New Cannabis Trend: Weed Bars at Weddings

By: Aggregated News

Twenty-eight years after Bob Marley romanticized marijuana, the drug has earned top billing in the ultimate love-fest: weddings.

In Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon—the four states where it’s recreationally legal —“weed weddings” have gone from a fun idea to a lucrative reality. Through sites like ganja-loving brides and grooms can find everything from 420-focused caterers to kush-pushing florists.

The most recent event to generate buzz is that of a couple in Portland, Oregon, who opted to serve marijuana instead of alcohol at their wedding. Whitney Alexander and John Elledge’s “weed tent” featured 13 varieties of cannabis, chic white couches, a budtender, and free transportation following the event. Alexander, whose new husband is a longtime medical marijuana employee, says they went to great lengths to ensure the safety of their guests. [Read more at The Daily Beast]

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