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Boulder, CO


Worldwide, Colorado


My passion, and thankfully my profession, is honest storytelling through photography. Connection is everything with my work — between husband and wife, family and friends, subject (you!) and photographer (me!). I strive to capture the true moments, the real emotions and the honest stories in life. My joy comes from documenting yours — your laughter, your tears, your smiles and joy, and the moments you don’t expect to see again. Each wedding, each client and each relationship is unique. But collaboration, communication and trust are crucial to every project I take on. Working together with my clients, we get to know each other, from our passions and our pasts, to our future hopes and dreams and everything in between. By getting to know you and yours on a personal level, I can photograph your true selves and tell your stories honestly and from the heart.

Who I am.

I am a dreamer, a doer, an entrepreneur, a storyteller and an adventurer.

I am a Midwest girl who feels a deep connection to the mountains and blue skies of Colorado.

I love to travel, but a sense of home & community keeps me grounded.

I love to ski and climb, and I find that adventure opens my heart and nourishes my soul.

I adore the latest technology, but value my time out of cell phone range to unplug from the world.

I am a yogi who enjoys a double bourbon on the rocks.

I value honest conversation and belly laughs over dollar signs and status.

I have a lot of feelings of my own, which makes me great at photographing yours.


Happy to accommodate cannabis friendly couples


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