A Washington Weed Wedding!

Before the big day…

Sam and Chandra took a little photographic engagement stroll down memory lane, revisiting all of key moments of their relationship; starting with the dispensary where they met, Trees Collective in North Seattle.

When Chandra walked in in search of recommendations to aid with some medical issues she was having,  Sam was quick to jump up and help the cute girl!  By the end of their ten minute conversation, he invited her to go see his band perform.  She couldn’t make to the concert, but made up for it and they’ve been inseparable ever since!

Sam proposed on New Years Eve date at Kerry Park in Seattle.  Truth be told, Chandra was not feeling well that night and had to be lured out by a string of lies and the promise of pizza!  When the fireworks starting going off over the Space Needle, he popped the question and Chandra said YES!

To celebrate, the two heading off to a NYE party at the home of their future groomsman, Matt, the co-anchor of the canna-news podcast, Cannasaurus Rex.

Since their venue would not allow for cannabis on site, the couple got creative with how to incorporate their cannabis by including it in their florals.  A local grower friend cropped their signature strain – Mothers Tongue.  According to Matt, the flavor profile was absolutely mind-blowing!  “Within the first ten seconds the flavor profile changes from kushy, to diesel, to sweet, to pine and so on!”

The father of the bride created custom ring boxes for the couple which they filled with beds of cannabis to provide padding for their rings!  Chandra, whose name means “moon light” in Navajao and “moon” in Sanskrit was gifted the moon box which Sam filled with a bed Blue Dream.  Sam was gifted the tree box for his love of plants and was gifted his favorite strain, Grapefruit Diesel, by his bride.

All groomsmen proudly wore cannabis boutonnieres made of Mothers Tounuge to show their support for the budding industry that joined Sam and Chandra together in the first place!

The blushing bride gathered her bud bouquet as she prepared herself to walk down the aisle!

After much anticipation, the couple finally said “I do!”  Coincidentally, they also both vowed to “always save you greens!”

Cannabis flowers were even incorporated into the whimsical woodsy reception theme!

Instead of a traditional toasting glass, the couple personalized a  “toking glass” to commemorate the day!  Sam purchased a bong from Big D Industries in Vancouver and customized it at a local mall!

As cannabis consumption was not allowed on site, the couple had to keep discreet and employ a few workarounds in the secret gardens of the venue!

All in all, it was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!  Sam will continue to pursue the passion that brought him to his wife, working as a highly skilled 502 farmer in Washington – happily sharing his green thumb with all those in need!

Photography by:  Island Jenn |  Reach Sam for your 502 Farming Needs:  allensd90@gmail.com

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