protein I’m planning to use into Pinterest search. Trying new recipes is definitely fun while medicated but we must be sure to pay attention to measurements and not get over medicated if we’re new to cooking. While cooking while baked can be a fun experiment getting creative in the kitchen, baking while baked isn’t the best idea. Baking is more of a science and can tend to be a bit more dangerous.

Dance, Do Yoga & Just Move Your Body

Dee Dussault from Ganja Yoga will agree that getting creative with our bodies while medicating can open our hearts and minds up to all new levels of thought. Expanding our minds and then moving our bodies can help to unite these two spaces of self that modern society often rips apart from one another. If yoga makes us nervous then put on the most groove-worthy song and just bounce around the house for 5 minutes. Perhaps even just a quick dance is considered out there, then just stretch out those muscles with a couple of simple warm up stretches to experience the difference cannabis can make in our bodies.

Practice Journaling or Writing Poetry

Though words are often a delivery system for mundane knowledge and phone message they can also be ignited with creative energy through prose, short stories and even just some light personal journaling. While some people are more drawn to painting or playing music, others can have an inclination to express themselves through the written word. Even those not inclined to this type of creative practice will enjoy journaling because everyone has thoughts they need to get out but that they probably shouldn’t tell anyone. winky face.

Adult Coloring Books

The fabulously creative outlet of adult coloring books have been all the rage on social media as of late and they are definitely a fabulous way to unwind after work with a glass of wine. Any person in the world can find some solace in the creative expression of adult coloring books, so go to the nearest craft store, grocery store and even dollar store to find your favorite coloring book.

I’m obviously one of the word inclined people but I’m also an avid yogi and home cook that loves nothing more than success with a new recipe. What is your favorite way to express yourself? Have you smoked or eaten cannabis before doing that stuff?

DIY Date Night: Fall Cannabis Cocktails

Tis the season to hang up our wide brimmed, sun shielding hats and start cozying up in our chunky knits. The leaves are changing and the overnight frost is real so why not adjust our date nights accordingly and start snuggling up together at home? When I first started dating my partner we absolutely loved staying in, cooking new recipes, and sharing our favorite albums or movies with one another. At the time that we first met, the boyf was a craft cocktail bartender so he had an absolute ball making new inventive libations on these cherished intimate date nights. It’s with this beloved memory that I share with you some professional tips on how to craft cannabis cocktails for a Fall date night that could just be the best night in that you plan all year.

Colorado based Top Shelf Budtending provide classy, well educated budtending services for upscale events like weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, and more. The owner, Andrew Mieure, also specializes in thinking up genius cannabis infused mocktails that are delicious and pretty enough to be at the top of the menu at any craft cocktail bar. Not only did Mieure let us in on some trade secrets in making fabulous, mouth watering cannabis cocktails he also shared a recipe that puts an Autumn twist on a classic cocktail. Explore how to set up a speakeasy for two right in the comfort of our home in this DIY date night for Fall.

Apple Grilled Thyme Smash from Craft + Cocktails

Infusing Beverages with Cannabis

There are some important aspects of preparing cannabis cocktails for a social occasion. First, it’s imperative to infuse a component of the drink recipe with a manageable dose of cannabis. Mieure has been loving cannabis infused sugars lately because they are “quick, unbelievably easy and readily available at many dispensaries”. The mocktail expert makes flavored and regular simple syrups using medicated sugars like Ruby Sweets adding carefully measured doses to various cocktail recipes, but he let us know that there are tons of ways to add cannabis to a drink. Most simply we can just add a few drops of tincture or some cannabis sugar to a drink before shaking it, or even soak fruit & veg in a tincture to infuse them with marijuana. Mieure also suggests using the sugar to rim the glass or garnishing the drink with a cannabis edibles like rock candy sticks or even gummies.

Dosing is equally if not more important than infusion method, especially on an intimate night shared between romantic partners. Andrew Mieure recommends starting with 3mg-8mg of cannabis in the first cocktail shared on the date. This isn’t just because of the marijuana, drinkable infusions tend to be more effective. Mieure voiced, “I always err on the side of caution when using cannabis drinkables, as they can be 4-7 times stronger and the euphoric effects can last 2-4 times longer than smoking cannabis.” With this in mind, it’s smart to start slow. If after the first cannabis mocktail we feel our tolerance can withstand more, then we will make the next delicious treat more medicated. Mieure reminds us that it is always a great rule of thumb to remember, “No one person processes cannabis the same and it is always a great idea to start low and go slow to ensure to great experience.”

There are tons of ways to play with ingestible cannabis at the bar and in the kitchen so Mieure suggests “If you are serious about making cannabis cocktails I would highly suggest the book ‘Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics’ by author Warren Bobrow.” adding that, “The attention to detail in the book is incredible. Many of the infusion techniques I learned and use came from that very book.” As legalization continues to sweep the nation products that can be manipulated for infused beverages have become more readily available. Learning from this book can help us stay ahead of the curve and have readily useable knowledge about ingredients and their abilities while at the dispensary.

Libations Fit For Fall

Just like any industry that feeds off of fresh ingredients, the craft cocktail world tends to make seasonal flavor shifts. When we asked former craft cocktail bartender and whiskey enthusiast Josh Lannan about what to expect on a cocktail menu this Fall he told us “The ingredient set is visually darker, using a liquor base of rum or whiskey, and includes flavors like apples and pumpkin” and implores that “cinnamon is definitely prominent in Fall cocktails”. In alignment with this expert advice Mieure let us in on some of the creations that he’s cooked up in the Top Shelf Budtending kitchens this Autumn.

“Lately I have been experimenting with a few different recipes that have really stuck with me.  Some examples include ‘Caramel Apple Martini,’ ‘Caramel Apple Mimosa,’  ‘Spiced Apple Cider,’  ‘Cranberry Martini,’ and the ‘Pumpkin Pie Martini.’” Since Mieure specializes in mocktails he has had a lot of experience in the change that occurs in the texture and taste when alcohol is removed from a classic recipe. Since he loves to expand on age old drinks making them his own he makes sure to let us know, “it is important to try and replicate the original ingredients using similar taste profiles and textures.”

Andrew Mieure cites a flavor set of vanilla, cloves, apples & apple cider, cinnamon, clove, pumpkin and fig as useful Fall flavors. The owner of Top Shelf Budtending adds “Depending on what you mix these with, you can get some really great results. Many of these mix well with other fruit juices, allowing you to create new single cocktails or large batch punches that still taste amazing.” to which he jovially elaborated, “For your cannabis themed holiday party of course!” Following this post check out Andrew Mieure’s very own recipe for a delicious Autumnal play on the class Moscow Mule that is perfectly fit for a cozy night in with our honeys. Mieure cooked this one up just this season in the Top Shelf kitchens and we’re so excited that he’s shared it here on Love and Marij. Make sure to try this one out and tag us in your photos!

Apple Pie Moscow Mule (Mocktail)  

Infused Apple Cinnamon Simple Syrup

100MG THC infused sugar (Ruby Sweets, or similar product)

2 Cups water

2 Cups apple peels

1 1/2 Cups non-infused sugar

4 cinnamon stick

1 pinch of ground ginger

1 pinch of ground nutmeg


In a small saucepan add the water and cinnamon sticks.

Bring the water and cinnamon sticks to a boil.  Let simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the cinnamon sticks and apple peels out. Bring the water back to a boil and add the infused and non-infused sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Allow to cool and place the syrup in an airtight container, where it can be stored in the refrigerator for 20-30 days.

The Mocktail

4 oz apple cider

2 oz cannabis infused apple cinnamon simple syrup

1 bottle ginger beer

cinnamon sticks / apple slices for garnish


  1. Fill copper moscow mule mugs with ice.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, combine the apple cider and simple syrup and give it a good shake.
  3. Pour half of the mixture into each mug.
  4. Use the bottle of ginger beer to top the mug until full.
  5. Garnish using fresh apple slices and cinnamon sticks.
  6. Yum!

Things We Need for A Cocktail Night In

Enjoy an intimate night in with your loved one complemented by these amazing cannabis swag.

Pass this along to your bff or secret crush to give them a little hint today!

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Inspirations from Rebecca Campbell with a Guided Meditation

This month Rebecca Campbell released her second book entitled Rise Sister Rise which works as a manual on how to unpack the wisdom from within ourselves. With this book, Campbell hopes to awaken the power that women have stifled as they climb up higher and higher in our patriarchal society. As she says in her Rise Sister Rise Youtube video, “It’s time to awaken a new era of sisterhood on the planet. One where we draw our worth from deep within instead of looking to the outside world to decide it for us… The only way to heal the world around us is if we first heal ourselves.” One of the reasons that Campbell’s books, videos, meditations and workshops are so popular is because she can so easily take ancient concepts and make them relatable to almost anyone from any generation. This is what makes Rebecca Campbell so special, her voice resonates across society despite age, race or creed.

Above all else Campbell is a lightworker, which has inspired the content of her first book Light is the New Black. This book is a “down to earth relatable mix of one girl’s journey, channeled messages from the universe, really practical tools and also metaphysical marketing in this new digital age.” She takes her experience from her own awakening combined with the work experience she accrued at a top digital marketing firm. The motivational author reached her 30th birthday and her entire life began crashing down. Her long term relationship ended, her best friend died very suddenly and her job ceased being fulfilling seemingly overnight. In this time of turmoil she became awake to the light that existed within her; this light gave her the power to overcome this trauma and her goal is to help other women awaken to this same fabulous concept. If we can all become our true selves in light then, as Campbell believes, we can also create more valuable and positive relationships with those around us.

Releasing Inner Light

This concept of light work takes a deep understanding both of the facets of what we consider self and a deconstruction of the ego that often disguises itself as such. It is much easier to do the work that Campbell is talking about after regularly practicing meditation. If we’re brand new to meditation then a guided meditation is definitely the way to go. Guided meditations can come in many forms and they are generally audio files or directions given by an elder. I decided to share a meditation today that was shared with me by a powerful elder Randy David Jeffers who has since passed on.
Randy and his partner Patrick F. Ferry owned and operated a shop called The Sword & The Rose right in the nestled away Cole Valley district of San Francisco city. It was in this little shop nestled in the back of the garden that Jeffers shared with me a meditation that helped me understand how to begin opening myself to reveal my inner light. This goddess meditation utilizes the chakra system which advances in rainbow order so the Root Chakra is red, Sacral Chakra is yellow, following rainbow colors all the way up to the Crown Chakra which is purple. Chakras are meant to be circular (wheel) gateways for Kundalini energy which is essentially the light energy of the Earth. I’m including this meditation because it is a fabulous way to first begin opening ourselves up to the subtle feminine energies of the Earth that fuel a lightworker. Read more about meditations and light work at Rebecca Campbell’s website if this post speaks to you or if you’ve felt these energies 

Guided Goddess Meditation

Find a quiet space outside where the wind blowing through the trees is the most prominent sound there is to hear, if inside is the only option it’s fine but try to find a place outdoors as it’s a more effective way to stimulate the energies of the Earth. Sit down in the grass and get into a comfortable cross-legged position, it’s important that the Root Chakra (located right at the perineum) is touching the ground. Place the hands gently on the legs and let them guide themselves into a mudra of their choosing, if this is all new to us then just place the thumb and forefinger together ever so gently.

Without too much force let the top and bottom eyelids meet in the middle and start to become aware of any warm or tingly sensations in the hands or arms. Try to harness that warmth in the Root Chakra and feel it spinning (Chakra means wheel) clockwise, feel more energy moving up from the Earth and spinning the Root Chakra even more strongly and with more ‘light’. Once this rotation feels solid, continue with each chakra and white light (I like to use a sparkly white light but to each their own). Once we reach the Crown Chakra and feel that energy moving we launch all of that beautiful Chakra charged light up to the goddess. She rains that back down upon the Earth, charging the world with it. This is a clearing and inspirational meditation and I’d love if you tried it. It has helped me find my voice, visualize my life path and just clear out any bad energy I’ve soaked up on my life journey.

Practicing meditations like this paired with cannabis can be powerful if we are knowledgeable about our dose and the clarity of our minds. For some people cannabis can make our thoughts wander but for others it can be a powerful tool in quieting the mind. Meditation will help us open up more deeply to Rebecca Campbell’s invitation to take hold of our light magic. The inspirational speaker and author offers guidance and life coaching for those that feel they need more help than articles and videos. Her new book should help more women than ever believe in themselves enough to bring even more light to our constantly dimming society.
Do you use cannabis in a meditation practice? I like to smoke a really heavy Indica while sitting in my meditation space, it helps me to quiet my mind. What is your favorite way to meditate? We can’t wait to hear about it in the comments.

Stoner Single's Guide to Cannabis Dating

Just like every other part of life, being single has it’s ups and downs. On one hand, you get to starfish in bed every night and partake in every weird semi-disgusting habit that your heart desires. On the other hand, you cook dinner for one and sometimes think about waking up with someone snuggly on the other side of the bed. For those of us that love to partake in cannabis, whether it is recreationally or medically, tend to enjoy having a buddy that gives us reason to pack that bowl for two.

We asked one of our most eligible cannabis bachelor friends Willie Williams, Assistant Dispensary Manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, what he thinks about the dating scene as a card-carrying medical cannabis user. When asked whether or not cannabis came into play when looking for a potential partner in crime he stated, “I am absolutely looking for a partner that partakes in cannabis, it is always nice to share a nice smoke with a significant other and have high talks.” Now that individuals can openly seek a partner who enjoys cannabis and weed-friendly activities there is a revolution of cannabis date night activities hitting the scene.

What is Cannabis Dating?

The owners and operators of these ventures have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with new and veteran couples exploring their relationships with cannabis at the helm. Heidi Keyes is the CEO of Puff Pass & Paint now operating in Colorado, Oregon and Washington DC. At these all-inclusive art classes, Keyes has noticed that diversity is the only trend with cannabis friendly events, We have so many couples attending date nights at Puff, Pass & Paint, but that is really where the trends end.” Keyes elaborates that “one of the coolest things about cannabis is how it brings people together, and that is definitely the case with Puff, Pass & Paint.” 

Dee Dussault is the founder of Ganja Yoga operating out of San Francisco and she does warn us that “Of course, too much THC can cause agitation and anxiety, so dose is essential.” But with the right dose and the right environment we can find the perfect balance on a date where we can access that feeling that “it’s okay to just be where you are and as relaxed as you can be.” That is what these two entrepreneurs and many other cannabis event coordinators are doing across the country, crafting an intentional space for cannabis singles (and everyone else!) to get to know each other.

Using Marijuana With a Date

After checking in with Willie Williams over in Flagstaff it became apparent that like every other good partner out there, he was interested in someone who was just real. He tends to notice first “how genuine she is when we speak to each other” and also if she is “driven or outgoing” since he prefers to get active after he gets medicated instead of fall into the stoner stereotype. When on that first date he likes to smoke an Indica because he feels that they make him feel more in his body. Strains like Holy Grail Kush and Girl Scout Cookies are the perfect Indica blend to help him maintain a lively conversation but not feel too amped up on THC. 

Activities that are creative, inclusive and interactive like Puff Pass & Paint or Ganja Yoga serve as great first cannabis dates because they give us a safe space to explore our relationships within cannabis. Taking the confusion of not knowing someone else’s dose out of the date equation allows us to focus on getting to know each other instead of babysitting. Heidi Keyes loves Puff Pass & Paint for these occasions because “everyone has an engaging, creative, and hilarious time, painting and laughing and passing around joints, which is extremely fun to watch and be a part of”. Having an activity to focus on can take the first date jitters out of an occasion leaving us available to simply enjoy being.

Connecting Weed & Relationships

In Ganja Yoga Dee Dussault works hard to cultivate a space where every one person donates to the energy as a whole. She poignantly told us, “Zoning out at a movie when you’re experiencing all the emotions that happen when you hang out with someone you like wastes the experience.” Dussault adds that at Ganja Yoga, partners new and old can begin “Sharing in a stretch together, or assisting your partner as they stretch” which “fosters intimacy by letting you be vulnerable and really taken care of, no matter what came before.” These cannabis friendly activities are not only formulated around smoking weed, they’re an intentional experience to help us understand the connective properties of the cannabis plant.


Smoking cannabis with a friend, partner and even coworker can deepen their relationship and help two humans find a new level of connection between one another. Williams has noticed that cannabis has improved his dating life in ways that he didn’t expect. Life with cannabis has taught him the value of staying in with good conversation and buds instead of getting wasted at bars. He’s noticed that “medicating brings a different type of confidence, where I am not trapped in my thoughts and I am more open to doing things without hesitation.” These are the same qualities cultivated at places like Ganja Yoga & Puff Pass & Paint; a place where we can feel open to new people and experiences.

Puff Pass & Paint operates out of Denver, Washington and Oregon with public events and private parties. The painting & doobies oriented event is also featured on the Colorado cannabis tours and they are looking forward to the year ahead. Ganja Yoga operates in private locations with meetups and bookings, Dussault is excited to continue helping people connect with the magical combo of intentional breath, movement, and the healing herb. Does attending Puff Pass & Paint sound ideal for you and your partner? How about Ganja Yoga? Do you have something to add about dating in the cannabis world? My partner and I love to partake in cannabis together but haven’t had the opportunity to go to one of these fabulous events. Have you gotten to go to Ganja Yoga or Puff Pass & Paint? Tell us everything in the comments!

Cannabis Date Essentials

Don’t forget your stash when going out with your partner. These essentials keep you lifted on the go.

How To Use Cannabis to Open Ourselves to Self Love

With the rise of photoshopped ads in beauty advertising and filtered social media posts, checking yourself out in the mirror #nofilter can sometimes induce a negative effect on self-esteem and confidence.  In a time where many of us measure our self worth by “how many likes we get” (or don’t get) on a post, instant access to external appreciation has robbed many of us of our innate ability to find love for ourselves from within; triggering loneliness and depression.

In a recent study of 5000 people at the University of Kentucky showed that those who smoked cannabis regularly were able to separate their loneliness from both their mental health and feelings of social acceptance. Regular cannabis use can also help diminish the dooming effects of depression, anxiety and stress which are major contributors to the lack of confidence that leads to being hard on ourselves. Cannabis can be an amazing tool used to find a healthy way to cultivate self love, casting out our judgmental minds and replacing them with acceptance.

It doesn’t matter if we’re smoking, ingesting edibles or even just taking a dropper of tincture daily, cannabis can be a valuable tool in the difficult process of learning to accept ourselves for who we are and teach us to love the skin we’re in. Meghan Waltstatter, a founder of dispensary Pure Green in Portland, OR, has spoken out about her ability to use cannabis to accept her beautiful curvy body and love herself despite the very abrasive societal pressures to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. She cites that depression, anxiety and stress are leading contributors to body issues and the use of cannabis to relieve these concepts and learn to accept ourselves which will eventually lead to a regular practice of truthful self love.

Now, when we talk about using this herbal tool for healing our harsh negativities that we apply to ourselves, it isn’t as easy as just hitting a bowl and watching a movie.

In order to become an avid lover of oneself using cannabis it is imperative to send an intention before medicating.

It is most wise to take a moment of quiet thought or for those more inclined, participate in a meditation designed to focus in the mind on the task at hand. It is absolutely crucial to set an intention with the plant when using it to see the beautiful nature within ourselves and then after a deep breath or so take a rip, eat your edible or dab your wax. Have a bath prepared, or light candle around the bedroom and bring your favorite guilty pleasure book into bed for some comfortable alone time. Or perhaps turn on your most favorite song and just dance your heart out all alone in your underwear During this time of intentional elevated bliss it is crucial that we create a space for ourselves that is comfortable while also setting the stage for personal growth and then just enjoy the heck out of that space.

I use cannabis both for my anxiety and depression and I find that it comes in handy when I’m having a monumental panic attack from stress coupled with those problems. In times of serious anxiety cannabis can help me to buffer my mind from going too deep into negative, self loathing trains of thought that are so common to these ailments. Depending on the day those are totally the examples that I use (ie: dancing in my underwear or reading a book) but I think that yoga and cannabis paired together can be extremely valuable in practicing self love. What do you like to do when it’s time to appreciate yourself? Share in the comments. <3