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Best Cannabis Strains for a Great First Date

When looking for a partner, many cannabis connoisseurs prefer to find a cannabis counterpart.  Your “bowl-mate” might be someone who after work prefers a bong in place of Burbon or prefers a hike topped off with a little rollie instead of a Rolling Rock.

Once we find that special someone choosing the perfect strain for that very first date can be an art form all it’s own. Already established couples have learned about each other’s strain preferences and sensitivities. It is really important to take it slow when smoking, vaping or ingesting cannabis with someone new. Start small and get to know each other through understanding the other’s tolerance and preferences with cannabis.

First dates make everyone feel differently, some are anxious while other get excited, it all depends on the person. We reached out to some of our favorite cannabis experts and got their advice on which strains will work best for a first date.

Todd Westphal Photography - Los Angeles Cannabis Singles Speakeasy


Everyone gets nervous, but some are extra prone to anxieties and that is only enhanced by something as stressful as a first date. I am personally this type of first date companion unless I medicate with a heavy Indica strain that I know won’t make me too lethargic or cut off the process from my brain to my tongue. Ritesh, a product specialist at beloved dispensary MedMen in West Hollywood, suggests Granddaddy Purple for those that get more nervous on first dates. He also thinks the best idea for the occasion would be a relaxing shared spicy (spliff) while walking down the beach. The Indica will calm us down and the quiet space of the ocean will be perfect for getting to know each other.
CNoTe, owner of Royal Trees Collective operating out of Orange County, says that “sometimes, especially when I’m first meeting someone. I’ll get a little nervous. I’ll want to get stoney to calm my nerves but I also don’t want to be too dazed to where the other person is turned away by it.” This is when he turns to Sativa Alaskan Thunderf*ck (also called Matanuska) because “It instantly relieves my nerves and allows me to get to know that person without feeling like a nervous wreck.” Before taking any of these strains on a date with us we should always try them out in a safe space at home first.

Granddaddy Purple Image Source: The Cannabist


Another really fun side effect of smoking cannabis with a lover is the hilarious giggle sessions that can ensue. One time after trying out some Moby Dick my partner and I play wrestled and laughed like weirdos for about an hour; sometimes a strain can work strange magic like this. We asked our most favorite giggle bot Dan, social media manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona, what strain was perfect for a first date and he chose three uplifting Sativas. Those that enjoy exceedingly silly times and aren’t susceptible to anxiety will love Sour Cream, Skunk Candy Haze and Cinderella 99 because “they all encourage sociability, the giggles and make you feel nice physically when you get close with your date.” He also suggests a nice hike that ends in a romantic picnic for a cannabis date idea, but he didn’t forget to add the importance of “Netflix & Chill, duh!”.

Skunk Candy Haze from High Mountain Health

On the first date with my love we met for an Arizona craft beer and ended up going on a miniature bar crawl of our small town because we simply wanted more time to talk to each other. We met each other when a friend brought me to his house for an after work smoke sesh. Despite being a nervous nelly, he kept me at ease and we’ve spent pretty much every day together since that fated January evening.

What type of first dater are you? Are there any first date strains that you find more preferable than the ones we listed?  Tell us in the comments below!

If are single and looking to find your bowlmate, check out our Cannabis Singles Speakeasy!

DENVER Cannabis Singles Speakeasy | Oct 19th

Best Cannabis Strains for a Great First Date

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Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on an LA Rooftop

California made history back in 1996 by recognizing the medicinal value of cannabis.

Twenty years later, Love and Marij partnered up with Highly Devoted Coaching to recognize cannabis as a healthy part of your love life with the world’s first Cannabis Friendly Single’s Speakeasy.

The mission of the inaugural Singles Speakeasy, hosted by Highly Devoted’s Molly Peckler, was to bring like minded singles together over the common bond of cannabis.

When looking for a partner, we tend to look for someone who has similar values and perspectives. Cannabis consumers are no different. Even though you may know you’re more than your cannabis use, it can be hard to bring up smoking on the first date, no matter your age.

Joints, a romantic rooftop setting and decadent bites, by The Herbal Chef, fostered an atmosphere that allowed new relationships to form.

Terpene bowls were placed on every table to accent the cannabis and food flavors. Presto Doctor checked registered California medicinal patients looking for love into the event and stayed on hand to answer questions about safe cannabis consumption.

Not only were some sparks kindled, the Speakeasy provided a space for singles to truly relax and foster new friendships with likeminded single socialites. The curated event brought together not only folks from the cannabis industry but also models, writers, and educators. The Green St. Agency’s outdoor art installation ignited conversations that lasted long after the night was over.

Molly briefly spoke about cultivating confidence with cannabis and how to find a partner whose values align with your own. Soon after, joints were shared to elevate conversations to a new height.

The evening culminated with extraordinary gift bags and multiple groups of couples leaving together to continue partying together on a Wednesday evening.

With the help of our like-minded sponsors, the Speakeasy brought together a high class cannabis consumption and re-defined the image of what a “stoner single” looks like in the 21st century.

Interested in bringing cannabis into your love life?

Get ready for romance cannabis by trying one of these California products on your next date.


To Whom It May : These individual chocolates aim to be as unique as their consumer. Minimalistic packaging accentuates crisp flavors of the chocolate while leaving out any hash flavor. The beautiful box would be a great first date gift along with your choice of flowers.



Sacred Epsom Salt and Cannabis Massage Oil: Combine Sacred into a luxurious couples bath lit with candles, add in your favorite strain and you have a cozy at home spa date. Spice things up after with Sacred‘s massage oil!

I had my first full night’s sleep after relaxing into a bath of this. My skin came out feeling so soft and subtle afterwards, perfect for pairing with a massage oil.




Deviant Dabs : Compact dabs? Dabs in a compact?! Man, while California may be behind on the legalization front (for now) they are really slaying it in the design game. If your looking for a gift for your makeup & dab loving girlfriend, look no further. We know a few beauty gurus who would agree that dabs and makeup are the perfect combo! Just watch how thick you lay on the winged tip cat eye.



Foria : Oh, I love Foria. Never have I found a lubricant that is so relaxing and stimulating. Helps ease any tension or pain during sex or to just enhance pleasure for both parties. Be prepared to want to keep going longer than expected.

We have not met a single soul who can not help but sing high praises for Foria! The opaque bottle is discreet enough to leave out on your bedside without anyone knowing how much fun you’ve been having. It is the perfect addition to your single life as well as a staple in love life.




Moonmans Mistress : I never thought I’d be so excited for a healthy edible! The best part about them is that they taste so delicious you wouldn’t expect them to be good for you. When you open the box up, it’s full of information and fun.

If you’re looking for that nostalgia factor, here you go. Not only is their name and packaging so catchy, they carry some of the cleanest edibles you can find. Reminding you of those fresh baked cookies with a little extra magic.




Swerve Confections: Get these bad boys delivered right to your doorstep from the talented people at Swerve. These bars are packed with Cacao, a known aphrodisiac promoting feelings of bliss. Alongside it is Cacao’s noted love child, Maca, which is known as “nature’s viagra.” Best for a day time romp followed by coffee on the veranda.

I ate one or two of these a day while in California. I wish I could eat one every day! The high is constant and invigoratingly focused without causing too much anxiety or paranoia. Perfect for anyone looking to walk for miles along the beach or explore treasures that California has to offer.





Kurvana: The classic flavor of the hybrid Girl Scout Cookies can be used all day. A stimulating cerebral strain with a relaxing body high for a flawless transition from daytime to dusk and beyond. You’ll feel as hazy as the sorbet sunset over the ocean.

Disposable and portable, vaporizers are perfect for beginners who are interested in dabbing or for anyone looking for a mellow alternative to any flame. Sativa strains can sometimes be too jittery while a heavy Indica can put you in the couch. Hybrids are ideal for dates as it gives both parties a comfortable middle ground.




Warm & Crispy: If you have been wanting to try out one of our chefs at home cannabis recipes for your date night in, try this medicated coconut oil which has a slow and gradual digestion that makes for an uplifted experience with less anxiety.




Sailene: One of Molly Peckler’s favorite pre-rolls!

Joints are a cornerstone social and communal activity for smokers. The circle created by passing a joint is inclusive and brings together people. Have a joint rolling night where you and your partner can compete in who can make the best looking jay. Winner gets greens for a designated amount of time. And the loser? We’ll leave that up to you.



Pura Vida Granola: With 100 retailers in 8 cities over California, it is not hard to find this superfood packed essential. Wake your bae up with some pancakes sprinkled with this granola after a night filled with Foria fun! Throw it in some yogurt after a partnered workout and see gains in more than just your relationship.




Mind Tricks: These edibles are widely raved about and for great reasons. Every bite is excellent. Cleverly named Mind Tricks these infused toffee bites can trick you into wanting to eat the whole bag. Just share them with date, take a walk and see what unfolds.



Kush Queen: You really can never have to many atomizers. The Crystal Cult has some sleek and sexy pieces that scream Queen! Grab these in different colors for your girl tribe to let everyone know who’s squad is on fleek.




Bhang Chocolates: Surprise your honey with some after dinner dark chocolate. With professional chocolatiers making non medicated goodies for retailers like Whole Foods, you can bet these chocolates are a perfect gift for any Cacao & Cannabis lover.

Bhang offers a variety of flavors, from milk chocolate with pretzel to dark chocolate and an equally varying dosage choices. I found happily helping myself to seconds of the pretzel chocolate bar; even though I’m not typically a fan of milk chocolate!  From high CBD to 200mg THC, you can find a Bhang perfect for any occasion.





’96 Extracts: If your belle of the ball would rather have dabs than diamonds, treat her to ’96 Extracts.  My initial thought when I saw the package was, ‘This looks like Chanel’ or something that diamonds would arrive in.



Highland Pantry: These low dose CBD and THC edibles are truly out of this world! Spread it on gluten free toast and add bananas for a sandwich fit for The King. If you’re really looking to build a great canna-sandwitch gift basket, we recommend their entire highly elevated Vegan line to surprise your royal other.


ClubM : If you’re a medical card patient in California, you should subscribe to this elegantly curated monthly subscription box. Browse through their previous boxes to purchase or sign up to be surprised with delightful cannabis goodies delivered to your door.

If you’re thinking about incorporating Cannabis into your love life – schedule a free consultation with Molly or request a speakeasy in your city!


The next Singles Speakeasy event is coming up October. 19 at the Metlo Rooftop Denver! Order your tickets now for an unforgettable night!

Photography by: Todd Westphal Photography

Fall Date Ideas for the Cannabis Couple

As a former Californian there was a time when the concept of a Fall date was lost on me. But for the last 2 years I have experienced seasons for the first time and the prospect of participating in these once foreign Fall activities with loved ones is simply invigorating. Not to mention that before now I’ve only seen things like changing leaves and hay rides in television & film.
Nature gives us small reminders each season to go bask in her splendor and there is something so special about sharing those moments with a lover. These Fall date ideas will help remind us to appreciate the world around us and that special someone, not to mention provide the perfect activities for the couple that prefers to stay lifted.

Hike Through the Changing Leaves

There is a place right outside of Flagstaff, Arizona called Lockett Meadow where there is a mountain adorned with so many Aspen trees. I say “so many” because when they turn yellow in the Fall the leaves are so bountiful that when the sun shines through the entire forest floor shines yellow right along with them. Hiking through the changing leaves on a mind rich with a high THC strain can have create a wonderful afternoon. The ability to stop frequently along the way for quick tokes or even just stolen moments with our partner make this an ideal location for a Fall date.
Pair this date with strains like: Blue Dream, Skunk Candy Haze & Durban Poison

Corn Mazes & Warm Cider

One of the most wonderful things about Fall is the cool bite that it brings to the air, a bite that is so wonderfully complimented by a warm spiced cider in our chunky wool mittened hands. Near our home is Willis Farm which opens up a corn maze in a new design each year, this year is a pumpkin fighting a horse. They are offering a lazer tag corn maze section along with the usual prizes and special haunted nights. There are tons of corn mazes across the country that have different fun attractions just perfect for a veteran couple or two brand new love birds. One of my favorite side effects of combining cannabis and dates is the silly giggly quality that it adds, an activity like a corn maze brings out that childish giggle side that all cannabis couples know and love.
Pair this date with strains like: Girl Scout Cookies, Tangie & Grand Daddy Purple

Pumpkin Patch Hayrides

Surely these two things exist all on their own but we all know that the best pumpkin patches are like miniature theme parks complete with hayride, pony rides and delicious snacks. A pumpkin patch can be such a fabulous date idea with the romance of that cuddling up from that Fall chill we spoke about to the strung lights among vast rows of pumpkins to choose from. Hayrides can seem hokey but they’re actually a great opportunity to get close to our honey and snuggle up into the effects of the chosen date night strain. Find a pumpkin patch nearby or plan a little vacation to enjoy the Fall colors and a rustic small town hay ride.


Pair this date with strains like: Blueberry, SFV OG & Picasso OG

Personally I can’t wait to partake in all of these fantastic activities this Fall, but is there anything in your town that isn’t mentioned in this article? Last year boyfriend and I visited Lockett Meadow to see the colors and this year we live in an even smaller town so I’m excited to experience corn mazes, hayrides and pumpkin patches galore! Let us know in the comments what your favorite Fall date is.

Cannabis Consumers Have Better Sex

This article originally appeared on

Cannabis Consumers Have Better Sex

By The LA Lady – Jun 2, 2016

Cannabis users are almost guaranteed multiple orgasms, according to a new survey.

An annual study conducted by surveyed over 5000 singles, regardless of whether or not they’re members of the site. The 2016 data looked at people’s attitudes towards cannabis and how it affects their personal relationships and dating life.

“Match is exploring at a new type of relationship – the one between singles and weed,” the company says. “For the first time, a dating company is looking at marijuana and the role it plays with singles and dating.”

Insights from the study include:

Cannabis users have more orgasms: Singles who have smoked marijuana were 109 percent more likely to have experienced multiple orgasms. Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for millennia, so it’s not surprising that couples who use cannabis are having better sex.

Cannabis users have an active single life: They were 58 percent more likely to have gone on a date in the past year, 44 percent more likely to be looking for a committed relationship, and 15 percent more likely to already have a partner.

Cannabis users are more likely to hook up: A cannabis enthusiast is 30 percent more likely to make out at the end of the night. There are cannabis products that can enhance arousal, not to mention strains of cannabis that enhance physical sensations. And since cannabis users are having multiple orgasms, they’re actively seeking out sexual activities.

Other insights from the study focus on cannabis as a factor in choosing a partner:

Cannabis users are picky: Cannabis users “are pickier about the type of person they date. They’re less likely to date someone who is unemployed, lives at home with their parents, is a virgin, and is messier than they are,” according to the survey.

Cannabis users are educated: Singles in support of ending cannabis prohibition are 65 percent more likely to have graduate degrees, employment and a healthy lifestyle.

Cannabis use is generational: Generation X was a product of the “Just Say No” campaign and it apparently worked. Both Baby Boomers and Millenials are more comfortable with marijuana, which indicates age is less of a factor.

Cannabis users are more likely to vote for Bernie Sanders: 76 percent more likely, in fact.

Alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs are more of a turn off than cannabis: When looking at habits, singles indicated that illegal drug use was the number one turn-off (90 percent) along with alcohol (78 percent) and tobacco (75 percent). Regular cannabis use came in at 70 percent, with gun ownership following at 34 percent.

the LA lady (1)

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

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Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

By The LA Lady – Jun 21, 2016

A substance that can relax muscles, ease anxiety and enhance your mood seems like the perfect aperitif for some fun time in the bedroom. Cannabis can increase your sensitivity to touch, get your nerves under control and create a feeling of euphoria that adds to the already-heightened experience of sex. And with the diversity of strains, you can customize your intimacy, depending on what you’re trying to achieve (besides the obvious).

It’s important to note that your favorite edible or a heavy concentrate might not be the best bet for a sexual experience unless you are fully aware of how it will affect you. So instead of ill-advised experimentation, here are some basic tips before incorporating cannabis into sexy time:

  • Don’t consume too much. Unsurprisingly, the more stoned you get, the less some are able to function. A study by the American Academy of Neurology explains as much, so go easy and practice moderation when using cannabis to enhance sex.
  • Prepare (and protect) yourself. Any substance that can lower your inhibition can also lead to high-risk behavior. Protect yourself from STD’s by having protection readily available.
  • Do a trial run. At least make sure you have an idea of how you’ll react when trying a new strain or delivery method, especially if you plan on using it with a new partner. Paranoia and dizziness are not ingredients for great sex.
  • Dryness. Ladies: Marijuana can occasionally cause dryness in the mucous membranes, which includes your vagina. If you’ve tried a strain you like but have never used it during sex, you might want to have some lube close by. You, and your partner, will be thankful.

With these guidelines in mind and the knowledge that one strain of cannabis may affect every person differently, here are some of our favorite cannabis strains for sex:

For Wild Nights

Silver Haze: This fast-acting sativa will come on strong and stay that way. If you have plans to experiment in the bedroom, this might help you overcome your insecurities with its playful qualities that may give you the giggles.

best cannabis strains for sexSilver Haze

Trainwreck: As the name suggests, this is a sativa-dominant hybrid that packs a punch, and will bring with it inspiration and focus very quickly. It eventually tapers off into a soothing body high and euphoria that will keep you in the mood.

best cannabis strains for sexTrainwreck

XJ-13: If you’re looking for a sativa experience without overstimulation, XJ-13 will keep you energized and focused without the anxiousness that can sometimes accompany a strong sativa. It’s a good strain to try if you want to sample a sativa and also like a body-tingling high.

best cannabis strains for sexXJ 13

For Balanced Experiences

Chemdawg: This balanced hybrid can have strong, immediate effects, but you’ll come out of it with reduced anxiety and relaxation. If you’re nervous about your performance, this is a great strain to try.

best cannabis strains for sexChemdawg (Chemdog)

Blue Dream: While this strain can be considered sativa-dominant, users can experience both the clear-headed effects as well as a body high. If you like the cerebral effects of sativas and the body high of an indica, blue dream is a great way to experience both in one night.

best cannabis strains for sexBlue Dream

Bruce Banner: With both an uplifting mind experience and skin that is extra sensitive to touch, this hybrid comes on quickly with some serious stress relief. While it can produce a balanced experience, it’s a strong strain that may not be ideal for cannabis novices.

best cannabis strains for sexBruce Banner

For Sweet, Sweet Love Making

G13: This indica strain was allegedly created in a government research facility trying to grow powerful strains of cannabis. Indeed, it produces significant body effects that are great for getting touchy-feely, but with clear-headed effects that will keep you in the present.

cannabis strains for sexG 13

Skywalker OG: Although this strain is a considered a hybrid, it has both the strong body effects and the mind-altering qualities of a classic indica. The effects are gradual and it may take a few minutes to experience them. If you’d like to get lost in the stars with your partner, this strain is for you.

cannabis for sexSkywalker OG

Grand Daddy Purple: This potent California indica produces a psychoactive high that’s common among West Coast indicas. Users can expect feelings of happiness and euphoria with a significant body buzz that heightens sense of touch. Consider this strain if you’re looking for a shared experience of intimacy with your partner that borders on psychedelic.

cannabis strains for sexGrand Daddy Purple


the LA lady (1)

Romantic Getaways: How I Bought Cannabis in Europe

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True Story: How I Bought Cannabis in Europe

By Julene Hoff – Aug 19, 2016

I was in the ladies room when I found the cannabis vapor pen at the bottom of my bag. This was not an ideal time for such a revelation; I was in Stockholm’s international terminal, which meant I’d unwittingly snuck it through customs twice so far.

To be fair, this particular brand’s vapor pen looks more like an e-cig than a cannabis product. (The all-caps “MENTHOL” label affixed to the tube probably didn’t hurt either.) There wasn’t much to be done upon discovery except check to see how much was left. I held it up to the light: almost empty. No problem – I’d just finish it off before my next flight in a few hours. I retreated into the nearest bathroom stall and proceeded to get quite high, bundling my scarf, coat, and sweater to create a makeshift sploof to diffuse the vapor. Needless to say, this wasn’t quite how I’d envisioned my first foray into international marijuana consumption.

When I stumbled across half-price tickets to Europe on an airline that still checks the first bag free, I couldn’t supply my payment information fast enough. Having listened to a lot of people wax poetic about the benefits of international travel, I know it’s one thing to talk about and quite another to actually take the plunge. Two weeks abroad would give me plenty of time to jump between museums and enjoy the local flavor, from what I could tell.

how to buy weed in europeJulene Hoff’s view right before she found the cannabis vapor pen in her bag in Stockholm Arlanda Airport. (Photo provided by Julene Hoff.)

Before traveling, I did the requisite Googling to assure myself that I wasn’t entering any weed-free zones. The wisdom of strangers did not disappoint: my first stop, Barcelona, is fast transforming Spain into the “Holland of the South’ – and I could hardly fancy myself a 420 enthusiast without sampling the city’s cannabis club scene, right? While the city sounded marijuana-friendly in a low-key way, similar to Seattle, the finer details of procurement posed a bit of a problem – namely, my lack of Spanish identification. The clubs that would allow me to join with a foreign passport, provided I supplied a Spanish address, had a much steeper membership fee than any of the highly recommended clubs listed on the internet. Not that I had a Spanish address, but I knew it was just a wink-nudge to jot down something residential (not your hotel) that the club won’t ever send mail to. I figured I stood a good chance of figuring it out upon arrival—there had to be some app that would help me sort things out.

Once in Barça, a generic weed app confirmed my suspicions about the cost versus quality of the fare in foreigner-friendly clubs; anywhere known for the quality of their product requires Spanish identification to become a member. Finding a local sympathetic to my plight proved difficult—bro ex-pats are apparently as cool overseas as they are on their home turf. The only offers of assistance had less to do with purchasing a few grams than with me coming over to their flat; I wouldn’t trade being a conventionally attractive woman for anything in the world, but these overtures grow tiresome. Had none of these men seen Bob Saget’s cameo in Half Baked? Considering the abundance of easily acquired flower back home, I couldn’t convince myself to jump through hoops to get it while on the road. If nothing came up, I’d just hold out until getting stateside.

A week later in Prague, after my travel companion noted that I’d been “rather grumpy” in a way he could “handle exactly one more day of,” I decided to give it another go. Back to the internet, which offered up the following options: buy from the dealers in large city squares (not advised), asking your bartender (iffy, might get you kicked out or overbilled), or email one of the handful of people positing themselves as Prague pot blogs. The last option probably sounds sketchy—and it was—but that’s never kept me from following advice found online before.

how to buy weed in eruopeJulene Hoff’s view after she finished the cannabis vapor pen in the bathroom at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. (Photo provided by Julene Hoff.)

The first email I sent yielded the name of a bar I could get to via public transit and the confirmation that the barman would be “helpful,” though there was no mention of the price. A swift visit to Google revealed this to be one of two bars commonly suggested to travelers trying to pickup; it also revealed that the bathrooms were known to be gross, the bartender might be an asshole, and that there was probably a host of junkies just waiting to steal my purse.

One German visitor had this to say of The Club:

“Very bad drinks at very high prices. The only reason that they have so many recommendations is cause they sell Marihuana illegally. You always have to expect a raid (happened several times). If you don’t want to experience Czech jails, just don’t go there… AVOID.”

I admit the last line made me raise an eyebrow, but reviews of the only listed alternative suggested I would be purchasing from the same variety of sketchy characters in the bathroom – and that’s a line I’m just not willing to cross.

Email number two connected me with a service that delivered only to hotel rooms or apartments and required a good deal of information prior to scheduling a drop-off time. Three grams would run me 900CZK (or $37) surprisingly close to what I would pay in Denver, so this seemed the most logical option. Except the same friend that complained about my mood, a known excessive when it comes to alcohol and cocaine, was dismayed by the mentioned of a delivery drug deal. Considering I asked permission instead of begging forgiveness after, it was a tough point to argue. Besides, “I went to Prague and had my weed delivered” does not make for a particularly interesting anecdote.

how to buy weed in europeHer view from the St. Charles Bridge in Prague. (Photo provided by Julene Hoff.)

Left with one (possibly) viable option, I opted to head out at 10pm on a Wednesday for the bar mentioned in that first email. It took a few convenience stores before I found one selling transit tickets. The bar was in Žižkov, a neighborhood known for parties and bars filled with locals and ex-pats alike. The most difficult part of getting there was finding a corner store selling transit tickets, honestly. I took the subway several stops and found the bar without problem — this is the era of mobile GPS, after all. (Not to mention reasonably consistent and affordable service from Project Fi.)

Following the email’s instructions, I knocked at the door and waited to be buzzed in. After taking a seat at the bar and ordering a beer, I took some time to case the joint. The first thing I noticed was an abundance of people under the age of 23 at the tables surrounding me. The second was that the fog filling the room had a 3:1 ratio of cigarette smoke to weed. The scent of herb was faint by comparison. Granted, there is a lot of tobacco being smoked in Czech Republic in general; everyone smokes at the bar, in restaurants, and abundantly throughout the streets. Czech Republic is also, much like the rest of Europe, a big fan of the spliff. (I am not.)

The barmaid was indeed friendly when I asked if she happened to know where I could buy weed, encouraging me to see and smell before purchase as she handed me a nondescript dimebag. The weed was plush with good color, red hairs and a light frosting of trichomes. I’m sure that could’ve crystallized into something even more audacious, but this weed was still a week or two shy of being appropriately cured and dried. But let’s be real: it’s not like I hauled my cookies across town to say “no” upon finding the verdant grail, even if it could’ve used another week or two to cure. I paid 500 CRK (or $20) for two grams – only slightly more than if I’d gone delivery, sans delivery fee and the tip no dispatcher ever mentions. She was also quick to sell me packs of oddly sized Prague-branded papers and filters, a swank-looking set of local goods in gold foil packaging. The bartender loaned me her grinder and I set about rolling myself a proper Yank joint of the all-green variety. I’m sure you can imagine how cool I felt borrowing some guy at the bar’s lighter to light and re-light that damn damp thing.

Most conversations I overheard were in English, and I struck up several as I sat there: about drum and bass with the Eastern-block hot bartender who claimed she was 40; a Yank that took advantage of dual citizenship to move to Canada after George W. got his second term – the only one I’ve ever heard of; and two Italian guys that managed to annoy everyone by loudly asking after the weed’s quality, and the bartender when one asked “for the pot” without buying a drink first.

At this point I was pretty high on that foreign supply, hadn’t eaten in 10 hours, and was battling it out with the growing awareness of my dry eyes and smoke-hazed contacts. I became very wrapped up in dealing with this, but heard enough to know that the language barrier was not doing the Italian guys any favors. I can’t remember if they even got their weed, but I do remember being self-conscious about the awkward amount of time I spent rubbing my eyes. I wasted another hour bullshitting with the aforementioned characters before the bar closed and kicked everyone out. I made it back to the apartment by tram without incident, the micro-stash lasted the final few days, and I was pleasantly surprised by my significantly lower tolerance upon returning home. This marked a successful trip and initial foray into international pot tourism, though in the future I’ll stick to finding my hookup after landing. Store-bought pot may be more convenient, but there’s something to be said for the entertainment value of a digitally-assisted cheeba chase.

how can americans buy weed in europe

How To Plan an Outstanding Cannaversary

An anniversary is a joyous occasion, celebrating another year that a couple has enjoyed each other’s greatest and worst qualities. For the canna-couple a celebration can be extra fun to plan because there’s nothing better than inspiring the usual date ideas with traces of cannabis. Love and Marij has put together a list of vendors that can turn the usual anniversary into an unforgettable occasion. We’ve compiled a list of some of the simplest but most elegant ways to turn an anniversary into a canna-versary.

Not Your Usual Bouquet

The sweet fertile aroma fluttering from bright bursts of color that a freshly cut flower offers can draw a smile out of almost anyone. This is probably why giving our partner a bouquet of freshly cut flowers can be a wonderful way to start any anniversary date. Whether they adorn the table during a romantic dinner together or create a delightful start to the beginning of an exciting adventure date, flowers can be the icing on the cake. For cannabis couples in Colorado there are some florists incorporating the healing flower in along with the usual accoutrement that is found in their majestic bouquets.  (See Cannabis Friendly Florists Here)

Denver based Buds & Blossoms creates cannabis floral arrangements that can go “straight from your bouquet to your bowl.”  Simply visit a dispensary and pick up the cannabis flower of our choice then bring it to their store. They then craft the flowers into a gorgeous seasonal bouquet.  Plum Sage is another Colorado based florist that creates marvelous cannabis themed floral arrangements and have been honored by The Knot. For those of us who live in states that aren’t yet recreational we can still design our own bouquets. If flower arrangement isn’t a specialty, get an arranged bouquet and add in cannabis purchased from a medical dispensary. A cannabis bouquet will showcase the elegance of the plant, enhance both the aesthetic and aroma of any room and even serve to be smoked as desired; perfect for a canna-versary.

Enjoy A Cannabis Infused Dinner Together

You and your bowlmate can partake in an artisanally crafted cannabis meal that is sinfully infused with cannabis. If you enjoy cooking together or prefer to cook your own meal, check last week’s post about cannabis date nights in and hear tips from professional cannabis chefs on the most romantic cannabis meals. Those who have the privilege of living in a legal state can partake in the one of a kind event of a culinary cannabis experiences like those offered by Cultivating Spirits in Colorado. They invite us into their kitchens for a small group meal where they teach us about farm fresh ingredients and cannabis that are going into the succulent delights they put on our plates. Eating a dinner prepared by a professional cannabis chef is a superb canna-couple anniversary night idea that can really prime any couple for an affectionate evening together.  

Bring the Magic Into the Bedroom

Cannabis can heighten the feeling of the simplest touch, especially when invited into an already romantic event like an anniversary. Ingesting or inhaling cannabis, especially an Indica dominant hybrid, can also open lines of communication and bring a cerebral intimacy into a relationship. The most ideal way to utilize cannabis in the bedroom is to use a cannabis infused sensual lubricant. Coconut oil makes an amazing natural lubricant so just infusing coconut oil with cannabis or extracts can make a fantastic DIY lube. There are also fantastic lubricant companies like Bond Sensual in Washington and Foria in Colorado and California that craft THC and CBD infused oils meant to enhance touch, connection and overall experience between the sheets. Cannabis lubricant isn’t only good for partner experience, it can also be freeing when used solo. We can set the mood for a partner by surprising them with a completely lubricated encounter for what will surely be a very special canna-versary. Effects will wear off within 90 minutes.

Take a Cannabis Vacation Together

Getting out of town and taking a vacation can be like pushing the reset button on a romance, but for those looking to indulge in cannabis might have an issues finding a friendly vacation rental. That isn’t an issue anymore because now a canna couple can find cannabis friendly vacation rentals on Bud And Breakfast. Whether we’re looking to stay in Jamaica at a cannabis provided retreat or a small space in Oregon where we bring our own bud; Bud and Breakfast has us covered. Founded by travelers filled with wanderlust and a love for safe, legal cannabis; Bud And Breakfast acts as a space for cannabis friendly rentals to showcase their vacation destinations to the perfect audience. Take a look to find desirable rentals from Colorado to Uruguay and plan a canna-versary that will never be forgotten.

When planning an anniversary I always like to think of what my partner might like to do and shape the day off our mutual interests. A canna-couple that loves to be outside might prefer a hike that ends in a great view and a big vape sesh. The anniversary couple that could use to unwind or loves to lounge would really enjoy a spa date paired with micro-dosing an edible. Do you, it’s the best way to celebrate your love.
For my partner and I an ideal anniversary would be camping in the forest and rolling a great big blunt then waking up to a glorious hike or day of rock climbing. What would your ideal anniversary date be? How do you infuse cannabis into your relationship?

to get cannaversary deals and inspriation from your favorite local vendors



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Cannabis Cooking Tips for A Romantic Night In

Going out to the movies or a posh dinner on the town always makes for a phenomenal date night but sometimes we can crave more intimacy.  How do you create a relaxing and romantic night at home without falling into rut?  Try cooking with cannabis!

Crafting a romantic cannabis meal can inspire open communication, lift stress or tension that has built up from the day and even heighten sexual experience for both parties.  Picture a savory warm meal and snuggling on the couch. Cannabis is a natural pair to an intimate romantic relationship as it can heighten our ability to connect with others emotionally.

To help you impress your date with your a little bit of canna-cooking, Love and Marij partnership chair Maggie Murphy interviewed three world class cannabis chefs on for tips on making a magical romantic meal.

Pro Cooking Tips



When talking about cannabis edibles most people think only about brownies or gummy candies. But in this new age of recreational marijuana it’s time that the foodies started to get involved in the creation of innovative cannabis infusions. Instead of baking the usual pan of brownies try crafting savory appetizers or refreshing cannabis mocktails. Alcohol tinctures and even infused oils and can drizzled into beverages that can get date night started right. The Herbal Chef, Chef Chris Sayegh gives great advice on how to make canna-food that doesn’t taste like dank weed and great date night recipes on his website. Chef Sayegh also reminds home chefs to not add the cannabis infused item to the dish until the end of cooking so that the active cannabinoids don’t burn off.

Below Chef Chris Sayegh shares more on the art of cannabis cooking with Fox News:


The key to creating potent cannabis infusions is to decarboxylate(decarb) the cannabis so that it releases the cannabinoids and terpenes into a fat like olive oil, coconut oil or cannabutter. Chef Ricky Flickenger warns against using shake or fresh bud to create concoctions and instead recommends a more effective approach.”My method, using kief, takes less than 10 minutes for a full decarb & infusion, keeps your food tasting like food, barely changes the color of the fat you are using, and does not make the house smell like cannabis. That fat (butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc) can then be use din any dish, sauce, vinaigrette, as a spread, etc…for any recipe. Once infused into a fat, you do need to use low heat cooking methods (below 200F) to not vaporize the THC. So, no pan frying with it…but baking (the finished product never reaches above 200F) is great.” Be wise when using keif as it can have a more intense effect than dried flower.

Master the art of cooking with Chef Ricky’s website, Mortal and Pestle, where you can sign up for online cooking classes (coming soon).


The most important part of planning a romantic night in with cannabis cuisine is to understand the proper dose. Ingesting too much can lead to quickly onset heavy sleep or an inability to make conversation which isn’t the best for a date.  It can commonly take up to 2 hours to start feeling the effects of your cannabis meal so it’s imperative to know your proper dosage of THC before you consume.  Avoid issues by making each infusing each meal with no more than 2-5mg THC of a researched strain of cannabis for anyone new to infused foods.  This will ensure that the whole delicious dinner can be enjoyed without anyone becoming overly intoxicated.

A great tip from Chef Melissa Parks, co-author of Herb, for not overdoing the cannabis in a date night meal is to only infuse the sauce or another small portion of the dinner as opposed to every component of the plate. She suggests making a cannabutter and then pairing other herbs and flavors to create an elegant tasting flavored butter to top a nice cut of steak.  Also know that each person is different so if this is a new partner then take the dosages really, really slow until each person is aware of their natural sweet spot of intoxication.

Below, Chef Melissa Parks takes us through how to make a simple cannabutter:



CHRIS SAYEGH aka "The Herbal Chef"

Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef (photo via

For Chris, a quality meal is all about quality ingredients.  When Chris is in the kitchen, all meals are made with the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients.


For a fun and easy to cook infused romantic dinner, try this pizza as a main course:

For a more advanced cook, try this Fettuccini Alfredo:

For a nice and light dessert, try this infused Pomegranate Sorbet:

If you’re in the mood for something a little more rich, try a cannabis infused Cannoli:


Chef Melissa Parks (photo via

“You want to enjoy the process of cooking, of getting to know the plant, getting to make the dish and then actually be able to remember what you ate. The medicinal value along with a recipe really can become something magical in the kitchen; that’s what you want to express, to experience, especially in the date atmosphere.”

Below is a recipe from cookbook, Herb:


Chef Ricky Flickenger (Photo via

For an impressive romantic evening, Chef Ricky recommends “Pasta in Lemon Cream Sauce, Cherry Chipotle Chicken, Pan Roasted Salmon with a Lemon & Caper Butter Sauce…the possibilities are really endless!”  Below, Chef Ricky shares his methods while baking a cannabis maple syrup and souffle.

What would you cook for a romantic cannabis date night? Any tips from your experience that aren’t listed here? We’d love to hear about it!

If I was cooking for my rancher boyfriend I might infuse one batch of dairy free butter or ghee and then separate it into 3 parts to infuse with different herbs as Chef Melissa Parks recommended. Then I’d put some butter on the steak, some on mashed potatoes and a bit on some slightly sauteed asparagus.  Short, sweet and divinely medicated.  How about you?

Maggie & Mikey - Suwannee Hula Wedding - Oct 30, 2015

Knowing how well the live music scene pairs with cannabis, this daring bride took a took a truly unique approach to host her wedding at one of the countries biggest and best music festivals!

Mikey & Maggie had always shared a love for dancing to their favorite band; The String Cheese Incident, and had traveled all over the country from music festival to music festival to see them play.   At Electric Forest 2014, Mikey surprised Maggie with a proposal as she sat down with some of their ‘cheese family’ who were keeping it hush the entire weekend.  Mikey’s plan had went off without a hitch.

The cannabis plant had a major part in the couple planning their new life together.  Excited by what legalization had to offer, the couple decided to uproot from their Tennessee roots to start a new life in Colorado.   One month before the wedding, Mikey made the 1500 mile move to start cultivating and managing an industrial Hemp grow while Maggie got started on envisioning her own organic cannabis product line.  Their October destination wedding doubled as the couples going away party.

Simple, sweet, and extremely unique, Maggie sent out custom made laminate invites with custom all access wristbands to match! “

That Friday morning arrived and the sun rose through the Spanish moss of the tall trees surrounding the Suwannee River. This was the 3rd year Maggie & Mikey had attended the Halloween weekend spectacular and it felt extra special that they got to kick off the festival with their wedding!

Everyone gathered at the campsite on a beautiful Friday afternoon in Live Oak, Florida. Guests headed into the Canna Camper to recreate with the plant that was paving the way for the move.  When they started a procession to the banks of the Suwannee River with their entire wedding party, it felt like a new beginning.

As they exchanged their vows and said I do, the official celebration had begun!

Everyone headed back to camp to dress up and get ready to dance the night away. Maggie wore a beautifully handcrafted set of white Maleficent inspired horns with her dress throughout the night while occasionally strapping up her baby carrier to wear her 7 month old daughter Aurora who ironically slept through most of the festivities.

The night concluded with perusing the festival grounds in her dress with her new husband and companions sitting by the beautiful Spirit Lake. This wedding was truly a celebration that lasted an entire weekend, with surprisingly minimal planning and an easy go with the flow vibe, it is no wonder this wedding was such a hit! Settled into Colorado, Mikey and Maggie are continuing their growing relationship with Cannabis. Maggie is now the CEO of Moon Rore Organics, an organic skincare line of CBD products & Partnerships Chair for Love&Marij, encouraging and educating couples on how they can legally incorporate Cannabis into their events.

Sex, Drugs & Yoga - A Fresh Take on Dating & Relationship Bliss

If your date night consists of getting baked and watching Netflix, you’re doing it wrong.

Okay… I’ll give you some credit. You’re doing it half wrong. Because if you partake in the use of cannabis, in any form, you’re doing something right!

Yes, certain strains of the medicinal herb were masterfully crafted to turn us into couch potato zombie mutants incapable of peeling ourselves away from the television but there are others that are meant to enlighten, invigorate, and enhance every aspect of the human experience. So do some research on what you’re cheifin’, and get out there and get the most out of your expanded consciousness!

As we all know, cannabis is an ancient healing herb used in practices and rituals around the planet. And now that you’re using that new sativa dominant hybrid that has you bursting with euphoric, creative energy, what should you and your significant other do to take advantage of this elevated state of being? How about adding yet another ancient practice to the experience? Perhaps one that also ensures transcendental states of mind, body, and soul.

That’s right, I’m talking about yoga. Well, not just yoga. GANJA YOGA!

Illustration by Jeffery Olver @theexpressionexchange

Sounds far out, a little awkward, but really freakin’ awesome, right?

Ganja Yoga is the deliberate pairing of cannabis and yoga. This yoga practice treats cannabis as a medicine and spiritual teacher.

We in the western world have a younger and less established culture than those of the East. Ganja Yoga has been a vital part of medicine and healing in India, and other parts of the world, for millennia. We are finally catching on. With the help of a Canadian born yogi who has set up shop in the medicinal marijuana mecca of San Francisco, the western hemisphere has been introduced to the blissful benefits Ganja Yoga.  Dee Dussault pioneered the public practice and teaching of Ganja Yoga, the practice that has now trickled into various parts of the content.

With cannabis quickly becoming decriminalized and legalized for recreational use, and yoga continuing to grow in popularity as an alternative, relaxing practice of exercise of the body and mind, it seems these two ancient practices were divinely destined to collide and bring health and happiness back the People of the West.

Couples have been showing up to Dee Dassault’s Ganja Yoga class to experience the perfect pairing for themselves. Thusly, creating a higher perspective, new potential, and deeper meaning for “date night.”

Not only has Dee been dubbed the first public teacher of Ganja Yoga in the West, but she is also well studied in sexuality. With a decade of experience behind her, Dee provides sexual awakening yoga, clothing-free yoga, sexual coaching, and tantra classes.

If you are an adventurous, young couple looking to further explore your sensual and sexual dynamic with your partner, a well established married couple trying to deepen your relationship, or if you’ve suffered pain or heartache, and you’d like to work on yourself privately, Dee offers a multitude of helpful, exploratory, and playful practices.


I recently had the privilege of catching up with Dee Dussault. Here’s her take on the Ganja Yoga experience:

Photo by Monica Lo

Who is showing up at your Ganja Yoga classes? What kind of people?

Quite a large group of people who come to my class are new to yoga. Most of them have some sort of relationship to cannabis, not all. But for many of them it’s their first experience with yoga. Which, it’s pretty cool that they feel like, of all the yoga classes out there, the one where they can get high is the one where they want to try their first experience. Similarly, some of the people who come are fairly new to cannabis. Even older people, like baby boomers, who tried it in high school or college and probably consumed too much, or did it in an unsafe environment, or had anxiety and paranoia, or experienced lethargy, or demotivation, you know, just had a bad experience for whatever reason. Those people are wanting to give cannabis another try for wellness, or relaxation, or whatever ailments they may have. That’s really cool segment of the class. I like working with those people. And a lot of people are combining cannabis and yoga for the very first time. So the class has a lot of new people, young and old, experiencing new things. Which is pretty cool.

Environment being an important aspect of the experience, what kind of atmosphere do you provide?

It’s interesting! The environment I do the Ganja Yoga class is an art gallery in the SOMA area of San Francisco. It’s gritty…not your typical yoga studio. The gallery is run by about five vortex artist guys and there’s all of this crazy, trippy, three dimensional, almost like Alice-in-Wonderland art everywhere. And it’s always changing and rearranging. It’s beautiful, but it’s a lot to process (laughs). So I have arrows on the wall saying, “THIS WAY TO YOGA” and I greet everyone as they come in the door. I say “checking in” because everyone registers online, then shows up to class with their Medical Marijuana card. I check it, then send them to the studio. I keep the cannabis on my mat at the front of the class and ask the students to form a circle around my mat as they all trickle in. So I’m walking around asking them to sign the yoga waiver and answering any questions or concerns. Most of the concerns are about past experiences with cannabis. So I let everyone know that the white vapor pen is a sativa for an uplifting or energizing experience. The black one is indica if they’re wanting a more relaxed and embodied experience. And the other one is a hybrid for the ones who may have had paranoia in past experiences. There’s usually a joint with a sativa or hybrid. We usually do the practice with a sativa or an uplifting hybrid. I like to explain the strain being used, what the THC percentage is [and other] details. Not because I’m a pot expert, but because some people want to know and I want to create a really relaxed and trusting environment. Then, everyone is sitting around talking about cannabis and this social atmosphere develops, a camaraderie forms. Everyone introduces themselves, there’s 30 minutes [of socializing], which really helps to eliminate any paranoia.

Do you think Ganja Yoga would be a cool date idea?

Oh yeah! I’ve actually had couples come in to class on dates before, so that goes to show that people are already doing it! I think it would be great. Because it’s a unique thing here in San Francisco, and there is this sense of community and the social aspect of it. But at the same time, it can be as personal as you want it to be. At the beginning of class, I tell people not to worry about what their bodies are able do compared to the people around them. It’s not a competition, you know? It’s your own personal practice. Everyone does their own practice during the yoga session. But the thirty minutes social beginning of the class and the overall experience would definitely be something to talk about after class is over. I think it’s a great atmosphere for a date.

How does cannabis enhance the yoga experience?

I can’t just say one thing; there are so many ways! Simply: cannabis helps you to relax. Yoga helps you to relax. Put the two together and the whole is greater. It helps people to feel more subtle sensations. There’s a greater appreciation for the taste of food, or the sound of music with cannabis, it’s the same with yoga practice. The sensations in your body become more enhanced. You have more relaxation and higher sensory feedback within your body.

You also teach nude yoga and coach in tantra practices, for more adventurous couples, is there a naked ganja yoga class?

Well Tantra is a VERY vast and disciplined tradition or practice.  It really meets you where you’re at, where you’re coming from and where you want to go, you know? Like if someone says, “I’m interested in developing myself and I want to do something different and live life a little more daringly, but I’m nervous”, I would say, “Well you don’t have to  do clothe-less yoga on the first class”, (laughs). That could be really far out there for someone for their very first class.

Sex coaching can be a great place for people to start because we can chat people specific sexuality, or relationship concerns, or self image and body issues, or maybe they have trouble communicating their desires. They may be trying to get over some heartache. Married couples, early daters, or even single people, everyone has something in their sex lives that they’d like to attain or work on. Whether it’s women who have never had an orgasm, or have trouble reaching climax, or men who want to take longer before orgasm, sex coaching is a pretty chill place to start. Because it’s all talk at that point. Then we move into ideas and “homework”, or journaling. Then I begin take them through meditations in class. That’s when it becomes Tantra: Meditating on different parts, maybe wounds inside, in their heart, their genitals, or disconnections from their body, or whatever the issue may be. Everyone is going to have a totally different, personal session in a safe and relaxed way. Tantra is a way for us to further familiarize ourselves with our sensual feelings. You know, different ways to make us feel alive and to tap into that place that helps us remember that we’re not just super computers made to just work and work.

If you’re not ready to adventure into that realm, Ganja Yoga would be a fantastic way to journey through your senses on a whole new level.

ARTICLE BY: Cooper Read  |  COVER PHOTOS BY: Monica Lo


Ganja Yoga

Cannabis Friendly Date & Bachelor/ette Party Experiences

Highly Devoted

Love & Ceremonies


Budtending, Cigar Rolling & Bartending



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Treat Yourself: The Art of Edibles

God, I love chocolate. I mean what stoner doesn't? I will fight that person who denies chocolate when high.

I might be under 100 lbs. and only 4'11" but working at a dispensary and sometimes being asked to test products for your job does things to a person's THC tolerance.  After some trial and error, I've realized that the kinds of edibles that hit me the hardest are chocolates and baked goods.

That being said, when Love and Marij asked me to sample and review the "To Whom It May" chocolates, by The Art of Edibles, I was super stoked!  I immediately visited their website upon receiving the assignment, and was extremely impressed by their presentation. There's no doubt about it— this is exactly the sophisticated edible I will want at my very own weed wedding!


To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolate


The packaging alone is stunning and subtle; you would never know this was infused chocolate unless you looked closer.  I've actually yet to see infused chocolate that wasn't in bar form, so it was extremely refreshing to see a company take a fancier approach with their design of the chocolate itself, truly setting it apart as a prime choice for the special event planner.

To Whom It May, who makes dosages starting at 2.5mg THC was kind enough to provide me with two non-infused and two infused: 15mg and 40mg THC samples.  I tried all four and waited until effects from the 15mg piece subsided before trying the 45mg.  The effects took approximately an hour to set in for me; everyone is different! Overall, I felt that the oil used in the infused pieces felt a bit more cerebral, sativa-dominant, than chocolate edibles I've had in the past; much more of a "spacey", "smiley", "giggly", and social experience.


To Whom It May Cannabis Edible Chocolates


Hence, making it the prime choice for weddings and events; so that you're not having the urge to take a nap under a reception table!  The best part?— they taste absolutely phenomenal!  Could not find a negative thing to say about their actual chocolate recipe.  If you're a California medical card holder, To Whom It May chocolates are definitely a must try for any chocolate lover in need of a romantic gift to themselves!  


To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolate

The gorgeous packaging/presentation and uplifting effects are an excellent choice for weddings or any up-scale event —hell, with Valentine's Day already being celebrated in stores (sigh), why not get your stoner sweetie a box of chocolates? To Whom It May just launched their delivery- only service in the Los Angeles area! Go check them out at

Special thanks to Tomer Grassiany— of To Whom It May,  for generously providing the sampler!

Alexa Joan Rae is a California based singer-songwriter, budtender, Harry Potter enthusiast and dog mom.  She hates living in LA, but loves it's weed.

Follow Alexa on Instagram: @plexxaglass

How to Prepare for Danksgiving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and holiday planning is in full swing.  Whether it’s your first Thanksgiving as new couple, as newlyweds or just the first Thanksgiving of the rest of your life,  if you’re living in a state where marijuana is legal, there’s no time like the present to host your own Danksgiving and try some new traditions!  This year, Love and Marij will highlight some Danksgiving Classic traditions and challenge you to exercise some creativity by crafting some new ones.  If you post your creations to social media, be sure to use #loveandmarij so that we can re-post and share your creativity!


The same way you can tastefully add cannabis to your wedding bouquet, adding some greenery to your table-scape is a great way to set the mood and excite your sense of smell.  Try a cannabis cornucopia or a joint turkey!  Get creative!  Add #loveandmarij to your Danksgiving photos and we’ll re-post and write about the top 5 most creative decorations!


The best part of Thanksgiving is the food!  All the best comfort foods ever made, together, on one table.  Combining cannabis into your traditional holiday food is also a great way to introduce the cannabis lifestyle to those who aren’t familiar with it.  Here are our suggested recommendations:



According to the budtending staff at Starbuds Colorado, Amneisa Haze is the recommended strain to pair with your Thanksgiving meal!

The lemony citrus flavor stimulates the appetite and pairs nicely with buttery goodness of the Thanksgiving meal!  The energetic and euphoric properties associated with the strain are great for mood and laughs!  One word of warning for the novices, Amnesia Haze does have a fairly high THC count, so a little bit can go a long way!


If smoking isn’t your thing, edibles are another great way to get your Danksgiving on!  To bring out the savory in your Danksgiving meal, you’ll need to start with dessert first!  If you’re lucky enough to live in Colorado, snag yourself an Incredibles Pumpkin Pie Delight.  Remember to follow the recommended servings; first time users should try a 5mg dosing 1-2 hours before the Danksgiving meal and not follow up with more until it’s time for dessert.  The sweet and savory pumpkin spice and graham cracker combination is the perfect bite to kick off the day’s festivities.



If you live in a state where infusing your own food is legal, we’ve included our favorite recipes below.  The most important rule to cooking knowing your ingredients!  Most Danksgiving recipes you encounter will begin with creating your own cannabis butter or cannabis oil.  Before you embark upon the recipes, MAKE SURE TO KEEP TRACK OF THE AMOUNT OF THC IS IN THE BUTTER OR OIL!


Unless your an expert infused food chef, try and stick to 10mg per person TOTAL over the course of your meal.  Need help figuring out how much THC is in your creation?  Download a marijuana cooking calculator from the Apple or Android App Market.

Marijuana Cooking Calculator App by CannaBuild


While the web is full of tons of great recipes, we recommend the step by step recipe guide by Angel Teager:

See full recipes here.


Just a few last mindful tips for your Danksgiving dinner:

  • If you are having a mixed group of pro and anti-green guests, tell you guests what you’re making.
  • If you’re making an infused dinner, make sure to also include cannabis-free options in case you want seconds without losing your mind!
  • To high with caution!  Beware of the marijuana food induced coma. Take it slow. There will always be leftovers for the next day.
  • DO NOT bring infused food into any home with children.  CLEARLY LABEL any leftovers to make sure that nobody unsuspectingly steals your high!
  • If anyone at your feast is new to edibles, make sure to PRINT THIS GUIDE  out and have it at your table!
  • USE #LOVEANDMARIJ TO SHARE YOUR DANKSGIVING WITH US!  We will be re-posting your ideas and writing about the most creative posts we find!
  • Be creative and most importantly, have fun!  The holidays are meant to be enjoyed!

Love and Marij is thankful for YOU!  Best wishes for a safe and happy DANKSGIVING!

Article By: Katherine Chung @katchung92

Katherine is a freelancer hailing from the great NYC. She graduated from Temple University with a BA in Media Production and her first love is television. Katherine’s other loves include eating, Francis Ford Coppola films, and collecting vinyl records.