By Mac Bassett

The Grammys are a celebration of each year’s most creative and inspirational songs and musical artists.  As cannabis is frequently credited as a vice of inspiration and creativity, the first annual Grammy 420 Afterparty at hosted by the Cannabis Advisory Board and Caviar Gold at the Globe Theatre in Los Angeles, may have been the most instinctively necessary music industry party of the year.

Photo via PrestoDoctor

This year’s Grammy nominee field including marijuana advocate Wiz Khalifa, nominated for song of the year with See You Again, and causal cannabis user Kendrick Lamar, nominated 11 Grammy awards, more than any other artist this year.

The most decorated winners at 2016’s 58th annual Grammy Award ceremony?  Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift tying with FIVE Grammys each!  While Taylor is no cannabis advocate, she told 60 Minutes she doesn’t drink to get drunk because “That’s not cute.”  As a singer, she doesn’t smoke; but has never come out against edibles.  For those more comfortable blazing trails, it was time to get the party started!

Photo via PrestoDoctor

In the state of California, cannabis events are restricted to medical patients only.  Patient registration was provided byPrestoDoctor, a company specializing in offering medical cannabis recommendations 100% online and at special events.

Marijuana and music have always shared a special relationship; enhancing the ability of the listener to connect on a deeper level, seemingly connecting the mind to the music.  So much so, that approximately 1200 invited guests came out to to enjoy the post Grammy live performances in a cannabis friendly environment.

The area of the brain affected by inhaling cannabis is the same area that’s in charge of producing auditory stimulation.  Burning cannabis before listening to music enables some to better able to connect with lyrics, notice more subtle musical riffs, and appreciate rhythm.

Cannabis companies showing up to deliver an elevated experience included LoraXLabs, Splitarillos, Blazecup, MasterGrowing,Budzgo, White Angel, Nuha Sage Chef and Cann Equities.

Performers at this year’s afterparty included: Dre Sinatra, Ky-Mani Marley and Spragga Benz.

From the Beatles to Snoop, prohibition has never stopped musical artists from creatively surrendering to cannabis.  The first annual 420 Grammy Afterparty proved to be yet another successful evening of pot, peace and partying.