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Pot, Pino & Painting!

Searching for a fun date idea that guarantees both laughter and relaxation?  According to the Washington Post, “making art is the new mediation!”  No worries if you’re no Norman Rockwell, national wine & paint chains like Pino’s Pallet, Wine & Design and Paint Nite, are popping up all over the country but if you’re lucky enough to live in state with legalized recreational marijuana, you can also try  Puff Pass Paint!

That’s right, if you happen to live in Denver, Seattle or Portland, you can grab a brush, pull up a stool, and pass your own hash! People from all artistic levels are encouraged to try their best, have a good time, and learn something new.  A sip of beer or a puff of pot is a great way to take the edge off and get your creative on!  Founded by Heidi Keyes, a Wisconsin born landscape painter who is now proud to call Denver home, every class promises step-by-step instructions for your very own, interpretive painting.  The paintings vary in difficulty and have a variety of subjects, everything from landscapes and still life, to whatever the hell you want!  That was the approach that Denver-based comedian Josh Blue took when he and Jake Browne, the cannabis critic for The Denver Post’s The Cannabist took a man date last April to Puff Pass Paint!

Puff Pass and Paint is never about making the perfect piece of art.  It’s about being part of an atmosphere that is relaxed, comfortable, open-minded, and allowing yourself to freely create your own original masterpiece.

The average cost for adult painting courses vary by location but usually cost around $50pp and includes all painting materials and allow you to go home that night with your masterpiece!  At Puff Pass and Paint, BYO alcoholic beverages and cannabis (smoking and edibles) are allowed and encouraged (but not required)!  Just wear clothes you don’t mind getting a little paint on and come prepared to smoke, drink, paint, chat, indulge and laugh harder than you ever have before!

There’s no better recipe first date, a fun night out with friends or a man date than trying new things and laughter.  This was certainly true for Jake and Josh!

No matter where or how you choose to paint, be sure to sign up early because classes fill up.

So whether you’re an art student or haven’t held a brush since middle school, grab your boo or some friends and release your inner artist.

If no painting course exists in your location just find a photo that you like and hit the nearest craft store to see where your imagination takes you.  Paining is a great form of catharsis and so long as you remember that the activity is about fun and not perfection, a good time is guaranteed!

Article by Holly Williams

Holly Williams is a freelance writer and classic film enthusiast. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. She enjoys writing screenplays, hiking, cooking, acting, and listening to pop and 70’s classic rock music . New to the weed world, one of Holly’s favorite experiences was a well baked cookie that inspired many “note to self”s including this reminder: to write Sir Paul McCartney a Thank You note…she’s also a fan of those. Follow her on Twitter @HollaWilliams and keep an eye out for her sitePixie Chick Productions.

THC Linked to Love

Image Via @ValleyRec420
Image Via @ValleyRec420

Can you smell it? Love is in the air!

*sniff*   Wait…   *sniff*

Nope, actually that’s cannabis!  It seems that’s an easy mistake to make nowadays, according to a recently published study by the US National Academy of Science. This week researchers announced that they have finally found the long-suspected link between “the love hormone” oxytocin and the activation of cannabanoid receptors in your brain.  To put it simply, THC makes your brain feel much the same way it does when you’re interacting with someone you like.

Activating these receptors by smoking buds (or having friends, preferably both) also lowers anxiety and depression, proving definitively that weed is a lot like an old pal who always knows just what to say.  This is good news for medical marijuana, but should also be a stark reminder to us all: The next time you’re out with someone and “something” is “really clicking” but you can’t quite put your finger on it, double check to make sure you’re high on life and not THC!

If your relationship is in a rocky place and you live in a state where marijuana is now legal, try a little THC!  If you’re engaged or already married and looking to renew your vow, maybe having a weed wedding, complete with canna-bar isn’t such a bad idea.  It’s a great way for all of your guests to share the love!  Love and Marij is hosting the world’s first cannabis wedding giveaway contest.  Share the love with your friends and family by sharing this article and telling them to enter, and don’t forget to say “High love you!”

Article by:  Steve Kaplan @SteveieKaps

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Card + Joint = Relationship Win

There's never a bad time to say "HIGH LOVE YOU!"

When you find that special someone and fall madly in love, the most important thing to do is to make sure your partner understands just how much you appreciate them. The strongest couples get great joy from each other’s happiness, and being thoughtful can help to ensure that you’ll have a long, fulfilling relationship.

Most of us are on a pretty tight budget, but showing appreciation for your partner doesn’t ever have to bust your bank account. Extravagant gifts are fine, but the wisest people understand that the thought behind a gift means so much more than the gift itself. That’s why a greeting card filled with a personalized note is an ideal way to show how much you care.

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to find hilarious greeting cards for all the important people in my life. I get a special thrill from seeing my husband’s reaction to a perfectly suited card, but lately it’s been difficult to find anything up to snuff. I recently went to three different stores in search of an anniversary card and I finally had to settle on a blank card featuring a photo of my husband’s favorite cookies. The thought was definitely there, but I was disappointed with my lack luster execution.

Shortly after our anniversary, I was introduced to (IMHO) the greatest brand of greeting cards ever, KushKards. I now know exactly where I’ll be procuring all of the cards for my husband moving forward. KushKards have everything a savvy greeting card connoisseur could ever ask for, especially if they’re passionate about all things 420.  They’re beautiful, clever, original and every KushKard has a slot where you can insert a pre-rolled item of your choice, as well as strips to light your match. If someone in your life loves marijuana, brighten their day and show you care by giving them a KushKard.  What’s more thoughtful than that?

If you’re looking to make that special person in your life feel like they’re the most important person in the world, here are some of my favorite romantic KushKards:


This High Sexy KushKard is a perfect way to show your appreciation for your partner, just because. Let them know you’re always thinking about them when they’re not around, and you want to really enjoy the time you spend together.




The You Are My Perfect Match KushKard is another clever double entendre. This is a personal favorite that’s sure to make your love feel special.

KushKards Perfect Match




The Just Wanted To Say High KushKard is fun option to give to your partner just because.  Slip this into their briefcase before a tough day, and they’ll have the shot in the arm they need to kick ass.

KushKards Saying High


Do you have your eye on a fellow cannabis enthusiast, but you’re not sure how to make the first move? Give them the Wee’d Be Great Together KushKard, and you’ll be on your way to true love in no time.



The You Are The Highlight Of My Life KushKard is perfect for birthdays, holidays anniversaries or just because. Couples that pun together have fun together.



Make sure to follow KushKards on Instagram @KushKards, and use #sharethemoment when ‘gramming your own KushKards!

If you’re looking to find that special someone to be on the receiving end your KushKards, visit I’m a relationship expert and dating coach specifically catering to cannabis consumers, and email me at to schedule a free consultation today.

Combining Cannabis & Sex

According to cannabis relationship expert Molly Peckler, whose Highly Devoted dating services were recently featured in Vice, “Everyone deserves some good lovin’!  Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a stoner, there are some tremendous upsides to combining sex and cannabis that might be worth giving the plant a try!

Photo via @ganjayoga

You may have read about Foria, the all-natural THC and coconut based sex oil that can heighten female arousal and intensify natural euphoric pleasure in women in California and Colorado (the only two states where it’s legally distributed for the time being.)

Photo via Foria

For the rest of the world, regular old fashioned cannabis can still do a lot for enhancing pleasure!  According to Molly, one of the top benefits of using cannabis is heightened sensitivity throughout the entire body. “As long as you’ve got some experience between the sheets, that sensitivity boost can turn into a major advantage.”

For first timers, she recommends starting slow with a small dosage. Familiarize yourself with your chosen strain and method of consumption.  Molly suggests finding a strain that peps you up and makes you feel euphoric.

Sexxpot, sold in California only, is a low-THC strain that distributor Karyn Wagner, founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, started selling after reportedly having “perfect” sex with her partner while high on this strain (a derivative of Mr. Nice.)  According to Wagner, the 14% THC – as opposed to the 18-20% that’s typically desired – was the perfect amount to put her in a “sensual” headspace without feeling too high to perform.

Photo via Karyn Wagner

According to Molly, the right strain of cannabis can have the effect of quieting your mind and reducing anxiety. If a lack of focus or confidence is hampering your sexual enjoyment, marijuana could be the aphrodisiac you’ve been searching for.

When couples use cannabis together, they’re sharing a whole new thread of warmth and affinity. Marijuana has the tendency to connect people, so combining that with physical intimacy can allow for a deeper bond to form.

For more reasons why trying sex on cannabis could be a worthwhile adventure, check out Molly’s video below:

Follow @MollyPeckler on Twitter and sign up for a free relationship advice consultation!

Is there a strain you recommend for getting busy?  Share your advice in the comments!

Finding Your Stoner Someone: 420 Dating Apps

Whether you’re new to dating apps or proficient in digital dating, here are some hemp friendly & helpful ways to bud your relationships!


Dating is hard.  Meeting somebody the “old-fashioned way” while crossing the street or posting up on a barstool – like in the movies – sounds ideal, but how often does it actually happen?  Thankfully, dating apps and online services came along to help alleviate that stress and bridge the gap between like-minded wannabe lovers.  Traditional dating apps factor in preferences, likes, dislikes, age, past, favorites and myriad other qualities to help match daters.  That’s all fine and good for those who don’t have an existing relationship with marijuana, but for the rest of us, we all understand that finding a fellow 420 lover is key.  Must love dogs….and bongs.  Well, marijuana dating apps are here!  Just signing up gets the awkward weed “confession” out of the way.  If they’re registered on one of these apps, you already know they’re “one of us.” These dank dating apps could be the first chapter of a story that leads to a weed wedding!  You never know!

Our first app’s CEO founded his app after coming out as being a cannabis user was a date ender:


High There

On the surface, it may just seem like the Tinder of weed, but High There CEO Todd Mitchem will tell you it’s so much more than that.  This app really zeros in on the type of marijuana consumption and experience its users prefer!  For example, if you prefer edibles and are prone to a couch potato level of energy when high, you’ll be more likely presented with people near you that share the same preferences.  Swipe right my friends!

Photo via

420 Singles

Featured on shows like Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, 420 Singles provides a non-judgmental alternative to traditional dating sites. Helping take the awkwardness out of online dating,  it allows users to message, flirt, Skype and get high with other single stoners.  As their website suggests, “Cannabis is slowly becoming legal all over the world, jump on the fun train and start dating other singles who share the same love for the magical cannabis plant.”   Launched in 2011, 420 Singles can boast growth of 60,000 sign-ups and counting.  Easy to use and obviously popular, this site is a great way to meet like-minded and single fans of cannabis.  Built by stoners, for stoners, this dating site and app is growing quickly.

Photo via

My 420 Mate

Bringing with them the tagline “The Cupids of Cannabis,” My 420 Mate has a lot to offer.  Featured in publications from The New York Times and High Times, this dating site has created a warm environment for recreational smokers and medical patients alike.  Laborers, doctors, lawyers and students can be found on My 420 Mate and communication is set up with chat, messaging and an anonymous email system.  A great place to grow your relationships and enjoy a shared love of cannabis.

Photo via

Highly Devoted

If dating sites and apps just aren’t your thing, check out Highly Devoted right now.  Whether you’re searching for your soulmate or seeking advice on your current relationship, Molly Peckler is Highly Devoted to helping cannabis enthusiasts find love.  Ask Molly Questions about Love, Dating, Sex and Cannabis!  Her unique background as both a cannabis consultant and an executive matchmaker positions Molly uniquely to help sativa singles and indica individuals looking for love.  Check out her blog for tips or make an appointment for personalized assistance – you won’t regret it.

Have experience with any cannabis dating apps?  We want to hear your reviews!  Share your experiences in the comments below to help inspire others!