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Email: jamieyphotography@gmail.com


I’m Jamie Y, and there’s a reason why I’ve made photography such an important part of my life. I believe a camera is the perfect tool for capturing bright, colorful, and deep moments from bright, colorful, and deep people, and I have spent over 10 years using my skills to do just that. My favorite subjects are couples and high school seniors, and I am thrilled to help preserve the love, smiles, winks, and glittering futures I see on the other end of my lens.
Behind the camera, my style is calm, cool, and collected, and I work to make my clients feel the same by carefully guiding them through our shoots. With me, you’ll never have to wonder where to look, when to smile, or where to put your hands. I also believe my job as a photographer is not simply to make beautiful images, but to do justice to the spirit of my subject—and that’s why I work to showcase exactly why you rock in each and every shot I take.
I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada, with my husband and adorable offspring, and I love food, music – especially indie rock and old school punk


I love a chicken salad, double meat, with grilled veggies from Chipotle almost as much as I love my camera. I pick it up after weddings 90% of the time on my way home.


I am a lover of cannabis and totally happy to be working around it. I will not partake while I am working, but am totally comfortable with it being enjoyed around me.


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