One fun thing that recreational cannabis brings to the party is just that, a party. Cannabis entertaining could possibly be the next wave of professional homemaking. Actually it sort of is since the most famous homemaker in the world recently teamed up with equally as famous stoner Snoop Dogg in the newest show from either star, “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”. Following in the footsteps of Queen Martha and Snoop D-O-Double G we decided to give readers some insight into throwing the most bangin’ themed parties with a cannabis edge.

An ‘Around the World’ party touches on themes in the form of party stations that are meant to celebrate various cultures around the world. At this point all the sorority girls in the house are jumping up and down with miniature claps because this was a common party theme back in college. Adding cannabis into the mix of this beloved party could be super fun and maintain the multi-cultural element that makes an ‘Around the World’ party so dang memorable.

Basic Setup

Before even diving into choosing which countries to represent take a look at the space and assess how many stations can be set up in the area. Once we have decided how much space we have for party stations we will know how many countries we will need to research. Each station will feature decorations, culinary delights, libations, and most importantly a culturally significant way to inhale or ingest cannabis. Each station will feature the makings and recipe for a signature cultural drink but we suggest also having a main bar where guests can either serve themselves or be served whatever their heart desires. Similarly, hiring a team like Top Shelf Budtending or Healthy Headie helps us be sure that no one overdoes it on the cannabis and ensures that our guests get exactly what they need.

Dressing up in costume only makes parties more fun but it is always important to avoid cultural appropriation. This is why we suggest that friends dress in a tourist costume (camera on a neck leash, bucket hat, cargo shorts, etc.) as a flight attendant, and even a sailor or pirate. Basically we will get all dolled up as our favorite traveller to travel ‘Around the World’ with all of our friends. Don’t worry if people don’t dress up, the host should be in their favorite ‘travel outfit’ since we are a part of the themed event itself. To make the party planning a little bit easier we’ve put together some stations to help throw the most legendary cannabis centric ‘Around the World’ party there ever was.


Any stoner that has travelled to the UK knows that Brits love to smoke spliffs which is tobacco and cannabis mixed together and rolled up into a joint. Have all of the fixin’s -tobacco, ground cannabis, papers, and tips- as well as some pre-rolled spliff at the English table. This is a common European way to indulge but we assigned the spliff to England because pop culture so frequently throws the two together.

The England table should also include some other crucial elements to help transport guests to another world, or at least another country.

England can also feature:

  • Gin & Tonics
  • Miniature Meat Pies
  • A Large, prominent English flag


Some of the most potent Indica strains come from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because of this we are positive that this beautiful country should be featured at the party. Afghan people enjoy hashish from a hookah, so obviously this station of the party should transport guests to a hookah lounge where they can partake in real hashish while enjoying some culturally significant bites.

Afghanistan can also feature:

  • Korme Kofta or Lamb Meatballs
  • Whirling Cherry Cocktail (Get the recipe by following this link)
  • Pillows and floor seating, tapestries, and dimmed romantic light.


Germany is home to many technical innovations including the Storz & Bickel Volcano which was the most innovative vaporizer to ever hit the market. The German station should reflect their organized, clean nature with a couple of volcano vapes and extra bags. Don’t forget to include the grinders or pre-ground cannabis to be sure that everyone has just what they need.

Germany can also feature:

  • German Chocolate Cake & Black Forest Cake
  • German Kolsch, Altbier, Helles, and/or Maibock in steins
  • Utilitarian but comfortable furniture with bright light.

These three countries should give any party planner a good head start to setting up an ‘Around the World’ themed gathering that everyone is talking about for ages. What other countries would you include? I would probably also set up a dab station in the ‘US’ and perhaps some fresh, pure cones in Jamaica. What other themes for parties would you like us to break down for you?