On February 6th, 2016 in the State of California; celebs, musicians and cannabis supporters from around the world gathered to enjoy good music, good herb and good company in celebration of what would have been Bob Marley’s 71st birthday!

The celebration was held at an insanely beautiful private residence in the Hollywood Hills.  The price of admission?  FREE. Hosting the event? Marley Natural, the Marley family’s new cannabis line.  Three years in the making, the vision of Marley Natural has been to create a sustainable cannabis line that not only enables consumers to enjoy the medicinal, spiritual and holistic properties of cannabis that Bob dedicated a large portion of his life to preaching about, but also gives back to the community and the world.

Saturday’s celebration was exactly that.  From hiring PrestoDoctor (a company specializing in offering medical cannabis recommendations 100% online and at special events) to register private guests, to sharing free samples of Marley Natural’s locally grown cannabis line for all patients in attendance to enjoy, to hiring world renowned musical artists to create a magical island ambiance, love and good vibes were undeniably in the air.  Here is a photo recap of the Love and Marij filled evening!


The event was held in a private Hollywood Hills estate plush with all types of trees!  The venue was painted with colored lights to help journey the mind to a different world that defies what you know is possible.

To accommodate the high demand of eager guests  from around the globe that had waited years to sample the new product line, PrestoDoctor was hired to organize a smooth and painless cannabis evaluation and party registration process.

California state law mandates that all guests at cannabis related functions be over the age of 21 and a registered medical card holder.  To help guests mellow the vibe of the check in process, new patients were encouraged to register online via secure video chat before the event; helping to lessen the doctors on-site evaluations.

For the last minute guests that wanted to see how Marley Natural could help aid their aches and pains, the registration process required filing out a quick survey and short visit to one of two beautiful white cabanas where doctors privately evaluated patients for medical cannabis recommendations.

Doctors stood by all night to help guide new users on how to properly enjoy their cannabis experience.

Once registered, new patients were treated to a modern day tribute of all of Marley’s favorite things.   Outdoors, the sounds of live reggae filled the air as friends of the Marleys flew in from around the world to perform.

Grammy award winning artist Stephen Marley, (pictured below sharing a whiff of indica) paid tribute to his father by breaking out his acoustic guitar to play his father’s most loved hits.

Source: Marley Natural

Grammy award winning artist Stephen Marley, (pictured below sharing a whiff of indica) paid tribute to his father by breaking out his acoustic guitar to play his father’s most loved hits.

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Indoors, a well rounded mix of DJs and live musicians took turns on stage keeping the vibe alive.

Photo via PrestoDoctor

Jhene Aiko, captured singing below, was one of the many talented performers to dazzle the crowd along with Yaadcore, Jillionaire,  Protoje, Shinehead & DJ Papaloti.

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Outside, members of the Marley Natural team budtended the cannabar, proudly serving up their high class herb…

Image Source: Rolling Stone Photograph by: Steve Appleford
Image Source: Rolling Stone Photography by: Stephen Applegate

…leaving the cocktail bar significantly less crowded.

Glowing kiosks stood lit around the outdoor patio, showcasing the glorious new products available to try.

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The night was a huge success!

Upon exiting the party, patients were happy to report that Marley Natural’s cannabis was able to relieve and ease their symptoms without the side effects of prescription drugs.

According to Dr. R. Knox, “The most common ailments I encountered were Migraine headaches, Anxiety, Insomnia, PMS and musculoskeletal pain.  Most patients reported that cannabis helps improve symptom intensity, decrease symptom frequency, or completely control or eliminates symptoms altogether.  The most common methods of administration were smoking and edibles.”

Dr. J. Knox saw “…primarily chronic musculoskeletal pain, anxiety, and insomnia.  Cannabis provided resolution or at least significant improvement of symptoms.  Smoking was the most common method of use that patients reported to me.”

As can be seen and read from social media, guests from all around the world were able to join together together in peace, love and harmony, vibing on great music, great company and cannabis!

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Marely Natural is now officially available California looks to expand into Colorado, Oregon and Washington later in the year. Continuing in the ideals of having their herb give back to the world, Marley Natural has created a program called Rise Up which will use sales to help fund projects committed to environmental sustainability, positive social change and helping communities harmed by the social injustices of cannabis prohibition.

Bob’s ethos and ideals live on!