Helping Hands Herbals



Helping Hands Herbals is one of the leading dispensaries in Boulder, Colorado. We're located in the heart of downtown, right on Pearl St. We also sell marijuana seeds to Recreational and Medical customers.

Whether you are a medical cannabis patient or a "recreational" user, Helping Hands provides an extensive menu that includes over 65 strains, an amazing selection of edibles and a wide variety of marijuana concentrates including shatter, earwax, honey oil, budder, and flake and solventless hash. Even better, many of our concentrates are made with our own naturally-grown buds and shake.

The key to our success is our "customer first" approach: insuring you have access to high-quality, affordable cannabis while providing outstanding customer service.

We have a deep reservoir of both unique and popular genetics, allowing us to create strains that you'll only find at our shop, including the potent Gupta Kush, the sweet Pranayama Kush and the crystal-covered hybrid Silverback, while also producing delicious favorites like Flo, Golden Goat, Blue Dream and Island Sweet Skunk.

Our medical shop offers our patients great dispensary deals every day of the week, insuring they can try and explore a something new every day while saving some cash. For example, Medible Monday saves you 20% off infused edibles, Vape Tuesday gets you great deals on Hash Pens and cartridges like the O-pen Vape and Rempen, and Hash Wednesday is an amazing day to explore shatter, wax, hash and concentrates at great discounts. And Thursday thru Sunday celebrate our diversity of strains, be they Sativa, Indica or Hawai'ian.

We love what we do, and insure every customer is treated with kindness and respect, We especially welcome those who are new to marijuana wish to learn more about their options in a cool, welcoming and inclusive environment.

We're also lots of fun and aren't shy to promote the fact that we've been ranked Best Dispensary in Boulder for 2013 and 2014! And now that we have opened up our Recreational Dispensary we're thrilled to be welcoming marijuana enthusiasts and curiosity seekers from around the world!

See you soon!