DIY is going Digital!

ExtractCraft just announced a new product called the Source that is revolutionizing what it means to be a local artisan. The Source is a simple and chic kitchen appliance that will allow you to extract essential oils from any botanical in your home in two hours or less!  Best of all, you can monitor the progress of your extraction via a Bluetooth phone app.


If you’re looking to create mass personalized goods, revolutionize your Etsy business, add a personal touch to an event you’re hosting or just enjoy the art of experimentation, the Source intends on giving you the tools you need to safely and easily prepare the following in your own home:

● Craft Cocktails and Beer

● Gourmet Foods

● Homeopathic & Medicinal Recipes

● Aromatherapy Oils

Lee Sutherland, who invented the Source and is the co-founder of ExtractCraft, says aside from the medicinal value, ‘foodies’ can produce aromatic flavors for cooking gourmet dishes.

So, create your own rosemary soaps, sage candles and lavender lemonades!

SOURCE lavander lemonade

According to the press release, “The Source is a convenient and safe way to make herbal extractions easily, reliably, and efficiently in your own kitchen at the touch of a button.  Pick an herb from your garden and explore new culinary creations and aromas.”  While the idea of homemade herbal oils and artisan craft brews is enough to get excited about, so long as you you are compliant with your state and local laws, it seems as if technology of the Source will also allow for you to create your own herbal cannabis extractions!

Craft Brewers Source Home Extraction


While data has yet to be released on in-home cannabis extraction via the Source, we can’t make a recommendation based on practice, but we can conceptualize.  By concept, it does seem like a much safer alternative to in home butane extractions.  While letting certified professionals extract cannabis from the safety of their state-regulated facilities is the safest possible extraction method, if you’re going to be exercising your legal right to extract from home, the Source does appear to be a much safer way to conduct in-home extractions over butane and looks poised to be the safest in-home extraction method on the market.  While there are many warnings that come with in-home cannabis extractions on the recreational front, the medicinal upside of what the Source can potentially offer to patients seems groundbreaking!

For those that are legally able to try in home cannabis extractions, we stress that safety and responsibility are paramount.  Even if your local laws allow for in home cannabis extraction, families with small children should not extract cannabis with children present and should absolutely take the same safety precautions as they would with in-home alcohol extractions.  It’s imperative to understand the science of how much CBD, THC and other cannabinoids have been extracted into the oil you’ve created and the proper dosing size to give yourself when consuming.  Unlike knowing when you’ve had too much alcohol, the psychoactive effects of cannabis can take up to two hours to kick in, making it very easy for inexperienced uses to over-consume.  Knowing your serving size is essential to being able to enjoy your cannabis experience and in most instances, less is more!


The process is simple:

1. Choose your botanical and prepare it for the Source (chopping, stripping, etc).

2. The botanical is mixed with the alcohol.

3. The mix is strained into the Source.

4. The Source is activated and the extracted essential oil, free of solvents, is collected in a center container, while the alcohol is accumulated for reuse.

Extractions typically take 1 to 2 hours and there’s no to low odor due to the fully ­enclosed system.  A bluetooth connection allows iOS or Android mobile users to access the appliance and monitor and adjust the extraction process via the Source mobile app.

ExtractCraft was started by Lee Sutherland, a former aerospace and science engineer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and Scott Converse, the founder and past president of Longmont’s TinkerMill, Colorado’s largest maker-space.


No matter the reason you may be interested in the Source, ExtractCraft is rewarding it’s early believers with a pre-sale, beginning today!  For those that believe in the product’s potential, they are offering a special price of $349. (50% off the retail price of $700.)  The Source will become available for shipping in March 2016.  Check out photos, video and more at