Across the cannabis community it’s understood that there is a bounty of terminology that generally varies just a bit when we travel to a new region. This is the nature of every subculture that has ever existed, we tend to create our own language to not offend the normals that might be listening. With recreational cannabis as a modern reality the subculture has gone mainstream and it’s time for everyone to understand the lexicon of stoners around the nation. We’ve laid out the very basics of the somewhat nuanced cannabis subculture terminology. In the interest of keeping it concise we’ve saved all growing terminology and plant stages for a different list. This should cover smoking and understanding the grades of cannabis.

Weed Etiquette Glossary

Binger: Smoking devices usually made using a chamber, tube, downstem and bowl piece. The flower is put into the bowl piece where it is lit, the smoke from the lit dry flower flows through the downstem into the water where the smoke is cooled and then drawn up using breathe through the tube and into our lungs. New smokers should take small snaps and avoid huge rips from the bowl. [aka: Bong, water pipe]

Blunt: Cigar style rolling papers used to wrap up large quantities of cannabis flower and then smoked. [aka: bleezy, bleez, swisher]

Bowl: Referring to the bowl piece in a bong set up, a bowl can also refer to the flowers residing in the bowl.

Bubble Hash: This form of concentrate is made using bubble bags and other sifting methods to extract trichomes and cannabinoids directly from the dried flower form of the plant. The name is from either the bags used to make it or the bubbles that appear when the hash is heated

Bubbler: A type of glass piece used to smoke that filters the smoke through water but is in 1-2 pieces making it more transportable than a bong. [aka: bubs]

Bud: Colloquial term for the dried cannabis flower that is generally smoked or vaped. [aka: nug, nuggets, flower, ganja, ganj, cheeba, mary jane, mota, pot, weed]

Budtender: The person behind the counter at a dispensary or weed bar that helps us make an educated decision about our pot. [aka: cannabis consultant]

Butane Extraction: When butane is used in an intricate extraction process to remove the plant matter from the trichomes and cannabinoids for an ultra strong product; there are countless names for this so please don’t hesitate to share yours in the comments. [aka: budder, BHO, crumble, dabs, honeycomb, earwax, errl, honey oil, live resin, shatter, wax]

Canna-Couple: A romantic relationship where cannabis is an ever present component.

Cannabidiol (CBD): This is a major phytocannabinoid often used when treating seizures, specifically in children. That is because when isolated from the other cannabinoids CBD has no psychoactive effects and many medical benefits among them being anti-seizure and anti-psychotic.

Cannabinoid: Endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids make up this diverse class of chemical compounds. Endocannabinoids are produced in the bodies of animals, phytocannabinoids are naturally found in plants and synthetic are manufactured artificially. Cannabinoids act on cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) in cells that work on suppressing neurotransmitter release in the brain.

Carb Cap: Made from titanium, glass and ceramics; carb caps create a chamber of the heated nail for the concentrates to vaporize into the dab rig.

Cashed: When the bowl is mostly made of ash and has no value left. [aka: ash, ass]

Concentrate: A term that represents many forms of extractions drawn from the cannabis plant using various methods including cold water, alcohol, butane, C02, etc.

Cone: A UK style joint where the tip is a bit fatter than the base making it conical. 

Cherried: When the bowl has lit into a hot ember and a lighter doesn’t need to be used to hit it.

Dabbing: The act of applying concentrates directly to a heated glass, ceramic or titanium piece that guides the smoek directly to the mouthpiece and into our lungs. It is much more intense of an effect than bud and has become very popular in the community in the last 4 years. [aka: dabs]

Dabber: The tool used to apply the wax to the heated piece. Generally made from titanium or glass, many are decorative. [aka: dab tool]

Decarboxylate: The art of heating cannabis to release the medicating powers in order to use the product in cooking and baking. [aka: decarb]

Dispensary: A place where legal cannabis can be purchased, sometimes recreational sometimes medical; check the state laws before entering. [aka: collective]

Dugout: An old school container that holds a one hitter and some ground up cannabis. Generally made from wood or metal and featuring a slide top.

Edibles: An edible form of cannabis that can last longer and be more intense than smoking. [aka: medibles]

Eighth: One eighth of an ounce and one of the common amounts purchased and priced at dispensaries.

Fatty: A remarkably big joint generally ‘fat’ in stature. [aka: king size]

Fire: Super epic cannabis flower that is great in look, effect and aroma. [aka: Tops, Kind, Private Reserve]

Full Melt: Hash that melts fully when heat is applied, one small step above bubble hash.

Hash Bar: A bowl packed with little quadrants that feature various types of hash so that whoever gets the bong, pipe, bubbler etc. can choose which to hit.

Hash Hat: Press bubble hash into a little coin and place completely over a bowl of flower so that it forms a ‘hat’ over the bowl.

Heady: Generally in reference to extremely expensive and beautiful glass pieces and rigs.

Hybrid: A type of cannabis that sits between Indica and Sativa, great strains to help with adrenal fatigue and anxiety.

Indica: A term coined to represent strains that cause sleep & lethargy as well as pain relief. 

Joint:Rolling papers used to wrap cannabis much like a rollie cigarette but just with pure cannabis. Sometimes keif, hash or wax are added to the inside and outside of joints. Generally the joint is rolled in a completely straight tube and not in a cone. [aka: doobie, marijuana cigarette, J]

Kief: The trichomes that grow form cannabis that fall off when the bud is handled and ground. There are many ways to harvest kief including a tumbler and personal grinder.  [aka: dry sieve hash]

Low Temp Dabbing: A type of dabbing that is more nuanced but tends to deliver a less harsh hit with much better flavor. Carb caps come in handy for low temp dabbing.

Microphone: Holding the joint and talking without passing it. [aka: bogart]

Moon Rocks: A dense bud of cannabis drenched in hash oil and then coated in kief. The most potent form of cannabis available.

Mids: The middle shelf of cannabis, not the best but not schwag.