Cannabis Infused Events

Planning A Dream Stoner Vacation to Jamaica

Doing a basic Google search for a Jamaican vacation or trip to Jamaica displays tons of results for ‘luxurious all inclusive package vacations’ and ‘Jamaican Beach & Golf Resorts’. And while these may be adequate vacay ideas for some, generally the cannabis smokers are looking for an experience of actual Jamaican culture. All inclusive package vacations tend to implant American ideals onto another culture and often times siphon earnings to foreign owners, leaving the surrounding villages destitute in poverty. We’ve decided to lay down some guidelines on planning a sustainable trip to Jamaica in which we are immersed in real Jamaican culture.

Bud and Breakfast

This website is revolutionizing the cannabis tourism industry by providing an Airbnb style aggregate vacation rental website. The difference with Bud and Breakfast is that each rental is cannabis friendly. When searching for a place to stay in Jamaica there are listings for hostels as cheap as $20 per night with a $400 per night Exodus Retreat with provided cannabis, natural hot springs, and an infinity pool. Whether we’re looking to stay in a luxury 5-star rental compound with a private chef, on a bunk bed with other smelly wayfarers, or anything in between Bud and Breakfast can find those accommodations in Jamaica, but it’s the extra step that we appreciate. For the first time ever cannabis connoisseurs have a place to find their ideal vacation, and that is something to be celebrated.

Procuring Jamaican Cannabis

Due to the American obsession with Bob Marley and Rastafarianism many thought that cannabis was already legal in Jamaica, but that isn’t the case. Cannabis was only legalized in the country in 2015 after government officials realized how much money was to be made from the plant. Although it is legal now for worldwide medical patients to hold up to two ounces it is still rather dangerous to go about procuring cannabis in Jamaica as if we’re in Colorado or Oregon. Since Jamaica is still a horribly impoverished place in the political space where the tourism income doesn’t necessarily feed the local income tourists aren’t completely safe travelling everywhere in the country. It is quite likely that a tourist will be offered ganja countless times between landing at the airport to arriving at their hotel, but many of these offerings are scams or ways to get tourists busted. The best way to get cannabis in Jamaica right now is to go through an inclusive hotel that provides their guests with high quality cannabis.

Ganja Activities

After legalization the Jamaican Minister of Tourism announced that there would be ganja infused experiences to enjoy soon on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Most of these projects are still in the works as the Jamaican government navigates what recreational cannabis looks like but there are still some fun marijuana oriented things to do since Jamaican and Rastafarian culture generally have stoner undertones. Go enjoy some real Reggae music or relax on a famously white sandy beach while toking on a joint. Whatever we choose to get into just always double check whether or not the space is safe and the activity is a good idea for tourists. The hotel/hostel concierge or staff are a great source for this information.

Ever since Cool Runnings was released we have all had a love affair with the bright, cheery country of Jamaica. It has also been a long rumored place to visit for the cannabis connoisseur. Following these rules will helps us to be sure that we capitalize on every aspect of this tropical stoner vacation. Would you go to Jamaica if you could visit anywhere in the world? What about Amsterdam? Tell us in the comments and we will make our next stoner vacay guide for you!

How To Throw the Perfect Dank Holiday Party

The holidays have officially arrived with the usual Thanksgiving kickoff. Love and Marij thought we’d put together some tips for anyone that is able to combine our yearly feast with the divine herb. As a younger stoner I often dreamt of Thanksgiving dinners completely saturated in cannabis, each dish medicated in it’s own special way. As I’ve gotten older it has become clear that a meal such as that would absolutely zap the party dead. There are eloquent ways to entice the senses without overdosing our guests with marijuana. These tips will help us seamlessly infuse cannabis into Thanksgiving. Throw a Danksgiving with these guidelines and watch the night unfold into a Thanksgiving that is talked about well into the new year.

Medicated Dessert Buffet

One of the most effective ways to infuse the food at Thanksgiving dinner with cannabis is to add an optional medicated sauce or dip instead of infusing the base part of the side or main dish. For example, medicate one gravy dish but leave the stuffing alone; this helps to ensure that people can control their own dosages despite the buffet spread.

Our favorite way to offer edibles is with a medicated honey bar. Adequate both for the cheese plate and the dessert bar, medicated honey can be the key to an epicly infused Thanksgiving. Put out a bowl of the medicated product and be sure to clearly label that the sweet treat is infused with cannabis. Honey can be served with a fruit & cheese plate with figs, brie, & butter crackers just as easily as being paired with apple pie & fruit tarts.


Top Shelf Budtending commonly recommends cannabis infused mocktails over serving both alcohol and herb together. Infusing beverages with cannabis can be a complicated or a relaxed endeavor depending on what kind of products are around. There are cannabis sugar companies and infused honey companies that make products well suited for a mocktail. Some marijuana infusion companies even carry drinkables that can be combined with other flavors for the most delectably effective cannabis mocktails.   

Party Favors

Supplying edibles for an entire party isn’t the cheapest endeavor, that’s why it’s a good idea to ask fellow Danksgiving goers to bring some flower or wax to share. If four to five guests each bring a joint or blunt for sharing then it’s likely everyone will be sufficiently stoned for the entirety of the dinner. This will also help take some of the budgetary constraint off of the event since the host is probably putting out quite a bit of cash to cover the food and drink.

Like always remember that dosage is crucial, especially when dealing with a party of full of people with varied tolerances. For anyone serving infused Thanksgiving dinner be sure to keep on eye on all guests and be sure that no one is overdoing it.

How To Throw a Weed Centric All Around the World Party

One fun thing that recreational cannabis brings to the party is just that, a party. Cannabis entertaining could possibly be the next wave of professional homemaking. Actually it sort of is since the most famous homemaker in the world recently teamed up with equally as famous stoner Snoop Dogg in the newest show from either star, “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”. Following in the footsteps of Queen Martha and Snoop D-O-Double G we decided to give readers some insight into throwing the most bangin’ themed parties with a cannabis edge.

An ‘Around the World’ party touches on themes in the form of party stations that are meant to celebrate various cultures around the world. At this point all the sorority girls in the house are jumping up and down with miniature claps because this was a common party theme back in college. Adding cannabis into the mix of this beloved party could be super fun and maintain the multi-cultural element that makes an ‘Around the World’ party so dang memorable.

Basic Setup

Before even diving into choosing which countries to represent take a look at the space and assess how many stations can be set up in the area. Once we have decided how much space we have for party stations we will know how many countries we will need to research. Each station will feature decorations, culinary delights, libations, and most importantly a culturally significant way to inhale or ingest cannabis. Each station will feature the makings and recipe for a signature cultural drink but we suggest also having a main bar where guests can either serve themselves or be served whatever their heart desires. Similarly, hiring a team like Top Shelf Budtending or Healthy Headie helps us be sure that no one overdoes it on the cannabis and ensures that our guests get exactly what they need.

Dressing up in costume only makes parties more fun but it is always important to avoid cultural appropriation. This is why we suggest that friends dress in a tourist costume (camera on a neck leash, bucket hat, cargo shorts, etc.) as a flight attendant, and even a sailor or pirate. Basically we will get all dolled up as our favorite traveller to travel ‘Around the World’ with all of our friends. Don’t worry if people don’t dress up, the host should be in their favorite ‘travel outfit’ since we are a part of the themed event itself. To make the party planning a little bit easier we’ve put together some stations to help throw the most legendary cannabis centric ‘Around the World’ party there ever was.


Any stoner that has travelled to the UK knows that Brits love to smoke spliffs which is tobacco and cannabis mixed together and rolled up into a joint. Have all of the fixin’s -tobacco, ground cannabis, papers, and tips- as well as some pre-rolled spliff at the English table. This is a common European way to indulge but we assigned the spliff to England because pop culture so frequently throws the two together.

The England table should also include some other crucial elements to help transport guests to another world, or at least another country.

England can also feature:

  • Gin & Tonics
  • Miniature Meat Pies
  • A Large, prominent English flag


Some of the most potent Indica strains come from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because of this we are positive that this beautiful country should be featured at the party. Afghan people enjoy hashish from a hookah, so obviously this station of the party should transport guests to a hookah lounge where they can partake in real hashish while enjoying some culturally significant bites.

Afghanistan can also feature:

  • Korme Kofta or Lamb Meatballs
  • Whirling Cherry Cocktail (Get the recipe by following this link)
  • Pillows and floor seating, tapestries, and dimmed romantic light.


Germany is home to many technical innovations including the Storz & Bickel Volcano which was the most innovative vaporizer to ever hit the market. The German station should reflect their organized, clean nature with a couple of volcano vapes and extra bags. Don’t forget to include the grinders or pre-ground cannabis to be sure that everyone has just what they need.

Germany can also feature:

  • German Chocolate Cake & Black Forest Cake
  • German Kolsch, Altbier, Helles, and/or Maibock in steins
  • Utilitarian but comfortable furniture with bright light.

These three countries should give any party planner a good head start to setting up an ‘Around the World’ themed gathering that everyone is talking about for ages. What other countries would you include? I would probably also set up a dab station in the ‘US’ and perhaps some fresh, pure cones in Jamaica. What other themes for parties would you like us to break down for you?

Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on a Denver Rooftop

After such a fabulous success on the LA rooftop less than one month ago Molly Peckler from Highly Devoted Coaching paired up with Love and Marij once more to throw a Singles Speakeasy at the prestigious Metlo Rooftop in Downtown Denver, CO.

Just two short years after the first commercial sale of cannabis in the Rocky  Mountain State this event was intended to bring together any singles that may be looking for someone to share a bowl with.

As guests arrived they were greeted by a variety of vendors catering to their every need. On that crisp Autumn rooftop singles were greeted with warm hemp tea and nibbles from Jordan & Jane infused catering service.

As singles perused the various cannabis vendors and mingled they had multiple choices for how they’d like to get lifted. Top Shelf Budtending had a full event set up featuring tons of strains for those that prefer flower. The talented budtender waiting for any question that a guest may have was just icing on the cake.

For those that prefer dabs and concentrates the Healthy Headie was present alongside Top Shelf Budtending to provide dabs and volcanos fit for wax, shatter, butter, and all of the above. Between the two any types of inhalation was handled and singles were at ease as they began to embrace the loving ideology that goes along with marijuana use.

Dixie Brands were representing with tincture samples along with some bath soaks and lotions. Featured on their table was Aceso, the new CBD only line recently released by the edible & topical company. Other vendors included the stylish compartmentalized carry cases from Stash Logix.

For the more intimate couples and even just to feel sexy when we’re alone Evo labs brought samples of their award winning odorless cannabis infused personal lubricant to hand out to Singles Speakeasy guests throughout the night. The product is meant to heighten stimulation for all genders and in turn heighten the levels of physical intimacy that we can achieve with a partner.

After just a few short words in the first hour of the event from Molly Peckler guests were ready to mingle and explore how cannabis can open us up to love. The next Singles Speakeasy is taking place at a secret location in Orange County, California. Who is ready to hit the OC and meet their bowl-mate?

Photo Credit goes to: Jacob Blaskis, Marie Graham, and Maggie Murphy

Cannabis Wedding Advice From The Experts

Cannabis weddings have become a popular trend in recreational states like Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Many couples opt to feature a cannabis bar, add cannabis flowers or fan leaves to their bouquet or headpiece and even feature cannabis leaves on their delicate invitation stationery. The options have become endless for elegant couples looking to host a lavish wedding that just happens to include their favorite plant. Navigating the legal landscape of cannabis intertwined with the stress of wedding planning is only possible with the help of a cannabis event specialist, we asked a few event planners that specialize in cannabis weddings for their tips and tricks for arranging the perfect weed wedding. The common consensus between everyone involved is that a weed wedding becomes even more of a joyous occasion because the plant has a natural ability to bring people together.

Location is Crucial

From state to state cannabis laws vary and that makes finding a cannabis friendly venue the very first step in planning a weed wedding. In Colorado, as long as the venue is cannabis friendly and the guests don’t partake in a public display of getting stoned, the location should be completely safe. When we reached out to Bec Koop, Owner of Cannabis Concierge Events and Buds & Blossoms she was quick to let us in on a mile high wedding favorite when she exclaimed: “We love outdoor mountain weddings!”. But in medical states like California, the current legal climate dictates that most cannabis weddings can only be held at private residences.


We had the opportunity to speak with Vanessa Lynn Pierrard who works as the Marketing Manager and Event Planner for The High Note operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She expresses the difficulties that California canna-couples face when hoping to throw a weed wedding found in recreational states, “While it is legal to consume cannabis with a valid doctor’s recommendation, it is illegal to share and distribute, thus creating challenges for couples who want to have a “weed wedding” like those in Colorado and Washington.” But Californians might not have to wait too long since they will be able to vote on recreational cannabis in less than a month.

Alternative Displays of Cannabis

When most people hear the term weed wedding they almost always imagine a bar of cannabis flowers displayed elegantly with a budtender on hand for direction. While this is certainly a reality there are other ways to include cannabis in a classically styled wedding. Although Pierrard from The High Note previously expressed caution with venue choices in California she added with hope, “Fear not, because any herb loving couple can incorporate cannabis into their wedding through adding cannabis leaves to bouquets, customizing individual smoking accessories, and adding fun weed-themed jewelry.” The elevated event planner also recommends small touches of cannabis throughout the event to be easily seen by those that are already awake to the concept while remaining ‘PC’ to any guests who might not be as cannabis friendly. 
There are so many ways that cannabis and hemp are used in weddings and hemp is a super sustainable plant for the environment. Koop from Cannabis Concierge Events has cultivated a space where a cannabis bride can find almost every cannabis wedding item, listing out “cannabis-infused floral arrangements, connections to hemp/silk wedding dress designers, graphic designers that make hemp paper invitations & party favors like hemp chapstick or pain relief salves” as the ways that she can assist in cannabis related planning in Colorado.

Weed Wediquette

Many couples looking to include cannabis in their wedding may worry what Grandma Dorris may think with ‘the pot heads over there’ sharing her dance floor. Weed Wedding Etiquette, or as we like to say Weed Wediquette, is easily accomplished with careful planning and can ensure the comfort for all of the grannies of the world. At The High Note they accomplish weed wediquette by maintaining a focus on the bride and groom instead of cannabis or smoking. “Weddings are about love and marriage and the main focus should never be about anything other than the couple tying the knot and the celebration of their lives together!” Pierrard goes on, “Making anything other than them the focus will inherently make people uncomfortable.”


Going further Koop suggests separating cannabis from the main party by adding a party bus or smoking patio when she told us, “Setting up a separate area for cannabis consumption to take place; some couples prefer to vaporize only to keep it odorless. Koop also recommends that anyone looking to add cannabis to their nuptials should “provide a lot of educational materials and have a good staff that makes everyone at the event feel 100% comfortable.” Educational materials and a staff that we can rely on will ensure that any guests that might be smoking for the first couple of times doesn’t have a bad experience and ruin the special day.

Both of these prominent event planners agree on one thing, cannabis only adds to the joyous occasion that is a wedding. Koop told us that when cannabis is involved in a wedding the mellow quality of the plant is definitely noticeable, “The entire wedding tends to be more relaxed. Far less drama! No canna-bridezillas yet!”. Pierrard adds that “Cannabis is a natural anxiety & stress reliever and a common side effect is a case of the giggles!” making wedding guests feel more comfortable to get down on it on that dance floor. After all, it’s only fitting that at the union of two families a joint or bowl gets passed around. As Pierrard so eloquently puts it, “No other herb, plant, substance, or single thing on Earth brings a sense of community like sharing a bowl, joint, volcano with friends, strangers, and those odd relatives we all have.”
How would you include the cannabis plant on your special day? Are there ways to practice weediquette that we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

Stoner Single's Guide to Cannabis Dating

Just like every other part of life, being single has it’s ups and downs. On one hand, you get to starfish in bed every night and partake in every weird semi-disgusting habit that your heart desires. On the other hand, you cook dinner for one and sometimes think about waking up with someone snuggly on the other side of the bed. For those of us that love to partake in cannabis, whether it is recreationally or medically, tend to enjoy having a buddy that gives us reason to pack that bowl for two.

We asked one of our most eligible cannabis bachelor friends Willie Williams, Assistant Dispensary Manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, what he thinks about the dating scene as a card-carrying medical cannabis user. When asked whether or not cannabis came into play when looking for a potential partner in crime he stated, “I am absolutely looking for a partner that partakes in cannabis, it is always nice to share a nice smoke with a significant other and have high talks.” Now that individuals can openly seek a partner who enjoys cannabis and weed-friendly activities there is a revolution of cannabis date night activities hitting the scene.

What is Cannabis Dating?

The owners and operators of these ventures have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with new and veteran couples exploring their relationships with cannabis at the helm. Heidi Keyes is the CEO of Puff Pass & Paint now operating in Colorado, Oregon and Washington DC. At these all-inclusive art classes, Keyes has noticed that diversity is the only trend with cannabis friendly events, We have so many couples attending date nights at Puff, Pass & Paint, but that is really where the trends end.” Keyes elaborates that “one of the coolest things about cannabis is how it brings people together, and that is definitely the case with Puff, Pass & Paint.” 

Dee Dussault is the founder of Ganja Yoga operating out of San Francisco and she does warn us that “Of course, too much THC can cause agitation and anxiety, so dose is essential.” But with the right dose and the right environment we can find the perfect balance on a date where we can access that feeling that “it’s okay to just be where you are and as relaxed as you can be.” That is what these two entrepreneurs and many other cannabis event coordinators are doing across the country, crafting an intentional space for cannabis singles (and everyone else!) to get to know each other.

Using Marijuana With a Date

After checking in with Willie Williams over in Flagstaff it became apparent that like every other good partner out there, he was interested in someone who was just real. He tends to notice first “how genuine she is when we speak to each other” and also if she is “driven or outgoing” since he prefers to get active after he gets medicated instead of fall into the stoner stereotype. When on that first date he likes to smoke an Indica because he feels that they make him feel more in his body. Strains like Holy Grail Kush and Girl Scout Cookies are the perfect Indica blend to help him maintain a lively conversation but not feel too amped up on THC. 

Activities that are creative, inclusive and interactive like Puff Pass & Paint or Ganja Yoga serve as great first cannabis dates because they give us a safe space to explore our relationships within cannabis. Taking the confusion of not knowing someone else’s dose out of the date equation allows us to focus on getting to know each other instead of babysitting. Heidi Keyes loves Puff Pass & Paint for these occasions because “everyone has an engaging, creative, and hilarious time, painting and laughing and passing around joints, which is extremely fun to watch and be a part of”. Having an activity to focus on can take the first date jitters out of an occasion leaving us available to simply enjoy being.

Connecting Weed & Relationships

In Ganja Yoga Dee Dussault works hard to cultivate a space where every one person donates to the energy as a whole. She poignantly told us, “Zoning out at a movie when you’re experiencing all the emotions that happen when you hang out with someone you like wastes the experience.” Dussault adds that at Ganja Yoga, partners new and old can begin “Sharing in a stretch together, or assisting your partner as they stretch” which “fosters intimacy by letting you be vulnerable and really taken care of, no matter what came before.” These cannabis friendly activities are not only formulated around smoking weed, they’re an intentional experience to help us understand the connective properties of the cannabis plant.


Smoking cannabis with a friend, partner and even coworker can deepen their relationship and help two humans find a new level of connection between one another. Williams has noticed that cannabis has improved his dating life in ways that he didn’t expect. Life with cannabis has taught him the value of staying in with good conversation and buds instead of getting wasted at bars. He’s noticed that “medicating brings a different type of confidence, where I am not trapped in my thoughts and I am more open to doing things without hesitation.” These are the same qualities cultivated at places like Ganja Yoga & Puff Pass & Paint; a place where we can feel open to new people and experiences.

Puff Pass & Paint operates out of Denver, Washington and Oregon with public events and private parties. The painting & doobies oriented event is also featured on the Colorado cannabis tours and they are looking forward to the year ahead. Ganja Yoga operates in private locations with meetups and bookings, Dussault is excited to continue helping people connect with the magical combo of intentional breath, movement, and the healing herb. Does attending Puff Pass & Paint sound ideal for you and your partner? How about Ganja Yoga? Do you have something to add about dating in the cannabis world? My partner and I love to partake in cannabis together but haven’t had the opportunity to go to one of these fabulous events. Have you gotten to go to Ganja Yoga or Puff Pass & Paint? Tell us everything in the comments!

Cannabis Date Essentials

Don’t forget your stash when going out with your partner. These essentials keep you lifted on the go.

Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on an LA Rooftop

California made history back in 1996 by recognizing the medicinal value of cannabis.

Twenty years later, Love and Marij partnered up with Highly Devoted Coaching to recognize cannabis as a healthy part of your love life with the world’s first Cannabis Friendly Single’s Speakeasy.

The mission of the inaugural Singles Speakeasy, hosted by Highly Devoted’s Molly Peckler, was to bring like minded singles together over the common bond of cannabis.

When looking for a partner, we tend to look for someone who has similar values and perspectives. Cannabis consumers are no different. Even though you may know you’re more than your cannabis use, it can be hard to bring up smoking on the first date, no matter your age.

Joints, a romantic rooftop setting and decadent bites, by The Herbal Chef, fostered an atmosphere that allowed new relationships to form.

Terpene bowls were placed on every table to accent the cannabis and food flavors. Presto Doctor checked registered California medicinal patients looking for love into the event and stayed on hand to answer questions about safe cannabis consumption.

Not only were some sparks kindled, the Speakeasy provided a space for singles to truly relax and foster new friendships with likeminded single socialites. The curated event brought together not only folks from the cannabis industry but also models, writers, and educators. The Green St. Agency’s outdoor art installation ignited conversations that lasted long after the night was over.

Molly briefly spoke about cultivating confidence with cannabis and how to find a partner whose values align with your own. Soon after, joints were shared to elevate conversations to a new height.

The evening culminated with extraordinary gift bags and multiple groups of couples leaving together to continue partying together on a Wednesday evening.

With the help of our like-minded sponsors, the Speakeasy brought together a high class cannabis consumption and re-defined the image of what a “stoner single” looks like in the 21st century.

Interested in bringing cannabis into your love life?

Get ready for romance cannabis by trying one of these California products on your next date.


To Whom It May : These individual chocolates aim to be as unique as their consumer. Minimalistic packaging accentuates crisp flavors of the chocolate while leaving out any hash flavor. The beautiful box would be a great first date gift along with your choice of flowers.



Sacred Epsom Salt and Cannabis Massage Oil: Combine Sacred into a luxurious couples bath lit with candles, add in your favorite strain and you have a cozy at home spa date. Spice things up after with Sacred‘s massage oil!

I had my first full night’s sleep after relaxing into a bath of this. My skin came out feeling so soft and subtle afterwards, perfect for pairing with a massage oil.




Deviant Dabs : Compact dabs? Dabs in a compact?! Man, while California may be behind on the legalization front (for now) they are really slaying it in the design game. If your looking for a gift for your makeup & dab loving girlfriend, look no further. We know a few beauty gurus who would agree that dabs and makeup are the perfect combo! Just watch how thick you lay on the winged tip cat eye.



Foria : Oh, I love Foria. Never have I found a lubricant that is so relaxing and stimulating. Helps ease any tension or pain during sex or to just enhance pleasure for both parties. Be prepared to want to keep going longer than expected.

We have not met a single soul who can not help but sing high praises for Foria! The opaque bottle is discreet enough to leave out on your bedside without anyone knowing how much fun you’ve been having. It is the perfect addition to your single life as well as a staple in love life.




Moonmans Mistress : I never thought I’d be so excited for a healthy edible! The best part about them is that they taste so delicious you wouldn’t expect them to be good for you. When you open the box up, it’s full of information and fun.

If you’re looking for that nostalgia factor, here you go. Not only is their name and packaging so catchy, they carry some of the cleanest edibles you can find. Reminding you of those fresh baked cookies with a little extra magic.




Swerve Confections: Get these bad boys delivered right to your doorstep from the talented people at Swerve. These bars are packed with Cacao, a known aphrodisiac promoting feelings of bliss. Alongside it is Cacao’s noted love child, Maca, which is known as “nature’s viagra.” Best for a day time romp followed by coffee on the veranda.

I ate one or two of these a day while in California. I wish I could eat one every day! The high is constant and invigoratingly focused without causing too much anxiety or paranoia. Perfect for anyone looking to walk for miles along the beach or explore treasures that California has to offer.





Kurvana: The classic flavor of the hybrid Girl Scout Cookies can be used all day. A stimulating cerebral strain with a relaxing body high for a flawless transition from daytime to dusk and beyond. You’ll feel as hazy as the sorbet sunset over the ocean.

Disposable and portable, vaporizers are perfect for beginners who are interested in dabbing or for anyone looking for a mellow alternative to any flame. Sativa strains can sometimes be too jittery while a heavy Indica can put you in the couch. Hybrids are ideal for dates as it gives both parties a comfortable middle ground.




Warm & Crispy: If you have been wanting to try out one of our chefs at home cannabis recipes for your date night in, try this medicated coconut oil which has a slow and gradual digestion that makes for an uplifted experience with less anxiety.




Sailene: One of Molly Peckler’s favorite pre-rolls!

Joints are a cornerstone social and communal activity for smokers. The circle created by passing a joint is inclusive and brings together people. Have a joint rolling night where you and your partner can compete in who can make the best looking jay. Winner gets greens for a designated amount of time. And the loser? We’ll leave that up to you.



Pura Vida Granola: With 100 retailers in 8 cities over California, it is not hard to find this superfood packed essential. Wake your bae up with some pancakes sprinkled with this granola after a night filled with Foria fun! Throw it in some yogurt after a partnered workout and see gains in more than just your relationship.




Mind Tricks: These edibles are widely raved about and for great reasons. Every bite is excellent. Cleverly named Mind Tricks these infused toffee bites can trick you into wanting to eat the whole bag. Just share them with date, take a walk and see what unfolds.



Kush Queen: You really can never have to many atomizers. The Crystal Cult has some sleek and sexy pieces that scream Queen! Grab these in different colors for your girl tribe to let everyone know who’s squad is on fleek.




Bhang Chocolates: Surprise your honey with some after dinner dark chocolate. With professional chocolatiers making non medicated goodies for retailers like Whole Foods, you can bet these chocolates are a perfect gift for any Cacao & Cannabis lover.

Bhang offers a variety of flavors, from milk chocolate with pretzel to dark chocolate and an equally varying dosage choices. I found happily helping myself to seconds of the pretzel chocolate bar; even though I’m not typically a fan of milk chocolate!  From high CBD to 200mg THC, you can find a Bhang perfect for any occasion.





’96 Extracts: If your belle of the ball would rather have dabs than diamonds, treat her to ’96 Extracts.  My initial thought when I saw the package was, ‘This looks like Chanel’ or something that diamonds would arrive in.



Highland Pantry: These low dose CBD and THC edibles are truly out of this world! Spread it on gluten free toast and add bananas for a sandwich fit for The King. If you’re really looking to build a great canna-sandwitch gift basket, we recommend their entire highly elevated Vegan line to surprise your royal other.


ClubM : If you’re a medical card patient in California, you should subscribe to this elegantly curated monthly subscription box. Browse through their previous boxes to purchase or sign up to be surprised with delightful cannabis goodies delivered to your door.

If you’re thinking about incorporating Cannabis into your love life – schedule a free consultation with Molly or request a speakeasy in your city!


The next Singles Speakeasy event is coming up October. 19 at the Metlo Rooftop Denver! Order your tickets now for an unforgettable night!

Photography by: Todd Westphal Photography

Ganjasana, A Cannabis Yoga & Culinary Event

When guests arrived at for an evening of cannabis and yoga, no one was quite sure what to expect.  Nestled in the mountainside of Boulder Canyon, everyone’s welcoming smile and the breathtaking landscape was assurance, we were in a for a night of ceremonial cannabis bliss.

As I arrived from the beautiful drive four miles along side Boulder Creek, I was welcomed by Matt Davenport, CEO of Permalos Consulting.  He walked everyone through the different cultivars throughout the night and spoke briefly about his ambition and drive to continually educate not only himself but others about the regenerative and grown in living soil cannabis we would be smoking all night!


Matt had some of his collection of books about regenerative farming methods, carbon farming, living soil, and microbes.

Rachael Carlevale teaches yoga five days a week and was our guide to learning to communicate with the medicine we would be partaking.

Philip Wolfe and Cultivating Spirits would be telling us how to identify terpenes and how to really enhance your high without knowing the specific strain by being aware of your senses and pairing different cultivars with different foods.


The Cheshire House, is the childhood home of Dennis, and has been ever evolving and growing as if it is something from a fairy tale. Guests were even greeted by a friendly fox who made his way up to hill to peek at the all the happenings. Stunning mountain views and Evergreens gave a small glimpse at a trickling river down below.

The Ganja:

The main room was aligned with yoga mats in a big circle, and on the table was a blend of joints with and without hash, bowls, a bong, and a dab rig for some stellar concentrates. Matt spoke of the way the herbs we were going to be smoking were grown, in living soil free of pesticides, chemicals, engaging in natural pure sunlight, and the time and dedication to make the hash oils.

The cultivars used throughout the night were, Holy Headband (Headband & Big Sur Holy), Blackbird (SR 71 & Purple Kush), and Toji (Tahoe OG & Off Grid Kush).

Before everyone gathered around to smoke and take in the medicine, Rachael passed the cannabis we would be smoking in a small bowl. Reminding all to be mindful to feel the energy of the plant and be aware of that spirit connection. The ceremonies are designed to model traditional approaches to plant communication and guide individuals to connect with the earth and their most authentic selves.



Rachael led a relaxed yoga ceremony, twisting and stretching our bodies just enough for everyone to feel so full and energized. She spoke of building the relationship with plant medicine that is rooted in the ancient Shipibo shamanic lineage and listening through your heart as to be mindful of your intentions.


After the yoga, everyone gathered inside and outside passing joints and bowls around, laughing and enjoying the refreshing experience. Appetizers of golden beet and tomatillo tacos with roasted asparagus and zuchinni brushetta were passed around as everyone got ready for an amazing cooking demonstration by Robyn Lawrence, author of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook.

Robyn talked about how easy it is to make your own cannabis infused cooking oil and what to do just encase you eat to much! Along with a sample and a signed cookbook, each guest got see how versatile cooking with cannabis can be.

The Food:

As we sat down at the dinner table it all seems like a regular dinner party but of course Cultivating Spirits gives you a little extra surprise. To the right of your knife were two small bowls of Toji and Blackbird cultivars for each guest to pair with each dinner and dessert. Philip walked us through recognizing the flavor profiles and a with a toast and a hit of your personal bowl, dinner officially was served. Guests were treated to local, organic, non-GMO food prepared by Cultivating Spirits’ renowned chefs. The toji paired with the main dish perfectly. As well as some of Boulder’s signature potions from Shine Restaurant to drink alongside a flour less chocolate cake with a blackberry compote, which was of course paired with Blackbird.

After dinner it was time to fire up the dab rig with some amazing rosin made by Matt. Guests were treated to an experience full of mindfully consuming cannabis and being aware of not only themselves  but of the energy and properties of this unbelievable plant. Reminding us to always continue our knowledge about sustainability, remaining mindful of our intentions, educating yourself on edibles, and staying present with each breathe in and out.  This was the premier transformational experience with Ganjasana and there will be more to come.

“I honor the plants, not only Cannabis for saving my life, but all our plant allies.” -Rachael

Share this story is you want to be at the next Ganjasana event!

Marley Natural Launch Party

On February 6th, 2016 in the State of California; celebs, musicians and cannabis supporters from around the world gathered to enjoy good music, good herb and good company in celebration of what would have been Bob Marley’s 71st birthday!

The celebration was held at an insanely beautiful private residence in the Hollywood Hills.  The price of admission?  FREE. Hosting the event? Marley Natural, the Marley family’s new cannabis line.  Three years in the making, the vision of Marley Natural has been to create a sustainable cannabis line that not only enables consumers to enjoy the medicinal, spiritual and holistic properties of cannabis that Bob dedicated a large portion of his life to preaching about, but also gives back to the community and the world.

Saturday’s celebration was exactly that.  From hiring PrestoDoctor (a company specializing in offering medical cannabis recommendations 100% online and at special events) to register private guests, to sharing free samples of Marley Natural’s locally grown cannabis line for all patients in attendance to enjoy, to hiring world renowned musical artists to create a magical island ambiance, love and good vibes were undeniably in the air.  Here is a photo recap of the Love and Marij filled evening!


The event was held in a private Hollywood Hills estate plush with all types of trees!  The venue was painted with colored lights to help journey the mind to a different world that defies what you know is possible.

To accommodate the high demand of eager guests  from around the globe that had waited years to sample the new product line, PrestoDoctor was hired to organize a smooth and painless cannabis evaluation and party registration process.

California state law mandates that all guests at cannabis related functions be over the age of 21 and a registered medical card holder.  To help guests mellow the vibe of the check in process, new patients were encouraged to register online via secure video chat before the event; helping to lessen the doctors on-site evaluations.

For the last minute guests that wanted to see how Marley Natural could help aid their aches and pains, the registration process required filing out a quick survey and short visit to one of two beautiful white cabanas where doctors privately evaluated patients for medical cannabis recommendations.

Doctors stood by all night to help guide new users on how to properly enjoy their cannabis experience.

Once registered, new patients were treated to a modern day tribute of all of Marley’s favorite things.   Outdoors, the sounds of live reggae filled the air as friends of the Marleys flew in from around the world to perform.

Grammy award winning artist Stephen Marley, (pictured below sharing a whiff of indica) paid tribute to his father by breaking out his acoustic guitar to play his father’s most loved hits.

Source: Marley Natural

Grammy award winning artist Stephen Marley, (pictured below sharing a whiff of indica) paid tribute to his father by breaking out his acoustic guitar to play his father’s most loved hits.

Repost:: @StephenMarley OH JAH I'M GONNA TAKE A LIFT' 💨 @MarleyNatural #MarleyNatural #LIONORDER

A video posted by Rohan Marley (@romarley) on

Stephen Marley at Marley naturals launch party #marleynatural

A video posted by Sublime Co2 (@sublimeco2) on

Indoors, a well rounded mix of DJs and live musicians took turns on stage keeping the vibe alive.

Photo via PrestoDoctor

Jhene Aiko, captured singing below, was one of the many talented performers to dazzle the crowd along with Yaadcore, Jillionaire,  Protoje, Shinehead & DJ Papaloti.

@Kemmikal up in the mansion in Holly-poompoom vibing to @jheneaiko live... #Redsquare ##MarleyNatural.

A video posted by Spragga Benz (@spraggabenz3) on

When we JAH WE see a way' @Protoje inna acoustic for the @MarleyNatural launch #LA #BobMarley #MarleyNatural 🌿💨

A video posted by Dubwise Jamaica (@dubwisejamaica) on

Outside, members of the Marley Natural team budtended the cannabar, proudly serving up their high class herb…

Image Source: Rolling Stone Photograph by: Steve Appleford
Image Source: Rolling Stone Photography by: Stephen Applegate

…leaving the cocktail bar significantly less crowded.

Glowing kiosks stood lit around the outdoor patio, showcasing the glorious new products available to try.

@marleynatural launch party in the hills #bobmarley #marleynatural @deuce_thevenow @jzavvy @viktomar

A photo posted by Zach Weinberg (@weinbleezy) on

@kittycash_ #marleynatural #la

A photo posted by pakomaciaso (@pakomaciaso) on

The night was a huge success!

Upon exiting the party, patients were happy to report that Marley Natural’s cannabis was able to relieve and ease their symptoms without the side effects of prescription drugs.

According to Dr. R. Knox, “The most common ailments I encountered were Migraine headaches, Anxiety, Insomnia, PMS and musculoskeletal pain.  Most patients reported that cannabis helps improve symptom intensity, decrease symptom frequency, or completely control or eliminates symptoms altogether.  The most common methods of administration were smoking and edibles.”

Dr. J. Knox saw “…primarily chronic musculoskeletal pain, anxiety, and insomnia.  Cannabis provided resolution or at least significant improvement of symptoms.  Smoking was the most common method of use that patients reported to me.”

As can be seen and read from social media, guests from all around the world were able to join together together in peace, love and harmony, vibing on great music, great company and cannabis!

Marely Natural is now officially available California looks to expand into Colorado, Oregon and Washington later in the year. Continuing in the ideals of having their herb give back to the world, Marley Natural has created a program called Rise Up which will use sales to help fund projects committed to environmental sustainability, positive social change and helping communities harmed by the social injustices of cannabis prohibition.

Bob’s ethos and ideals live on!

Mad High Tea Party

Have you ever wished you could be like Alice and take a trip to Wonderland?  Last July, two San Francisco based cannabis collectives teamed up to bring a whimsical cannabis infused afternoon in Wonderland to life!  We interviewed Stephany from Flour Child Collective, a craft creator of local and organic edible jams and topicals, on the details and inspiration behind San Francisco’s first Mad High Tea Party!


STEPAHNY:  It was a few weeks after we had initially launched Flour Child and we had recently partnered up with our first collective, The Hepburns– a small, SF-based producer of solvent-less ice water hash-infused, pre-rolled joints. We wanted to put on a few gatherings for the community that focused on celebrating cannabis and incorporating it into safe, positive social settings.

Allie Butler, the founder of Hepburns, was very inspired by Alice in Wonderland when designing her packaging, and it has always been one of my favorites, too. So, we decided that the first event we did together would have to be an Alice in Wonderland-inspired “Mad Tea Party”. Thus, the Mad High Tea Party was born.

LOVE AND MARIJ:  Take us through all of the details of what you put together and why!  (Any particular pairings you were excited about?)

STEPHANY:  My partner Akhil Khadse and I met while working in NYC restaurants; I was a pastry cook and he had been cooking in some of NYC’s best restaurants for 15 years.  We had always dreamed about doing a high-end cannabis tasting, so initially, we had talked about doing a tasting menu, with a series of infused, plated courses and terpene-paired joints and cannabis cocktails to pair with. However, even in San Francisco, it was challenging to find an affordable place where we could hold something like this.  A friend generously lent us her family’s backyard garden and home in Potrero Hill, so we decided to make it more of a casual-yet-fantastical elevated garden tea party affair.

For our research, we read some of Lewis Carroll’s poems and of course, watched the Disney version of “Alice in Wonderland.”  Alice in Wonderland is full of food references and Pinterest is full of Alice in Wonderland-inspired parties.  Culturally, Alice has become a reference to psychedelics and things being not quite what they seem.  We wanted to make a menu that was whimsical, playful, trippy and a bit surprising.

Rather than add cannabis to all of the food, we decided to offer a few medicated elements that guests could add to their plates, if desired, and easily control their own dosage.  Allie rolled a flight of Hepburns deluxe, complete with custom-blown glass tips, to pass around.  She chose flowers and hashes to pair with each dish, based on terpenes & flavors, much like a sommelier would pair wine.

To start, we had “Bread and Butterflies”- a platter of our favorite local breads, Vella butter from Sonoma, and a selection of our organic, hashish-infused Seasonal Jams.  This way, guests could taste all of our Jams while remaining in control of how much cannabis they were eating, as well as have the option to choose from different strains and combinations, depending on their tolerance.  We turned our hashish-infused Granola into a spicy, savory topping by sautéing it with black garlic, spices, and chilies, which we served with a farmer’s market crudité platter and green goddess dressing.  Guests were encouraged to add infused Jam or spicy Granola to their sweet and savory dishes as needed.

Our third snack was pulled straight from an Alice in Wonderland Pinterest search- little hard-boiled egg “toadstools” filled with egg salad and topped with tomato “caps” and feta dots. We picked up some farm eggs from the market, and made an herby deviled egg filling from the yolks instead of egg salad. Petite dry-farmed early girl tomatoes were the perfect size for mushroom caps, and the tastiest, too!  Salty feta completed the woodland look and made the delicious tomatoes really pop. These snacks were paired with Hepburns Deluxes rolled from ‘Red Dragon’ flowers and ‘Shiva Skunk’ solvent-less hash from French Laundry Fine Concentrates, which had just enough funky earthiness to pair with the savory bites.

“The Walrus and the Carpenter” has been a favorite poem of mine since childhood, so of course, we had to include oysters. The Walrus made do with pepper and vinegar, which is really enough with delicious oysters, and in San Francisco we are lucky to have access to Hog Island Oysters just across the Bay.  A mignonette is very traditional to serve with oysters, which is normally a mixture of vinegar, pepper and shallots. Since it was summertime, we added diced Frog Hollow Farm “Flavor King” pluots (possibly the single best piece of stone fruit in California, definitely my favorite pluot varietal! With a royal name to boot) and a touch of lemon verbena, to bring out the fruitiness of the oysters.  They seemed like things that could all grow in Wonderland, down to the farm names!  Hog Island ‘Sweetwater’ oysters with Frog Hollow Farm ‘Flavor King’ pluot & verbena mignonette really does sound like something Alice might have eaten on her adventures, and it made for a luxurious little starter.

Photo Credit: Monica Lo

For the main course, we wanted something savory and substantial, yet light enough for a garden tea party.  Tea sandwiches are traditional, but predictable. Enter smorgastarta.  Smorgastarta is a Swedish sandwich “cake”- essentially an inside-out sandwich, layers of bread with various fillings, usually “frosted” with soft cheese and decorated with meats, herbs and vegetables. They can be made individual-sized or large and then cut into slices.  A sandwich cake is most definitely a dish that can go horribly wrong and depends entirely on the quality of your ingredients.  We have a large network of local farmers that we work with, and wanted to highlight their peak summer produce in the “cakes.”

For the first, we did a riff on the most classic of all tea sandwiches- the cucumber sandwich.  We layered Acme Bread’s herb focaccia with herbed crème fraîche, sliced Armenian, Japanese and Lemon cucumbers, julienned watermelon radish, and herbs.  We “frosted” it with whipped mascarpone cheese and garnished with nasturtiums and wild fennel flowers that we foraged in Russian Hill.  The garden where the party was held also happened to have a gorgeous flowering cilantro plant with green coriander seeds that we picked and sprinkled on at the last second because cucumber and green coriander are a flavor match made in heaven.

The second sandwich cake was all about tomatoes- how could we not in mid-July?!  We made a three-basil pesto (Genovese, lemon and bush basils) and spread it onto Acme herb slabs, layered with heirloom tomatoes and wild fennel pollen that we foraged in Berkeley.  The little cakes were covered with whipped Laura Chenel goat cheese and decorated with Sungold and Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, purple basil blossoms and more wild fennel pollen.

For the third sandwich cake we took inspiration from one of our favorite New York sandwiches- the bagel with lox. We sliced everything bagels super thin and layered them with dill cream cheese, wild salmon lox and scallions. The sandwich cakes were really fun to make and decorate, and definitely brought the element of whimsy and surprise we were looking for!  They looked like sweet little confections, but we anchored them with familiar savory flavors.

We wanted to take dessert as an opportunity to showcase our Jams again, in a sweet that is both classically served with tea and made with jam- the Victoria sponge.  We had just gotten a lovely batch of ‘Alpha Blue’ ice water hash made by French Laundry Fine Concentrates in Mendocino, so we gently dosed the Victoria sponge cake with that.  We punched out little cakes and layered them with our Cherry and Peach Jams, clouds of whipped Straus cream and fresh mint.

To finish out the tea party, we of course had to make an Unbirthday Cake of sorts.  While we were gathering the nasturtiums and wild fennel we came across a patch of wild blackberries, so of course I wanted to highlight those. Inspired by the stripes of the Cheshire Cat, I decided to make a wild blackberry mousse and a raspberry mousse to layer between dozens of crêpes for a very psychedelic mille-crêpe cake.  We topped it all off with some ‘Alpha Blue’ hash-infused sponge cake crumbs.

For the grand finale, Allie rolled a few CBD-rich Hepburns Deluxes, made with Mendobreath Flowers & ACDC Solventless, Redwood Herbal, Sonoma County, which provided a perfect balancing at the end of the festivities.  The floral, heady Mendobreath flowers paired beautifully with the berry mousses in the crêpe cake and the CBD helped bring everyone back to reality after a trip down the rabbit hole.


STEPHANY:  We put weeks of work into the event, and are so happy to have had the opportunity to put on a gathering like this.  We sold out of tickets and had a full house and every one of the guests had a fantastic time- a few people even told us it was the best party they had ever been to!  Everyone loved the food, our products and of course, the cannabis.  What really resonated with us is how beautiful it was to have a safe space for patients to medicate and interact socially, and how necessary it is to create these types of environments.  Since it’s prohibition, cannabis has very much been behind closed doors. Even with medical and recreational legalization in many states now, there are few social spaces that encourage- or even allow- cannabis use. Another thing that really struck me is how different the entire feel and flow of the party was in contrast to fêtes that revolve around alcohol. The whole time the energy was lively yet serene, full of connection, community and positivity.

We were very lucky to have legendary hash maker Frenchy Cannoli attend the party as our guest of honor, and everyone had a great time listening to his tales of travels and trichomes.  We have so much to learn from each other in the cannabis world, and it’s high time to create situations where this can happen.  It is a really amazing opportunity to pull together like-minded producers and patients and really support each other.  We hope to host many more events like this, in California and beyond.  The Mad High Tea Party was such a hit that we are going to have to make it an annual gathering- I would love to take it to other cities one day!  Currently, I’m working on fleshing out a few ideas for events in the spring and summer with a few other local producers…a brunch, a picnic and a barbecue are in the works.

Courtney & Shayan - Oct 10, 2015

A beautiful fall day in Steamboat Springs, CO, Courtney contemplated her vows…

…as Shayan, COO of, “the Air B&B of cannabis friendly lodging,” set up the Cigar & Herb bar.  Due to his line of work, choosing a venue was the most difficult part of getting married, but after having a magical experience while staying at the Bella Vista Estate  with Courtney last May to film a promo video, the two of them fell in love with the venue and were ready to set the date!

Palo Santo, a sacred wood with the same cleansing properties as sacred sage was burned to cleanse and purify the next chapter of Courtney’s life and the rose petals were lovingly placed on the newlywed’s beds.  It was officially time to try on her dress…

…and she was stunning!

The lovebirds were blindfolded and lead to one another for their first look.

Loved ones gathered outdoors…

…while two guitarists ushered guests in.

According to Sal Albert, Property Manager at Bella Vista, “Courtney and Shayan chose to stand at the fire pit with a simple alter and intimate bridal party.  Mother nature did the rest.  After some laughs, tears, memories and mostly cheering, this Colorado wedding in October could not have turned out more beautiful.”

Courtney & Shayan were pronounced man and wife…

…and it was time to get the party started!

A tent was set up for the reception with fine food and a traditional alcohol bar…

…but it was the Cigar and Herb bar that stole the show!

“Toast, the head budtender was an incredible source for the guests” said Sal.  “He invited anyone to ask questions and present the normalcy, dare we say, luxury, of the situation.  I watched him grinning all night, calling out to eager guests, “Yes, the Bud Bar is open!”

No one was lurking there during speeches or anything (like you usually see at alcoholic bars).  There was a sense of respect for the guests who didn’t partake at all times, and it worked perfectly.  Not one staff or family member felt offended throughout the night.

From rolling up “I Doobies” to setting up lasers after sunset, the Herb and Cigar Bar was the highlight of the party at just the right times!

Folks were happy to try something they hadn’t since the ’60’s, and Toast was making sure people knew the difference between dabs and edibles.”

A beautiful day morphed into a beautiful night where the marriage of cannabis and alcohol were gleefully celebrated alongside the beautiful bride and handsome groom.  Courtney & Shayan cut their cake…

and two could not be happier to be joined as one!

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Letitia Smith, White Light Exposure |  VENUE: Bella Vista Estate | GROOM:

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Bella Vista Estate

Hotels & Lodging, Venues

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Experiences, Catering

Top Shelf Budtending

Budtending and Bartending


This year, Colorado has a lot to be Dankful for.  Just ask Leona St. Louis.

Through the biting cold of a November day in Colorado, Leona and her boyfriend started up their car and drove five hours to their destination, a friendly-looking Victorian home.  Not really knowing what to expect when she walked in, Leona took a deep breath, turned the handle, and stepped through the doorway with her boyfriend.  The toasty air inside instantly warmed her bones and melted away any anxiety she may have had.  A few steps further in and she was hit with the intoxicating aroma of dank weed and the familiar, warm smell of a well-loved and cooked-in kitchen.

In the main gathering room, they were greeted by a grand piano and a beautiful display of buds, bongs, pipes and papers.  Just down the hall was an elegantly set table, ready for a night of smiling, conversing, laughing and cannabis consumption.  This was Danksgiving.

What is Danksgiving?  Well, it’s a holiday typically celebrated the weekend after Thanksgiving, and honestly, the two holidays have a lot in common.  Both have food, drink, loved ones and merry times all around. Pretty standard, except on Danksgiving, as you may have guessed, there is one major difference.  You may want to leave Grandma home for this holiday (unless you have an exceptionally chill Grandma) because Danksgiving is the day when you get together with friends, light up the Mary Jane, and sit down for a THC-infused feast.

If this is your Grandma, bring her for sure.

Photo Via Viral Thread

Last Tuesday, Whaxy, the cannabis news resource and creators of the app that can tell you what strains are currently in stock at what legal dispensaries…

teamed up with Seattle based Cannabis Chef Ricky Flickenger, The Bud+Breakfast at The Adagio in Denver and Cannabis Dispensary Denver Relief to hold an exclusive Danksgiving dinner, the likes of which Colorado has never seen before.

Marie Veksler, General Manager at Whaxy said she wanted to gather fellow marijuana enthusiasts to “celebrate the natural pairing of weed and food” and what better way than by hosting a world-class cannabis-infused Danksgiving dinner!  The feast was open only to Whaxy’s contest winners.  Leona St. Louis, photographer, artist and author of a new blog; 101onWeed, was just one of the sixteen lucky winners.  For all of those who couldn’t be there, here’s a recap of the night.

THE CANNABIS:  The evening began with some flower and concentrates purchased from Denver Relief.  Guests were invited to smoke before and during the infused meal.  An on-site budtender served as a sommelier.

Denver Relief Budtender Photo via

The strains offered for smoking included: Outer Space, Bio Jesus, Ultimate 91 Chemdawg and Bio Diesel.  The DRx concentrates used to cook the meal were: Outer Space, Bio Diesel and Lemon Durban.

THE VENUE:  The Bud + Breakfast at The Adagio is housed in a cozy Victorian home in Denver, Colorado.  A premiere cannabis-friendly lodging and hospitality company, they feature a “wake and bake breakfast,” “4:20 Happy Hour” and cannabis-infused massage therapy.  While they are in the business of hosting bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, last Tuesday they proved to also be the perfect venue to host a Danksgiving feast.

THE HOSTESS: A fun and creative departure from breaking cannabis news and creating apps that revolutionize the way cannabis consumers connect with dispensaries (see more info on Whaxy at the bottom of the article), Marie, with full support of the Whaxy team, flew in renowned Cannabis Chef Ricky Flickenger from Seattle to execute the epic meal.  “I got a phone call from Marie asking if I’d be willing to travel to Denver to prepare a Danksgiving feast.” said Ricky.  “Minutes later there were in flight tickets in my inbox and the event was on!”

THE CHEF: Chef Ricky was formerly the head pasty chef for Seattle’s Trophy Cupcakes.  Six years ago, Ricky created Bourgeoisie Brunches to share his passion for cooking with the community around him.  A long time user of cannabis to manage his anxiety, when Washington legalized recreational marijuana, Ricky saw an opportunity.  Now, every Saturday Chef Ricky teaches small groups how to cook their own cannabis-infused food.  Bored with marijuana sweet treats, he teaches people how to use cannabis oil to cook everything from tapas to entrees to desserts.  His unique expertise made him the unequivocal best choice to prepare the unprecedented Danksgiving.

All that, plus he has a dope beard!

If you’re already a bit sad that you missed out on this glorious event, you may not want to read further because the food lineup for this dinner was absolutely amazing.  The menu included:

Savory Butternut Squash Soup with Smoked Salt and Homemade Sour Cream

Shrimp, Jalapeño, Bacon and Cornbread Stuffing

Slow Cooked Turkey and Vegetables in Puff Pastry Flowers

Maple & Pecan Sweet Potatoes

Warm Green Bean & Red Bell Pepper Salad with Garlic Dressing

Bacon Apple Handpies


Chef Ricky infused the meal in its entirety with 10mg of cannabis, thus allowing people to eat their fill without getting absurdly high.  The meal he was most proud of?  The Puff Pastry Flowers filled with all the great things about Danksgiving; Tender Slow Roasted Turkey and Veggies in THC Infused Cream Sauce.

The highlight for Marie was watching sixteen strangers become friends bonding over their common love of cannabis.  Like a proper Danksgiving celebration, the pipe was passed around the table throughout the night.

Photo via Chef Ricky

Leona’s favorite course?  The Sweet Potatoes.  “They were to die for!  The sweetness of the maple in conjunction with the texture of the pecan created a delightfully intriguing flavor.”

After a wholly wonderful time, Leona and her boyfriend left happy, full, and pretty damn high.  On the drive home the next day, they reflected on the magnificent meal and the fantastic friends they had made.  Leona’s boyfriend turned to her. “You know,” he said, “it’s not about Danksgiving, it’s what Danksgiving is all about.”

Happy Holidays everyone!

Whimsical Washington Wedding - Chandra & Sam

A Washington Weed Wedding!

Before the big day…

Sam and Chandra took a little photographic engagement stroll down memory lane, revisiting all of key moments of their relationship; starting with the dispensary where they met, Trees Collective in North Seattle.

When Chandra walked in in search of recommendations to aid with some medical issues she was having,  Sam was quick to jump up and help the cute girl!  By the end of their ten minute conversation, he invited her to go see his band perform.  She couldn’t make to the concert, but made up for it and they’ve been inseparable ever since!

Sam proposed on New Years Eve date at Kerry Park in Seattle.  Truth be told, Chandra was not feeling well that night and had to be lured out by a string of lies and the promise of pizza!  When the fireworks starting going off over the Space Needle, he popped the question and Chandra said YES!

To celebrate, the two heading off to a NYE party at the home of their future groomsman, Matt, the co-anchor of the canna-news podcast, Cannasaurus Rex.

Since their venue would not allow for cannabis on site, the couple got creative with how to incorporate their cannabis by including it in their florals.  A local grower friend cropped their signature strain – Mothers Tongue.  According to Matt, the flavor profile was absolutely mind-blowing!  “Within the first ten seconds the flavor profile changes from kushy, to diesel, to sweet, to pine and so on!”

The father of the bride created custom ring boxes for the couple which they filled with beds of cannabis to provide padding for their rings!  Chandra, whose name means “moon light” in Navajao and “moon” in Sanskrit was gifted the moon box which Sam filled with a bed Blue Dream.  Sam was gifted the tree box for his love of plants and was gifted his favorite strain, Grapefruit Diesel, by his bride.

All groomsmen proudly wore cannabis boutonnieres made of Mothers Tounuge to show their support for the budding industry that joined Sam and Chandra together in the first place!

The blushing bride gathered her bud bouquet as she prepared herself to walk down the aisle!

After much anticipation, the couple finally said “I do!”  Coincidentally, they also both vowed to “always save you greens!”

Cannabis flowers were even incorporated into the whimsical woodsy reception theme!

Instead of a traditional toasting glass, the couple personalized a  “toking glass” to commemorate the day!  Sam purchased a bong from Big D Industries in Vancouver and customized it at a local mall!

As cannabis consumption was not allowed on site, the couple had to keep discreet and employ a few workarounds in the secret gardens of the venue!

All in all, it was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple!  Sam will continue to pursue the passion that brought him to his wife, working as a highly skilled 502 farmer in Washington – happily sharing his green thumb with all those in need!

Photography by:  Island Jenn |  Reach Sam for your 502 Farming Needs:

Aphrodisiac Snacks: THC Munchkins

Start your romantic evening with this bite size afrodisiac snack!


Watermelon inspired cannabis food & drink pairing recipes

Whitney & John – August 8, 2015

Oregon’s FIRST LEGAL CANNABAR! Contrary to “lazy stoner” stereotypes, the party raged into the night with a fun and active dance floor!

Whitney & John - August 8, 2015

On a sunny Saturday morning on the grounds of her childhood home in the woods of West Linn Oregon, a beautiful bride waited patiently for her big day to begin.

Tables were adorned with stunning florals and greens under an enchanting tent…

…as the outdoor ceremony took place,

joining one lucky man and one lovely woman as husband and wife!

Across the way at a Christmas Tree Farm, the reception area with a bar and dance floor was set up on one side of woods…

…but just across the way…

…the groom had prepared a special surprise for his wife and their guests;


John, a master grower out in California chose to serve thirteen strains along with handmade glass bowls and hired Nectar Cannabis to budtend.

Whitney and John cut their cake and danced their first dance as the sun set on the main entertaining area.

As night fell in the woods, the cannabar across the way welcomed all guests who chose to celebrate their union with cannabis!

Contrary to “lazy stoner” stereotypes, the party raged into the night with a fun and active dance floor!

This beautiful and historic night will forever have its place in Oregon history!

Photography by: Jessica Hill Photography | Event Planner: Bridal Bliss | Cannabar by: Nectar Cannabis | Florist: Zest | Live Band:Pressure Point

Kelly & Chris - July 4, 2015

A home grown cannabis bouquet, designed by the bride and groom was the first sign of freedom on Independence Day, 2015.

The wedding took place on the couple’s outdoor cannabis grow; a property deep in the mountains of Colorado.  Having played in the same land growing up, it was a truly a nostalgic and momentous day for the bride.

The groom faced the intimate group of wedding guests…

…with the bouquet of cannabis flowers as his bride was escorted to him for their “first look.”

Chris turned around to see Kelly and the magic began!

Deep in the woods…

…the ceremony took place.

When Chris read his vows to Kelly, he recanted their personal journey that they’ve shared to come to this very day.  “By the time he got to the end, there was not a dry eye in the crowd.”

In addition to poetic words, a crystal was incorporated as a powerful energy cleanser and amplifier.  “They are claimed to balance your chakras resulting in an elevated mood, memory boosting, de-stresser, more confident demeanor while calming the mind. The spiritual stone is linked to a higher conscience, aiding spiritual development.”

The two were finally joined as one…

…and celebrated with a ceremonial smoke; with glass pipes made by the groom.

Entertainment included drumming in the enchanted forrest setting, digging for gold and big block Jenga with personalized blocks that celebrated the occasion at hand.

Entertainment included drumming in the enchanted forrest setting, digging for gold and big block Jenga with personalized blocks that celebrated the occasion at hand.

…was topped with Independence Day fireworks at night.  The fireworks lit up the couple as they blossomed in the background sky.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY:  Pasiflora Photography

Colorado Cannabis Wedding - Lauren & Brad

If you can figure out how to build and run a High Times award-winning marijuana concentrates laboratory in Colorado, you can figure out how throw an epic weeding!

Lauren & Brad’s trail blazing weed wedding was talked about in The New York TimesHuffington Post, & People Magazine!  Here is a look into what made their special day so innovative and historic:

Upon arrival at the hotel, guests received a welcome goody bag with some of Brad & Lauren’s favorite marijuana based gifts:  Apothecanna Calming Creme and Lip Buzz Chapstick, a hand rolled joint of Cherry Diesel, a lighter, munchies and a bottle of water to keep guests hydrated while toking at elevation.

Lauren and Brad chose green and white as their wedding colors and kept that theme throughout all decorative pieces of the wedding.  For her bouquet, Lauren wanted a clean look of all white flowers with a pop of green, which was achieved by using cannabis flowers.

The bride and groom sported fresh buds right off the plant, from their home garden, in their boutonniere and bouquet, arranged by Plum Sage Flowers.

Even the groomsmen sported fresh homegrown bud boutonnieres!

In addition to the beverage bar, the cocktail hour offered a hookah lounge in the beautiful outdoor setting.

A cigar roller rolled both tobacco & cannabis cigars.