Weed Weddiquette

7 Best Practices for a Safe Cannabis Bar at your Wedding

Serving cannabis at a wedding requires a lot of planning. If you want to offer the finest herb at your wedding while creating a safe and comfortable experience for your guests, here are a few tips:


A budtender is similar to a bartender who has all the knowledge of the best strain to be served. A professional budtender will invest time in educating your guests, ensuring safe sanitation and handling practices, overconsumption effects, and help them to select the best product grown from legal dispensaries or made from High Supplies Premium Cannabis Seeds  with recommendations usually guided by their past experiences.  Doing this will elevate the pleasure of being high without having the risk of overconsumption.



Not all venues can legally host a bud bar.  If you are planning for a bud bar, ask for proper written consent. For the safe and hassle-free experience of your guests ensure all permissions and usage are legal and under control.



One of the most important factors to be kept in mind is to avoid throwing a surprise to your guests with the presence of a bud bar at the wedding. It is always better to inform them beforehand by, say, printing the details in the invitations so that they come with a prepared mindset.


Not all the guests will indulge in cannabis activity at your wedding. For a safe and comfortable affair, set up a designated smoking area for the guests who can enjoy their buds. These areas can be a lounge or a hall with proper lighting and seating arrangements, and classy decor. Those who don’t like to smoke up can also go for CBD topical products.


Cannabis-infused edibles can vary from burgers to desserts and prove as the best alternative to smoking. While serving these edibles at weddings, remember to CLEARLY and APPROPRIATELY label these products with dosing information.  It is advised not to serve them along with the regular food as these can be mistaken with non-cannabis consumables. Most importantly, make sure to keep them away from children.

While most people can feel the effects for smokable cannabis products instantly, most people don’t feel the high from cannabis edibles until hours later.  The biggest mistake for first time edibles consumers frequently make is thinking their dosing was too weak because they don’t feel high an hour later and wind up eating more and over-consuming! 

To avoid your guests feeling uncomfortably high, have your budtender clearly inform your guests about the edibles experience and its effects before the consumption of cannabis loaded treats.


If you want your guests to have the pleasure of being high but in moderation, serve the cannabis with restrictions. There should be a time limit or controlled amount set for the guests, especially, first-time users. This step will help the guests to avoid overconsumption and enjoy the wedding ceremony to the fullest. 


Take care of your guests by serving them a range of non-cannabis food and beverages as an option. It will help them to enjoy the ceremony without being intoxicated.

Stock some natural remedies as well as medications to counter the side-effects of overconsumption. You can even use CBD oil to marginalize the effect of marijuana.

Also, make proper arrangements of transportation for the safe transfer of guests, if required.

Incorporating cannabis at the wedding is garnering quite a popularity.  Cannabis is a beautiful plant that can not only be served for consumption but can also be used in various aspects of your celebration.  From flower arrangements to table decor, you can add greens in every aspect of your wedding, including the gifts


However you choose to incorporate cannabis into your wedding celebration, remember to keep in mind that most people find the best bud bar experience to serve a variety of strains and to help guests relax, pacify and enhance the pleasure of being safely high.  

Crystal Willson is a full-time content marketing specialist. She has been closely monitoring the cannabis industry trends for quite some time. She has worked in various domains before the cannabis industry. On her off days, she likes to spend her time with her family, lift weights, and reading novels.

"Night Before" Fiance Gift Ideas for the Canna-Couple

The most memorable part of any wedding is the love that’s shared between the celebrated couple. One of our favorite ways that couples shower each other for their special day is with their Night Before fiance gifts. These gifts don’t have to be anything big, just little trinkets and treasures that remind a special someone just how special they are.

While cannabis is a very casual, mellow herb that entices the makeup free hippy in all of us at one time or another; a wedding is a classy affair. That is why there are companies emerging all over the nation that cater to the more elegant cannabis consumer, whether they are medical or recreational smokers. These in vogue gifts combine wedded bliss with canna-bliss flawlessly making them perfect for any fiance the night before the big weed wedding.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Started in Prague, Shine is a company that aims to take over the world and with their luxurious product we won’t be surprised if they succeed. Each 24K gold rolling paper is crafted with the finest edible gold. Shine combines this edible gold with a hemp blend base so it still burns extra smoothly, make sure to buy the 12-pack so our honey’s can share. This is the perfect gift for both sides of any canna-couple so that they can roll one up with their bridesmaids and groomsmen while they prepare for the big reveal.

AnnaBis Melissa Clutch

As the best selling bag from the first ever cannabis fashion brand AnnaBis, the Melissa clutch and wristlet are a must have for every lady stoner. Any cannabis bride would be absolutely tickled to open up their brand new Melissa wristlet. Not only is it super cute it is the perfect accessory to help a bride carry her cannabis, tools, and phone from her bridal suite to photos and onto the reception. The smell proof bag can also carry two medicine containers, eye drops, mints, a pipe, a vape, a lighter, and our phone; handy and adorable. Keep an eye out for new styles from AnnaBis for the 2016 Holiday season.

KushCards Interactive Stationary

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a heartfelt, hand written message from a lover. KushCards has taken the time honored tradition of greeting cards and taken it one step higher. Each of their customizable cards contains a little space to put a pre-roll; the perfect thing to lull a nervous bride or groom to sleep the night before the wedding. These cards are perfect for a Night Before gift for any fiance but that’s not all the NYC based company can do. KushCards can also create menus, invitations, and any event stationery that a cannabis wedding might need.

MaryJane Wedding Gift Box

The MaryJane gift box is an all inclusive gift option for either the bride or groom the night before. This cannabis themed wedding gift box includes two beautifully etched wine glasses, romantic hemp oil massage candles, etched glass bowls and paperweights, a clear heart nug jug, and an opal celebration pipe all packaged in a white satin lined box. Build the anticipation for the wedding night with this myriad of romantic gifts with a marijuana spin.

These are just a few weed wedding gifts suitable for a cannabis couple the night before their big day. We are specifically in love with the AnnaBis bags and Shine 24 Karat rolling papers, what is your favorite? Do you have any canna-brands that you just love to gift? Let us know in the comments.

Weed Etiquette: How To Use A Bong

Anyone new to the cannabis world might go through the same anxiety when handed a bong for the first time. There are ways to be sure that anywhere we go we will know how to take hits from the bong.

A bong, also called a water pipe, is a filtration smoking device that is often used to inhale smoke from cannabis, tobacco, and other herbs. The word bong dates back to ancient Thailand and is adapted from the Thai word baung, meaning a cylindrical wooden tube or container cut from bamboo used for smoking tree, kancha, hashish, or hemp plant. The construction of this common stoner smoking piece is similar to the more mainstream hookah but usually smaller and a bit more portable. Though many bongs are glass on glass pieces of art, a bong can be constructed out of any airtight and watertight vessel with a bowl and stem apparatus added. The bowl is meant to hold the dried herbs while the stem guides the smoke down to the water where it is cooled and then transported up through the mouthpiece and into the lungs.

How To Pack a Bowl

The first step in packing a bowl is to grind or break up the dried herbs using either our fingers or an herb grinder. We suggest always using a grinder with a kief catcher to ensure that you save that valuable by product for cooking or packing extra special bowls. Grinding herbs doesn’t only preserve kief, it will also lead to a smoother hit and help conserve our stash.

After the cannabis is broken up into a finer, easily smoked texture it’s time to assess the size of the bowl. Think of the bowl of a bong like a Yogurtland container, just because the container is that big doesn’t mean that anyone needs that much yogurt. Packing a one person snap might just take a pinch at the bottom, while those looking to get a party bowl cherried might prefer to pack it up to the brim.

Hitting the Bong

Once the bowl is packed and the lighter’s in hand we are ready to hit that bong. Before lighting, verify where the bowl pulls from the downstem, some cheaper plastic pieces will feature a back carb instead of a pullable bowl. It’s best to figure out just what type of bong we’re hitting before the herbs are burnt.

Now it’s time to get that lighter ready, exhale and put our lips up to the mouthpiece as we apply the flame to the herbs. Inhale as the heat is applied to build up smoke in the chamber between the water and our lips. When we turn off the lighter and pull the bowl piece the chamber will release and our continued inhalation pulls the smoke up into our mouths and lungs. Don’t worry about holding the smoke in for an extended period of time since it’s been proven that it will only get us high off of oxygen deprivation.

Mothership Glass

With this information we’re hoping that you feel more confident to engage in the act of smoking with friends, co-workers, and maybe even that special someone. Don’t let being worried about looking silly stop you from trying new things; everyone’s been there at one time or another.

Weed Wedding Glossary N-Z

Across the cannabis community it’s understood that there is a bounty of terminology that generally varies just a bit when we travel to a new region. This is the nature of every subculture that has ever existed, we tend to create our own language to not offend the normals that might be listening. With recreational cannabis as a modern reality the subculture has gone mainstream and it’s time for everyone to understand the lexicon of stoners around the nation.


We’ve laid out the very basics of the somewhat nuanced cannabis subculture terminology. In the interest of keeping it concise we’ve saved all growing terminology and plant stages for a different list. This should cover smoking and understanding the grades of cannabis.

Nail: An essential piece of gear for dabbing. Made either out of titanium or quartz, the nail is heated to optimal temperature to inhale terpenes in wax through a dab rig. [aka: domeless, banger]

Nug Run: This term implies that a concentrate is made from top nugs over trim.

Papes: Rolling papers made from various materials used to roll joints and cones. [aka: papers, rolling papers]

Party Bowl: A larger packed bowl of cannabis flower that is meant to be passed around a group of 3 or more.

Perc: Short for percolator, this is an addition chamber on a bong that cools the smoke and makes hits more smooth.

Pinner: A skinny joint or cone usually meant only for 1 or 2.

Personal: Originally nugs reserved by dealers for their own personal stash, now refers to anyone’s own cannabis.

Quarter: Common weight to buy of cannabis, refers to a quarter of an ounce. [aka: quad]

Regs: Low grade marijuana. [aka: schwag, reggies, dirt]

Resin: Black, smelly buildup that grows after combusting cannabis. Can only be removed by specialty cleaner or alcohol & rock salt.

Rig: A glass piece that features a nail meant to dab wax, terpenes and concentrates. [aka: dab rig]

Rip: A pull of cannabis smoke from any type of piece or rollie. [aka: hit, pull, toke]

Roach: The end of a joint, blunt or cone that’s too small to smoke.

Roach Clip: A clip that makes it easier to hit a roach without burning our fingers.

Sativa: A type of cannabis that is more psychoactive and tends to create a mental, uplifting effect.

Sesh: The act of smoking or getting lifted.

Snap: A small hit of cannabis meant only for one.

Shatter: Type of wax concentrate that is translucent and stable at room temperature.

Witches Butter from the Bay Area, CA

Steamroller: A glass cannabis piece much like a pipe with a larger chamber resembling the wheel of a steamroller.

Spliff: A cannabis joint or cone rolled with tobacco and cannabis. [aka: spicy]

Tarantula: Rolled cone that is wrapped in wax and then rolled in kief.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Psychoactive cannabinoid found in most smokable flower that is the reason for much of the psychoactive effects.

Tincture: An extraction of cannabis and/or other words that is liquid and taken sub-lingually, made either from glycerin or alcohol.

Topicals: Cannabis extracts that are applied topically through various different platforms. [aka: Balm, Salve, Lotion]

Trichomes: A small growth on cannabis that gives nuggets their sparkle and contains a large portion of the cannabinoids and terpenes. [aka: trichs, crystals]

Trim: The leaf that is trimmed off of nugs to make them more beautiful. This byproduct is often used to make concentrates, topicals and edibles.

Vape: A device that allows us to inhale cannabis vapors without cooking them too hot or burning them, ideal for a patient with poor lung capacity. [aka: vaporizer]

Wax: Concentrated form of cannabis made with butane, nitrogen, C02 and even hair straighteners. Used in dab rigs & vaporizers, wax has a much more highly concentrated cannabinoid and terpene profile; perfect for a high tolerance patient trying to kick opioids. [aka: butter, shatter, oil]

Weed Wedding: A wedding that includes cannabis in some way whether it is a cannabis bar, nug bouquet or marijuana centerpieces.

Weed Weddiquette: Etiquette to follow at a wedding that features cannabis.

Zip: An ounce of cannabis, a reference used by street dealers.

420: A number and date that is celebrated by stoners everywhere. The monicker dates back to the 1970’s but the true origins aren’t fully known.

710: When turned around the date spells out the word OIL, so dabbers have taken it upon themselves to use 710 to reference wax and as a date marked to celebrate.

Weed Weddiquette: Glossary of Stoner Slang A-M

Across the cannabis community it’s understood that there is a bounty of terminology that generally varies just a bit when we travel to a new region. This is the nature of every subculture that has ever existed, we tend to create our own language to not offend the normals that might be listening. With recreational cannabis as a modern reality the subculture has gone mainstream and it’s time for everyone to understand the lexicon of stoners around the nation. We’ve laid out the very basics of the somewhat nuanced cannabis subculture terminology. In the interest of keeping it concise we’ve saved all growing terminology and plant stages for a different list. This should cover smoking and understanding the grades of cannabis.

Weed Etiquette Glossary

Binger: Smoking devices usually made using a chamber, tube, downstem and bowl piece. The flower is put into the bowl piece where it is lit, the smoke from the lit dry flower flows through the downstem into the water where the smoke is cooled and then drawn up using breathe through the tube and into our lungs. New smokers should take small snaps and avoid huge rips from the bowl. [aka: Bong, water pipe]

Blunt: Cigar style rolling papers used to wrap up large quantities of cannabis flower and then smoked. [aka: bleezy, bleez, swisher]

Bowl: Referring to the bowl piece in a bong set up, a bowl can also refer to the flowers residing in the bowl.

Bubble Hash: This form of concentrate is made using bubble bags and other sifting methods to extract trichomes and cannabinoids directly from the dried flower form of the plant. The name is from either the bags used to make it or the bubbles that appear when the hash is heated

Bubbler: A type of glass piece used to smoke that filters the smoke through water but is in 1-2 pieces making it more transportable than a bong. [aka: bubs]

Bud: Colloquial term for the dried cannabis flower that is generally smoked or vaped. [aka: nug, nuggets, flower, ganja, ganj, cheeba, mary jane, mota, pot, weed]

Budtender: The person behind the counter at a dispensary or weed bar that helps us make an educated decision about our pot. [aka: cannabis consultant]

Butane Extraction: When butane is used in an intricate extraction process to remove the plant matter from the trichomes and cannabinoids for an ultra strong product; there are countless names for this so please don’t hesitate to share yours in the comments. [aka: budder, BHO, crumble, dabs, honeycomb, earwax, errl, honey oil, live resin, shatter, wax]

Canna-Couple: A romantic relationship where cannabis is an ever present component.

Cannabidiol (CBD): This is a major phytocannabinoid often used when treating seizures, specifically in children. That is because when isolated from the other cannabinoids CBD has no psychoactive effects and many medical benefits among them being anti-seizure and anti-psychotic.

Cannabinoid: Endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids make up this diverse class of chemical compounds. Endocannabinoids are produced in the bodies of animals, phytocannabinoids are naturally found in plants and synthetic are manufactured artificially. Cannabinoids act on cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) in cells that work on suppressing neurotransmitter release in the brain.

Carb Cap: Made from titanium, glass and ceramics; carb caps create a chamber of the heated nail for the concentrates to vaporize into the dab rig.

Cashed: When the bowl is mostly made of ash and has no value left. [aka: ash, ass]

Concentrate: A term that represents many forms of extractions drawn from the cannabis plant using various methods including cold water, alcohol, butane, C02, etc.

Cone: A UK style joint where the tip is a bit fatter than the base making it conical. 

Cherried: When the bowl has lit into a hot ember and a lighter doesn’t need to be used to hit it.

Dabbing: The act of applying concentrates directly to a heated glass, ceramic or titanium piece that guides the smoek directly to the mouthpiece and into our lungs. It is much more intense of an effect than bud and has become very popular in the community in the last 4 years. [aka: dabs]

Dabber: The tool used to apply the wax to the heated piece. Generally made from titanium or glass, many are decorative. [aka: dab tool]

Decarboxylate: The art of heating cannabis to release the medicating powers in order to use the product in cooking and baking. [aka: decarb]

Dispensary: A place where legal cannabis can be purchased, sometimes recreational sometimes medical; check the state laws before entering. [aka: collective]

Dugout: An old school container that holds a one hitter and some ground up cannabis. Generally made from wood or metal and featuring a slide top.

Edibles: An edible form of cannabis that can last longer and be more intense than smoking. [aka: medibles]

Eighth: One eighth of an ounce and one of the common amounts purchased and priced at dispensaries.

Fatty: A remarkably big joint generally ‘fat’ in stature. [aka: king size]

Fire: Super epic cannabis flower that is great in look, effect and aroma. [aka: Tops, Kind, Private Reserve]

Full Melt: Hash that melts fully when heat is applied, one small step above bubble hash.

Hash Bar: A bowl packed with little quadrants that feature various types of hash so that whoever gets the bong, pipe, bubbler etc. can choose which to hit.

Hash Hat: Press bubble hash into a little coin and place completely over a bowl of flower so that it forms a ‘hat’ over the bowl.

Heady: Generally in reference to extremely expensive and beautiful glass pieces and rigs.

Hybrid: A type of cannabis that sits between Indica and Sativa, great strains to help with adrenal fatigue and anxiety.

Indica: A term coined to represent strains that cause sleep & lethargy as well as pain relief. 

Joint:Rolling papers used to wrap cannabis much like a rollie cigarette but just with pure cannabis. Sometimes keif, hash or wax are added to the inside and outside of joints. Generally the joint is rolled in a completely straight tube and not in a cone. [aka: doobie, marijuana cigarette, J]

Kief: The trichomes that grow form cannabis that fall off when the bud is handled and ground. There are many ways to harvest kief including a tumbler and personal grinder.  [aka: dry sieve hash]

Low Temp Dabbing: A type of dabbing that is more nuanced but tends to deliver a less harsh hit with much better flavor. Carb caps come in handy for low temp dabbing.

Microphone: Holding the joint and talking without passing it. [aka: bogart]

Moon Rocks: A dense bud of cannabis drenched in hash oil and then coated in kief. The most potent form of cannabis available.

Mids: The middle shelf of cannabis, not the best but not schwag.

Cannabis Wedding Advice From The Experts

Cannabis weddings have become a popular trend in recreational states like Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Many couples opt to feature a cannabis bar, add cannabis flowers or fan leaves to their bouquet or headpiece and even feature cannabis leaves on their delicate invitation stationery. The options have become endless for elegant couples looking to host a lavish wedding that just happens to include their favorite plant. Navigating the legal landscape of cannabis intertwined with the stress of wedding planning is only possible with the help of a cannabis event specialist, we asked a few event planners that specialize in cannabis weddings for their tips and tricks for arranging the perfect weed wedding. The common consensus between everyone involved is that a weed wedding becomes even more of a joyous occasion because the plant has a natural ability to bring people together.

Location is Crucial

From state to state cannabis laws vary and that makes finding a cannabis friendly venue the very first step in planning a weed wedding. In Colorado, as long as the venue is cannabis friendly and the guests don’t partake in a public display of getting stoned, the location should be completely safe. When we reached out to Bec Koop, Owner of Cannabis Concierge Events and Buds & Blossoms she was quick to let us in on a mile high wedding favorite when she exclaimed: “We love outdoor mountain weddings!”. But in medical states like California, the current legal climate dictates that most cannabis weddings can only be held at private residences.


We had the opportunity to speak with Vanessa Lynn Pierrard who works as the Marketing Manager and Event Planner for The High Note operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She expresses the difficulties that California canna-couples face when hoping to throw a weed wedding found in recreational states, “While it is legal to consume cannabis with a valid doctor’s recommendation, it is illegal to share and distribute, thus creating challenges for couples who want to have a “weed wedding” like those in Colorado and Washington.” But Californians might not have to wait too long since they will be able to vote on recreational cannabis in less than a month.

Alternative Displays of Cannabis

When most people hear the term weed wedding they almost always imagine a bar of cannabis flowers displayed elegantly with a budtender on hand for direction. While this is certainly a reality there are other ways to include cannabis in a classically styled wedding. Although Pierrard from The High Note previously expressed caution with venue choices in California she added with hope, “Fear not, because any herb loving couple can incorporate cannabis into their wedding through adding cannabis leaves to bouquets, customizing individual smoking accessories, and adding fun weed-themed jewelry.” The elevated event planner also recommends small touches of cannabis throughout the event to be easily seen by those that are already awake to the concept while remaining ‘PC’ to any guests who might not be as cannabis friendly. 
There are so many ways that cannabis and hemp are used in weddings and hemp is a super sustainable plant for the environment. Koop from Cannabis Concierge Events has cultivated a space where a cannabis bride can find almost every cannabis wedding item, listing out “cannabis-infused floral arrangements, connections to hemp/silk wedding dress designers, graphic designers that make hemp paper invitations & party favors like hemp chapstick or pain relief salves” as the ways that she can assist in cannabis related planning in Colorado.

Weed Wediquette

Many couples looking to include cannabis in their wedding may worry what Grandma Dorris may think with ‘the pot heads over there’ sharing her dance floor. Weed Wedding Etiquette, or as we like to say Weed Wediquette, is easily accomplished with careful planning and can ensure the comfort for all of the grannies of the world. At The High Note they accomplish weed wediquette by maintaining a focus on the bride and groom instead of cannabis or smoking. “Weddings are about love and marriage and the main focus should never be about anything other than the couple tying the knot and the celebration of their lives together!” Pierrard goes on, “Making anything other than them the focus will inherently make people uncomfortable.”


Going further Koop suggests separating cannabis from the main party by adding a party bus or smoking patio when she told us, “Setting up a separate area for cannabis consumption to take place; some couples prefer to vaporize only to keep it odorless. Koop also recommends that anyone looking to add cannabis to their nuptials should “provide a lot of educational materials and have a good staff that makes everyone at the event feel 100% comfortable.” Educational materials and a staff that we can rely on will ensure that any guests that might be smoking for the first couple of times doesn’t have a bad experience and ruin the special day.

Both of these prominent event planners agree on one thing, cannabis only adds to the joyous occasion that is a wedding. Koop told us that when cannabis is involved in a wedding the mellow quality of the plant is definitely noticeable, “The entire wedding tends to be more relaxed. Far less drama! No canna-bridezillas yet!”. Pierrard adds that “Cannabis is a natural anxiety & stress reliever and a common side effect is a case of the giggles!” making wedding guests feel more comfortable to get down on it on that dance floor. After all, it’s only fitting that at the union of two families a joint or bowl gets passed around. As Pierrard so eloquently puts it, “No other herb, plant, substance, or single thing on Earth brings a sense of community like sharing a bowl, joint, volcano with friends, strangers, and those odd relatives we all have.”
How would you include the cannabis plant on your special day? Are there ways to practice weediquette that we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

How To Stock A Wedding Cannabis Bar

Throwing the perfect weed wedding requires us to take an artistic approach to how we look at the plant. From the detailed cannabis bouquet and boutonnieres right down to the bachelorette party favors there are tons of ways to include cannabis in our special day. Serving up a full canna-bar at a wedding is an ideal way for a canna-couple to celebrate the big day. But we’re faced with wondering how to budget and even how much to serve, which isn’t hard with the right information. We asked professional budtender Andrew Mieure of Top Shelf Budtending a couple of questions about having a wedding cannabar and learned some insightful industry secrets.

Decide What To Serve

The obvious first thought when stocking a wedding cannabis bar is to have a couple strains of bud available, allowing guests to choose one strain or to combine and make their own hybrids. Outside of traditionally smoked flower, couples can also choose to serve cannabis edibles and concentrates. Top Shelf Budtending makes wicked mock-tail edibles that are completely alcohol free and divinely infused with cannabis. These classy edibles are perfection for a celebratory event like a wedding and drinkable cannabis tends to be a more effective mode of ingestion. We can work directly with Andrew Mieure and his team at Top Shelf Budtending to make specialty mocktails that match our nuptials. He does warn, however, that bringing in edibles and concentrates takes a bit more education and tends to be for a more experienced user.

Assess the Guestlist

Before figuring out how exactly much to serve we must check out the guest list and see the ratio of those who would choose to partake in cannabis and those that would abstain. From there, take a look at those who would want to smoke or eat edibles at the wedding and figure out what kind of tolerance the guests will have. Separate the first timers and the veteran smokers into two groups and then use that count to price out the cannabis bar. This important fact finding mission does make a couple of assumptions about the guest list. First we decided that weddings generally run between 100, 150 and 200 guests, and about ¼-½ of the guests will partake in cannabis. Although this is our we’ve based out our pricing it’s possible that you have a lot less or a lot more guests that are experienced with cannabis so as always weed couple, do you!

Stock The Bar

Creating a safe space for newer cannabis users or even first timers is a wise step because it will  ensure that no guests are lethargic, over served or just straight up passed out next to the dance floor. Avoid all of these issues by hiring a budtender to work the event and ensure that everyone at the wedding is getting just what they needed. Mieure of Top Shelf priced this at about $500 per event but the budtender price can range according to company and location. Aside from informing guests about their strain choices and expected effects they will also ensure that they can assist in dosing with more intense products like concentrates and edibles.
About 0.5-1 gram per guest is an ideal amount to stock for ensuring that the bar won’t go dry, everything depends on the event and how many of the guests will be puffing the entire time as opposed to a joint or toke here and there. For edibles, it’s best to serve about 2.5mg THC for guests new to cannabis and up to 10mg THC for a highly experienced user to prevent all guests from feeling “overserved.”  The state dosage is about 10 mg so this will be the most perfect adjustment for almost any guest.

When planning out the edibles bar we reached out to Colby Hockersmith from High Country Healing in Colorado. Below we’ve used these expert opinions and hashed out exactly how much should be served at a wedding canna-bar. This is under the assumption that about ¼ of the guests will be partaking in cannabis flowers, edibles and concentrates.

For stocking dry flower Miere recommends:

  • 2 ounces for 100 guests
  • 3 ounces for 150 guests
  • 3.5 ounces for 200 guests


When stocking edibles yourself, Hockersmith suggests:

  • 13 100mg packages for 100 consuming guests 
  • 25 100mg packages for 150 consuming guests
  • 50 100mg packages for 200 consuming guests


With the concentrate bar Hockersmith recommends:

  • 13 grams for 100 consuming guests
  • 25 grams for 150 consuming guests
  • 50 grams for 200 consuming guests


What do you think about cannabars coming into the wedding circuit? Would you serve flowers, edibles, concentrates or all of them? I would love to have a budtender at my wedding teaching my friends and family about this magical plant. Let us know if you would dose out your canna-bar differently in the comments!



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Guide for First Time Cannabis Consumers

This article originally appeared on Whaxy.com

Guide for First Time Cannabis Consumers

By Gooey Rabinski – Dec 1, 2015

Cannabis legalization has been sweeping the nation. Lifestyle consumers in four states and the District of Columbia can now, without fear of legal retribution, possess and smoke cannabis. Those who were resolved to purchase the herb in a black market, under prohibition, have been doing so for decades. For others, however, who refused to break the rules by buying from black market dealers, legalization provides a new and legitimate environment for safety purchasing and using high-quality, laboratory tested cannabis and related products.

The two major emerging groups of people legally smoking and vaporizing cannabis are the middle aged and seniors; large numbers of those between 45-85 years of age are experimenting with cannabis. Seniors are often stereotyped as using cannabis as more of a medical therapy to treat a variety of diseases and ailments. However, many middle aged and senior consumers do so for recreational purposes and lifestyle enhancement. This naturally involves the management of anxiety and stress, which any medical professional will agree helps to prevent disease and improve health — a major concern of anyone over 40.

Legality Crushes Cannabis Stigma

Regardless of whether motivated by lifestyle enhancement, self-medication, preventative therapy, or simple curiosity, non-traditional cannabis consumers are emerging in large numbers and infusing billions of dollars into newly legal markets, whether as tourists or residents who are regulars at their local dispensary. Also, legal environments encourage friends, family, and co-workers to share cannabis with one another, acting as agents-of-change and influencers with colleagues and peers who might not be bold enough to voluntarily walk into a dispensary or pack their own bowl.


Full legalization is also helping to remove the stigma from cannabis use that was built by decades of Reefer Madness-style propaganda. Many seniors and patients won’t consider cannabis if it is illegal, even in states that offer robust medical programs. However, following recreational legalization and the slow dissolve of decades-old cannabis stereotypes and misperceptions, many conservative citizens and seniors are becoming more open to the idea of using the herb.

For example, during a conversation with a cannabis business owner in Washington State, the author learned of the entrepreneur’s conservative neighbor, a man in his 60s who had been prescribed Vicodin (hydrocodone/acetaminophen) by his physician for pain management. Unfortunately, this use of Vicodin led to an overdose — along with the obvious panic that befell him and his worried wife. Later, the businessman smelled cannabis from his conservative neighbor’s house. He learned that the overdose scare had prompted this pain patient to discontinue using opiates, replacing them with cannabis.

Basics for Beginners

There are some basic rules for those who have never consumed cannabis. It must be stressed that everyone is different; cannabis will affect everyone differently. The same sample of a particular strain may put one person to sleep while energizing another. Also, some may get very high, while others feel relatively little psychoactive effect after having consumed a similar portion of the same strain. Something called receptor expression means that the number and density of CB1 and CB2 receptors scattered throughout the brain, central nervous system (CNS), and immune system varies between people.

Thus, one person could, theoretically, have twice as many CB1 receptors as another. Because this receptor binds with the THC molecule (the two exhibit something called a high binding affinity), those with a brain or CNS that features greater expression (larger numbers) of CB1 receptors may result in a perception of more potent cannabis and increased euphoria. Also, the endocannabinoid system produces its own cannabinoids, like anandamide, that regulate the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis. Differences in the endocannabinoid system from one person to another may result in sometimes dramatic differences in individual efficacy.


First Time or First Time in Years Guideline

First-time or novice users can avoid undesired side effects of cannabis such as paranoia, couchlock, excessive appetite, and confusion by following some basic rules.

  • First, users shouldn’t ingest edibles for their first cannabis experience. The unpredictability and sometimes amplified potency of cannabis edibles makes them a poor candidate for first timers. Click here to learn more about why edibles are so unpredictable and often extremely potent.
  • Second, cannabis newbies shouldn’t indulge in concentrates like BHO, CO2 oil, rosin, or live resin for their first few experiments with marijuana. First-time consumers should stick to smoking or vaping flowers, and only experiment with more exotic extracts and concentrates after gaining more experience.
  • Third, newbies should ask their budtender for high-quality, mid-potency cannabis. Stick to strains that are tested at 10-15 percent THC — or whatever one’s budtender recommends — for the first few sessions.
  • Fourth, choose a comfortable, relaxing, familiar environment for the first few smoking or vaping sessions. First-time consumers should reflect on their mood, energy level, and general comfort, ensuring that no undue stress or interruptions will taint their entry into the world of cannabis.
  • Fifth, those who dislike smoking or find that they experience excessive coughing should use a vaporizer. Also, only cannabis flowers that have been properly dried (to remove the chlorophyll) and cured should be consumed. Curing is critical for a smooth smoking experience and maximum aroma and flavor. Those who preach the 1970s black market cliche “If you don’t cough, you don’t get off” discount the improvements of well-cured cannabis, displaying the ignorance exhibited by many in prohibitionist states and black markets.

Set and Setting

The effects of cannabis depend on many different factors, including one’s metabolism at the particular time and their overall health, as well as the quality of their sleep. But these are all characteristics of the consumer herself. What about one’s environment? Called set and setting, this is a pivotal factor in how one experiences the psychoactive effect of cannabis and whether it is ultimately a pleasant or regrettable experience.

It is recommended that first-time consumers situate themselves in a familiar, comfortable environment, such as a favorite room or on a sofa at home. Often, cannabis newbies indulge in public settings, such as a downtown club in a remote city or a wedding reception in another state. While this may be a convenient time of celebration where cannabis is purposefully made available, it may not be optimal for an opening session for someone with no experience.


Those in legal states should consult a trained, qualified budtender at a reputable dispensary or retail outlet and follow their advice. Customers shouldn’t be shy and need to clearly and honestly inform their budtender of the effects they are seeking. Often, years of experience and thousands of customers enables a budtender to provide sound advice and an obvious first-hand familiarity with all of the strains sold at his or her particular dispensary. Part of a budtender’s job is being intimately familiar with the varieties and products available at their location and the effects that they have on a wide variety of patients and customers.

What Effect?

Those in legal states, where safe access to cannabis flowers and products is available, enjoy a luxury that almost no one on the black market experiences: The ability to choose between sativa or indica and a selection of strains, many with detailed laboratory reports indicating the exact percentages of major cannabinoids and terpenes, including tests for pesticides and other contaminants.

Those pursuing an energizing, cerebral high should seek out sativa strains, while people who want to deal with pain and gain the ultimate in relaxation should consider an indica (also great for the millions of American who suffer insomnia). Indica strains sometimes deliver the infamous couchlock and intense munchies (good for those undergoing chemotherapy who experience nausea and appetite loss). Recreational consumers, especially those with busy lifestyles and family responsibilities, often prefer hybrid strains that deliver more sativa characteristics than indica.

The benefits of hybrids of all varieties include helping prevent the paranoia and confusion that can result from a potent sativa — while avoiding the couchlock and sedative effects of strong indicas. Hybrids, often bred from indica and sativa strains, theoretically offer the best of both of their genetic parents, buffering many of the polarizing side effects experienced with their sativa-dom or indica-dom cousins.

Employ the Edibles Mantra

Experienced cannabis smokers and vapers know that, when it comes to edibles, the rule is start low, go slow. For one’s first few times smoking or vaporizing cannabis, the same advice should be observed. Cannabis smoke or vapor first enters a user’s lungs, where it is delivered to the heart, which pumps it directly to the brain. The time from initial toke to perceived onset is about 2.5 minutes. Thus, patients and lifestyle users can conveniently smoke a small sample of mid-potency cannabis and wait a few minutes to gauge the effect.


If, after a few minutes, a first-time user feels little or nothing, they can easily and quickly smoke or vape more — avoiding the risk of getting too high or experiencing negative side effects. This process is called titration and is simply dosing one’s medicine or euphoriant in an effort to dial it in to achieve the desired effect — but not to overdo it and get spun out. If this happens, click here to learn how to mitigate a high that has gone off the tracks with simple household items like black pepper and oranges.

Those blessed with safe, legal access to cannabis medicine and related products should celebrate by visiting their local dispensary and having a detailed consultation with a senior budtender to ensure that the most appropriate cannabis medicine or recreational flowers are purchased and used properly. If the few basic rules provided in this article are followed, users should enjoy their first cannabis experience. Hopefully it will be filled with wonder and relaxation and be the first of thousands of healthy smoking or vaping sessions, helping people of all ages enjoy more content, productive lifestyles while decreasing their use of alcohol and prescription opiates.

Budgeting the Wedding Canna-Bar vs. Alcohol Bar

Calculating the cost of alcohol for a wedding has been brought down to a science because there aren’t many things that will make a guest unhappy like an emptied bar. But now, as high end weddings are colliding with medical and recreational cannabis, there are new precedents for what a full bar entails. When guests are cannabis smokers in a recreational state it’s a necessity to provide an upscale cannabar alongside the traditional alcohol bar.


A Cannabis Bar?

The wedding industry has already begun to adapt to recreational cannabis offering various cannabis friendly cannabis venues, limo services and even budtending and catering. A cannabis bar features an array of different types of flower either raw or rolled into joints, wax for dabs and edibles for those who choose to ingest instead of inhale.
A smart cannabis couple will layer their canna-bar starting with a both light 60% Sativa or 60% Indica hybrids of canna flower and small dosed amuse bouche edibles, around 10 mg per portion. Mocktails made with cannabis infusions are also a supremely novel idea both for before and dinner. After eating the main course, dessert type edibles can be served alongside dabs for those that partake. Layering a cannabis bar in this fashion will ensure that the party keeps moving and the guests aren’t napping while the bouquet is thrown.

Wedding Alcohol Calculator

There are a bounty of websites that offer wedding alcohol calculators letting a bride input the total number of beer drinkers, wine drinkers and alcohol drinkers into a data field which will calculate the basic price of the bar. We used this wedding alcohol calculator for a basic idea of what a wedding bar costs judged as if there are an equal number of beer, wine and liquor drinkers each having 4 drinks. With these metrics a small 100 person wedding would cost around $325, a medium 200 person wedding would be about $650 and a large 300 person wedding bar would cost around $1215. This is for basic cost spirits, for the top shelf alcohol and wine this price will only increase.


Canna-Bar Wedding Prices

Many high end travelling consulting companies like Top Shelf Budtending out of Colorado consult with guests on which strains will work for each specific person. They are a fantastic safety net for the canna-couple so they won’t have to worry about guests getting too stoned to party. The majority of a bill at a canna-bar mostly goes to the budtending service which costs about $500 per event. The skills of a bartender at a wedding aren’t imperative but with budtending, one wrong edible or strain can make a guest have a horrible time. Not only will a budtender protect patrons from being over served they can also help keep the event classy and non offensive to cannabis conservatives.


About half a gram per guest is the best way to calculate how much cannabis will be needed at a wedding. Based off of the knowledge of professional budtender Andrew Mieure from Top Shelf Budtending prices can vary between $200 and $500 depending on the addition of wax and edibles. According to his estimations with a price base of about $150 per recreational ounce of cannabis, a wedding with:

-100 guests would cost around $800

-150 guests about $950

-200 guests about $1025

When it comes to edibles Colby Hockersmith from High Country Healing weighed in on what to expect to lay down financially. Top Shelf Budtending also offers edibles but those are priced based on what each individual couple would want. If we’re planning to serve pre packaged edibles Hockersmith advises that we assume 1 100mg edible to split between 2 people. This prices are as follows based on an average retail price of about $30 per 100mg edible.

25 = 13 packages = 1,300mg = $325 – $390

-50 = 25 packages = 2,500mg = $625 – $750

-100 = 50 packages = 5,000mg = $1250 – $1,500


Concentrates aren’t something that everybody at a wedding would be interested in but for the more experienced connoisseur. Hockersmith also assessed what a wedding budget would look like with wax based upon the idea that each person is going to dab about half a gram. This is the maximum that someone would want to dab at a wedding, but these prices are based there with about $45-100 per gram.

-25 = 13 grams = $585 – $1,300

-50 = 25 grams = $1,125 – $2,500

-100 = 50 grams = $2,250 – $5,000


The cost of a cannabis bar at a wedding is minutely lower than an alcohol bar if we’re only going to stock it with flower. When edibles get involved, the price of the canna-bar is about equal to an alcohol bar with stock liquor, beer and wine. Everything changes, though, when wax gets involved. Adding wax to a cannabis bar is almost like adding top shelf liquor to an alcohol bar.



Marie Veksler of Whaxy.com, the cannabis news and strain resource shared her top strain recommendations for a wedding canna-bar with Love and Marij.  All photos are from Whaxy.com.  Here are her top strains in no particular order.

Can’t make up your mind?  Jake Browne, cannabis connoisseur and pot critic for the Denver Post’s “The Cannabist” recommends a “three strain combination that is perfect for parties” for those who find it difficult to choose.

Jake’s magical combo?  BLUE DREAMGREEN CRACK and GRAPE APE.  His reasoning is in the descriptions below:


Island Sweet Skunk


Both experienced and novice cannabis consuming wedding guests will be enticed by the sweet, fruity and slightly skunky scent of Island Sweet Skunk. Often testing higher than most in Cannabidiol (CBD), ISS is the ideal pre-vows strain, leaving guests relaxed and loose without lessening the ability to focus or socialize.

Durban Poison


Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace strain that will leave guests or the bride and groom alert, energetic and ready to party.   Learn more about what to expect when consuming this popular sativa.



Earning notoriety as a “high CBD” strain for having a 5:2 ratio of cannabidiol (CBD) to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive effects of Harlequin are mild compared to other strains because CBD buffers the potency of the THC. Like training wheels on a bicycle, Harlequin is perfect to have on hand for the novice and first time consumers at the wedding. The higher levels of CBD in this strain will eliminate the risk of developing paranoia or anxiety that some users face the first tim while also relieving the aches and pains of guests who have traveled a long distance or twerked too hard on the dance floor.

Kali Mist


Often praised for helping to inspire creativity and a happy state of mind, fruity Kali Mist flowers may provide the perfect mix of relaxation and focus that the bride and groom need before they say “I do.” Guests will also be impressed with the beautiful pink and purple hues splashed between the bright green leaves and orange trichomes.

Strawberry Cough


This fruity sativa, Strawberry Cough, would make a great addition to any cannabar because its the perfect combination of mental relaxation and energetic focus, helping guests feel good about dancing like no one is watching.



Sweet, tropical fruit scented Maui Waui flowers are a great option for a wedding where smoking is favored because guests won’t have to fear coughing much when exhaling. The mood-boosting and energizing effects may also inspire friendship between guests who have just met.


Green Crack


According to Jake Browne, it’s “The ultimate conversation piece that truly does give a ton of energy to those who might be exhausted from travel or just being at a wedding. The fruity flavor is just a bonus.”

Blue Dream


Jake suggests it’s “Ideal for guests who might need a little help getting on the dance floor, as its a body moving hybrid that is great for mood elevation!”

Cinderella 99


As an energizing, stress relieving, promoter of happiness, sweet and citrus scented Cinderella 99 (Cindy 99) is a strain that could be enjoyed before, during and/or after the wedding. Demonstrating mostly motivating and euphoric effects, Cinderella 99 may be able to rejuvenate sluggish guests near the end of the night.

Jilly Bean


Suitable for novice users, its more than the sweet, citrus scent that of Jilly Bean that may increase the reach of your soul-shine rays. While Jilly Bean effects start with an immediate rush of cerebral euphoria and relaxation, while the body tingling sensations creep in over time.

NYC Diesel


A Happy-go-lucky, ideal strain to offer at weddings because it is suitable for cannabis consumers of all levels of experience.  Promoting happiness and talkativeness in social settings, makes NYCD a great option for events, especially weddings because it may also enhance feelings of arousal.


XJ 13

The almost mentholated, spiciness experienced in the back of the throat upon exhalation of XJ 13, alone, is noteworthy, but it’s ability to increase a person’s ability to spark conversations with strangers landed it a spot on the list for Best Strains to Offer at Weddings. Pair the clear-headed creativity with intense body relaxation and tingling sensations, and you get a strain that is suitable for novice and cannabis-experienced guests.


Bubba Kush


Likely to encourage a positive outlook and a case of the giggles, Bubba Kush and the slightly more difficult to find Pre ’98 Bubba Kush are great strains for clear-headed relaxation and intense body tingling sensations. The Bubbas may be best delivered in smaller quantities in order to avoid being too tired to get out of your chair when its time to teach ’em how to dougie.

Grand Daddy Purple


One of the most recognized strains in the world for good reason. Guests can anticipate feeling happy, uplifted and relaxed almost instantly without being sedated. Plus, the resinous flowers spotted with dark purple leaves will pique the curiosity of guests, encouraging them to ask questions.



In small doses, award-winningBlueberry can be energizing and encourage socializing, but it can also ease end of the night tension with waves of weightless relaxation throughout the body. Often reported to enhance feelings of arousal, these sweet scented flowers may be best reserved for the newlyweds’ nightcap.

Northern Lights


Often recommended for the treatment of pain, insomniadepression and appetite loss, Northern Lights is the perfect compliment to the wind-down portion of the evening, allowing newlyweds and guests alike to drift attention away from sore muscles, aching feet, and dance floor fails.

Critical Mass


As a powerful indica strain, Critical Mass is great for the nervous bride and groom or an anxiety ridden guest. Often testing high in both THC and CBD, Critical Mass is best consumed in small quantities (one to two hits maximum) at social functions in order to avoid lethargy and drowsiness. In small quantities, Critical Mass can free the mind from overthinking by relaxing the body with tingling sensations through the arms and legs.



The ultimate strain for anyone who prefers a powerful body high with very little cerebral euphoria. While it may uplift your mood, G13 allows for intense relaxation and lightness of the limbs without clouding thoughts or making it difficult to focus. G13 is also ideal for pre-meal consumption, as it may increase the appetite and enhance the taste of food even more so than all other strains.

Grape Ape


According to Jake Browne, it’s “Perfect for the end of the night. The robust grape candy notes taste great and it provides a deep body stone without too much couchlock. Its also great for hangovers!”

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Why You Should Have a Cannabar at your Wedding, Even if You Don't Smoke


In the wedding business, cannabis is becoming the new champagne!  Whether or not you personally enjoy marijuana, here are some reasons why you should consider having a canna-bar in addition to your open bar!

Photo by Lollylah Wedding Photography


We’ve all witnessed the receptions where guests have taken one-too-many drinks and have become rowdy and reckless.  In minutes, your super expensive venue becomes a circus where Aunt Betty has spilled her glass of red wine or dropped her glass on the dance floor, two of your groomsmen are in the middle of an escalating discussion and two of your bridesmaids who have been drinking all day are missing out on the cake cutting because one is puking and the other is holding her hair back. Although marijuana has different effects for different people, the majority of consumers experience euphoria, the giggles, and the munchies; they might even give your guests the confidence to bust out the old Saturday Night Fever dance moves.


Chances are that even if you don’t smoke, you know that some of your guests do!  The same way venues include a “smoking section” for tobacco and set up bars for people who drink, if cannabis is legal in your state, there’s nothing holding you back from hosting a canna-bar for guests who choose cannabis!  Help all of your ganja loving guests – many who have spent a lot of money on travel and hotels to celebrate your special day with you – feel special by not making them leave the party to smoke in secrecy.  


Cannabis has the ability to take your mind off of your anxieties and help clear your head, allowing you to be in the moment to savor the sweetness of your ceremony and dinner speeches.  While the “Just Say No” campaign often depicted stoners as loners, that propaganda is far from the truth.  Many strains of cannabis have the ability to trigger highly social behavior and intellectually deepen conversations, making it the perfect way to add meaning to your special day!



Let’s face it, you’ve probably spent a LOT of time (and money) planning your menu, floral arrangements, place card settings, napkin colors, uplighting design and the overall look of your venue.  The more alcohol your guests drink, the less they will appreciate all of your hard work.  Cannabis, on the other hand, can allow your guests to heighten their senses and fully take in the beauty of what you’ve planned.  Including cannabis brings an increased chance that guests will savor their dinner, enjoy the music and appreciate the artful decorations you’ve prepared!



The more weddings you go to, the more they all start to blend together.  If you’re wondering what you can do to set yourself apart, a legal canna-bar might just be the solution!  Whether or not your guests choose to indulge, it’s a GREAT photo opportunity and something they will excitedly tell others about!   After all of your hard work and planning, why not be “that wedding” that gets talked about for years!

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How Marijuana Can Help Your Wedding Day - Blazing Brides and Grooms

Picture your wedding day; your tie is tied or your dress is zipped, the venue is decorated in celebration of YOU.  There’s a constant buzz of excitement.  In no time, guests from all over the country will be arriving to watch you walk down the aisle and you can use a quick something to quell your newlywed nerves.  If alcohol is known to make you antsy, cannabis could be the calm you’re looking for!  There are hundreds of details to plan for your wedding, but don’t forget the one it might top off your day! In marijuana-friendly states, many couples are opting to skip the sip of champagne add a little herb.

Photo by Lollylah Wedding Photography



On your wedding day you’ll probably feel a variety of emotions and you don’t want the jitters to prevent you from enjoying the moment.  The last thing you need is to worry about the flower arrangements, the last-minute table change request from your cousin, or your mother’s anxiety rubbing off on you (maybe you can pass the joint to your mom too)!  Cannabis high in CBD is linked with decreasing anxiety.

Photo by: Chris Lane


One of the most common responses from couples on their wedding day is that the experience flies by too quickly.  When enjoyed in moderation, enjoying cannabis with LOW amounts of THC is a way for canna-couples to slow the night down and take in the magnitude of the moment.   After all, you work so hard for so long in preparing for the event the last thing you want is to not experience the fruition of your wonderful event because you’re too worried about what’s next.  Many of you may argue that you want be sober to remember every detail of the day, but do plan on drinking at the reception.  If you recall back to your college days, most people find it easier to remember experiences where they were high better than when they were drunk.  So, get back into your bridal suite and pass the grass with your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Photo by Lollylah Wedding Photography


Do you remember taking nature walks as a kid?  The way you looked at all the details of the back of the leaves or seeing each petal on the daisy.  Your wedding could be just like that!  Some strains of cannabis can intensify your sense observations.  Imagine being able to savor the taste of what may be the most expensive dinner you’ll ever have, enjoy the melody of your music and notice the delicately crafted icing on your wedding cake.  In some instances being high enables you see things clearer, feel emotions deeper.  What better way to celebrate a day of love?

Photo via The Herbal Chef


When it comes to planning your wedding, unless your dad is Warren Buffett, you’re probably working on some sort of budget.  If you need to cut corners or take off a few items from your wish-list, a better financial option might be weed over alcohol. Open bars can be pricey; based on the amount of guests and their drinking preferences.  Depending on where you live, serving marijuana at a canna-bar may actually be cheaper than supplying alcohol.  If you don’t want to choose one over the other, split the difference!  Just be sure to consult with your wedding planner to be compliant with state regulations.


Your wedding day is all about openly declaring your love, so don’t closet your love for cannabis!  As the bride and groom, you can do no wrong that day, so play that card to your advantage.  Everyone has gathered in support of you so there’s no need to be secretive about your parter or your legal cannabis use anymore!   You may have noticed that once you got engaged, certain people in your life started opening up to you with shocking stories about love, marriage and the art of co-existence.  Once you’re out of the cannabis closet, be prepared to be shocked and pleasantly surprised by the guests who open up about their passion for the plant!  Guests you never imagined may want to join you in a smoke session; even grandma may want to join!  Weddings celebrate two people in love, families coming together and what better way than to puff, pass and party?

Photo by Ali V Wedding Photography

Article by Holly Williams

Holly Williams is a freelance writer and classic film enthusiast. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University. She enjoys writing screenplays, hiking, cooking, acting, and listening to pop and 70’s classic rock music . New to the weed world, one of Holly’s favorite experiences was a well baked cookie that inspired many “note to self”s including this reminder: to write Sir Paul McCartney a Thank You note…she’s also a fan of those. Follow her on Twitter @HollaWilliams and keep an eye out for her site Pixie Chick Productions.

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How to Tell Your Family You're Having a Weed Wedding

With cannabis becoming legal in more and more territories, couples are starting to throw extravagant weddings that include both open bars AND cannabis bars!  “The ultimate turn up” as the young kids say.  Imagine sharing your signature strain along with your signature drink at your wedding!  That sounds like the best wedding ever. But while you’re dreaming up this very modern affair, you regretfully remember your conservative cousins and your parents that “Just Say No.”  Cringe.

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough without bringing pot to the party, but reefer is an important part of your romance and you don’t want to closet your legal right to celebrate with cannabis.  Is a this battle worth fighting? What do you do?  To quote rap legends, the Beastie Boys, “You got to fight for your right to party.”

To help walk you through how to warm your family up to a marijuana matrimony, we’ve called in relationship expert Molly Peckler from the cannabis relationship-coaching firm, Highly Devoted!




Knowledge is power! Remember those research papers you did in college that caused many an all nighter? Well, we’re going to use those researching skills to help back up your position on why having marijuana at your wedding is totally acceptable.  Here are few ideas of what to include:

·      Share with them the number of states and countries that are changing their laws on cannabis.

·      Tell them about the 50 Most Influential Pot Smokers to show them how casual use of marijuana, like casual use of alcohol is nothing to be feared. Steve Jobs smoked pot and look what happened there.

·      Share that according to the latest research, marijuana is a lot safer than we previously thought.

·      U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says alcohol kills more people than cannabis does.  Maybe you should rethink the open bar instead…

·      Tell them how cannabis has saved lives of small children with diseases like epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

·      Cannabis has also done wonders for the emotional improvement of cancer patients. It’s the one two punch of emotional guilt.

There is so much information to give your parents if they are ever skeptical of the wonders of weed. Isn’t the Internet awesome?



You laid down the logistical argument of being pro-marijuana. Now hit them with the emotional argument.  Let your family know HOW and WHY cannabis is a symbol of your relationship.  Speaking from your heart and sharing how cannabis helped you find love is a great to help the naysayers become a part of your journey.  Try and compare your use of cannabis to how others recreate with alcohol.  After all, how many wedding speeches start off with “So we were at this bar…?”



For the more daring of couples, Molly suggests asking your family if they would like a smoke session to break the ice about having a weed wedding. Your family might look at you crazy and that is totes a normal reaction. But they might take you by surprise with how open they can be.  Maybe your dad can tell you about that time he smoked at a Grateful Dead concert and thought Jerry Garcia was Jesus.

There is no harm in just asking!



Now that mom and dad have loosened up to the idea of weed wedding, what about everyone else?  For this, we go back to Molly.


Should you tell your guests?  Molly, should we tell grandma?

“Honesty is always the best policy, so let your guests know about the weed wedding ahead of time. You don’t need to spell it out on your wedding invitation, but make sure to spread the word to all of your guests, including grandma. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to shatter outdated stoner stereotypes and start a more open, honest dialog about cannabis.

Maybe you’ll be lucky and have a former hippie grandmother who used to smoke with the Grateful Dead and think a weed wedding is very cool. Not only would that be absolutely amazing, but it will also bring your family closer together.

Remember your wedding should be a shared experience of love. No one should show up to your wedding holding a grudge and resentment. Making sure no one is surprised about your weed lifestyle may save you from a lot of frustration later on.”

Check back next Wednesday for ideas on how to inform the masses about your weed wedding!



Okay, you laid down the facts, but mom and dad are still wagging their fingers. They’re paying for the wedding and just can’t get behind a cannabis bar.  Bummer L. HELP US Molly!!

Molly, what should the good people do if mom and dad are being just really uncool?

“Stay calm and clearly explain why you want to have a weed wedding, as well as the legality of the event.  If your family still disagrees, offer to pay for the weed-related aspects of the wedding. If you’re still getting push-back and you don’t want to rock the boat, plan a weed wedding after party.”

Thanks Molly!  Work with your parents because a compromise might save your wedding day. A weed after party would be cool.  Try to hire Snoop Dogg as your DJ and then everyone would want to partake in the fun. Can I come to that party?

You can also choose to have fun with cannabis at your bachelor or bachelorette party!  There are a growing number of event planners who are current on ever-changing state laws that would love to share their passion and help your plan your posh pot party!


According to Molly, “Your wedding day is about sharing a special moment with your friends and family. You want everyone to feel the same joy you have.”  Lest us not forget friends, it’s your wedding.  “If having a weed wedding is important to you and your fiancé, then do what makes you happy,”  Molly stresses.  Just remember, It’s your day and your life together.  You don’t want to start the rest of your lives together regretting a decision made just to appease your family. “Do what you need to do to make sure you have the best day possible!”  To live by the words of Audrey Hepburn, “Be happy, that’s all that matters!”

Article By: Katherine Chung @katchung92

Katherine is a freelancer hailing from the great NYC. She graduated from Temple University with a BA in Media Production and her first love is television. Katherine’s other loves include eating, Francis Ford Coppola films, and collecting vinyl records.

Do you have tips for coming out to your family about your cannabis use?  Tell us in the comments below!

Serving Edibles at your Wedding

The idea of a THC infused wedding cake has many layers!  Serving edibles at your reception or bachelor or bachelorette party is a quick and easy way to provide a sweet, discreet, THC infused treat, but just like learning your tolerance for alcohol, to have a good time, it’s imperative that all guests consume the right amount.

The legal marijuana revolution has brought forth a new wave of unprecedented potent edibles; MUCH stronger than what you may have tried back home.

To ensure a good time, here are some tips on hosts can control the use of edibles at a party; maximize the enjoyment of their guests.

That’s where this guy comes in; Meet Bob Eschino, the President & Co-Founder of INCREDIBLES, Colorado’s largest infused edibles manufacturer.

Here’s what he had to say:

Love and Marij:  What advice would you give to people who want to try edibles for the first time at a party?

Incredibles:  Start low and go slow.  No one wants to be the “wasted” person at the party.  Unless you know your dosage, start with 3-5 mg of activated THC [or less] and wait for 2 full hours to feel the effects.  Please don’t mix with other substances!

Love and Marij: For brides and grooms choosing what edibles to serve, what would you recommend they look for in an edible?

Incredibles: Weddings are a special occasion, so look for something special!!  I would recommend taking an existing edible and incorporating it into a different dessert. We just saw a recipe for our 3mg Cookies and Cream square in a smores!!  Awesome idea and a great dosage for a party!

Love and MariJ: Is there a way to control the way you feel with the type of marijuana you buy? 

Incredibles: Yes, but when you put them into an edible there is a different effect. Cannabis is processed differently through the liver.  It becomes a little more intense and lasts longer.

Love& Marij: How would you recommend that the bride & groom or party thrower serve the edibles?  

Incredibles: I would recommend putting someone in charge of distributing them, similar to the budtender. They can keep it out of the hands of children and educate the users when they give them the edible on proper consumption and wait times.

Love and Marij: If you don't want the side effects of your guests to kick in until the after party, when should you consume the edible?

Incredibles: Most edibles will start to kick in in 30-60 minutes, but you will not feel the full effect until around 2 hours!!

Guest Guide to Your First Weed Wedding



People have celebrated at weddings with cannabis for thousands of years.  Anything described as “light hearted, joyful, and inspirational spiritually to the mind and body” would be an excellent addition to any wedding. We’ve all been to weddings where pot has been present, but it’s finally coming out of the shadows in the form of weed weddings.

Cannabis is now legal for all adults over 21 in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. Many more states will be following suit in the next few years, so don’t be surprised if you receive a letterpress hemp invite to a full-fledged weed wedding.

There’s no need to feel intimidated at a weed wedding, even if you’ve never touched marijuana in your life. This wonderful plant is a lot less scary than it sounds, and besides its endless medical applications, cannabis is regarded by some as a superfood when juiced.

Think of cannabis as a different type of cocktail. If you’re going to imbibe, take it easy with the actual booze, or skip it entirely. The more you know about exactly what you’re consuming, the better, and here are 7 things to keep in mind before your next weed wedding.



1. Read up on the Local Cannabis Laws of the Wedding Locale

Traveling with pot is incredibly risky, especially when flying, so leave the procurement up to the bride and groom. Unabashed weed weddings held in states with adult use laws are completely different than stealthily passing a vape pen around your table during the best man’s speech. Prepare yourself for the festivities by doing some quick due diligence on sites like Marijuana Business DailyLeafly and NORML.

2. Understand Why Weed Weddings Make Perfect Sense

When consumed responsibly, cannabis adds a welcoming, social, happy energy to any gathering, especially a celebratory event like a wedding. Last year, the New York Times published an article on the emergence of weed weddings and Dale Dyke from Get High Getaways was interviewed about a weed wedding he had hosted at his bed and breakfast. “Marijuana intoxication is full of positive emotion. People feel love and connection. Every single person cried at the wedding.”

3. Take it Slow and Leave Edibles to the Pros

Chances are, you’ll probably have a cocktail or two at the wedding, especially if there’s going to be an open bar. Everyone responds differently to mixing alcohol and pot, so know your limits and always err on the side of caution.

Edibles can be fun, but their potency won’t always be listed, and they can take up to two hours to kick in after eating. Edibles also tend to give you a major body buzz, and that can interfere with tearing it up on the dancefloor if taken too early.  (Learn more here.)

 4. Don’t Ignore the Little Details

Cannabis enthusiasts can express their love of weed in many creative ways during their wedding celebrations. Hemp can be utilized in anything from bridesmaid dresses to table linens. Look closely at the floral arrangements and boutonnieres, and you might find cannabis leaves and buds. Don’t forget the gift bag, because you could be accidentally tossing wax, edibles or a joint.

5. Keep Your Eyes and Nose Open

Cocktail hour is always one of the most fun parts of a wedding, and if you’re like me, you always keep track of the servers passing around hors d’oeuvres because you don’t want to miss out on the best food. In addition to veggie eggrolls and mini grilled cheese sandwiches, your next weed wedding might include a server passing around a platter of pre-rolled joints.

Don’t be surprised if you smell that familiar, skunky smell at your table while you’re eating your salad course. Smoking and vaping is an easy way to bond with new people or old friends, so don’t turn down the vaporizer when your neighbor hands it to you.

6. Stick to Strains that Will Keep You On the Dancefloor

A full dancefloor is a sign of a great wedding, and every bride and groom want to see just how much fun their guests are having. Do the happy couple a favor and pick sativa or sativa-dominant strains if you have a choice. Steer clear of strains that will melt you into the couch, and go for something energizing and uplifting.

7. Don’t Let the Munchies Hold You Back

All weddings are different, but there are usually lots of tasty things to eat throughout the cocktail hour and reception. Cannabis can stimulate your appetite, so pay attention to what you’re eating. Dancing and partying is not as much fun when you feel like you’re nine months pregnant with a food baby.

Feel the Love

Now that you understand why weed weddings are the perfect way to celebrate the love of two people, you won’t sweat when you find out about attending your next cannabis fueled nuptials. The addition of marijuana to a wedding will create unique memories for everyone involved.

Have you ever attended a weed wedding? We would love to hear about your personal experience!  Share your experience with us!  Do you have specific questions about weed wedding etiquette? Tweet me @MollyPeckler and I’ll try and answer your question in my next blog.

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