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About This Product

If you enjoy gummies as your preferred infused edible but don’t want to compromise on flavor…you’ve got to try our Gum-e Bite Sized Bits.  They’re packed with an incredibly flavorful punch and are now available with tangerine, grape, and cherry bite sized bits in every pack!

About our Brand

Founded in 2010, Incredibles is recognized as the number one infused edible in Colorado. Known as experts in both infused edibles and extracts, Incredibles has become synonymous with quality and consistency throughout the country and around the globe.

Incredibles products, which include a wide variety of chocolate bars, gum-e bites, and e-pens for both medical and adult-use, are carried by more than 760 Colorado dispensaries. Every edible consists of precisely measured e-portions ensuring dose accuracy and effectiveness.

Incredibles to realize their mission to consistently provide high-quality, handcrafted infused products that taste great.

The founders of incredibles are dedicated to seeking responsible industry growth and are actively involved in education, legislation, and advocacy. While at the same time creating the most delicious edibles on the market, including our Peanut Budda Buddha which combines white chocolate with peanut butter and crunchy bits of pretzels and the award-winning, Affogato. Which combines smooth white chocolate, espresso beans, and caramel swirls, creating the perfect combination for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy the effects of edibles yet want to remain alert and full of energy.


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