Doing a basic Google search for a Jamaican vacation or trip to Jamaica displays tons of results for ‘luxurious all inclusive package vacations’ and ‘Jamaican Beach & Golf Resorts’. And while these may be adequate vacay ideas for some, generally the cannabis smokers are looking for an experience of actual Jamaican culture. All inclusive package vacations tend to implant American ideals onto another culture and often times siphon earnings to foreign owners, leaving the surrounding villages destitute in poverty. We’ve decided to lay down some guidelines on planning a sustainable trip to Jamaica in which we are immersed in real Jamaican culture.

Bud and Breakfast

This website is revolutionizing the cannabis tourism industry by providing an Airbnb style aggregate vacation rental website. The difference with Bud and Breakfast is that each rental is cannabis friendly. When searching for a place to stay in Jamaica there are listings for hostels as cheap as $20 per night with a $400 per night Exodus Retreat with provided cannabis, natural hot springs, and an infinity pool. Whether we’re looking to stay in a luxury 5-star rental compound with a private chef, on a bunk bed with other smelly wayfarers, or anything in between Bud and Breakfast can find those accommodations in Jamaica, but it’s the extra step that we appreciate. For the first time ever cannabis connoisseurs have a place to find their ideal vacation, and that is something to be celebrated.

Procuring Jamaican Cannabis

Due to the American obsession with Bob Marley and Rastafarianism many thought that cannabis was already legal in Jamaica, but that isn’t the case. Cannabis was only legalized in the country in 2015 after government officials realized how much money was to be made from the plant. Although it is legal now for worldwide medical patients to hold up to two ounces it is still rather dangerous to go about procuring cannabis in Jamaica as if we’re in Colorado or Oregon. Since Jamaica is still a horribly impoverished place in the political space where the tourism income doesn’t necessarily feed the local income tourists aren’t completely safe travelling everywhere in the country. It is quite likely that a tourist will be offered ganja countless times between landing at the airport to arriving at their hotel, but many of these offerings are scams or ways to get tourists busted. The best way to get cannabis in Jamaica right now is to go through an inclusive hotel that provides their guests with high quality cannabis.

Ganja Activities

After legalization the Jamaican Minister of Tourism announced that there would be ganja infused experiences to enjoy soon on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Most of these projects are still in the works as the Jamaican government navigates what recreational cannabis looks like but there are still some fun marijuana oriented things to do since Jamaican and Rastafarian culture generally have stoner undertones. Go enjoy some real Reggae music or relax on a famously white sandy beach while toking on a joint. Whatever we choose to get into just always double check whether or not the space is safe and the activity is a good idea for tourists. The hotel/hostel concierge or staff are a great source for this information.

Ever since Cool Runnings was released we have all had a love affair with the bright, cheery country of Jamaica. It has also been a long rumored place to visit for the cannabis connoisseur. Following these rules will helps us to be sure that we capitalize on every aspect of this tropical stoner vacation. Would you go to Jamaica if you could visit anywhere in the world? What about Amsterdam? Tell us in the comments and we will make our next stoner vacay guide for you!