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Treat Yourself: Moon Rore Organics

Maggie Murphy founded Moon Rore Organics in honor of her children after turning both to crystals and natural skin products to promote healing within her two children. The Usui Reiki healer and ecologically conscious mother combines intentional crystal energy with all natural products in sustainable containers in made to order cannabis infused beauty products.

For many years Moon Rore founder Maggie Murphy studied as a Usui Reiki healer who continually worked with healing crystal energies. Her first born son Achilles had serious issues sleeping and when they walked into a new age store he immediately picked up the insomnia relieving stone Howlite. The mother saw improvement in her son’s sleeping habits that very night and decided to further her studies of crystal energies. During the birth of the second child Murphy’s midwife had a severe allergy to fragrance oriented chemicals which caused the young mother to look more deeply into what exactly is in all of the products we put onto our skin. Once her daughter Rory was born she noticed that she had exceptionally sensitive skin, breaking out even from common brand name baby lotion.

The young mother started crafting body butters and lotions that would work for her sensitive skinned child and organically started combining these trusted recipes with the crystal healing shown to her after watching the sleeping struggles of her other young son. That is where the company and even the name came from, Moon for Achilles and Rore for her youngest Rory. The current Moon Rore Organics line contains body butter, body oil, and makeup remover but they take custom orders making this company fabulous for any cannabis bride looking for the perfect bridesmaids gifts and even bachelorette party favors.

Maggie let us know more about her in depth knowledge of crystals in a recent interview about topical cannabis products for headaches. For that article she specifically mentioned Lapis Lazuli, a gorgeous blue stone, as useful those that suffer from migraines and cites that it can also be helpful for chronic insomniacs.

For headaches the Reiki healer and crystal enthusiast mentions champagne aura quartz as ideal to relieve sinus or injury based headaches and amethyst for tension headaches. There is also a crystal called Shungite which is dark and ominous in color with a gold metallic sheen, this is a known cure all and a must have for any collector with interest in manifestation. Moon Rore Organics harnesses these healing crystal energies within their natural, chemical free products to provide exceptional body butters, makeup removers, and ritual oils.

Because of this infusion of crystals with the products and the harmful environmental impact of plastics Moon Rore Organics uses glass containers and packaging. Using all glass packaging also ensures less chance of a reaction from those of us with sensitive skin. Maggie is also invested in preserving the environment for future generations and moves through every motion of her life with an intention of working with natural resources rather than depleting them. When we asked her about sustainable packaging and manufacturing Murphy told us, “Intention based living is a major key in my daily routine and I feel using the sustainable packaging just fit and felt right.” This is one of the reasons that we’re head over heels for Moon Rore Organics, because they add to the community rather than taking from it.

There are tons of natural ways to heal aside from cannabis and one of our favorite parts of adult-use recreational cannabis laws is that we can now combine them to receive synergistic healing much like the cannabis crystal healing products offered at the Moon Rore Organics Etsy store.

What are your favorite modes of natural healing? Do you have crystals at home? Tell us everything in the comments!

Why We Should All Treat Ourselves to Cannabis Baths

In the midst of a busy, hustle and bustle work week, it is highly recommended that we stop and take some time for ourselves. Hot baths have been used therapeutically for centuries as they can help to keep pain at bay, increase joint mobility, reduce the problems with any skin issues and inspire a soothing peaceful mind. Many artisanal beauty companies have begun to use cannabis in their products because of the wonderful way it can relax the mind. Cannabis bath bombs, fizzes, teas, and salts have all hit the market and they’re one of the most effective ways to treat ourselves using the plant.
To gain more insight on the relaxing combination of healing cannabis and calming warm baths we asked one of the baddest ladies in cannabis her opinion on the matter. Laura Rivero is the Operations Manager at Yerba Buena Farms, one of the first eight legal cannabis farms in Oregon. Before her time in PDX Rivero started various canna-ventures in Flagstaff, Arizona that remain widely successful to this day. Her insight into the business is only trumped by her knowledgeable approach to accessing the medicinal powers of the plant. She takes a cannabis bath twice a month and pairs it with a nice big pre-roll. Rivero prefers to use Empower Therapeutic Soaking Salts because “they seem to be most effective for sore muscle relief” but she also loves bombs “because they contain lipids that moisturize and soften the skin”.

What Does Cannabis Add to Bathtime?

A hot, relaxing bath can help to insulate our minds from the realities at work, school or home that are just downright stressing us out. Adding cannabis to this age-old ritual only enhances the therapeutic effects of a good long soak. Cannabis baths don’t have any psychoactive effects, for that we’ve got to ingest or inhale it somehow, they simply help us gain access to the anti-inflammatory aspects of therapeutic cannabis. Laura explains that cannabis baths work in the same respect that cannabis topicals work, however, “cannabis baths cover more surface area and can offer more bodily relief and relaxation overall. CB-2 receptors are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis, so baths can aid with complexion and relieve skin irritations.”
Taking a warm bath can be a beneficial way to save space for stress relief and relaxation so adding aromatherapy qualities from the herbal combinations in the bath salts or bombs will only deepens that release. Cannabis bath products are generally made with an intentional combination of herbs that are intended to balance chakras, have certain planetary aspects and are even enhanced with crystal energies. As Laura Rivero points out “Between the warmth of the bath itself, the added aromatherapy that most bath salts contain, and the cannabinoids, I experience a palpable mellowing that is perfect for my self-care therapy.” Cannabis baths are the most fabulous way to take advantage of recreational cannabis for self-care so maybe it’s time to treat yourself buds!

The Best of Cannabis Bath Bombs, Fizz, Salts and Tea

Moon Rore Organics This eco-conscious company crafts beauty products that are made with ancient healing remedies in mind. Moon Rore combines the healing powers of herbs and crystals to achieve the optimal vibrational healing frequency. They will also take custom orders to infuse their product line with THC or CBD for legal states. Moon Rore Organics currently carry bath bombs & fizzes, facial serums and body oils.  
Empower Body Care Acquire all Non-GMO, non-toxic and hypoallergenic products from Empower, an Oregon-based company. They currently sell CBD only products in their online shop and are available for retail sale in many Oregon dispensaries. Trista Okel from Empower let us know that all body care products are made with attention to detail, “The salt combination we use (Epsom, Dead Sea, and Pink Himalayan salts) has therapeutic benefits as well, which works synergistically to help relieve sore muscles and offer pain relief.”

Have you ever taken a cannabis bath? DO you make your own cannabis bath bombs? Let us know in the comments! I personally love to add herbs to my bath and create my own bath teas at home depending on the current planetary aspects and my own psychological needs.

Cannabis Bath Must Haves

Pair a CBD or THC-infused bath with these fabulous items for an unforgettable experience.

Pass this along to friend and share the gift of self-care with someone that you love.

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Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Beauty Products

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Surprising Benefits of Cannabis Beauty Products

By Sophie Saint Thomas – Apr 19, 2016

As cannabis legalization creeps forward, consumers are enjoying a use for the plant that defies unkempt stoner stereotypes: cannabis beauty products.

“Weed, because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties is great for the skin,” says Aspen-based medical marijuana doctor Wendy Zaharko, M.D., noting the importance of endocannabinoid system homeostasis. Even mainstream medical professionals are touting appearance-enhancing abilities (and no, we don’t mean a weed version of beer goggles).

“Cannabis is an antioxidant; it can help slow down the damage to skin cells from oxidation by free radicals, which prevents aging,”

says New York City-based dermatologist and RealSelf contributor Michele S. Green, MD.

“It is rich in supplements for healthy skin such as potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc which is beneficial for skin rashes, acne, and many other skin conditions.”

To achieve these benefits, companies are adding cannabis to traditional topical beauty products such as salves, lotions, and hair and skin oils.

Molly Peckler of Highly Devoted, cannabis-friendly date coaching, swears by hemp products to treat her breakouts. “I started suffering from hormonal acne right around the time I turned 30, and I came across the Hemp Blemish Salve from Uncle Harry’s Natural Products. Unlike other acne treatments I had tried; the hemp salve didn’t irritate my skin or dry me out too much. Now when I feel a pimple coming on, I reach for the hemp salve rather than the salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide,” says Peckler.

cannabis beauty product guide

Like Uncle Harry’s Natural Products, most of these beauty products are currently typically created out of hemp, marijuana’s more industrial sister in the cannabis species. The Body Shop has a reasonably-priced hemp body care line, as does Marley Natural. Moon Rore, who makes hair oil, body butter, and lip treatments, differentiates itself by opting for CBD oil from hemp extract. (Moon Rore also charges each of their items with crystals, for an extra magical kick). “I noticed that there are a lot of hemp oils in everything, but there’s not a lot of people utilizing the CBD oil,” says Moon Rore founder Maggie Murphy.

If beauty manufacturers want their product to be available nationwide, they are forced to opt for hemp products rather than whole plant cannabis. While cannabidiol (CBD) is found in hemp, as Project CBD reports, hemp oils contain far less cannabidiol than cannabis, and lack medicinal terpenes and crucial secondary cannabinoids like THC, CBN and CGB. It is CBD that is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects, an important role in skin care, and an effect that works better if cannabinoids and terpenoids are working together, due to the entourage effect.

best cannabis beauty products

Some skin care companies, such as Cannabis Basics, create both cannabis and hemp-only lines, so a hemp version of their product is available for purchase everywhere, but those in legal states can still enjoy the beauty benefits of whole plant cannabis. For those in such states, another wonderful cannabis-based beauty brands is Kush Creams.

Even the real-deal cannabis oil products are non-psychoactive when used on your body, as they bind to the CB2 receptors needed to produce the therapeutic effects but do not enter the bloodstream, and CB2 receptors are mostly located outside of the brain and central nervous system. As much of legalization opponents’ cannabis fears stem from the high produced by the THC in cannabis, non-psychoactive beauty products could fight stigma as well as pimples.

“When you take the high out of the equation, but the medicinal and therapeutic benefits are still strong, cannabis changes from an illicit drug to a medicine. That’s how you change hearts and minds in the general public. Once you’ve personally experienced the positive effects, you’ll be more comfortable talking about it with the people in your life,”

agrees Peckler.

Sophie Saint Thomas

10 CBD & Hemp Skincare Products for a Natural Wedding Day Glow

On your wedding day, your photographer will capture an average of 1,500 – 3,000 photos, with an average of 500 or more photos featuring the bride and groom!  Naturally, you’ll want your skin to be flawless so here’s how Cannabis & Hemp Oils can help!

Cannabis oil contains Omega 6 and three fatty acids, which just happen to be key components in maintaining healthy skin. The linolenic acid in the oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that researchers found are necessary to treat acne. It also adds a protective layer to the skin, helps prevent rashes and it increases the elasticity of the skin bringing new life to dry or damaged skin.

Hemp oil is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, as well as trace amounts of important minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. It is extremely high in antioxidants which prevent and slow cell damage.  Many believe that the regular application of hemp oil slows the aging of the skin. The Vitamin D allows the absorption of calcium that is needed for silky smooth skin as well.

To increase the medical attributes of the oil, it is extracted from plants with extra high levels of cannabidiol, aka CBD.  Numerous studies have confirmed that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe the skin.  We love these 10 companies that are making top notch products in the field of skin and hair care. Assuring you that your skin will be perfect in those 500 photos!

To help you prepare, we have found you an entire wedding party’s worth of products to get that perfect skin for your wedding and happily ever after.



10.  REAL SCIENTIFIC HEMP OIL {RSHO}™: Revitalizing Salve

Real Scientific Hemp Oil

This salve is like owning a complete dermatology kit and comprehensive body care system all in one! They use the only hemp oil to be inspected and tested by an accredited food and safety laboratory. This salve is great for age spots, wrinkles, troublesome skin, and chapped lips. It even comes in such a convenient little size so if your jetting off to a destination wedding you’ll be able to bring this bad boy with you!



Apothecanna offers a variety of cannabis infused bodycare products with natural and wildcrafted plant ingredients ranging from their Lip Buzz to Body Creme. The Calming and Everyday Body Creme are a great combo to soothe the skin, enhance radiance, and repair damage. They contain many antiseptic, analgesic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties as well as very pleasant light aromas.

8. DOPE ON A ROPE: Hemp Soap

Dope on a Rope

Hemp, essential, and natural vegetable oils make up these adorable handmade soaps and yes, they are on a rope! Not only are the quality of the soaps unparalleled, each one is formulated to leave your skin feeling moisturized and soft. Maui Wowie is a relaxing combination of lavender and sweet orange, while Blue Dream combines peppermint and sweet basil. All are packed with a good dose of hemp seed oil.  They have a huge variety of cleverly named and beautifully colored soaps and even offer a monthly subscription.

7. NATURE’S ROOT: Hemp Coffee Scrub

Natures Root Hemp Coffee Scrub

Available in two sizes this all natural super packed organic concoction is a must have for your skin on your wedding day and beyond. It contains ground hemp seed oil, coconut oil, coffee and green tea making it a superior exfoliate. All the hemp they use even comes from their own farm in Sterling, CO! You can also check out The Nature’s Root Spa in Longmont, CO and even get a CBD massage oil treatment to feel extra ready for the big day.

6. CANNA BATH & BODY: Charcoal and Clay Shave Soap & Facial Bar

Cannabath Body

Prepare your legs and body for an enriching experience like never before. This dark as night shaving soap exfoliates while distributing CBD into your skin. Combined with goat milk, honey, and activated charcoal you can count on your skin being poised and ready. They even have a luscious beard balm, so your groom and his bearded pals can have some CBD too!  Each product uses 100% natural ingredients, and they will be offering a special bridal package soon!

5. OMMade Handcrafted Organic Skincare: Face Serum


Combining Vitamin E rich and naturally SPF packed oils of carrot seed and red raspberry, with the elasticity and softness provided to the skin through hemp seed oil, OMMade has made a facial serum any one would want to drench themselves in before bed. Serums are best used in the evening because they can deeply penetrate your skin while your cozy and warm in your bed. So pack this on before the big day and your skin will sing, “I woke up like this!”

4. MOON RORE ORGANICS: The Alchemist & Mane Magic

Moon Rore Organics

Moon Rore offers organic crystal charged CBD skin and hair care for all ages. The body butter is packed with ancient Ayurvedic herbs to regenerate skin cells, speed up wound healing, protect the skin, and maintain hydration. The hair treatment is ideal for balancing your scalps PH, increasing growth, and leaving your hair nourished while cleansing it of any dander and residue. Each item is aligned into a Sacred Geometric grid in order to have its energetic properties raised with various different crystals. You will truly feel the magic in these products leading up to you big day.

3. URBAN CHAOS USA: Daily Balance CBD Cream for Sensitive Skin

Urban Chaos USA

This vegan face cream promotes smooth, healthy skin and is lightweight as to not clog your delicate facial pores. Using high quality lab tested CBD from Colorado, this is an amazing primer for a natural face or a seasoned makeup guru. You only need to use a tiny amount of the cream and the 1oz bottle can be used for up to 30 days!

2. KANNAWAY: Cannabis Beauty Defined Collection

Kanway Cannabis

Kannaway offers a five step treatment consisting of a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, serum, and moisturizer. Each step sounds absolutely magical and you can bet that it will be worth the investment. The cleanser removes dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, and excess surface oil without drying the skin, while the exfoliant polishes and balances your skin.

The toner and serum work together to leave your skin looking clear and reduce wrinkles. The intense moisturizer will help you to have firmer and more youthful skin. Each step contains sustainable hemp oil to revitalize your skin cells and leave you feeling like you have had a personal spa treatment.

1. CIBADERM: Cannabis Beauty Products


Naturally balanced for all skin types, Cibaderm’s hand cream, lip care, and body lotion helps hydrate and promote radiant, glowing skin. The CBD shampoo, conditioner, and body wash cleanse and hydrate without over-drying or over-saturating. Your hair will look shiny and health, and your skin will feel moisturized and fresh.

Looking beautiful on the outside always begins with nourishing the inside. The first step is to always be mindful of what your putting into your body to fuel the regeneration of your skin cells. Plus it takes at least 30 days for your skin to fully replenish itself. So as there is no magical overnight potions that will give you perfect skin on your wedding day, there are many different companies utilizing the amazing power of the oils from this amazing plant.










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Do you have any other CBD beauty tips?  Tell us in the comments below!