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There are 12 astrology houses and 9 planets. 9×12=108. Most of my malas incorporate numerical themes, with multiples of 3 (one, oh, eight) as my most common sequence.
-In yogic tradition, we chant mantras or practice sequences 108 times, and mala beads help keep count.

Why Improbable Reality?

You know the saying “We create our own realities?” Well, I wanted to take it one step further and truly turn heads with mine. Working with malas has brought me to a greater spiritual awareness while being present. Burning the last knot of a mala is a symbol of oneness that has driven my desire to connect with others and serve god through awakening. Coming alive with art and love is the essence of creativity, and my passion shines with these crystals. We can only save our dear planet by healing ourselves first. Knotting malas is my escape into presence. Custom orders are always a priority! All custom necklaces are hand made and uniquely designed to incorporate traditional mantras, personal goals, and sacred numerology. Check out #improbablereality or my Etsy shop for more information! I love to work with clients to create specifics…whether you are ordering for yourself, a friend, or a group, there are many crystals out there to heal and enhance your magical powers. Contact me for your very own specialized piece!


Fully support the use and cultivation of such a healing plant. She is my inspiration and motivator.


As a wedding planner, event coordinator and property manager, I've seen a million gifts for bridal parties, family reunion, etc., and nothing is ever as special as something that is handmade. Sure, you can monogram, but there is something uniquely timeless about a handcrafted piece of artwork. I believe is creating wearable art and passing around sacred crystals to those in need of healing--which is all of us. Contract Improbable Reality for your big day, and you can give out Cannabis friendly jewelry and accessories for the whole wedding party! Perhaps you'd like to get the gentlemen some keychains and the ladies some mala necklaces with special, customized designs? No two pieces are ever the same with Improbable Reality.
What is a Mala?

The word "mala" comes from the sanskrit term for "garland." I have adopted my own style of knotting sacred meditation beads to include personalized intention and design. While maintaining the tradition of 108 beads, I always include special "spacer beads" and a final "guru bead" instead of a tassel. Why 108? Some pretty inspiring reasons include:
-The sun is 108 times the diameter of the earth, and the distance between the earth and the sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun. You'll see lots of connection to our sacred planet, grandfather sun, and grandmother moon in my work.


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