According to cannabis relationship expert Molly Peckler, whose Highly Devoted dating services were recently featured in Vice, “Everyone deserves some good lovin’!  Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a stoner, there are some tremendous upsides to combining sex and cannabis that might be worth giving the plant a try!

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You may have read about Foria, the all-natural THC and coconut based sex oil that can heighten female arousal and intensify natural euphoric pleasure in women in California and Colorado (the only two states where it’s legally distributed for the time being.)

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For the rest of the world, regular old fashioned cannabis can still do a lot for enhancing pleasure!  According to Molly, one of the top benefits of using cannabis is heightened sensitivity throughout the entire body. “As long as you’ve got some experience between the sheets, that sensitivity boost can turn into a major advantage.”

For first timers, she recommends starting slow with a small dosage. Familiarize yourself with your chosen strain and method of consumption.  Molly suggests finding a strain that peps you up and makes you feel euphoric.

Sexxpot, sold in California only, is a low-THC strain that distributor Karyn Wagner, founder of Paradigm Medical Marijuana, started selling after reportedly having “perfect” sex with her partner while high on this strain (a derivative of Mr. Nice.)  According to Wagner, the 14% THC – as opposed to the 18-20% that’s typically desired – was the perfect amount to put her in a “sensual” headspace without feeling too high to perform.

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According to Molly, the right strain of cannabis can have the effect of quieting your mind and reducing anxiety. If a lack of focus or confidence is hampering your sexual enjoyment, marijuana could be the aphrodisiac you’ve been searching for.

When couples use cannabis together, they’re sharing a whole new thread of warmth and affinity. Marijuana has the tendency to connect people, so combining that with physical intimacy can allow for a deeper bond to form.

For more reasons why trying sex on cannabis could be a worthwhile adventure, check out Molly’s video below:

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