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Hollywood’s #1 Hand Reader

Available for Group Parties or Personal Hand & Tarot Readings

The most important thing to have in any relationship is the best possible understanding of YOU!

That sweet ingredient of truly knowing yourself adds a delicious layer to any romance. A rich and loving relationship with the Truth of you makes navigating bumps something that adds texture and tempting flavor to your romance rather than stress and struggle. It is not only possible to have that, it’s easier than you know.

Let expert Hand Analyst, Lisa Greenfield, show you how to fall in love with YOU and let it spill over in all kinds of lovely ways for savoring your beloved. Your hands reveal a rich map of how you love, where you get stuck and best of all, how you are wired to move out of struggle and into a place of powerful success.  Now that’s good news!

Feeling like a little You time isn’t enough? Check out more at where there’s a gift online sample you can try for yourself. Enjoy more about YOU!

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