WEDDING TREND: Marijuana Bars



By Allie Moore

Just when you thought wedding trends could not get more bizarre, a new trend catching on involves displaying and distributing various kinds of marijuana for guests’ enjoyment.


Marijuana bars are sprouting up at weddings across the country, but only in states where it is legalized, of course. There are even websites dedicated to catering to this growing need for weed. For example, Cannabride and Love & Marij are just a few Colorado-based companies offering wedding-day decor, bouquets and tents that feature the happy plant.

Decorative products include cannabis edibles (such as cakes, cake pops or the quintessential brownie baked with marijuana) and bud boutonnieres for grooms. Some brides are even getting into the game with hemp-inspired dresses. A company called Cannabis Concierge takes control of all weed-related preparations for your wedding, like reserving marijuana-friendly lodging for guests, hosting cooking classes featuring the substance as an ingredient and recommending graphic designers to incorporate the plant into all communication.


Some of the states’ marijuana-related laws only allow the herb to be smoked where alcohol is not served. Therefore, couples have foregone their open bars of liquor and beer in favor of the herbal substance, swapping a bartender for a “budtender.”


The recreational plant adds an element of nature to a fancy event and allows guests to safely and legally enjoy the substance while celebrating their loved one’s magical day.

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