There are so many reasons to take part in cannabis use, one of the easiest spaces to access using the plant is a creative one. Everyone is different and thus, everyone expresses themselves in unique ways. These are the best tools to help us access this right brained side of ourselves.

Though some people consider themselves ‘not the creative type’ or maybe that person that simply ‘can’t hold a tune’ there’s still a way to harbor their creative energy. Perhaps a left brain inclined individual prefers to think objectively about philosophical issues or maybe they just really love doing puzzles, everyone could use a creative outlet now and again. These are good ways for anyone to use cannabis to help them express their creative energy without strain or anxiety.

Listen to Music

Cannabis and music are age old friends with popular culture constantly relating young kids in the ‘70s and ‘80s listening to records, tapes and eventually CDs together after getting stoned. As video games, streaming Netflix and ‘must watch’ sports games have become more important to youth culture the art of listening to music is slowly dying. Instead of getting together with friends to share our new favorite song we’re secluding ourselves into the world of headphones where we listen to our favorite jams privately in a public world. Cannabis can not only enhance our ability to hear and understand the music with the deeply psychoactive effects it can also help us feel more comfortable sharing with others at is relieves anxiety; making cannabis+music the perfect way to yet again make the art of listening a thing shared between friends.

Favorite Stoned Spotify Playlists: Wild + Free, Underground Hits & Feel Good Indie Rock


We’ve all seen those pottery places like Color Me Mine where we can paint already formed bowls, figurines and mugs for ourselves or a loved one and have it glazed right then and there. One of our favorite canna-businesses Puff, Pass and Paint has recently expanded to include Puff, Pass, and Pottery has taken it one step farther and lets stoners form their own clay into whatever their heart desires.  Denver potter Jessa Decker-Smith has signed on to teach the 2-hour class that lets us have the experience of learning the basics, getting lifted and making something new and exciting. This is such a fantastic opportunity that can be easily booked through Colorado Cannabis Tours.

Cooking a New Recipe

Almost every night while I’m planning dinner I’ll take a bong rip and then type the protein I’m planning to use into Pinterest search. Trying new recipes is definitely fun while medicated but we must be sure to pay attention to measurements and not get over medicated if we’re new to cooking. While cooking while baked can be a fun experiment getting creative in the kitchen, baking while baked isn’t the best idea. Baking is more of a science and can tend to be a bit more dangerous.

Dance, Do Yoga & Just Move Your Body

Dee Dussault from Ganja Yoga will agree that getting creative with our bodies while medicating can open our hearts and minds up to all new levels of thought. Expanding our minds and then moving our bodies can help to unite these two spaces of self that modern society often rips apart from one another. If yoga makes us nervous then put on the most groove-worthy song and just bounce around the house for 5 minutes. Perhaps even just a quick dance is considered out there, then just stretch out those muscles with a couple of simple warm up stretches to experience the difference cannabis can make in our bodies.

Practice Journaling or Writing Poetry

Though words are often a delivery system for mundane knowledge and phone message they can also be ignited with creative energy through prose, short stories and even just some light personal journaling. While some people are more drawn to painting or playing music, others can have an inclination to express themselves through the written word. Even those not inclined to this type of creative practice will enjoy journaling because everyone has thoughts they need to get out but that they probably shouldn’t tell anyone. winky face.

Adult Coloring Books

The fabulously creative outlet of adult coloring books have been all the rage on social media as of late and they are definitely a fabulous way to unwind after work with a glass of wine. Any person in the world can find some solace in the creative expression of adult coloring books, so go to the nearest craft store, grocery store and even dollar store to find your favorite coloring book.

I’m obviously one of the word inclined people but I’m also an avid yogi and home cook that loves nothing more than success with a new recipe. What is your favorite way to express yourself? Have you smoked or eaten cannabis before doing that stuff?