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The 5 Best Gifts For Cannabis Cooks

By Whaxy Staff – Dec 4, 2014

With Christmas just around the corner and the growing spotlight on marijuana edibles as an alternative to smoking, we put together the best 5 gifts for the cannabis cook in your life. Each product was selected to either make cooking with cannabis easier or add some unique flair to the kitchen of cannabis cooks. Whether you’re holiday shopping or looking for your own guilty pleasures, these gifts are sure to delight!

1. Magical Butter Machine

Magical Butter Product Photo

This is the all-star gift for the cannabis cook. If you’re familiar with cannabis cooking, you probably know that you start nearly every recipe with the preparation of your cannabutter. This can be a real hassle and time waster if you or your cook wants to get right down to business. This machine does the hard work for you and helps to produce consistent cannabis butter. $175

2. The Essential Cannabis Cookbook

Marijuana Cookbook

Jessica Catalano is one of the most respected cannabis cooks in Colorado or anywhere else. Her book “The Ganja Kitchen Revolution” is the self-proclaimed Bible of Cannabis Cuisine. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle, so you can prop up your iPad while tearin’ it up in the kitchen. Wether a newbie to cannabis cooking or an experienced ganja gastronomist, this book will inspire. $12-$16

3. Weed Shaped Cookie Cutters

Weed Shaped Cookie Cutter

These pot leaf shaped cutters will add some flair to any type of cookie! This is a simple and affordable gift and will be put to good use even if the recipe doesn’t contain cannabis. We highly recommend some green sprinkles to go on top of your fun and festive cookies! $7

4. Weed Leaf Baking Pan

Weed Shaped Baking Pan
This baking pan will set your recipes aside from the rest of the crowd. The non-stick silicon baking pan will help make infused goodies that look the part. The silicon pan will prevent your treats from getting stuck in the pan and is dishwasher safe. $12

5. Pot Holders

Pot Leaf Potholders

These put the “pot” in pot holders. The bright green holders are dishwasher safe and will be a good reminder to not reach directly for the pan when you’re baked and baking. This inexpensive and practical gift works cooks and smokers alike and will keep your mittens safe when you’re pulling your goodies out of the oven. $8

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