God, I love chocolate. I mean what stoner doesn’t? I will fight that person who denies chocolate when high.

I might be under 100 lbs. and only 4’11” but working at a dispensary and sometimes being asked to test products for your job does things to a person’s THC tolerance.  After some trial and error, I’ve realized that the kinds of edibles that hit me the hardest are chocolates and baked goods.

That being said, when Love and Marij asked me to sample and review the “To Whom It May” chocolates, by The Art of Edibles, I was super stoked!  I immediately visited their website upon receiving the assignment, and was extremely impressed by their presentation. There’s no doubt about it— this is exactly the sophisticated edible I will want at my very own weed wedding!


To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolate


The packaging alone is stunning and subtle; you would never know this was infused chocolate unless you looked closer.  I’ve actually yet to see infused chocolate that wasn’t in bar form, so it was extremely refreshing to see a company take a fancier approach with their design of the chocolate itself, truly setting it apart as a prime choice for the special event planner.

To Whom It May, who makes dosages starting at 2.5mg THC was kind enough to provide me with two non-infused and two infused: 15mg and 40mg THC samples.  I tried all four and waited until effects from the 15mg piece subsided before trying the 45mg.  The effects took approximately an hour to set in for me; everyone is different! Overall, I felt that the oil used in the infused pieces felt a bit more cerebral, sativa-dominant, than chocolate edibles I’ve had in the past; much more of a “spacey”, “smiley”, “giggly”, and social experience.


To Whom It May Cannabis Edible Chocolates


Hence, making it the prime choice for weddings and events; so that you’re not having the urge to take a nap under a reception table!  The best part?— they taste absolutely phenomenal!  Could not find a negative thing to say about their actual chocolate recipe.  If you’re a California medical card holder, To Whom It May chocolates are definitely a must try for any chocolate lover in need of a romantic gift to themselves!  


To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolate

The gorgeous packaging/presentation and uplifting effects are an excellent choice for weddings or any up-scale event —hell, with Valentine’s Day already being celebrated in stores (sigh), why not get your stoner sweetie a box of chocolates? To Whom It May just launched their delivery- only service in the Los Angeles area! Go check them out at ToWhomItMayChocolates.com.

Special thanks to Tomer Grassiany— of To Whom It May,  for generously providing the sampler!

Alexa Joan Rae is a California based singer-songwriter, budtender, Harry Potter enthusiast and dog mom.  She hates living in LA, but loves it’s weed.

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