White Rabbit premium cannabis infused products give you
total control of your THC and CBD levels. Cannabis should
enhance your experience, not dominate it.
With White Rabbit it’s not just about getting high anymore.
It’s a mindset. A lifestyle. An opportunity to live in the
moment. There’s no guessing. There’s no fear. There’s just
curiosity. Once you find your formula, there’s relief, bliss,
and pure satisfaction.
Ultra discreet and accurately dosed, White Rabbit chewable
tablets dissolve quickly to ensure rapid onset – and they
taste absolutely fantastic! Contains no artificial sweeteners.
Available in multiple THC and CBD combinations: [5mg THC],
[5mg CBD], [20mg:1mg CBD:THC], [20mg:5mg CBD:THC],
[5mg:5mg CBD:THC.
All White Rabbit products are made with high grade
solventless cannabis oil derived from organic sun-grown
cannabis. Fast Acting. Consistently Dosed. Lab Tested.
Quality Assured. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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