The holidays have officially arrived with the usual Thanksgiving kickoff. Love and Marij thought we’d put together some tips for anyone that is able to combine our yearly feast with the divine herb. As a younger stoner I often dreamt of Thanksgiving dinners completely saturated in cannabis, each dish medicated in it’s own special way. As I’ve gotten older it has become clear that a meal such as that would absolutely zap the party dead. There are eloquent ways to entice the senses without overdosing our guests with marijuana. These tips will help us seamlessly infuse cannabis into Thanksgiving. Throw a Danksgiving with these guidelines and watch the night unfold into a Thanksgiving that is talked about well into the new year.

Medicated Dessert Buffet

One of the most effective ways to infuse the food at Thanksgiving dinner with cannabis is to add an optional medicated sauce or dip instead of infusing the base part of the side or main dish. For example, medicate one gravy dish but leave the stuffing alone; this helps to ensure that people can control their own dosages despite the buffet spread.

Our favorite way to offer edibles is with a medicated honey bar. Adequate both for the cheese plate and the dessert bar, medicated honey can be the key to an epicly infused Thanksgiving. Put out a bowl of the medicated product and be sure to clearly label that the sweet treat is infused with cannabis. Honey can be served with a fruit & cheese plate with figs, brie, & butter crackers just as easily as being paired with apple pie & fruit tarts.


Top Shelf Budtending commonly recommends cannabis infused mocktails over serving both alcohol and herb together. Infusing beverages with cannabis can be a complicated or a relaxed endeavor depending on what kind of products are around. There are cannabis sugar companies and infused honey companies that make products well suited for a mocktail. Some marijuana infusion companies even carry drinkables that can be combined with other flavors for the most delectably effective cannabis mocktails.   

Party Favors

Supplying edibles for an entire party isn’t the cheapest endeavor, that’s why it’s a good idea to ask fellow Danksgiving goers to bring some flower or wax to share. If four to five guests each bring a joint or blunt for sharing then it’s likely everyone will be sufficiently stoned for the entirety of the dinner. This will also help take some of the budgetary constraint off of the event since the host is probably putting out quite a bit of cash to cover the food and drink.

Like always remember that dosage is crucial, especially when dealing with a party of full of people with varied tolerances. For anyone serving infused Thanksgiving dinner be sure to keep on eye on all guests and be sure that no one is overdoing it.