The idea of a THC infused wedding cake has many layers!  Serving edibles at your reception or bachelor or bachelorette party is a quick and easy way to provide a sweet, discreet, THC infused treat, but just like learning your tolerance for alcohol, to have a good time, it’s imperative that all guests consume the right amount.

The legal marijuana revolution has brought forth a new wave of unprecedented potent edibles; MUCH stronger than what you may have tried back home.

To ensure a good time, here are some tips on hosts can control the use of edibles at a party; maximize the enjoyment of their guests.

That’s where this guy comes in; Meet Bob Eschino, the President & Co-Founder of INCREDIBLES, Colorado’s largest infused edibles manufacturer.

Here’s what he had to say:

Love and Marij:  What advice would you give to people who want to try edibles for the first time at a party?

Incredibles:  Start low and go slow.  No one wants to be the “wasted” person at the party.  Unless you know your dosage, start with 3-5 mg of activated THC [or less] and wait for 2 full hours to feel the effects.  Please don’t mix with other substances!

Love and Marij: For brides and grooms choosing what edibles to serve, what would you recommend they look for in an edible?

Incredibles: Weddings are a special occasion, so look for something special!!  I would recommend taking an existing edible and incorporating it into a different dessert. We just saw a recipe for our 3mg Cookies and Cream square in a smores!!  Awesome idea and a great dosage for a party!

Love and MariJ: Is there a way to control the way you feel with the type of marijuana you buy? 

Incredibles: Yes, but when you put them into an edible there is a different effect. Cannabis is processed differently through the liver.  It becomes a little more intense and lasts longer.

Love& Marij: How would you recommend that the bride & groom or party thrower serve the edibles?  

Incredibles: I would recommend putting someone in charge of distributing them, similar to the budtender. They can keep it out of the hands of children and educate the users when they give them the edible on proper consumption and wait times.

Love and Marij: If you don't want the side effects of your guests to kick in until the after party, when should you consume the edible?

Incredibles: Most edibles will start to kick in in 30-60 minutes, but you will not feel the full effect until around 2 hours!!