Anyone new to the cannabis world might go through the same anxiety when handed a bong for the first time. There are ways to be sure that anywhere we go we will know how to take hits from the bong.

A bong, also called a water pipe, is a filtration smoking device that is often used to inhale smoke from cannabis, tobacco, and other herbs. The word bong dates back to ancient Thailand and is adapted from the Thai word baung, meaning a cylindrical wooden tube or container cut from bamboo used for smoking tree, kancha, hashish, or hemp plant. The construction of this common stoner smoking piece is similar to the more mainstream hookah but usually smaller and a bit more portable. Though many bongs are glass on glass pieces of art, a bong can be constructed out of any airtight and watertight vessel with a bowl and stem apparatus added. The bowl is meant to hold the dried herbs while the stem guides the smoke down to the water where it is cooled and then transported up through the mouthpiece and into the lungs.

How To Pack a Bowl

The first step in packing a bowl is to grind or break up the dried herbs using either our fingers or an herb grinder. We suggest always using a grinder with a kief catcher to ensure that you save that valuable by product for cooking or packing extra special bowls. Grinding herbs doesn’t only preserve kief, it will also lead to a smoother hit and help conserve our stash.

After the cannabis is broken up into a finer, easily smoked texture it’s time to assess the size of the bowl. Think of the bowl of a bong like a Yogurtland container, just because the container is that big doesn’t mean that anyone needs that much yogurt. Packing a one person snap might just take a pinch at the bottom, while those looking to get a party bowl cherried might prefer to pack it up to the brim.

Hitting the Bong

Once the bowl is packed and the lighter’s in hand we are ready to hit that bong. Before lighting, verify where the bowl pulls from the downstem, some cheaper plastic pieces will feature a back carb instead of a pullable bowl. It’s best to figure out just what type of bong we’re hitting before the herbs are burnt.

Now it’s time to get that lighter ready, exhale and put our lips up to the mouthpiece as we apply the flame to the herbs. Inhale as the heat is applied to build up smoke in the chamber between the water and our lips. When we turn off the lighter and pull the bowl piece the chamber will release and our continued inhalation pulls the smoke up into our mouths and lungs. Don’t worry about holding the smoke in for an extended period of time since it’s been proven that it will only get us high off of oxygen deprivation.

Mothership Glass

With this information we’re hoping that you feel more confident to engage in the act of smoking with friends, co-workers, and maybe even that special someone. Don’t let being worried about looking silly stop you from trying new things; everyone’s been there at one time or another.