Throwing the perfect weed wedding requires us to take an artistic approach to how we look at the plant. From the detailed cannabis bouquet and boutonnieres right down to the bachelorette party favors there are tons of ways to include cannabis in our special day. Serving up a full canna-bar at a wedding is an ideal way for a canna-couple to celebrate the big day. But we’re faced with wondering how to budget and even how much to serve, which isn’t hard with the right information. We asked professional budtender Andrew Mieure of Top Shelf Budtending a couple of questions about having a wedding cannabar and learned some insightful industry secrets.

Decide What To Serve

The obvious first thought when stocking a wedding cannabis bar is to have a couple strains of bud available, allowing guests to choose one strain or to combine and make their own hybrids. Outside of traditionally smoked flower, couples can also choose to serve cannabis edibles and concentrates. Top Shelf Budtending makes wicked mock-tail edibles that are completely alcohol free and divinely infused with cannabis. These classy edibles are perfection for a celebratory event like a wedding and drinkable cannabis tends to be a more effective mode of ingestion. We can work directly with Andrew Mieure and his team at Top Shelf Budtending to make specialty mocktails that match our nuptials. He does warn, however, that bringing in edibles and concentrates takes a bit more education and tends to be for a more experienced user.

Assess the Guestlist

Before figuring out how exactly much to serve we must check out the guest list and see the ratio of those who would choose to partake in cannabis and those that would abstain. From there, take a look at those who would want to smoke or eat edibles at the wedding and figure out what kind of tolerance the guests will have. Separate the first timers and the veteran smokers into two groups and then use that count to price out the cannabis bar. This important fact finding mission does make a couple of assumptions about the guest list. First we decided that weddings generally run between 100, 150 and 200 guests, and about ¼-½ of the guests will partake in cannabis. Although this is our we’ve based out our pricing it’s possible that you have a lot less or a lot more guests that are experienced with cannabis so as always weed couple, do you!

Stock The Bar

Creating a safe space for newer cannabis users or even first timers is a wise step because it will  ensure that no guests are lethargic, over served or just straight up passed out next to the dance floor. Avoid all of these issues by hiring a budtender to work the event and ensure that everyone at the wedding is getting just what they needed. Mieure of Top Shelf priced this at about $500 per event but the budtender price can range according to company and location. Aside from informing guests about their strain choices and expected effects they will also ensure that they can assist in dosing with more intense products like concentrates and edibles.
About 0.5-1 gram per guest is an ideal amount to stock for ensuring that the bar won’t go dry, everything depends on the event and how many of the guests will be puffing the entire time as opposed to a joint or toke here and there. For edibles, it’s best to serve about 2.5mg THC for guests new to cannabis and up to 10mg THC for a highly experienced user to prevent all guests from feeling “overserved.”  The state dosage is about 10 mg so this will be the most perfect adjustment for almost any guest.

When planning out the edibles bar we reached out to Colby Hockersmith from High Country Healing in Colorado. Below we’ve used these expert opinions and hashed out exactly how much should be served at a wedding canna-bar. This is under the assumption that about ¼ of the guests will be partaking in cannabis flowers, edibles and concentrates.

For stocking dry flower Miere recommends:

  • 2 ounces for 100 guests
  • 3 ounces for 150 guests
  • 3.5 ounces for 200 guests


When stocking edibles yourself, Hockersmith suggests:

  • 13 100mg packages for 100 consuming guests 
  • 25 100mg packages for 150 consuming guests
  • 50 100mg packages for 200 consuming guests


With the concentrate bar Hockersmith recommends:

  • 13 grams for 100 consuming guests
  • 25 grams for 150 consuming guests
  • 50 grams for 200 consuming guests


What do you think about cannabars coming into the wedding circuit? Would you serve flowers, edibles, concentrates or all of them? I would love to have a budtender at my wedding teaching my friends and family about this magical plant. Let us know if you would dose out your canna-bar differently in the comments!



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