The words “we’ll be having a weed bar with bud tenders” rattled out of their mouths just as naturally as they mentioned the florist they had chose.

Johnna Patton had never been asked to plan a weed wedding before, but when a San Francisco based couple hired Distinctive Mountain Events to plan their special day in Colorado, her first thought was “how fun!”

Medicinal marijuana was legalized in Colorado back in November of 2000, and so the taboo of marijuana has dissipated over time.  A few days into planning one of the most unique weddings Johnna’s had the pleasure of orchestrating, she finally had her first fear:  What if someone needs to lay down? The answer?  Prior to meeting Johnna, the couple had made arrangements with the venue to have a giant dome they called the “Shady Waffle” driven out from their home in San Francisco to their venue in Colorado.   The Shady Waffle would host some lounging beds, so that if anyone felt like dozing off, they could do so with comfort!

Whether or not recreational marijuana is Johnna’s personal speed, she believes that “everyone should have the choice to choose how they recreate! A hit off a volcano bag is about equivalent to a gin and tonic.” 

The event itself was truly “high end.”  It was a perfectly elegant day that went off without a hitch.  There were no negative reactions to the bud bar.  “If you didn’t want to smoke, you could drink, go to the oxygen bar or just enjoy the grounds of the beautiful private ranch and the bluegrass band”. 

For those living in states that have not yet legalized recreational marijuana and cringe at the thought of cannabis at an occasion of class, Johnna says “If you don’t believe it can happen, you just haven’t been to one.  There wasn’t anything low end, sneaky, dirty or ugly about the experience.  It just happened.  I don’t think anyone flinched.”

Distinctive Mountain Events is a full service wedding and event consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation and fulfillment of unique Colorado weddings.  While this particular wedding has been their only 420 event so far, they are certainly open to planning more canna-friendly events.  While Johnna admits, “it’s hard to find a venue as liberal as the public is” where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Event Planning: Distinctive Mountain Events  | Photography: JOE KUSUMOTO PHOTOGRAPHY