Across the cannabis community it’s understood that there is a bounty of terminology that generally varies just a bit when we travel to a new region. This is the nature of every subculture that has ever existed, we tend to create our own language to not offend the normals that might be listening. With recreational cannabis as a modern reality the subculture has gone mainstream and it’s time for everyone to understand the lexicon of stoners around the nation.


We’ve laid out the very basics of the somewhat nuanced cannabis subculture terminology. In the interest of keeping it concise we’ve saved all growing terminology and plant stages for a different list. This should cover smoking and understanding the grades of cannabis.

Nail: An essential piece of gear for dabbing. Made either out of titanium or quartz, the nail is heated to optimal temperature to inhale terpenes in wax through a dab rig. [aka: domeless, banger]

Nug Run: This term implies that a concentrate is made from top nugs over trim.

Papes: Rolling papers made from various materials used to roll joints and cones. [aka: papers, rolling papers]

Party Bowl: A larger packed bowl of cannabis flower that is meant to be passed around a group of 3 or more.

Perc: Short for percolator, this is an addition chamber on a bong that cools the smoke and makes hits more smooth.

Pinner: A skinny joint or cone usually meant only for 1 or 2.

Personal: Originally nugs reserved by dealers for their own personal stash, now refers to anyone’s own cannabis.

Quarter: Common weight to buy of cannabis, refers to a quarter of an ounce. [aka: quad]

Regs: Low grade marijuana. [aka: schwag, reggies, dirt]

Resin: Black, smelly buildup that grows after combusting cannabis. Can only be removed by specialty cleaner or alcohol & rock salt.

Rig: A glass piece that features a nail meant to dab wax, terpenes and concentrates. [aka: dab rig]

Rip: A pull of cannabis smoke from any type of piece or rollie. [aka: hit, pull, toke]

Roach: The end of a joint, blunt or cone that’s too small to smoke.

Roach Clip: A clip that makes it easier to hit a roach without burning our fingers.

Sativa: A type of cannabis that is more psychoactive and tends to create a mental, uplifting effect.

Sesh: The act of smoking or getting lifted.

Snap: A small hit of cannabis meant only for one.

Shatter: Type of wax concentrate that is translucent and stable at room temperature.

Witches Butter from the Bay Area, CA

Steamroller: A glass cannabis piece much like a pipe with a larger chamber resembling the wheel of a steamroller.

Spliff: A cannabis joint or cone rolled with tobacco and cannabis. [aka: spicy]

Tarantula: Rolled cone that is wrapped in wax and then rolled in kief.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Psychoactive cannabinoid found in most smokable flower that is the reason for much of the psychoactive effects.

Tincture: An extraction of cannabis and/or other words that is liquid and taken sub-lingually, made either from glycerin or alcohol.

Topicals: Cannabis extracts that are applied topically through various different platforms. [aka: Balm, Salve, Lotion]

Trichomes: A small growth on cannabis that gives nuggets their sparkle and contains a large portion of the cannabinoids and terpenes. [aka: trichs, crystals]

Trim: The leaf that is trimmed off of nugs to make them more beautiful. This byproduct is often used to make concentrates, topicals and edibles.

Vape: A device that allows us to inhale cannabis vapors without cooking them too hot or burning them, ideal for a patient with poor lung capacity. [aka: vaporizer]

Wax: Concentrated form of cannabis made with butane, nitrogen, C02 and even hair straighteners. Used in dab rigs & vaporizers, wax has a much more highly concentrated cannabinoid and terpene profile; perfect for a high tolerance patient trying to kick opioids. [aka: butter, shatter, oil]

Weed Wedding: A wedding that includes cannabis in some way whether it is a cannabis bar, nug bouquet or marijuana centerpieces.

Weed Weddiquette: Etiquette to follow at a wedding that features cannabis.

Zip: An ounce of cannabis, a reference used by street dealers.

420: A number and date that is celebrated by stoners everywhere. The monicker dates back to the 1970’s but the true origins aren’t fully known.

710: When turned around the date spells out the word OIL, so dabbers have taken it upon themselves to use 710 to reference wax and as a date marked to celebrate.