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Cannabis Infused Cocktail Hour Recipe: Freshly Squeezed Spiced Punch

Today isn’t the first time that we’ve reached out to Andrew Mieure the owner at Top Shelf Budtending. The professional budtender has been studying the art of cannabis mocktails under the master and his dear friend Warren Bobrow, writer of “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics”. Mieure’s main focus with his infusion work is to craft familiar cocktails that feature cannabis instead of liquor while Bobrow is adept both in cannabis infused mocktails and liquored up cannabis concoctions. At a fundamental level any alcohol can be infused with cannabis much like a tincture and then be used for any type of drink that we may prefer but this would take time, agitation, etc. In “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics” Bobrow goes into the many ways that cannabis can be infused into various beverages whether they feature liquor or not.

Before even getting started it’s absolutely imperative that we mention that cannabis and alcohol amplify each other when combined. It’s a good idea to just drink one of these delectable drinks for at least six hours before indulging in another cannabis cocktail. When dosage is monitored, both Andrew Mieure and Warren Bobrow believe that liquor and cannabis can be enjoyed simultaneously. As Mieure reminds us, “Remember, start low and go slow!”. Below we have a recipe from Warren Bobrow himself with detailed instructions on how to infuse the featured alcohol. This drink is seasonally delicious with a flavor set of spiced citrus and is absolute perfection for holiday entertaining.

Freshly Squeezed Punch with Cannabis Infused Rum & Nutmeg


  • 1 Part Fresh Orange Juice
  • 1 Part Broiled Grapefruit Juice
  • 1 Part Oloroso Sherry
  • 1 Part Cannabis Infused rum
  • 1 Pinch of Nutmeg
  • 1 grapefruit peel as a garnish

How To Make The Grapefruit Juice:

Preheat the oven to 400° F. Split grapefruit in half and apply around 20 splashed of Angostura Bitters to the fruit itself. Sprinkle ample amount of turbinado sugar over the fruit side as well. Roast the prepared grapefruit sides 35-45 minutes, remove and let cool. Once cool, squeeze every possible bit of the juice out of the grapefruit.

How To Infuse Rum With Cannabis:

Using the oven or a decarboxylating device decarb 1 ounce of Sativa cannabis flower, sativa generally has limonene and citrus based flavor and aroma set terpenes that will complement other flavors of the cocktail. Add an entire bottle of Rum to a magical butter machine with the ounce of cannabis and set on “160” for an hour. Strain the liquid thoroughly and rebottle.

Directions for Assembling the Cocktail:

In a highball or collins glass add ice, the chilled juices, and infused rum. Garnish with grapefruit peel and garnish with a pinch of nutmeg.

Anyone who liked this easy to follow cocktail recipe with an intricate flavor profile will absolutely love “Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics: The Art of Spirited Drinks and Buzz-Worthy Libations” by Warren Bobrow. We’re pretty excited to get a copy ourselves and find that this book might be the perfect holiday gift for multiple people on our list. Make sure to send us your photos after trying out this delightful, fresh cannabis cocktail recipe.

Planning A Dream Stoner Vacation to Jamaica

Doing a basic Google search for a Jamaican vacation or trip to Jamaica displays tons of results for ‘luxurious all inclusive package vacations’ and ‘Jamaican Beach & Golf Resorts’. And while these may be adequate vacay ideas for some, generally the cannabis smokers are looking for an experience of actual Jamaican culture. All inclusive package vacations tend to implant American ideals onto another culture and often times siphon earnings to foreign owners, leaving the surrounding villages destitute in poverty. We’ve decided to lay down some guidelines on planning a sustainable trip to Jamaica in which we are immersed in real Jamaican culture.

Bud and Breakfast

This website is revolutionizing the cannabis tourism industry by providing an Airbnb style aggregate vacation rental website. The difference with Bud and Breakfast is that each rental is cannabis friendly. When searching for a place to stay in Jamaica there are listings for hostels as cheap as $20 per night with a $400 per night Exodus Retreat with provided cannabis, natural hot springs, and an infinity pool. Whether we’re looking to stay in a luxury 5-star rental compound with a private chef, on a bunk bed with other smelly wayfarers, or anything in between Bud and Breakfast can find those accommodations in Jamaica, but it’s the extra step that we appreciate. For the first time ever cannabis connoisseurs have a place to find their ideal vacation, and that is something to be celebrated.

Procuring Jamaican Cannabis

Due to the American obsession with Bob Marley and Rastafarianism many thought that cannabis was already legal in Jamaica, but that isn’t the case. Cannabis was only legalized in the country in 2015 after government officials realized how much money was to be made from the plant. Although it is legal now for worldwide medical patients to hold up to two ounces it is still rather dangerous to go about procuring cannabis in Jamaica as if we’re in Colorado or Oregon. Since Jamaica is still a horribly impoverished place in the political space where the tourism income doesn’t necessarily feed the local income tourists aren’t completely safe travelling everywhere in the country. It is quite likely that a tourist will be offered ganja countless times between landing at the airport to arriving at their hotel, but many of these offerings are scams or ways to get tourists busted. The best way to get cannabis in Jamaica right now is to go through an inclusive hotel that provides their guests with high quality cannabis.

Ganja Activities

After legalization the Jamaican Minister of Tourism announced that there would be ganja infused experiences to enjoy soon on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Most of these projects are still in the works as the Jamaican government navigates what recreational cannabis looks like but there are still some fun marijuana oriented things to do since Jamaican and Rastafarian culture generally have stoner undertones. Go enjoy some real Reggae music or relax on a famously white sandy beach while toking on a joint. Whatever we choose to get into just always double check whether or not the space is safe and the activity is a good idea for tourists. The hotel/hostel concierge or staff are a great source for this information.

Ever since Cool Runnings was released we have all had a love affair with the bright, cheery country of Jamaica. It has also been a long rumored place to visit for the cannabis connoisseur. Following these rules will helps us to be sure that we capitalize on every aspect of this tropical stoner vacation. Would you go to Jamaica if you could visit anywhere in the world? What about Amsterdam? Tell us in the comments and we will make our next stoner vacay guide for you!

How To Throw the Perfect Dank Holiday Party

The holidays have officially arrived with the usual Thanksgiving kickoff. Love and Marij thought we’d put together some tips for anyone that is able to combine our yearly feast with the divine herb. As a younger stoner I often dreamt of Thanksgiving dinners completely saturated in cannabis, each dish medicated in it’s own special way. As I’ve gotten older it has become clear that a meal such as that would absolutely zap the party dead. There are eloquent ways to entice the senses without overdosing our guests with marijuana. These tips will help us seamlessly infuse cannabis into Thanksgiving. Throw a Danksgiving with these guidelines and watch the night unfold into a Thanksgiving that is talked about well into the new year.

Medicated Dessert Buffet

One of the most effective ways to infuse the food at Thanksgiving dinner with cannabis is to add an optional medicated sauce or dip instead of infusing the base part of the side or main dish. For example, medicate one gravy dish but leave the stuffing alone; this helps to ensure that people can control their own dosages despite the buffet spread.

Our favorite way to offer edibles is with a medicated honey bar. Adequate both for the cheese plate and the dessert bar, medicated honey can be the key to an epicly infused Thanksgiving. Put out a bowl of the medicated product and be sure to clearly label that the sweet treat is infused with cannabis. Honey can be served with a fruit & cheese plate with figs, brie, & butter crackers just as easily as being paired with apple pie & fruit tarts.


Top Shelf Budtending commonly recommends cannabis infused mocktails over serving both alcohol and herb together. Infusing beverages with cannabis can be a complicated or a relaxed endeavor depending on what kind of products are around. There are cannabis sugar companies and infused honey companies that make products well suited for a mocktail. Some marijuana infusion companies even carry drinkables that can be combined with other flavors for the most delectably effective cannabis mocktails.   

Party Favors

Supplying edibles for an entire party isn’t the cheapest endeavor, that’s why it’s a good idea to ask fellow Danksgiving goers to bring some flower or wax to share. If four to five guests each bring a joint or blunt for sharing then it’s likely everyone will be sufficiently stoned for the entirety of the dinner. This will also help take some of the budgetary constraint off of the event since the host is probably putting out quite a bit of cash to cover the food and drink.

Like always remember that dosage is crucial, especially when dealing with a party of full of people with varied tolerances. For anyone serving infused Thanksgiving dinner be sure to keep on eye on all guests and be sure that no one is overdoing it.

Treat Yourself: Moon Rore Organics

Maggie Murphy founded Moon Rore Organics in honor of her children after turning both to crystals and natural skin products to promote healing within her two children. The Usui Reiki healer and ecologically conscious mother combines intentional crystal energy with all natural products in sustainable containers in made to order cannabis infused beauty products.

For many years Moon Rore founder Maggie Murphy studied as a Usui Reiki healer who continually worked with healing crystal energies. Her first born son Achilles had serious issues sleeping and when they walked into a new age store he immediately picked up the insomnia relieving stone Howlite. The mother saw improvement in her son’s sleeping habits that very night and decided to further her studies of crystal energies. During the birth of the second child Murphy’s midwife had a severe allergy to fragrance oriented chemicals which caused the young mother to look more deeply into what exactly is in all of the products we put onto our skin. Once her daughter Rory was born she noticed that she had exceptionally sensitive skin, breaking out even from common brand name baby lotion.

The young mother started crafting body butters and lotions that would work for her sensitive skinned child and organically started combining these trusted recipes with the crystal healing shown to her after watching the sleeping struggles of her other young son. That is where the company and even the name came from, Moon for Achilles and Rore for her youngest Rory. The current Moon Rore Organics line contains body butter, body oil, and makeup remover but they take custom orders making this company fabulous for any cannabis bride looking for the perfect bridesmaids gifts and even bachelorette party favors.

Maggie let us know more about her in depth knowledge of crystals in a recent interview about topical cannabis products for headaches. For that article she specifically mentioned Lapis Lazuli, a gorgeous blue stone, as useful those that suffer from migraines and cites that it can also be helpful for chronic insomniacs.

For headaches the Reiki healer and crystal enthusiast mentions champagne aura quartz as ideal to relieve sinus or injury based headaches and amethyst for tension headaches. There is also a crystal called Shungite which is dark and ominous in color with a gold metallic sheen, this is a known cure all and a must have for any collector with interest in manifestation. Moon Rore Organics harnesses these healing crystal energies within their natural, chemical free products to provide exceptional body butters, makeup removers, and ritual oils.

Because of this infusion of crystals with the products and the harmful environmental impact of plastics Moon Rore Organics uses glass containers and packaging. Using all glass packaging also ensures less chance of a reaction from those of us with sensitive skin. Maggie is also invested in preserving the environment for future generations and moves through every motion of her life with an intention of working with natural resources rather than depleting them. When we asked her about sustainable packaging and manufacturing Murphy told us, “Intention based living is a major key in my daily routine and I feel using the sustainable packaging just fit and felt right.” This is one of the reasons that we’re head over heels for Moon Rore Organics, because they add to the community rather than taking from it.

There are tons of natural ways to heal aside from cannabis and one of our favorite parts of adult-use recreational cannabis laws is that we can now combine them to receive synergistic healing much like the cannabis crystal healing products offered at the Moon Rore Organics Etsy store.

What are your favorite modes of natural healing? Do you have crystals at home? Tell us everything in the comments!

How To Throw a Weed Centric All Around the World Party

One fun thing that recreational cannabis brings to the party is just that, a party. Cannabis entertaining could possibly be the next wave of professional homemaking. Actually it sort of is since the most famous homemaker in the world recently teamed up with equally as famous stoner Snoop Dogg in the newest show from either star, “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”. Following in the footsteps of Queen Martha and Snoop D-O-Double G we decided to give readers some insight into throwing the most bangin’ themed parties with a cannabis edge.

An ‘Around the World’ party touches on themes in the form of party stations that are meant to celebrate various cultures around the world. At this point all the sorority girls in the house are jumping up and down with miniature claps because this was a common party theme back in college. Adding cannabis into the mix of this beloved party could be super fun and maintain the multi-cultural element that makes an ‘Around the World’ party so dang memorable.

Basic Setup

Before even diving into choosing which countries to represent take a look at the space and assess how many stations can be set up in the area. Once we have decided how much space we have for party stations we will know how many countries we will need to research. Each station will feature decorations, culinary delights, libations, and most importantly a culturally significant way to inhale or ingest cannabis. Each station will feature the makings and recipe for a signature cultural drink but we suggest also having a main bar where guests can either serve themselves or be served whatever their heart desires. Similarly, hiring a team like Top Shelf Budtending or Healthy Headie helps us be sure that no one overdoes it on the cannabis and ensures that our guests get exactly what they need.

Dressing up in costume only makes parties more fun but it is always important to avoid cultural appropriation. This is why we suggest that friends dress in a tourist costume (camera on a neck leash, bucket hat, cargo shorts, etc.) as a flight attendant, and even a sailor or pirate. Basically we will get all dolled up as our favorite traveller to travel ‘Around the World’ with all of our friends. Don’t worry if people don’t dress up, the host should be in their favorite ‘travel outfit’ since we are a part of the themed event itself. To make the party planning a little bit easier we’ve put together some stations to help throw the most legendary cannabis centric ‘Around the World’ party there ever was.


Any stoner that has travelled to the UK knows that Brits love to smoke spliffs which is tobacco and cannabis mixed together and rolled up into a joint. Have all of the fixin’s -tobacco, ground cannabis, papers, and tips- as well as some pre-rolled spliff at the English table. This is a common European way to indulge but we assigned the spliff to England because pop culture so frequently throws the two together.

The England table should also include some other crucial elements to help transport guests to another world, or at least another country.

England can also feature:

  • Gin & Tonics
  • Miniature Meat Pies
  • A Large, prominent English flag


Some of the most potent Indica strains come from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Because of this we are positive that this beautiful country should be featured at the party. Afghan people enjoy hashish from a hookah, so obviously this station of the party should transport guests to a hookah lounge where they can partake in real hashish while enjoying some culturally significant bites.

Afghanistan can also feature:

  • Korme Kofta or Lamb Meatballs
  • Whirling Cherry Cocktail (Get the recipe by following this link)
  • Pillows and floor seating, tapestries, and dimmed romantic light.


Germany is home to many technical innovations including the Storz & Bickel Volcano which was the most innovative vaporizer to ever hit the market. The German station should reflect their organized, clean nature with a couple of volcano vapes and extra bags. Don’t forget to include the grinders or pre-ground cannabis to be sure that everyone has just what they need.

Germany can also feature:

  • German Chocolate Cake & Black Forest Cake
  • German Kolsch, Altbier, Helles, and/or Maibock in steins
  • Utilitarian but comfortable furniture with bright light.

These three countries should give any party planner a good head start to setting up an ‘Around the World’ themed gathering that everyone is talking about for ages. What other countries would you include? I would probably also set up a dab station in the ‘US’ and perhaps some fresh, pure cones in Jamaica. What other themes for parties would you like us to break down for you?

Cannabis Singles Speakeasy on a Denver Rooftop

After such a fabulous success on the LA rooftop less than one month ago Molly Peckler from Highly Devoted Coaching paired up with Love and Marij once more to throw a Singles Speakeasy at the prestigious Metlo Rooftop in Downtown Denver, CO.

Just two short years after the first commercial sale of cannabis in the Rocky  Mountain State this event was intended to bring together any singles that may be looking for someone to share a bowl with.

As guests arrived they were greeted by a variety of vendors catering to their every need. On that crisp Autumn rooftop singles were greeted with warm hemp tea and nibbles from Jordan & Jane infused catering service.

As singles perused the various cannabis vendors and mingled they had multiple choices for how they’d like to get lifted. Top Shelf Budtending had a full event set up featuring tons of strains for those that prefer flower. The talented budtender waiting for any question that a guest may have was just icing on the cake.

For those that prefer dabs and concentrates the Healthy Headie was present alongside Top Shelf Budtending to provide dabs and volcanos fit for wax, shatter, butter, and all of the above. Between the two any types of inhalation was handled and singles were at ease as they began to embrace the loving ideology that goes along with marijuana use.

Dixie Brands were representing with tincture samples along with some bath soaks and lotions. Featured on their table was Aceso, the new CBD only line recently released by the edible & topical company. Other vendors included the stylish compartmentalized carry cases from Stash Logix.

For the more intimate couples and even just to feel sexy when we’re alone Evo labs brought samples of their award winning odorless cannabis infused personal lubricant to hand out to Singles Speakeasy guests throughout the night. The product is meant to heighten stimulation for all genders and in turn heighten the levels of physical intimacy that we can achieve with a partner.

After just a few short words in the first hour of the event from Molly Peckler guests were ready to mingle and explore how cannabis can open us up to love. The next Singles Speakeasy is taking place at a secret location in Orange County, California. Who is ready to hit the OC and meet their bowl-mate?

Photo Credit goes to: Jacob Blaskis, Marie Graham, and Maggie Murphy

Make Your Own: DIY Cannabis Meditation Candle

The use of aromatherapy dates back centuries to monasteries and temples across the globe so it’s no surprise that the scented candle industry continues to thrive. Aside from the aromatherapy connection to scented candles they can also have some other benefits. Candlelight most closely resembles sunlight in the way that it makes the shadows and angles in the room more gentle. As a result of the pleasing light we are able to focus better and find a deeper concentration than before igniting the flame.

A candle will nourish the environment and can even alter a surly mood and with the right aromas added in. Certain fragrances promote various emotions and trains of thought so intentionally scenting candles can be an empowering experience. Cannabis is an aroma that can help someone reach deeper meditative thought and promotes relaxation even in the most stressful environment. Many religious cultures used cannabis as incense before it was discovered as a psychoactive inhalant and cannabis scented incense can even be found in almost every head shop. Just in time for holiday season we are excited to break down how to make our own cannabis scented soy candle.

You Will Need:

  • 1 lb. Soy Candle Wax
  • Hemp Wick
  • 14 oz. Mason Jar
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1 Piece Card Stock
  • A Double Boiler
  • Food Thermometer
  • Oven Mitts
  • 1 oz. Hemp Seed Oil

Step 1: Use the double boiler (a glass bowl on top of a saucepan with boiling water also works) to melt the candle wax on medium-low heat. While watching the wax take the hot glue gun and adhere the wick to the very center of the bottom of the glass jar. Be sure to measure an excess of hemp wick to be trimmed later.


Step 2: While still keeping an eye on the melting wax cut the cardstock to be larger than the jar but with about ⅕ of the card removed to reveal a pouring area in the top of the candle. Cut a hole in the middle of the card stock to suspend the hemp wick completely perpendicular to the bottom of the jar. This prepares the candle receptacle for pouring.


Step 3: Once all of the wax is melted let it cool to 120-140°F before adding 1 oz. of hemp seed oil. This is also the time to add coloring for anyone interested. To speed up the cooling process pour the wax into a room temperature glass container.


Step 4: Pour the wax into the jar leaving about 1 cm of space from the top of the jar to the wax. Allow to cool completely and trim the wick to ½’’.

Feel free to decorate the jar and give out as gifts this holiday season, a welcome gift, or even for bridesmaids gifts. Cannabis scented candles can help make a yoga practice go that much deeper, enhance a meditation practice, help us release stress after a super long day, and even help a masseuse get out more tension. Hemp oil is available and legal across the country just as long as it remains lower than a specific percentage of THC (the psychoactive compound in the plant). It should be easy to find in almost any state and if not, online. Have you ever used incense or candles to enhance a specific mood?

Netflix + Burn One: Top 5 Best Date Night Movies

So long Netflix and Chill, four more states have welcomed recreational cannabis and we think the world should take a load off and burn one, Netflix and burn one to be exact. Getting close, or closer, with a special someone is a lot easier in the comfortable and intimate setting of our own living room which is why a movie night is one of the best date nights to add to our repertoire. These movies will enhance a movie night spent with a lover, just don’t forget the herbal refreshments.

5. Leap Year (2010)

Falling into the classic rom-com genre this is a great go-to for a newer couple that can’t decide on a movie because they’re cute and too nervous around each other. The film stars Amy Adams and Matthew Goode as he escorts her across the gorgeous Irish countryside to take part in an obscure Irish tradition. Her plan is to propose to her boyfriend that just happens to be in Ireland on the day of the Leap Year. As her and her escort (Goode) travel she may change how she understands love and partnership, or she may not. The cliff hanger, the sweet anger flirting, and the intertwined love stories all make this a fabulous option for a couple’s night in.

4. Zootopia (2016)

This is one of the new released on Netflix at the moment and it truly is a must watch for anyone who loves family comedy or animation. Zootopia follows along as a little bunny as she defies all odds and becomes a cop. This light, fun movie is such a great choice for a date because we won’t run the risk of crying or getting political. And seriously, what’s better than smoking a blunt and watching a cartoon film!

3. Dope (2015)

Crime and comedy merge in this whirlwind story of three “geek” best friends who get swept up in the Los Angeles drug trade after going to a party that got busted by the police. The three well meaning kids go on an epic adventure through Los Angeles scraping past police and gangsters alike. The film was produced by Forest Whitaker and Pharrell Williams and debuted at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a perfect exciting pick for anyone who loves to stay on their toes.

2. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

As far as dates go, it’s hard to go wrong with a silly and hilarious movie choice and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is just that. The mock horror film combines slapstick and witty hilarity to knit quite the plot amidst all of the laughs and nonsense. See what happens when everything is taken the wrong way and we guarantee that there will be some laughs shared while any pair takes some time to Netflix and chill.

1. Dough

Ever wondered what happens when an elderly Jewish man and a young Muslim boy work together at a bakery? What if the young boy starts baking all of the goods with cannabis? This movie explores just that and serves and a poignant, witty take on modern society. We laughed, we cried, we couldn’t get enough of this heartfelt dramedy. It is possible that it could give us a good cry so be sure that isn’t a deal breaker on the date before clicking on Dough.

Of course we also love so many other films but these are the hottest on our list for date nights right now. What is your favorite movie to watch with your boo? Do you love to roll a fat one and snuggle up on the couch in the late Fall and Winter? We do!!

"Night Before" Fiance Gift Ideas for the Canna-Couple

The most memorable part of any wedding is the love that’s shared between the celebrated couple. One of our favorite ways that couples shower each other for their special day is with their Night Before fiance gifts. These gifts don’t have to be anything big, just little trinkets and treasures that remind a special someone just how special they are.

While cannabis is a very casual, mellow herb that entices the makeup free hippy in all of us at one time or another; a wedding is a classy affair. That is why there are companies emerging all over the nation that cater to the more elegant cannabis consumer, whether they are medical or recreational smokers. These in vogue gifts combine wedded bliss with canna-bliss flawlessly making them perfect for any fiance the night before the big weed wedding.

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Started in Prague, Shine is a company that aims to take over the world and with their luxurious product we won’t be surprised if they succeed. Each 24K gold rolling paper is crafted with the finest edible gold. Shine combines this edible gold with a hemp blend base so it still burns extra smoothly, make sure to buy the 12-pack so our honey’s can share. This is the perfect gift for both sides of any canna-couple so that they can roll one up with their bridesmaids and groomsmen while they prepare for the big reveal.

AnnaBis Melissa Clutch

As the best selling bag from the first ever cannabis fashion brand AnnaBis, the Melissa clutch and wristlet are a must have for every lady stoner. Any cannabis bride would be absolutely tickled to open up their brand new Melissa wristlet. Not only is it super cute it is the perfect accessory to help a bride carry her cannabis, tools, and phone from her bridal suite to photos and onto the reception. The smell proof bag can also carry two medicine containers, eye drops, mints, a pipe, a vape, a lighter, and our phone; handy and adorable. Keep an eye out for new styles from AnnaBis for the 2016 Holiday season.

KushCards Interactive Stationary

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a heartfelt, hand written message from a lover. KushCards has taken the time honored tradition of greeting cards and taken it one step higher. Each of their customizable cards contains a little space to put a pre-roll; the perfect thing to lull a nervous bride or groom to sleep the night before the wedding. These cards are perfect for a Night Before gift for any fiance but that’s not all the NYC based company can do. KushCards can also create menus, invitations, and any event stationery that a cannabis wedding might need.

MaryJane Wedding Gift Box

The MaryJane gift box is an all inclusive gift option for either the bride or groom the night before. This cannabis themed wedding gift box includes two beautifully etched wine glasses, romantic hemp oil massage candles, etched glass bowls and paperweights, a clear heart nug jug, and an opal celebration pipe all packaged in a white satin lined box. Build the anticipation for the wedding night with this myriad of romantic gifts with a marijuana spin.

These are just a few weed wedding gifts suitable for a cannabis couple the night before their big day. We are specifically in love with the AnnaBis bags and Shine 24 Karat rolling papers, what is your favorite? Do you have any canna-brands that you just love to gift? Let us know in the comments.

AnnaBis Handbags: Stylish Ways to Store Your Stash

AnnaBis is a company started by women for women as the first luxury fashion brand for sophisticated female cannabis consumers. Love and Marij talked to their founder to learn a little bit more about the synthesis of fashion and function that is AnnaBis style since they’re reaching their first anniversary in just one month. Founder and CEO Jeanine Moss didn’t only let us in on the mission over at AnnaBis, she also gave us her expert recommendations pairing on sleek purses for any occasion.

For the ten years that I have had a medical card I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for various containers and zippered bags to repurpose as a place to store my cannabis. Whether the bag is squish resistant or smell proof; it generally serves some sort of purpose. Moss is a medical cannabis patient but still felt like a criminal when carrying her buds, “We have careers, families, own our homes, are role models – and here we are hiding our cannabis in tea tins and giveaway cosmetic bags.  And I was one of them!” And now AnnaBis handbags are ideal for a date night out, a girls lunch, and even your own special wedding day because they are elegant, discreet, and seriously cute. 

What Moss has given the sleek stoner is a place to store their cannabis that doesn’t scream “This is my stash!” like a plastic baggy or tea tin did to her when being pulled out of a Gucci bag. Jeanine Moss used her background in product development combined with her experience with women of sartorially saturated New York City to birth the genius idea of fashion forward, smell-proof handbags. As Moss tells it, “I realized that grown women were acting like teenagers sneaking around and pulling baggies out of their Louis Vuitton purses!  It just didn’t seem right.” Once Jeanine Moss realized that she wasn’t alone in the struggle she decided it was time to change the game.

What is AnnaBis?

AnnaBis is on a mission to keep stylish lady stoners feeling classy, organized, and free to be confident while holding their medical or recreational cannabis. They currently carry four styles of handbags including the ‘Chelsea’ slouchy cross body bag and ‘Melissa’ leather and vegan clutches in bold, bright colors and prints.  The ultimate girl boss even gave us a sneak peek at some Holiday styles and colors that will be released in a couple of weeks and all we can say is … yes. The best selling bag this year was the Melissa wristlet and clutch, and this season AnnaBis will release a slightly bigger bag with an external phone pocket so there’s more space in there for cannabis and gear. Moss and her team named the genius hybrid Maya and she told us, “She is going to fly off the shelves because she also comes in amazing colors like purple python and rose gold foil.” which are both perfect colors for a wedding!

When planning out the first AnnaBis bags Moss uses her massive experience in the consumer goods industry to pinpoint exactly what the modern female cannabis smoker wanted in a handbag. “In the beginning I was only going to create purse accessories … But women kept saying, “Also give me a handbag with the Aroma-Loc technology built in to go out at night.”  So that’s why we started making crossbody…(bags).” This is a sentiment that Moss and the whole team at AnnaBis carry with them as they move forward, when we ask them for it they will make it. Each of their handbags and vape cases use Aroma-Bloc™ Technology which is at a very basic level a special combination of materials to contain the smell rather than soak it into the bag’s lining. When creating new styles, Moss assures us that AnnaBis always takes what the women of the cannabis world tell them into account. From the organization and smell proofing, to the leathers, cloths, and styles; AnnaBis wants every woman of cannabis to adorn themselves with AnnaBis.

While acquiring all of this valuable research for their new Holiday line, the team found that women of cannabis wanted to know more about what was going on in legal cities, and AnnaBisGreenGuides were born. The company has created visitor guides for three exciting cannabis friendly cities (Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) that will expand into a larger series as time goes on. They’re truly helping women enjoy the healing herb on the go! Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk handbags.

Which AnnaBis Bag is Right For Me?

Every AnnaBis handbag and vape case features secreted away, smell proof pockets catering to every lady cannabis connoisseur, but how do we figure out which one is right for us? AnnaBis has made that easy by including a guide to choosing which bag is best on their webpage. The guide lets us in on how much storage is available in each bag and what type of pockets are hidden away inside. When we asked Jeanine about her preferences for specific events she filled us in on the little benefits of each creation. Jeanine informed us that the new colors and prints are to die for so keep an eye out in the coming weeks for new releases. “Snake print leather, black buff python, purple buff python, navy and black quilted leather, red lizard print, rose gold and pewter foil – whether you’re a boho, rocker, glam or classic – you’ll find something fantastic for your fashion and function.”

Date Night

When it comes to going out with that special someone for dinner or a fun cannabis event Moss says, “I love the Chelsea Crossbody for a date night because she’s elegant but discreet.” The phone is easily accessible in the external sleeve and you can fit almost anything you need in there. This bag is so ideal, everything that we may need on a date has a special pocket and the zippered airtight cannabis chamber is below the main compartment so there won’t be any smell cross mojination. Seriously, everything you could want, Jeanine says that she can stuff “my keys, small wallet, two pairs of glasses, lipstick, eye drops, hand cream, lighter – and there’s still room”. She also likes this bag for a date because there is tons of room in the cannabis compartment as well, so there will definitely be some herb to share.

Girls Lunch

During the Day Moss says her go-to bag is the Kirsten Crossbody (a new holiday style!) which she cites as the best small bag you can have since it’s big enough for everything short of a computer. It is a purse that gives us freedom to turn our long lunch into a cocktail because it translates so easily from day to night. The handbag also features a “faux lining flap” covering the Aroma-Bloc™ sealed compartment so as Moss says, “Someone can literally look inside your bag and not see the compartment where you store your medicine.  Lots of people like to take it to sporting events, concerts … for that reason.” Plus, it’s big enough to store a stash that will smoke out all your girls before lunch to make that conversation extra silly.

For the Wedding

Whether you’re in the bridal party, just going as a guest, or it’s your very own special day; an AnnaBis Whoopie Vape Case or Melissa Clutch are the perfect thing to carry while getting ready or while we’re at the event itself. The smell proof luxury clutches fit into totes and larger handbags or work great on their own. We’re also so excited for the Holiday 2016 line to hit the store because the rose gold and pewter foil are going to be excellent for any bride’s color scheme.

Where do you store your stash? I have a makeup bag that I use when I’m travelling but otherwise I’ve reserved an area at the bar in our dining room for our shared cannabis, glass, etc. Which AnnaBis bag is your favorite? Do you have any color or pattern recommendations? Let us know in the comments!

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Elements for the Ultimate Lady Stoner's Stash Bag

These are some crucial elements to any stash bag with a just a little bit of extra flavor.

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Weed Etiquette: How To Use A Bong

Anyone new to the cannabis world might go through the same anxiety when handed a bong for the first time. There are ways to be sure that anywhere we go we will know how to take hits from the bong.

A bong, also called a water pipe, is a filtration smoking device that is often used to inhale smoke from cannabis, tobacco, and other herbs. The word bong dates back to ancient Thailand and is adapted from the Thai word baung, meaning a cylindrical wooden tube or container cut from bamboo used for smoking tree, kancha, hashish, or hemp plant. The construction of this common stoner smoking piece is similar to the more mainstream hookah but usually smaller and a bit more portable. Though many bongs are glass on glass pieces of art, a bong can be constructed out of any airtight and watertight vessel with a bowl and stem apparatus added. The bowl is meant to hold the dried herbs while the stem guides the smoke down to the water where it is cooled and then transported up through the mouthpiece and into the lungs.

How To Pack a Bowl

The first step in packing a bowl is to grind or break up the dried herbs using either our fingers or an herb grinder. We suggest always using a grinder with a kief catcher to ensure that you save that valuable by product for cooking or packing extra special bowls. Grinding herbs doesn’t only preserve kief, it will also lead to a smoother hit and help conserve our stash.

After the cannabis is broken up into a finer, easily smoked texture it’s time to assess the size of the bowl. Think of the bowl of a bong like a Yogurtland container, just because the container is that big doesn’t mean that anyone needs that much yogurt. Packing a one person snap might just take a pinch at the bottom, while those looking to get a party bowl cherried might prefer to pack it up to the brim.

Hitting the Bong

Once the bowl is packed and the lighter’s in hand we are ready to hit that bong. Before lighting, verify where the bowl pulls from the downstem, some cheaper plastic pieces will feature a back carb instead of a pullable bowl. It’s best to figure out just what type of bong we’re hitting before the herbs are burnt.

Now it’s time to get that lighter ready, exhale and put our lips up to the mouthpiece as we apply the flame to the herbs. Inhale as the heat is applied to build up smoke in the chamber between the water and our lips. When we turn off the lighter and pull the bowl piece the chamber will release and our continued inhalation pulls the smoke up into our mouths and lungs. Don’t worry about holding the smoke in for an extended period of time since it’s been proven that it will only get us high off of oxygen deprivation.

Mothership Glass

With this information we’re hoping that you feel more confident to engage in the act of smoking with friends, co-workers, and maybe even that special someone. Don’t let being worried about looking silly stop you from trying new things; everyone’s been there at one time or another.

Weed Wedding Glossary N-Z

Across the cannabis community it’s understood that there is a bounty of terminology that generally varies just a bit when we travel to a new region. This is the nature of every subculture that has ever existed, we tend to create our own language to not offend the normals that might be listening. With recreational cannabis as a modern reality the subculture has gone mainstream and it’s time for everyone to understand the lexicon of stoners around the nation.


We’ve laid out the very basics of the somewhat nuanced cannabis subculture terminology. In the interest of keeping it concise we’ve saved all growing terminology and plant stages for a different list. This should cover smoking and understanding the grades of cannabis.

Nail: An essential piece of gear for dabbing. Made either out of titanium or quartz, the nail is heated to optimal temperature to inhale terpenes in wax through a dab rig. [aka: domeless, banger]

Nug Run: This term implies that a concentrate is made from top nugs over trim.

Papes: Rolling papers made from various materials used to roll joints and cones. [aka: papers, rolling papers]

Party Bowl: A larger packed bowl of cannabis flower that is meant to be passed around a group of 3 or more.

Perc: Short for percolator, this is an addition chamber on a bong that cools the smoke and makes hits more smooth.

Pinner: A skinny joint or cone usually meant only for 1 or 2.

Personal: Originally nugs reserved by dealers for their own personal stash, now refers to anyone’s own cannabis.

Quarter: Common weight to buy of cannabis, refers to a quarter of an ounce. [aka: quad]

Regs: Low grade marijuana. [aka: schwag, reggies, dirt]

Resin: Black, smelly buildup that grows after combusting cannabis. Can only be removed by specialty cleaner or alcohol & rock salt.

Rig: A glass piece that features a nail meant to dab wax, terpenes and concentrates. [aka: dab rig]

Rip: A pull of cannabis smoke from any type of piece or rollie. [aka: hit, pull, toke]

Roach: The end of a joint, blunt or cone that’s too small to smoke.

Roach Clip: A clip that makes it easier to hit a roach without burning our fingers.

Sativa: A type of cannabis that is more psychoactive and tends to create a mental, uplifting effect.

Sesh: The act of smoking or getting lifted.

Snap: A small hit of cannabis meant only for one.

Shatter: Type of wax concentrate that is translucent and stable at room temperature.

Witches Butter from the Bay Area, CA

Steamroller: A glass cannabis piece much like a pipe with a larger chamber resembling the wheel of a steamroller.

Spliff: A cannabis joint or cone rolled with tobacco and cannabis. [aka: spicy]

Tarantula: Rolled cone that is wrapped in wax and then rolled in kief.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol): Psychoactive cannabinoid found in most smokable flower that is the reason for much of the psychoactive effects.

Tincture: An extraction of cannabis and/or other words that is liquid and taken sub-lingually, made either from glycerin or alcohol.

Topicals: Cannabis extracts that are applied topically through various different platforms. [aka: Balm, Salve, Lotion]

Trichomes: A small growth on cannabis that gives nuggets their sparkle and contains a large portion of the cannabinoids and terpenes. [aka: trichs, crystals]

Trim: The leaf that is trimmed off of nugs to make them more beautiful. This byproduct is often used to make concentrates, topicals and edibles.

Vape: A device that allows us to inhale cannabis vapors without cooking them too hot or burning them, ideal for a patient with poor lung capacity. [aka: vaporizer]

Wax: Concentrated form of cannabis made with butane, nitrogen, C02 and even hair straighteners. Used in dab rigs & vaporizers, wax has a much more highly concentrated cannabinoid and terpene profile; perfect for a high tolerance patient trying to kick opioids. [aka: butter, shatter, oil]

Weed Wedding: A wedding that includes cannabis in some way whether it is a cannabis bar, nug bouquet or marijuana centerpieces.

Weed Weddiquette: Etiquette to follow at a wedding that features cannabis.

Zip: An ounce of cannabis, a reference used by street dealers.

420: A number and date that is celebrated by stoners everywhere. The monicker dates back to the 1970’s but the true origins aren’t fully known.

710: When turned around the date spells out the word OIL, so dabbers have taken it upon themselves to use 710 to reference wax and as a date marked to celebrate.

Drink More Water, Less Stress

The human body is made up of anywhere from 50-75% water, with the average person ranging usually sitting somewhere between 50-65% made of water. Dehydration happens when our water intake isn’t equal to our water output, and since our bodies use water for so many important jobs dehydration can completely stop our productivity. It has been said that the average person works through about 2-3 liters of water per day, which measures out to about 8 glasses. This statistic is where the recommended water intake comes from but for some of the more superficial benefits more than that would be ideal.

Aside from making us feel balanced and prepared for our day having an adequate amount of water also has these primordial effects on basic health.

When our bodies have enough water they use it to:

  • Regulate internal body temperature.
  • Building block of cells.
  • Metabolize carbohydrates and proteins, aid in digesting and swallowing food.
  • Lubricate joints.
  • Acts as a shock absorber by insulating the brain, organs spinal cord and fetus (if there’s one in there).
  • Flush waste and toxins from the body.

These crucial functions in the body make water essential to life, but it can have some superficial benefits as well. These beauty and psychological benefits include making skin more clear and lustrous and helping to control calorie intake by replacing more highly caloric beverages. One of the most relevant benefits of getting enough water in our systems daily is the connection between stress and water intake. There is a well documented connection between dehydration and stress that causes many scientists to concur that the stress that a water deficit can have on our organs translates to higher stress levels all around. Director of performance nutrition at Athletes’ Performance Amanda Carlson, RD stated that “being just half a liter dehydrated can increase your cortisol levels. Cortisol is one of those stress hormones… When you don’t give your body the fluids it needs, you’re putting stress on it, and it’s going to respond to that.”

With at least 75% of the citizens in the United States not drinking enough water, we have to ask ourselves what the culprit might be. Many Americans turn to caffeinated beverages, sodas and sports drinks when they’re feeling thirsty. The issue with this response to the body’s call for more water is that these popular thirst quenchers will only further dehydrate us due to the toxic additions of caffeine, sugar and some other harmful chemicals. To get the right amount of water daily we’ve just got to ovary up and drink the clear stuff. Some people say that they absolutely ‘hate the taste of water’, for them I’d suggest adding fresh fruits and/or vegetables to your water to add a bit of flavor. Some good places to start are mint strawberry water or lemon cucumber water, just be sure not to leave the fresh foods in water for too long because the flavor will turn sour eventually. Similarly, fruits and vegetables are made up of a lot of water, so adding more of these colorful little buggers to our diet can help us keep our water levels balanced.

Cannabis and Water Intake

With common occurrences like cotton mouth in the marijuana community it’s obvious that having water around while medicating is a good idea. Even more crucial than drinking water and smoking is drinking water while eating edibles. In order to give us those beloved effects edibles are using our body’s nutrients, which can make us feel tired and stressed. Have a bottle of water and a nutritious snack nearby in case things begin to make a turn for the worst.


Personally, to ensure that I get enough water I keep my Nalgene water bottle nearby at all times. I am to drink four full bottles per day but usually get somewhere around two or three. Do you have any tips for getting enough water? What is your favorite fruit water recipe? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Top 7 Ways to Be Creative While Stoned

There are so many reasons to take part in cannabis use, one of the easiest spaces to access using the plant is a creative one. Everyone is different and thus, everyone expresses themselves in unique ways. These are the best tools to help us access this right brained side of ourselves.

Though some people consider themselves ‘not the creative type’ or maybe that person that simply ‘can’t hold a tune’ there’s still a way to harbor their creative energy. Perhaps a left brain inclined individual prefers to think objectively about philosophical issues or maybe they just really love doing puzzles, everyone could use a creative outlet now and again. These are good ways for anyone to use cannabis to help them express their creative energy without strain or anxiety.

Listen to Music

Cannabis and music are age old friends with popular culture constantly relating young kids in the ‘70s and ‘80s listening to records, tapes and eventually CDs together after getting stoned. As video games, streaming Netflix and ‘must watch’ sports games have become more important to youth culture the art of listening to music is slowly dying. Instead of getting together with friends to share our new favorite song we’re secluding ourselves into the world of headphones where we listen to our favorite jams privately in a public world. Cannabis can not only enhance our ability to hear and understand the music with the deeply psychoactive effects it can also help us feel more comfortable sharing with others at is relieves anxiety; making cannabis+music the perfect way to yet again make the art of listening a thing shared between friends.

Favorite Stoned Spotify Playlists: Wild + Free, Underground Hits & Feel Good Indie Rock


We’ve all seen those pottery places like Color Me Mine where we can paint already formed bowls, figurines and mugs for ourselves or a loved one and have it glazed right then and there. One of our favorite canna-businesses Puff, Pass and Paint has recently expanded to include Puff, Pass, and Pottery has taken it one step farther and lets stoners form their own clay into whatever their heart desires.  Denver potter Jessa Decker-Smith has signed on to teach the 2-hour class that lets us have the experience of learning the basics, getting lifted and making something new and exciting. This is such a fantastic opportunity that can be easily booked through Colorado Cannabis Tours.

Cooking a New Recipe

Almost every night while I’m planning dinner I’ll take a bong rip and then type the protein I’m planning to use into Pinterest search. Trying new recipes is definitely fun while medicated but we must be sure to pay attention to measurements and not get over medicated if we’re new to cooking. While cooking while baked can be a fun experiment getting creative in the kitchen, baking while baked isn’t the best idea. Baking is more of a science and can tend to be a bit more dangerous.

Dance, Do Yoga & Just Move Your Body

Dee Dussault from Ganja Yoga will agree that getting creative with our bodies while medicating can open our hearts and minds up to all new levels of thought. Expanding our minds and then moving our bodies can help to unite these two spaces of self that modern society often rips apart from one another. If yoga makes us nervous then put on the most groove-worthy song and just bounce around the house for 5 minutes. Perhaps even just a quick dance is considered out there, then just stretch out those muscles with a couple of simple warm up stretches to experience the difference cannabis can make in our bodies.

Practice Journaling or Writing Poetry

Though words are often a delivery system for mundane knowledge and phone message they can also be ignited with creative energy through prose, short stories and even just some light personal journaling. While some people are more drawn to painting or playing music, others can have an inclination to express themselves through the written word. Even those not inclined to this type of creative practice will enjoy journaling because everyone has thoughts they need to get out but that they probably shouldn’t tell anyone. winky face.

Adult Coloring Books

The fabulously creative outlet of adult coloring books have been all the rage on social media as of late and they are definitely a fabulous way to unwind after work with a glass of wine. Any person in the world can find some solace in the creative expression of adult coloring books, so go to the nearest craft store, grocery store and even dollar store to find your favorite coloring book.

I’m obviously one of the word inclined people but I’m also an avid yogi and home cook that loves nothing more than success with a new recipe. What is your favorite way to express yourself? Have you smoked or eaten cannabis before doing that stuff?

Weed Weddiquette: Glossary of Stoner Slang A-M

Across the cannabis community it’s understood that there is a bounty of terminology that generally varies just a bit when we travel to a new region. This is the nature of every subculture that has ever existed, we tend to create our own language to not offend the normals that might be listening. With recreational cannabis as a modern reality the subculture has gone mainstream and it’s time for everyone to understand the lexicon of stoners around the nation. We’ve laid out the very basics of the somewhat nuanced cannabis subculture terminology. In the interest of keeping it concise we’ve saved all growing terminology and plant stages for a different list. This should cover smoking and understanding the grades of cannabis.

Weed Etiquette Glossary

Binger: Smoking devices usually made using a chamber, tube, downstem and bowl piece. The flower is put into the bowl piece where it is lit, the smoke from the lit dry flower flows through the downstem into the water where the smoke is cooled and then drawn up using breathe through the tube and into our lungs. New smokers should take small snaps and avoid huge rips from the bowl. [aka: Bong, water pipe]

Blunt: Cigar style rolling papers used to wrap up large quantities of cannabis flower and then smoked. [aka: bleezy, bleez, swisher]

Bowl: Referring to the bowl piece in a bong set up, a bowl can also refer to the flowers residing in the bowl.

Bubble Hash: This form of concentrate is made using bubble bags and other sifting methods to extract trichomes and cannabinoids directly from the dried flower form of the plant. The name is from either the bags used to make it or the bubbles that appear when the hash is heated

Bubbler: A type of glass piece used to smoke that filters the smoke through water but is in 1-2 pieces making it more transportable than a bong. [aka: bubs]

Bud: Colloquial term for the dried cannabis flower that is generally smoked or vaped. [aka: nug, nuggets, flower, ganja, ganj, cheeba, mary jane, mota, pot, weed]

Budtender: The person behind the counter at a dispensary or weed bar that helps us make an educated decision about our pot. [aka: cannabis consultant]

Butane Extraction: When butane is used in an intricate extraction process to remove the plant matter from the trichomes and cannabinoids for an ultra strong product; there are countless names for this so please don’t hesitate to share yours in the comments. [aka: budder, BHO, crumble, dabs, honeycomb, earwax, errl, honey oil, live resin, shatter, wax]

Canna-Couple: A romantic relationship where cannabis is an ever present component.

Cannabidiol (CBD): This is a major phytocannabinoid often used when treating seizures, specifically in children. That is because when isolated from the other cannabinoids CBD has no psychoactive effects and many medical benefits among them being anti-seizure and anti-psychotic.

Cannabinoid: Endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids make up this diverse class of chemical compounds. Endocannabinoids are produced in the bodies of animals, phytocannabinoids are naturally found in plants and synthetic are manufactured artificially. Cannabinoids act on cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2) in cells that work on suppressing neurotransmitter release in the brain.

Carb Cap: Made from titanium, glass and ceramics; carb caps create a chamber of the heated nail for the concentrates to vaporize into the dab rig.

Cashed: When the bowl is mostly made of ash and has no value left. [aka: ash, ass]

Concentrate: A term that represents many forms of extractions drawn from the cannabis plant using various methods including cold water, alcohol, butane, C02, etc.

Cone: A UK style joint where the tip is a bit fatter than the base making it conical. 

Cherried: When the bowl has lit into a hot ember and a lighter doesn’t need to be used to hit it.

Dabbing: The act of applying concentrates directly to a heated glass, ceramic or titanium piece that guides the smoek directly to the mouthpiece and into our lungs. It is much more intense of an effect than bud and has become very popular in the community in the last 4 years. [aka: dabs]

Dabber: The tool used to apply the wax to the heated piece. Generally made from titanium or glass, many are decorative. [aka: dab tool]

Decarboxylate: The art of heating cannabis to release the medicating powers in order to use the product in cooking and baking. [aka: decarb]

Dispensary: A place where legal cannabis can be purchased, sometimes recreational sometimes medical; check the state laws before entering. [aka: collective]

Dugout: An old school container that holds a one hitter and some ground up cannabis. Generally made from wood or metal and featuring a slide top.

Edibles: An edible form of cannabis that can last longer and be more intense than smoking. [aka: medibles]

Eighth: One eighth of an ounce and one of the common amounts purchased and priced at dispensaries.

Fatty: A remarkably big joint generally ‘fat’ in stature. [aka: king size]

Fire: Super epic cannabis flower that is great in look, effect and aroma. [aka: Tops, Kind, Private Reserve]

Full Melt: Hash that melts fully when heat is applied, one small step above bubble hash.

Hash Bar: A bowl packed with little quadrants that feature various types of hash so that whoever gets the bong, pipe, bubbler etc. can choose which to hit.

Hash Hat: Press bubble hash into a little coin and place completely over a bowl of flower so that it forms a ‘hat’ over the bowl.

Heady: Generally in reference to extremely expensive and beautiful glass pieces and rigs.

Hybrid: A type of cannabis that sits between Indica and Sativa, great strains to help with adrenal fatigue and anxiety.

Indica: A term coined to represent strains that cause sleep & lethargy as well as pain relief. 

Joint:Rolling papers used to wrap cannabis much like a rollie cigarette but just with pure cannabis. Sometimes keif, hash or wax are added to the inside and outside of joints. Generally the joint is rolled in a completely straight tube and not in a cone. [aka: doobie, marijuana cigarette, J]

Kief: The trichomes that grow form cannabis that fall off when the bud is handled and ground. There are many ways to harvest kief including a tumbler and personal grinder.  [aka: dry sieve hash]

Low Temp Dabbing: A type of dabbing that is more nuanced but tends to deliver a less harsh hit with much better flavor. Carb caps come in handy for low temp dabbing.

Microphone: Holding the joint and talking without passing it. [aka: bogart]

Moon Rocks: A dense bud of cannabis drenched in hash oil and then coated in kief. The most potent form of cannabis available.

Mids: The middle shelf of cannabis, not the best but not schwag.

How To: Using Topical Cannabis to Break Any Headache

In my years immersed in the cannabis industry my most favorite products to recommend are still topicals. Topical cannabis products include bath bombs and salts, lotions, salves and balms; essentially anything that we can rub onto our skin. There are topical cannabis brands all around the nation because CBD only products are federally legal, but each brand offers their own spin on the pain relieving balms, salves and lotions.

Doc Green’s is a topical company based out of Berkeley and serving medical dispensaries in the California Bay Area and have been in operation for about seven years. Over in Colorado Dixie Elixirs is responsible for putting out a pretty legendary drinkable and edible line along with their healing topicals, the goal for Dixie is to be “the future of cannabis” which is apparent by their branding alone. On a completely opposite playing field Maggie Murphy, owner and founder of Moon Rore Organics utilizes age old traditions of herbology and crystal magic to infuse special order topicals with super charged healing powers.

Each of these topical brands has a slightly different mission but they all have one thing in common; they want to help people understand the immense powers of cannabis in the realm of topical healing

How Do Topicals Work?

Ramona Rubin, avid adventure seeker and co-founder of Doc Greens out of the California Bay Area eloquently informed us that, “Topicals work because we have cannabinoid receptors on lots of different cell types. So there’s CB1 and CB2 receptors … and the cannabinoids as well as endocannabinoids that are our body’s own endogenous neurotransmitter signal” Topical cannabis doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier to the CB1 receptors located there which is why it has no “high” or psychoactive effects involved with application. What topicals can do is interrupt pain signals and break up the inflammation that is causing the pain. These fantastic qualities make topicals a top choice for anyone dealing with chronic pain that can’t be mentally altered while adulting.

Topicals and Headaches

There are various types of headaches that can plague us and they can strike at any time of the day. People suffer from chronic headaches of all kinds and in this post we explored how to relieve or even prevent stress & tension headaches as well as migraines with cannabis topicals.

Stress & Tension Headaches

Personally, I get horrific tension headaches that start at the base of my skull right where it meets my neck. On these days I will always put copious amounts of cannabis topical balm onto my neck and shoulders than plop on the foam roller for what is probably too long. Joe Hodas, PR guru at Dixie Brands and lover of all things Colorado, told us that Dixie has gotten quite a bit of positive feedback regarding their Relaxing Bath Soak in relieving stress and tension headaches since they offer all around topical pain relief, but he was sure to add, “sometimes for women it can actually have a psychoactive effect versus men, just to be cognizant of that compared to other topicals.”

Adding on to that wisdom Rubin let us in on where to apply cannabis topicals to get rid of stress headaches, “On the neck and even on the scalp … try to just get the cream onto the fingertips and then get the fingertips through the hair so that you can just rub it into your scalp as close to the (pain emanating from the) headache as you possibly can.” Maggie Murphy also recommends applying the cannabis lotion to the temples along with CBD strains or even “a heavy Indica loaded in a Pax or other type of vaporizers. The effects are faster than if eaten through an edible.”

Chronic Migraines

While tension headaches are horrible in their own right, migraines tend to be more intense, more painful and just downright worse to deal with. Almost all people that suffer from migraines are aware of the signs that the storm is coming, and if cannabis is used right at these warnings then sometimes we can stop the migraine from even coming on. Dixie Brands edible line includes Synergy mints with a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio that is ideal for headaches and pain. If it is already too late, then topicals should be the go-to and sometimes it takes multiple applications.

In an attempt to beat a migraine with topicals use the same technique Ramona Rubin mentioned above, rubbing the topical directly through the hair into the scalp, except repeat the process three times every 5-10 minutes. Expert advice from Rubin lets us in on how to “chase” a headache when the pain seems to evade our efforts. She stated, “it will take three applications to remove a headache. It’s not because it doesn’t work the first time, it’s because it works so well the first time.” The cannabis topical expert continued that after the first application “the headache runs and the area where you applied the pressure feels better, but everything around there now becomes the focal point of the headache.”

The reason that a migraine can run away from us is because the topical will relax the tissues and blood vessels where our headache is located and improves the circulation of the affected area but the relief causes the areas just outside of the healing reach of the cannabinoids hyper aware of that same constriction. Three healthy doses of balm or lotions applied directly to the scalp where the headache is giving us trouble will really get rid of a headache that has staying power.

Aside from helping to cure a painful headache, topicals can also help with arthritis, muscle and joint pain, cramps, minor burns & sunburns and as Rubin so adorably put it “all the stingy, bitey, waspy things”. They’re a valuable investment to have in the medicine cabinet or first aid kit and I personally don’t go camping or rock climbing without them. Check out these amazing brands for more information about the specific herbs and energies that are infused in their lotions for even more added healing.

DIY Date Night: Fall Cannabis Cocktails

Tis the season to hang up our wide brimmed, sun shielding hats and start cozying up in our chunky knits. The leaves are changing and the overnight frost is real so why not adjust our date nights accordingly and start snuggling up together at home? When I first started dating my partner we absolutely loved staying in, cooking new recipes, and sharing our favorite albums or movies with one another. At the time that we first met, the boyf was a craft cocktail bartender so he had an absolute ball making new inventive libations on these cherished intimate date nights. It’s with this beloved memory that I share with you some professional tips on how to craft cannabis cocktails for a Fall date night that could just be the best night in that you plan all year.

Colorado based Top Shelf Budtending provide classy, well educated budtending services for upscale events like weddings, birthdays, holiday parties, and more. The owner, Andrew Mieure, also specializes in thinking up genius cannabis infused mocktails that are delicious and pretty enough to be at the top of the menu at any craft cocktail bar. Not only did Mieure let us in on some trade secrets in making fabulous, mouth watering cannabis cocktails he also shared a recipe that puts an Autumn twist on a classic cocktail. Explore how to set up a speakeasy for two right in the comfort of our home in this DIY date night for Fall.

Apple Grilled Thyme Smash from Craft + Cocktails

Infusing Beverages with Cannabis

There are some important aspects of preparing cannabis cocktails for a social occasion. First, it’s imperative to infuse a component of the drink recipe with a manageable dose of cannabis. Mieure has been loving cannabis infused sugars lately because they are “quick, unbelievably easy and readily available at many dispensaries”. The mocktail expert makes flavored and regular simple syrups using medicated sugars like Ruby Sweets adding carefully measured doses to various cocktail recipes, but he let us know that there are tons of ways to add cannabis to a drink. Most simply we can just add a few drops of tincture or some cannabis sugar to a drink before shaking it, or even soak fruit & veg in a tincture to infuse them with marijuana. Mieure also suggests using the sugar to rim the glass or garnishing the drink with a cannabis edibles like rock candy sticks or even gummies.

Dosing is equally if not more important than infusion method, especially on an intimate night shared between romantic partners. Andrew Mieure recommends starting with 3mg-8mg of cannabis in the first cocktail shared on the date. This isn’t just because of the marijuana, drinkable infusions tend to be more effective. Mieure voiced, “I always err on the side of caution when using cannabis drinkables, as they can be 4-7 times stronger and the euphoric effects can last 2-4 times longer than smoking cannabis.” With this in mind, it’s smart to start slow. If after the first cannabis mocktail we feel our tolerance can withstand more, then we will make the next delicious treat more medicated. Mieure reminds us that it is always a great rule of thumb to remember, “No one person processes cannabis the same and it is always a great idea to start low and go slow to ensure to great experience.”

There are tons of ways to play with ingestible cannabis at the bar and in the kitchen so Mieure suggests “If you are serious about making cannabis cocktails I would highly suggest the book ‘Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics’ by author Warren Bobrow.” adding that, “The attention to detail in the book is incredible. Many of the infusion techniques I learned and use came from that very book.” As legalization continues to sweep the nation products that can be manipulated for infused beverages have become more readily available. Learning from this book can help us stay ahead of the curve and have readily useable knowledge about ingredients and their abilities while at the dispensary.

Libations Fit For Fall

Just like any industry that feeds off of fresh ingredients, the craft cocktail world tends to make seasonal flavor shifts. When we asked former craft cocktail bartender and whiskey enthusiast Josh Lannan about what to expect on a cocktail menu this Fall he told us “The ingredient set is visually darker, using a liquor base of rum or whiskey, and includes flavors like apples and pumpkin” and implores that “cinnamon is definitely prominent in Fall cocktails”. In alignment with this expert advice Mieure let us in on some of the creations that he’s cooked up in the Top Shelf Budtending kitchens this Autumn.

“Lately I have been experimenting with a few different recipes that have really stuck with me.  Some examples include ‘Caramel Apple Martini,’ ‘Caramel Apple Mimosa,’  ‘Spiced Apple Cider,’  ‘Cranberry Martini,’ and the ‘Pumpkin Pie Martini.’” Since Mieure specializes in mocktails he has had a lot of experience in the change that occurs in the texture and taste when alcohol is removed from a classic recipe. Since he loves to expand on age old drinks making them his own he makes sure to let us know, “it is important to try and replicate the original ingredients using similar taste profiles and textures.”

Andrew Mieure cites a flavor set of vanilla, cloves, apples & apple cider, cinnamon, clove, pumpkin and fig as useful Fall flavors. The owner of Top Shelf Budtending adds “Depending on what you mix these with, you can get some really great results. Many of these mix well with other fruit juices, allowing you to create new single cocktails or large batch punches that still taste amazing.” to which he jovially elaborated, “For your cannabis themed holiday party of course!” Following this post check out Andrew Mieure’s very own recipe for a delicious Autumnal play on the class Moscow Mule that is perfectly fit for a cozy night in with our honeys. Mieure cooked this one up just this season in the Top Shelf kitchens and we’re so excited that he’s shared it here on Love and Marij. Make sure to try this one out and tag us in your photos!

Apple Pie Moscow Mule (Mocktail)  

Infused Apple Cinnamon Simple Syrup

100MG THC infused sugar (Ruby Sweets, or similar product)

2 Cups water

2 Cups apple peels

1 1/2 Cups non-infused sugar

4 cinnamon stick

1 pinch of ground ginger

1 pinch of ground nutmeg


In a small saucepan add the water and cinnamon sticks.

Bring the water and cinnamon sticks to a boil.  Let simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the cinnamon sticks and apple peels out. Bring the water back to a boil and add the infused and non-infused sugar until the sugar is dissolved.

Allow to cool and place the syrup in an airtight container, where it can be stored in the refrigerator for 20-30 days.

The Mocktail

4 oz apple cider

2 oz cannabis infused apple cinnamon simple syrup

1 bottle ginger beer

cinnamon sticks / apple slices for garnish


  1. Fill copper moscow mule mugs with ice.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, combine the apple cider and simple syrup and give it a good shake.
  3. Pour half of the mixture into each mug.
  4. Use the bottle of ginger beer to top the mug until full.
  5. Garnish using fresh apple slices and cinnamon sticks.
  6. Yum!

Things We Need for A Cocktail Night In

Enjoy an intimate night in with your loved one complemented by these amazing cannabis swag.

Pass this along to your bff or secret crush to give them a little hint today!

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Cannabis Wedding Advice From The Experts

Cannabis weddings have become a popular trend in recreational states like Oregon, Colorado, and Washington. Many couples opt to feature a cannabis bar, add cannabis flowers or fan leaves to their bouquet or headpiece and even feature cannabis leaves on their delicate invitation stationery. The options have become endless for elegant couples looking to host a lavish wedding that just happens to include their favorite plant. Navigating the legal landscape of cannabis intertwined with the stress of wedding planning is only possible with the help of a cannabis event specialist, we asked a few event planners that specialize in cannabis weddings for their tips and tricks for arranging the perfect weed wedding. The common consensus between everyone involved is that a weed wedding becomes even more of a joyous occasion because the plant has a natural ability to bring people together.

Location is Crucial

From state to state cannabis laws vary and that makes finding a cannabis friendly venue the very first step in planning a weed wedding. In Colorado, as long as the venue is cannabis friendly and the guests don’t partake in a public display of getting stoned, the location should be completely safe. When we reached out to Bec Koop, Owner of Cannabis Concierge Events and Buds & Blossoms she was quick to let us in on a mile high wedding favorite when she exclaimed: “We love outdoor mountain weddings!”. But in medical states like California, the current legal climate dictates that most cannabis weddings can only be held at private residences.


We had the opportunity to speak with Vanessa Lynn Pierrard who works as the Marketing Manager and Event Planner for The High Note operating out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She expresses the difficulties that California canna-couples face when hoping to throw a weed wedding found in recreational states, “While it is legal to consume cannabis with a valid doctor’s recommendation, it is illegal to share and distribute, thus creating challenges for couples who want to have a “weed wedding” like those in Colorado and Washington.” But Californians might not have to wait too long since they will be able to vote on recreational cannabis in less than a month.

Alternative Displays of Cannabis

When most people hear the term weed wedding they almost always imagine a bar of cannabis flowers displayed elegantly with a budtender on hand for direction. While this is certainly a reality there are other ways to include cannabis in a classically styled wedding. Although Pierrard from The High Note previously expressed caution with venue choices in California she added with hope, “Fear not, because any herb loving couple can incorporate cannabis into their wedding through adding cannabis leaves to bouquets, customizing individual smoking accessories, and adding fun weed-themed jewelry.” The elevated event planner also recommends small touches of cannabis throughout the event to be easily seen by those that are already awake to the concept while remaining ‘PC’ to any guests who might not be as cannabis friendly. 
There are so many ways that cannabis and hemp are used in weddings and hemp is a super sustainable plant for the environment. Koop from Cannabis Concierge Events has cultivated a space where a cannabis bride can find almost every cannabis wedding item, listing out “cannabis-infused floral arrangements, connections to hemp/silk wedding dress designers, graphic designers that make hemp paper invitations & party favors like hemp chapstick or pain relief salves” as the ways that she can assist in cannabis related planning in Colorado.

Weed Wediquette

Many couples looking to include cannabis in their wedding may worry what Grandma Dorris may think with ‘the pot heads over there’ sharing her dance floor. Weed Wedding Etiquette, or as we like to say Weed Wediquette, is easily accomplished with careful planning and can ensure the comfort for all of the grannies of the world. At The High Note they accomplish weed wediquette by maintaining a focus on the bride and groom instead of cannabis or smoking. “Weddings are about love and marriage and the main focus should never be about anything other than the couple tying the knot and the celebration of their lives together!” Pierrard goes on, “Making anything other than them the focus will inherently make people uncomfortable.”


Going further Koop suggests separating cannabis from the main party by adding a party bus or smoking patio when she told us, “Setting up a separate area for cannabis consumption to take place; some couples prefer to vaporize only to keep it odorless. Koop also recommends that anyone looking to add cannabis to their nuptials should “provide a lot of educational materials and have a good staff that makes everyone at the event feel 100% comfortable.” Educational materials and a staff that we can rely on will ensure that any guests that might be smoking for the first couple of times doesn’t have a bad experience and ruin the special day.

Both of these prominent event planners agree on one thing, cannabis only adds to the joyous occasion that is a wedding. Koop told us that when cannabis is involved in a wedding the mellow quality of the plant is definitely noticeable, “The entire wedding tends to be more relaxed. Far less drama! No canna-bridezillas yet!”. Pierrard adds that “Cannabis is a natural anxiety & stress reliever and a common side effect is a case of the giggles!” making wedding guests feel more comfortable to get down on it on that dance floor. After all, it’s only fitting that at the union of two families a joint or bowl gets passed around. As Pierrard so eloquently puts it, “No other herb, plant, substance, or single thing on Earth brings a sense of community like sharing a bowl, joint, volcano with friends, strangers, and those odd relatives we all have.”
How would you include the cannabis plant on your special day? Are there ways to practice weediquette that we missed? Let us know in the comments! 

Inspirations from Rebecca Campbell with a Guided Meditation

This month Rebecca Campbell released her second book entitled Rise Sister Rise which works as a manual on how to unpack the wisdom from within ourselves. With this book, Campbell hopes to awaken the power that women have stifled as they climb up higher and higher in our patriarchal society. As she says in her Rise Sister Rise Youtube video, “It’s time to awaken a new era of sisterhood on the planet. One where we draw our worth from deep within instead of looking to the outside world to decide it for us… The only way to heal the world around us is if we first heal ourselves.” One of the reasons that Campbell’s books, videos, meditations and workshops are so popular is because she can so easily take ancient concepts and make them relatable to almost anyone from any generation. This is what makes Rebecca Campbell so special, her voice resonates across society despite age, race or creed.

Above all else Campbell is a lightworker, which has inspired the content of her first book Light is the New Black. This book is a “down to earth relatable mix of one girl’s journey, channeled messages from the universe, really practical tools and also metaphysical marketing in this new digital age.” She takes her experience from her own awakening combined with the work experience she accrued at a top digital marketing firm. The motivational author reached her 30th birthday and her entire life began crashing down. Her long term relationship ended, her best friend died very suddenly and her job ceased being fulfilling seemingly overnight. In this time of turmoil she became awake to the light that existed within her; this light gave her the power to overcome this trauma and her goal is to help other women awaken to this same fabulous concept. If we can all become our true selves in light then, as Campbell believes, we can also create more valuable and positive relationships with those around us.

Releasing Inner Light

This concept of light work takes a deep understanding both of the facets of what we consider self and a deconstruction of the ego that often disguises itself as such. It is much easier to do the work that Campbell is talking about after regularly practicing meditation. If we’re brand new to meditation then a guided meditation is definitely the way to go. Guided meditations can come in many forms and they are generally audio files or directions given by an elder. I decided to share a meditation today that was shared with me by a powerful elder Randy David Jeffers who has since passed on.
Randy and his partner Patrick F. Ferry owned and operated a shop called The Sword & The Rose right in the nestled away Cole Valley district of San Francisco city. It was in this little shop nestled in the back of the garden that Jeffers shared with me a meditation that helped me understand how to begin opening myself to reveal my inner light. This goddess meditation utilizes the chakra system which advances in rainbow order so the Root Chakra is red, Sacral Chakra is yellow, following rainbow colors all the way up to the Crown Chakra which is purple. Chakras are meant to be circular (wheel) gateways for Kundalini energy which is essentially the light energy of the Earth. I’m including this meditation because it is a fabulous way to first begin opening ourselves up to the subtle feminine energies of the Earth that fuel a lightworker. Read more about meditations and light work at Rebecca Campbell’s website if this post speaks to you or if you’ve felt these energies 

Guided Goddess Meditation

Find a quiet space outside where the wind blowing through the trees is the most prominent sound there is to hear, if inside is the only option it’s fine but try to find a place outdoors as it’s a more effective way to stimulate the energies of the Earth. Sit down in the grass and get into a comfortable cross-legged position, it’s important that the Root Chakra (located right at the perineum) is touching the ground. Place the hands gently on the legs and let them guide themselves into a mudra of their choosing, if this is all new to us then just place the thumb and forefinger together ever so gently.

Without too much force let the top and bottom eyelids meet in the middle and start to become aware of any warm or tingly sensations in the hands or arms. Try to harness that warmth in the Root Chakra and feel it spinning (Chakra means wheel) clockwise, feel more energy moving up from the Earth and spinning the Root Chakra even more strongly and with more ‘light’. Once this rotation feels solid, continue with each chakra and white light (I like to use a sparkly white light but to each their own). Once we reach the Crown Chakra and feel that energy moving we launch all of that beautiful Chakra charged light up to the goddess. She rains that back down upon the Earth, charging the world with it. This is a clearing and inspirational meditation and I’d love if you tried it. It has helped me find my voice, visualize my life path and just clear out any bad energy I’ve soaked up on my life journey.

Practicing meditations like this paired with cannabis can be powerful if we are knowledgeable about our dose and the clarity of our minds. For some people cannabis can make our thoughts wander but for others it can be a powerful tool in quieting the mind. Meditation will help us open up more deeply to Rebecca Campbell’s invitation to take hold of our light magic. The inspirational speaker and author offers guidance and life coaching for those that feel they need more help than articles and videos. Her new book should help more women than ever believe in themselves enough to bring even more light to our constantly dimming society.
Do you use cannabis in a meditation practice? I like to smoke a really heavy Indica while sitting in my meditation space, it helps me to quiet my mind. What is your favorite way to meditate? We can’t wait to hear about it in the comments.

Stoner Single's Guide to Cannabis Dating

Just like every other part of life, being single has it’s ups and downs. On one hand, you get to starfish in bed every night and partake in every weird semi-disgusting habit that your heart desires. On the other hand, you cook dinner for one and sometimes think about waking up with someone snuggly on the other side of the bed. For those of us that love to partake in cannabis, whether it is recreationally or medically, tend to enjoy having a buddy that gives us reason to pack that bowl for two.

We asked one of our most eligible cannabis bachelor friends Willie Williams, Assistant Dispensary Manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, what he thinks about the dating scene as a card-carrying medical cannabis user. When asked whether or not cannabis came into play when looking for a potential partner in crime he stated, “I am absolutely looking for a partner that partakes in cannabis, it is always nice to share a nice smoke with a significant other and have high talks.” Now that individuals can openly seek a partner who enjoys cannabis and weed-friendly activities there is a revolution of cannabis date night activities hitting the scene.

What is Cannabis Dating?

The owners and operators of these ventures have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with new and veteran couples exploring their relationships with cannabis at the helm. Heidi Keyes is the CEO of Puff Pass & Paint now operating in Colorado, Oregon and Washington DC. At these all-inclusive art classes, Keyes has noticed that diversity is the only trend with cannabis friendly events, We have so many couples attending date nights at Puff, Pass & Paint, but that is really where the trends end.” Keyes elaborates that “one of the coolest things about cannabis is how it brings people together, and that is definitely the case with Puff, Pass & Paint.” 

Dee Dussault is the founder of Ganja Yoga operating out of San Francisco and she does warn us that “Of course, too much THC can cause agitation and anxiety, so dose is essential.” But with the right dose and the right environment we can find the perfect balance on a date where we can access that feeling that “it’s okay to just be where you are and as relaxed as you can be.” That is what these two entrepreneurs and many other cannabis event coordinators are doing across the country, crafting an intentional space for cannabis singles (and everyone else!) to get to know each other.

Using Marijuana With a Date

After checking in with Willie Williams over in Flagstaff it became apparent that like every other good partner out there, he was interested in someone who was just real. He tends to notice first “how genuine she is when we speak to each other” and also if she is “driven or outgoing” since he prefers to get active after he gets medicated instead of fall into the stoner stereotype. When on that first date he likes to smoke an Indica because he feels that they make him feel more in his body. Strains like Holy Grail Kush and Girl Scout Cookies are the perfect Indica blend to help him maintain a lively conversation but not feel too amped up on THC. 

Activities that are creative, inclusive and interactive like Puff Pass & Paint or Ganja Yoga serve as great first cannabis dates because they give us a safe space to explore our relationships within cannabis. Taking the confusion of not knowing someone else’s dose out of the date equation allows us to focus on getting to know each other instead of babysitting. Heidi Keyes loves Puff Pass & Paint for these occasions because “everyone has an engaging, creative, and hilarious time, painting and laughing and passing around joints, which is extremely fun to watch and be a part of”. Having an activity to focus on can take the first date jitters out of an occasion leaving us available to simply enjoy being.

Connecting Weed & Relationships

In Ganja Yoga Dee Dussault works hard to cultivate a space where every one person donates to the energy as a whole. She poignantly told us, “Zoning out at a movie when you’re experiencing all the emotions that happen when you hang out with someone you like wastes the experience.” Dussault adds that at Ganja Yoga, partners new and old can begin “Sharing in a stretch together, or assisting your partner as they stretch” which “fosters intimacy by letting you be vulnerable and really taken care of, no matter what came before.” These cannabis friendly activities are not only formulated around smoking weed, they’re an intentional experience to help us understand the connective properties of the cannabis plant.


Smoking cannabis with a friend, partner and even coworker can deepen their relationship and help two humans find a new level of connection between one another. Williams has noticed that cannabis has improved his dating life in ways that he didn’t expect. Life with cannabis has taught him the value of staying in with good conversation and buds instead of getting wasted at bars. He’s noticed that “medicating brings a different type of confidence, where I am not trapped in my thoughts and I am more open to doing things without hesitation.” These are the same qualities cultivated at places like Ganja Yoga & Puff Pass & Paint; a place where we can feel open to new people and experiences.

Puff Pass & Paint operates out of Denver, Washington and Oregon with public events and private parties. The painting & doobies oriented event is also featured on the Colorado cannabis tours and they are looking forward to the year ahead. Ganja Yoga operates in private locations with meetups and bookings, Dussault is excited to continue helping people connect with the magical combo of intentional breath, movement, and the healing herb. Does attending Puff Pass & Paint sound ideal for you and your partner? How about Ganja Yoga? Do you have something to add about dating in the cannabis world? My partner and I love to partake in cannabis together but haven’t had the opportunity to go to one of these fabulous events. Have you gotten to go to Ganja Yoga or Puff Pass & Paint? Tell us everything in the comments!

Cannabis Date Essentials

Don’t forget your stash when going out with your partner. These essentials keep you lifted on the go.

Why We Should All Treat Ourselves to Cannabis Baths

In the midst of a busy, hustle and bustle work week, it is highly recommended that we stop and take some time for ourselves. Hot baths have been used therapeutically for centuries as they can help to keep pain at bay, increase joint mobility, reduce the problems with any skin issues and inspire a soothing peaceful mind. Many artisanal beauty companies have begun to use cannabis in their products because of the wonderful way it can relax the mind. Cannabis bath bombs, fizzes, teas, and salts have all hit the market and they’re one of the most effective ways to treat ourselves using the plant.
To gain more insight on the relaxing combination of healing cannabis and calming warm baths we asked one of the baddest ladies in cannabis her opinion on the matter. Laura Rivero is the Operations Manager at Yerba Buena Farms, one of the first eight legal cannabis farms in Oregon. Before her time in PDX Rivero started various canna-ventures in Flagstaff, Arizona that remain widely successful to this day. Her insight into the business is only trumped by her knowledgeable approach to accessing the medicinal powers of the plant. She takes a cannabis bath twice a month and pairs it with a nice big pre-roll. Rivero prefers to use Empower Therapeutic Soaking Salts because “they seem to be most effective for sore muscle relief” but she also loves bombs “because they contain lipids that moisturize and soften the skin”.

What Does Cannabis Add to Bathtime?

A hot, relaxing bath can help to insulate our minds from the realities at work, school or home that are just downright stressing us out. Adding cannabis to this age-old ritual only enhances the therapeutic effects of a good long soak. Cannabis baths don’t have any psychoactive effects, for that we’ve got to ingest or inhale it somehow, they simply help us gain access to the anti-inflammatory aspects of therapeutic cannabis. Laura explains that cannabis baths work in the same respect that cannabis topicals work, however, “cannabis baths cover more surface area and can offer more bodily relief and relaxation overall. CB-2 receptors are responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis, so baths can aid with complexion and relieve skin irritations.”
Taking a warm bath can be a beneficial way to save space for stress relief and relaxation so adding aromatherapy qualities from the herbal combinations in the bath salts or bombs will only deepens that release. Cannabis bath products are generally made with an intentional combination of herbs that are intended to balance chakras, have certain planetary aspects and are even enhanced with crystal energies. As Laura Rivero points out “Between the warmth of the bath itself, the added aromatherapy that most bath salts contain, and the cannabinoids, I experience a palpable mellowing that is perfect for my self-care therapy.” Cannabis baths are the most fabulous way to take advantage of recreational cannabis for self-care so maybe it’s time to treat yourself buds!

The Best of Cannabis Bath Bombs, Fizz, Salts and Tea

Moon Rore Organics This eco-conscious company crafts beauty products that are made with ancient healing remedies in mind. Moon Rore combines the healing powers of herbs and crystals to achieve the optimal vibrational healing frequency. They will also take custom orders to infuse their product line with THC or CBD for legal states. Moon Rore Organics currently carry bath bombs & fizzes, facial serums and body oils.  
Empower Body Care Acquire all Non-GMO, non-toxic and hypoallergenic products from Empower, an Oregon-based company. They currently sell CBD only products in their online shop and are available for retail sale in many Oregon dispensaries. Trista Okel from Empower let us know that all body care products are made with attention to detail, “The salt combination we use (Epsom, Dead Sea, and Pink Himalayan salts) has therapeutic benefits as well, which works synergistically to help relieve sore muscles and offer pain relief.”

Have you ever taken a cannabis bath? DO you make your own cannabis bath bombs? Let us know in the comments! I personally love to add herbs to my bath and create my own bath teas at home depending on the current planetary aspects and my own psychological needs.

Cannabis Bath Must Haves

Pair a CBD or THC-infused bath with these fabulous items for an unforgettable experience.

Pass this along to friend and share the gift of self-care with someone that you love.

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How To Use Cannabis to Open Ourselves to Self Love

With the rise of photoshopped ads in beauty advertising and filtered social media posts, checking yourself out in the mirror #nofilter can sometimes induce a negative effect on self-esteem and confidence.  In a time where many of us measure our self worth by “how many likes we get” (or don’t get) on a post, instant access to external appreciation has robbed many of us of our innate ability to find love for ourselves from within; triggering loneliness and depression.

In a recent study of 5000 people at the University of Kentucky showed that those who smoked cannabis regularly were able to separate their loneliness from both their mental health and feelings of social acceptance. Regular cannabis use can also help diminish the dooming effects of depression, anxiety and stress which are major contributors to the lack of confidence that leads to being hard on ourselves. Cannabis can be an amazing tool used to find a healthy way to cultivate self love, casting out our judgmental minds and replacing them with acceptance.

It doesn’t matter if we’re smoking, ingesting edibles or even just taking a dropper of tincture daily, cannabis can be a valuable tool in the difficult process of learning to accept ourselves for who we are and teach us to love the skin we’re in. Meghan Waltstatter, a founder of dispensary Pure Green in Portland, OR, has spoken out about her ability to use cannabis to accept her beautiful curvy body and love herself despite the very abrasive societal pressures to look like a Victoria’s Secret model. She cites that depression, anxiety and stress are leading contributors to body issues and the use of cannabis to relieve these concepts and learn to accept ourselves which will eventually lead to a regular practice of truthful self love.

Now, when we talk about using this herbal tool for healing our harsh negativities that we apply to ourselves, it isn’t as easy as just hitting a bowl and watching a movie.

In order to become an avid lover of oneself using cannabis it is imperative to send an intention before medicating.

It is most wise to take a moment of quiet thought or for those more inclined, participate in a meditation designed to focus in the mind on the task at hand. It is absolutely crucial to set an intention with the plant when using it to see the beautiful nature within ourselves and then after a deep breath or so take a rip, eat your edible or dab your wax. Have a bath prepared, or light candle around the bedroom and bring your favorite guilty pleasure book into bed for some comfortable alone time. Or perhaps turn on your most favorite song and just dance your heart out all alone in your underwear During this time of intentional elevated bliss it is crucial that we create a space for ourselves that is comfortable while also setting the stage for personal growth and then just enjoy the heck out of that space.

I use cannabis both for my anxiety and depression and I find that it comes in handy when I’m having a monumental panic attack from stress coupled with those problems. In times of serious anxiety cannabis can help me to buffer my mind from going too deep into negative, self loathing trains of thought that are so common to these ailments. Depending on the day those are totally the examples that I use (ie: dancing in my underwear or reading a book) but I think that yoga and cannabis paired together can be extremely valuable in practicing self love. What do you like to do when it’s time to appreciate yourself? Share in the comments. <3

How To Stock A Wedding Cannabis Bar

Throwing the perfect weed wedding requires us to take an artistic approach to how we look at the plant. From the detailed cannabis bouquet and boutonnieres right down to the bachelorette party favors there are tons of ways to include cannabis in our special day. Serving up a full canna-bar at a wedding is an ideal way for a canna-couple to celebrate the big day. But we’re faced with wondering how to budget and even how much to serve, which isn’t hard with the right information. We asked professional budtender Andrew Mieure of Top Shelf Budtending a couple of questions about having a wedding cannabar and learned some insightful industry secrets.

Decide What To Serve

The obvious first thought when stocking a wedding cannabis bar is to have a couple strains of bud available, allowing guests to choose one strain or to combine and make their own hybrids. Outside of traditionally smoked flower, couples can also choose to serve cannabis edibles and concentrates. Top Shelf Budtending makes wicked mock-tail edibles that are completely alcohol free and divinely infused with cannabis. These classy edibles are perfection for a celebratory event like a wedding and drinkable cannabis tends to be a more effective mode of ingestion. We can work directly with Andrew Mieure and his team at Top Shelf Budtending to make specialty mocktails that match our nuptials. He does warn, however, that bringing in edibles and concentrates takes a bit more education and tends to be for a more experienced user.

Assess the Guestlist

Before figuring out how exactly much to serve we must check out the guest list and see the ratio of those who would choose to partake in cannabis and those that would abstain. From there, take a look at those who would want to smoke or eat edibles at the wedding and figure out what kind of tolerance the guests will have. Separate the first timers and the veteran smokers into two groups and then use that count to price out the cannabis bar. This important fact finding mission does make a couple of assumptions about the guest list. First we decided that weddings generally run between 100, 150 and 200 guests, and about ¼-½ of the guests will partake in cannabis. Although this is our we’ve based out our pricing it’s possible that you have a lot less or a lot more guests that are experienced with cannabis so as always weed couple, do you!

Stock The Bar

Creating a safe space for newer cannabis users or even first timers is a wise step because it will  ensure that no guests are lethargic, over served or just straight up passed out next to the dance floor. Avoid all of these issues by hiring a budtender to work the event and ensure that everyone at the wedding is getting just what they needed. Mieure of Top Shelf priced this at about $500 per event but the budtender price can range according to company and location. Aside from informing guests about their strain choices and expected effects they will also ensure that they can assist in dosing with more intense products like concentrates and edibles.
About 0.5-1 gram per guest is an ideal amount to stock for ensuring that the bar won’t go dry, everything depends on the event and how many of the guests will be puffing the entire time as opposed to a joint or toke here and there. For edibles, it’s best to serve about 2.5mg THC for guests new to cannabis and up to 10mg THC for a highly experienced user to prevent all guests from feeling “overserved.”  The state dosage is about 10 mg so this will be the most perfect adjustment for almost any guest.

When planning out the edibles bar we reached out to Colby Hockersmith from High Country Healing in Colorado. Below we’ve used these expert opinions and hashed out exactly how much should be served at a wedding canna-bar. This is under the assumption that about ¼ of the guests will be partaking in cannabis flowers, edibles and concentrates.

For stocking dry flower Miere recommends:

  • 2 ounces for 100 guests
  • 3 ounces for 150 guests
  • 3.5 ounces for 200 guests


When stocking edibles yourself, Hockersmith suggests:

  • 13 100mg packages for 100 consuming guests 
  • 25 100mg packages for 150 consuming guests
  • 50 100mg packages for 200 consuming guests


With the concentrate bar Hockersmith recommends:

  • 13 grams for 100 consuming guests
  • 25 grams for 150 consuming guests
  • 50 grams for 200 consuming guests


What do you think about cannabars coming into the wedding circuit? Would you serve flowers, edibles, concentrates or all of them? I would love to have a budtender at my wedding teaching my friends and family about this magical plant. Let us know if you would dose out your canna-bar differently in the comments!



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Best Cannabis Strains for a Great First Date

When looking for a partner, many cannabis connoisseurs prefer to find a cannabis counterpart.  Your “bowl-mate” might be someone who after work prefers a bong in place of Burbon or prefers a hike topped off with a little rollie instead of a Rolling Rock.

Once we find that special someone choosing the perfect strain for that very first date can be an art form all it’s own. Already established couples have learned about each other’s strain preferences and sensitivities. It is really important to take it slow when smoking, vaping or ingesting cannabis with someone new. Start small and get to know each other through understanding the other’s tolerance and preferences with cannabis.

First dates make everyone feel differently, some are anxious while other get excited, it all depends on the person. We reached out to some of our favorite cannabis experts and got their advice on which strains will work best for a first date.

Todd Westphal Photography - Los Angeles Cannabis Singles Speakeasy


Everyone gets nervous, but some are extra prone to anxieties and that is only enhanced by something as stressful as a first date. I am personally this type of first date companion unless I medicate with a heavy Indica strain that I know won’t make me too lethargic or cut off the process from my brain to my tongue. Ritesh, a product specialist at beloved dispensary MedMen in West Hollywood, suggests Granddaddy Purple for those that get more nervous on first dates. He also thinks the best idea for the occasion would be a relaxing shared spicy (spliff) while walking down the beach. The Indica will calm us down and the quiet space of the ocean will be perfect for getting to know each other.
CNoTe, owner of Royal Trees Collective operating out of Orange County, says that “sometimes, especially when I’m first meeting someone. I’ll get a little nervous. I’ll want to get stoney to calm my nerves but I also don’t want to be too dazed to where the other person is turned away by it.” This is when he turns to Sativa Alaskan Thunderf*ck (also called Matanuska) because “It instantly relieves my nerves and allows me to get to know that person without feeling like a nervous wreck.” Before taking any of these strains on a date with us we should always try them out in a safe space at home first.

Granddaddy Purple Image Source: The Cannabist


Another really fun side effect of smoking cannabis with a lover is the hilarious giggle sessions that can ensue. One time after trying out some Moby Dick my partner and I play wrestled and laughed like weirdos for about an hour; sometimes a strain can work strange magic like this. We asked our most favorite giggle bot Dan, social media manager at High Mountain Health in Flagstaff, Arizona, what strain was perfect for a first date and he chose three uplifting Sativas. Those that enjoy exceedingly silly times and aren’t susceptible to anxiety will love Sour Cream, Skunk Candy Haze and Cinderella 99 because “they all encourage sociability, the giggles and make you feel nice physically when you get close with your date.” He also suggests a nice hike that ends in a romantic picnic for a cannabis date idea, but he didn’t forget to add the importance of “Netflix & Chill, duh!”.

Skunk Candy Haze from High Mountain Health

On the first date with my love we met for an Arizona craft beer and ended up going on a miniature bar crawl of our small town because we simply wanted more time to talk to each other. We met each other when a friend brought me to his house for an after work smoke sesh. Despite being a nervous nelly, he kept me at ease and we’ve spent pretty much every day together since that fated January evening.

What type of first dater are you? Are there any first date strains that you find more preferable than the ones we listed?  Tell us in the comments below!

If are single and looking to find your bowlmate, check out our Cannabis Singles Speakeasy!

DENVER Cannabis Singles Speakeasy | Oct 19th

Fall Date Ideas for the Cannabis Couple

As a former Californian there was a time when the concept of a Fall date was lost on me. But for the last 2 years I have experienced seasons for the first time and the prospect of participating in these once foreign Fall activities with loved ones is simply invigorating. Not to mention that before now I’ve only seen things like changing leaves and hay rides in television & film.
Nature gives us small reminders each season to go bask in her splendor and there is something so special about sharing those moments with a lover. These Fall date ideas will help remind us to appreciate the world around us and that special someone, not to mention provide the perfect activities for the couple that prefers to stay lifted.

Hike Through the Changing Leaves

There is a place right outside of Flagstaff, Arizona called Lockett Meadow where there is a mountain adorned with so many Aspen trees. I say “so many” because when they turn yellow in the Fall the leaves are so bountiful that when the sun shines through the entire forest floor shines yellow right along with them. Hiking through the changing leaves on a mind rich with a high THC strain can have create a wonderful afternoon. The ability to stop frequently along the way for quick tokes or even just stolen moments with our partner make this an ideal location for a Fall date.
Pair this date with strains like: Blue Dream, Skunk Candy Haze & Durban Poison

Corn Mazes & Warm Cider

One of the most wonderful things about Fall is the cool bite that it brings to the air, a bite that is so wonderfully complimented by a warm spiced cider in our chunky wool mittened hands. Near our home is Willis Farm which opens up a corn maze in a new design each year, this year is a pumpkin fighting a horse. They are offering a lazer tag corn maze section along with the usual prizes and special haunted nights. There are tons of corn mazes across the country that have different fun attractions just perfect for a veteran couple or two brand new love birds. One of my favorite side effects of combining cannabis and dates is the silly giggly quality that it adds, an activity like a corn maze brings out that childish giggle side that all cannabis couples know and love.
Pair this date with strains like: Girl Scout Cookies, Tangie & Grand Daddy Purple

Pumpkin Patch Hayrides

Surely these two things exist all on their own but we all know that the best pumpkin patches are like miniature theme parks complete with hayride, pony rides and delicious snacks. A pumpkin patch can be such a fabulous date idea with the romance of that cuddling up from that Fall chill we spoke about to the strung lights among vast rows of pumpkins to choose from. Hayrides can seem hokey but they’re actually a great opportunity to get close to our honey and snuggle up into the effects of the chosen date night strain. Find a pumpkin patch nearby or plan a little vacation to enjoy the Fall colors and a rustic small town hay ride.


Pair this date with strains like: Blueberry, SFV OG & Picasso OG

Personally I can’t wait to partake in all of these fantastic activities this Fall, but is there anything in your town that isn’t mentioned in this article? Last year boyfriend and I visited Lockett Meadow to see the colors and this year we live in an even smaller town so I’m excited to experience corn mazes, hayrides and pumpkin patches galore! Let us know in the comments what your favorite Fall date is.

Budgeting the Wedding Canna-Bar vs. Alcohol Bar

Calculating the cost of alcohol for a wedding has been brought down to a science because there aren’t many things that will make a guest unhappy like an emptied bar. But now, as high end weddings are colliding with medical and recreational cannabis, there are new precedents for what a full bar entails. When guests are cannabis smokers in a recreational state it’s a necessity to provide an upscale cannabar alongside the traditional alcohol bar.


A Cannabis Bar?

The wedding industry has already begun to adapt to recreational cannabis offering various cannabis friendly cannabis venues, limo services and even budtending and catering. A cannabis bar features an array of different types of flower either raw or rolled into joints, wax for dabs and edibles for those who choose to ingest instead of inhale.
A smart cannabis couple will layer their canna-bar starting with a both light 60% Sativa or 60% Indica hybrids of canna flower and small dosed amuse bouche edibles, around 10 mg per portion. Mocktails made with cannabis infusions are also a supremely novel idea both for before and dinner. After eating the main course, dessert type edibles can be served alongside dabs for those that partake. Layering a cannabis bar in this fashion will ensure that the party keeps moving and the guests aren’t napping while the bouquet is thrown.

Wedding Alcohol Calculator

There are a bounty of websites that offer wedding alcohol calculators letting a bride input the total number of beer drinkers, wine drinkers and alcohol drinkers into a data field which will calculate the basic price of the bar. We used this wedding alcohol calculator for a basic idea of what a wedding bar costs judged as if there are an equal number of beer, wine and liquor drinkers each having 4 drinks. With these metrics a small 100 person wedding would cost around $325, a medium 200 person wedding would be about $650 and a large 300 person wedding bar would cost around $1215. This is for basic cost spirits, for the top shelf alcohol and wine this price will only increase.


Canna-Bar Wedding Prices

Many high end travelling consulting companies like Top Shelf Budtending out of Colorado consult with guests on which strains will work for each specific person. They are a fantastic safety net for the canna-couple so they won’t have to worry about guests getting too stoned to party. The majority of a bill at a canna-bar mostly goes to the budtending service which costs about $500 per event. The skills of a bartender at a wedding aren’t imperative but with budtending, one wrong edible or strain can make a guest have a horrible time. Not only will a budtender protect patrons from being over served they can also help keep the event classy and non offensive to cannabis conservatives.


About half a gram per guest is the best way to calculate how much cannabis will be needed at a wedding. Based off of the knowledge of professional budtender Andrew Mieure from Top Shelf Budtending prices can vary between $200 and $500 depending on the addition of wax and edibles. According to his estimations with a price base of about $150 per recreational ounce of cannabis, a wedding with:

-100 guests would cost around $800

-150 guests about $950

-200 guests about $1025

When it comes to edibles Colby Hockersmith from High Country Healing weighed in on what to expect to lay down financially. Top Shelf Budtending also offers edibles but those are priced based on what each individual couple would want. If we’re planning to serve pre packaged edibles Hockersmith advises that we assume 1 100mg edible to split between 2 people. This prices are as follows based on an average retail price of about $30 per 100mg edible.

25 = 13 packages = 1,300mg = $325 – $390

-50 = 25 packages = 2,500mg = $625 – $750

-100 = 50 packages = 5,000mg = $1250 – $1,500


Concentrates aren’t something that everybody at a wedding would be interested in but for the more experienced connoisseur. Hockersmith also assessed what a wedding budget would look like with wax based upon the idea that each person is going to dab about half a gram. This is the maximum that someone would want to dab at a wedding, but these prices are based there with about $45-100 per gram.

-25 = 13 grams = $585 – $1,300

-50 = 25 grams = $1,125 – $2,500

-100 = 50 grams = $2,250 – $5,000


The cost of a cannabis bar at a wedding is minutely lower than an alcohol bar if we’re only going to stock it with flower. When edibles get involved, the price of the canna-bar is about equal to an alcohol bar with stock liquor, beer and wine. Everything changes, though, when wax gets involved. Adding wax to a cannabis bar is almost like adding top shelf liquor to an alcohol bar.

How To Plan an Outstanding Cannaversary

An anniversary is a joyous occasion, celebrating another year that a couple has enjoyed each other’s greatest and worst qualities. For the canna-couple a celebration can be extra fun to plan because there’s nothing better than inspiring the usual date ideas with traces of cannabis. Love and Marij has put together a list of vendors that can turn the usual anniversary into an unforgettable occasion. We’ve compiled a list of some of the simplest but most elegant ways to turn an anniversary into a canna-versary.

Not Your Usual Bouquet

The sweet fertile aroma fluttering from bright bursts of color that a freshly cut flower offers can draw a smile out of almost anyone. This is probably why giving our partner a bouquet of freshly cut flowers can be a wonderful way to start any anniversary date. Whether they adorn the table during a romantic dinner together or create a delightful start to the beginning of an exciting adventure date, flowers can be the icing on the cake. For cannabis couples in Colorado there are some florists incorporating the healing flower in along with the usual accoutrement that is found in their majestic bouquets.  (See Cannabis Friendly Florists Here)

Denver based Buds & Blossoms creates cannabis floral arrangements that can go “straight from your bouquet to your bowl.”  Simply visit a dispensary and pick up the cannabis flower of our choice then bring it to their store. They then craft the flowers into a gorgeous seasonal bouquet.  Plum Sage is another Colorado based florist that creates marvelous cannabis themed floral arrangements and have been honored by The Knot. For those of us who live in states that aren’t yet recreational we can still design our own bouquets. If flower arrangement isn’t a specialty, get an arranged bouquet and add in cannabis purchased from a medical dispensary. A cannabis bouquet will showcase the elegance of the plant, enhance both the aesthetic and aroma of any room and even serve to be smoked as desired; perfect for a canna-versary.

Enjoy A Cannabis Infused Dinner Together

You and your bowlmate can partake in an artisanally crafted cannabis meal that is sinfully infused with cannabis. If you enjoy cooking together or prefer to cook your own meal, check last week’s post about cannabis date nights in and hear tips from professional cannabis chefs on the most romantic cannabis meals. Those who have the privilege of living in a legal state can partake in the one of a kind event of a culinary cannabis experiences like those offered by Cultivating Spirits in Colorado. They invite us into their kitchens for a small group meal where they teach us about farm fresh ingredients and cannabis that are going into the succulent delights they put on our plates. Eating a dinner prepared by a professional cannabis chef is a superb canna-couple anniversary night idea that can really prime any couple for an affectionate evening together.  

Bring the Magic Into the Bedroom

Cannabis can heighten the feeling of the simplest touch, especially when invited into an already romantic event like an anniversary. Ingesting or inhaling cannabis, especially an Indica dominant hybrid, can also open lines of communication and bring a cerebral intimacy into a relationship. The most ideal way to utilize cannabis in the bedroom is to use a cannabis infused sensual lubricant. Coconut oil makes an amazing natural lubricant so just infusing coconut oil with cannabis or extracts can make a fantastic DIY lube. There are also fantastic lubricant companies like Bond Sensual in Washington and Foria in Colorado and California that craft THC and CBD infused oils meant to enhance touch, connection and overall experience between the sheets. Cannabis lubricant isn’t only good for partner experience, it can also be freeing when used solo. We can set the mood for a partner by surprising them with a completely lubricated encounter for what will surely be a very special canna-versary. Effects will wear off within 90 minutes.

Take a Cannabis Vacation Together

Getting out of town and taking a vacation can be like pushing the reset button on a romance, but for those looking to indulge in cannabis might have an issues finding a friendly vacation rental. That isn’t an issue anymore because now a canna couple can find cannabis friendly vacation rentals on Bud And Breakfast. Whether we’re looking to stay in Jamaica at a cannabis provided retreat or a small space in Oregon where we bring our own bud; Bud and Breakfast has us covered. Founded by travelers filled with wanderlust and a love for safe, legal cannabis; Bud And Breakfast acts as a space for cannabis friendly rentals to showcase their vacation destinations to the perfect audience. Take a look to find desirable rentals from Colorado to Uruguay and plan a canna-versary that will never be forgotten.

When planning an anniversary I always like to think of what my partner might like to do and shape the day off our mutual interests. A canna-couple that loves to be outside might prefer a hike that ends in a great view and a big vape sesh. The anniversary couple that could use to unwind or loves to lounge would really enjoy a spa date paired with micro-dosing an edible. Do you, it’s the best way to celebrate your love.
For my partner and I an ideal anniversary would be camping in the forest and rolling a great big blunt then waking up to a glorious hike or day of rock climbing. What would your ideal anniversary date be? How do you infuse cannabis into your relationship?

to get cannaversary deals and inspriation from your favorite local vendors

























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Cannabis Cooking Tips for A Romantic Night In

Going out to the movies or a posh dinner on the town always makes for a phenomenal date night but sometimes we can crave more intimacy.  How do you create a relaxing and romantic night at home without falling into rut?  Try cooking with cannabis!

Crafting a romantic cannabis meal can inspire open communication, lift stress or tension that has built up from the day and even heighten sexual experience for both parties.  Picture a savory warm meal and snuggling on the couch. Cannabis is a natural pair to an intimate romantic relationship as it can heighten our ability to connect with others emotionally.

To help you impress your date with your a little bit of canna-cooking, Love and Marij partnership chair Maggie Murphy interviewed three world class cannabis chefs on for tips on making a magical romantic meal.

Pro Cooking Tips



When talking about cannabis edibles most people think only about brownies or gummy candies. But in this new age of recreational marijuana it’s time that the foodies started to get involved in the creation of innovative cannabis infusions. Instead of baking the usual pan of brownies try crafting savory appetizers or refreshing cannabis mocktails. Alcohol tinctures and even infused oils and can drizzled into beverages that can get date night started right. The Herbal Chef, Chef Chris Sayegh gives great advice on how to make canna-food that doesn’t taste like dank weed and great date night recipes on his website. Chef Sayegh also reminds home chefs to not add the cannabis infused item to the dish until the end of cooking so that the active cannabinoids don’t burn off.

Below Chef Chris Sayegh shares more on the art of cannabis cooking with Fox News:


The key to creating potent cannabis infusions is to decarboxylate(decarb) the cannabis so that it releases the cannabinoids and terpenes into a fat like olive oil, coconut oil or cannabutter. Chef Ricky Flickenger warns against using shake or fresh bud to create concoctions and instead recommends a more effective approach.”My method, using kief, takes less than 10 minutes for a full decarb & infusion, keeps your food tasting like food, barely changes the color of the fat you are using, and does not make the house smell like cannabis. That fat (butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc) can then be use din any dish, sauce, vinaigrette, as a spread, etc…for any recipe. Once infused into a fat, you do need to use low heat cooking methods (below 200F) to not vaporize the THC. So, no pan frying with it…but baking (the finished product never reaches above 200F) is great.” Be wise when using keif as it can have a more intense effect than dried flower.

Master the art of cooking with Chef Ricky’s website, Mortal and Pestle, where you can sign up for online cooking classes (coming soon).


The most important part of planning a romantic night in with cannabis cuisine is to understand the proper dose. Ingesting too much can lead to quickly onset heavy sleep or an inability to make conversation which isn’t the best for a date.  It can commonly take up to 2 hours to start feeling the effects of your cannabis meal so it’s imperative to know your proper dosage of THC before you consume.  Avoid issues by making each infusing each meal with no more than 2-5mg THC of a researched strain of cannabis for anyone new to infused foods.  This will ensure that the whole delicious dinner can be enjoyed without anyone becoming overly intoxicated.

A great tip from Chef Melissa Parks, co-author of Herb, for not overdoing the cannabis in a date night meal is to only infuse the sauce or another small portion of the dinner as opposed to every component of the plate. She suggests making a cannabutter and then pairing other herbs and flavors to create an elegant tasting flavored butter to top a nice cut of steak.  Also know that each person is different so if this is a new partner then take the dosages really, really slow until each person is aware of their natural sweet spot of intoxication.

Below, Chef Melissa Parks takes us through how to make a simple cannabutter:



CHRIS SAYEGH aka "The Herbal Chef"

Chris Sayegh, The Herbal Chef (photo via

For Chris, a quality meal is all about quality ingredients.  When Chris is in the kitchen, all meals are made with the freshest and most locally sourced ingredients.


For a fun and easy to cook infused romantic dinner, try this pizza as a main course:

For a more advanced cook, try this Fettuccini Alfredo:

For a nice and light dessert, try this infused Pomegranate Sorbet:

If you’re in the mood for something a little more rich, try a cannabis infused Cannoli:


Chef Melissa Parks (photo via

“You want to enjoy the process of cooking, of getting to know the plant, getting to make the dish and then actually be able to remember what you ate. The medicinal value along with a recipe really can become something magical in the kitchen; that’s what you want to express, to experience, especially in the date atmosphere.”

Below is a recipe from cookbook, Herb:


Chef Ricky Flickenger (Photo via

For an impressive romantic evening, Chef Ricky recommends “Pasta in Lemon Cream Sauce, Cherry Chipotle Chicken, Pan Roasted Salmon with a Lemon & Caper Butter Sauce…the possibilities are really endless!”  Below, Chef Ricky shares his methods while baking a cannabis maple syrup and souffle.

What would you cook for a romantic cannabis date night? Any tips from your experience that aren’t listed here? We’d love to hear about it!

If I was cooking for my rancher boyfriend I might infuse one batch of dairy free butter or ghee and then separate it into 3 parts to infuse with different herbs as Chef Melissa Parks recommended. Then I’d put some butter on the steak, some on mashed potatoes and a bit on some slightly sauteed asparagus.  Short, sweet and divinely medicated.  How about you?

Sex, Drugs & Yoga - A Fresh Take on Dating & Relationship Bliss

If your date night consists of getting baked and watching Netflix, you’re doing it wrong.

Okay… I’ll give you some credit. You’re doing it half wrong. Because if you partake in the use of cannabis, in any form, you’re doing something right!

Yes, certain strains of the medicinal herb were masterfully crafted to turn us into couch potato zombie mutants incapable of peeling ourselves away from the television but there are others that are meant to enlighten, invigorate, and enhance every aspect of the human experience. So do some research on what you’re cheifin’, and get out there and get the most out of your expanded consciousness!

As we all know, cannabis is an ancient healing herb used in practices and rituals around the planet. And now that you’re using that new sativa dominant hybrid that has you bursting with euphoric, creative energy, what should you and your significant other do to take advantage of this elevated state of being? How about adding yet another ancient practice to the experience? Perhaps one that also ensures transcendental states of mind, body, and soul.

That’s right, I’m talking about yoga. Well, not just yoga. GANJA YOGA!

Illustration by Jeffery Olver @theexpressionexchange

Sounds far out, a little awkward, but really freakin’ awesome, right?

Ganja Yoga is the deliberate pairing of cannabis and yoga. This yoga practice treats cannabis as a medicine and spiritual teacher.

We in the western world have a younger and less established culture than those of the East. Ganja Yoga has been a vital part of medicine and healing in India, and other parts of the world, for millennia. We are finally catching on. With the help of a Canadian born yogi who has set up shop in the medicinal marijuana mecca of San Francisco, the western hemisphere has been introduced to the blissful benefits Ganja Yoga.  Dee Dussault pioneered the public practice and teaching of Ganja Yoga, the practice that has now trickled into various parts of the content.

With cannabis quickly becoming decriminalized and legalized for recreational use, and yoga continuing to grow in popularity as an alternative, relaxing practice of exercise of the body and mind, it seems these two ancient practices were divinely destined to collide and bring health and happiness back the People of the West.

Couples have been showing up to Dee Dassault’s Ganja Yoga class to experience the perfect pairing for themselves. Thusly, creating a higher perspective, new potential, and deeper meaning for “date night.”

Not only has Dee been dubbed the first public teacher of Ganja Yoga in the West, but she is also well studied in sexuality. With a decade of experience behind her, Dee provides sexual awakening yoga, clothing-free yoga, sexual coaching, and tantra classes.

If you are an adventurous, young couple looking to further explore your sensual and sexual dynamic with your partner, a well established married couple trying to deepen your relationship, or if you’ve suffered pain or heartache, and you’d like to work on yourself privately, Dee offers a multitude of helpful, exploratory, and playful practices.


I recently had the privilege of catching up with Dee Dussault. Here’s her take on the Ganja Yoga experience:

Photo by Monica Lo

Who is showing up at your Ganja Yoga classes? What kind of people?

Quite a large group of people who come to my class are new to yoga. Most of them have some sort of relationship to cannabis, not all. But for many of them it’s their first experience with yoga. Which, it’s pretty cool that they feel like, of all the yoga classes out there, the one where they can get high is the one where they want to try their first experience. Similarly, some of the people who come are fairly new to cannabis. Even older people, like baby boomers, who tried it in high school or college and probably consumed too much, or did it in an unsafe environment, or had anxiety and paranoia, or experienced lethargy, or demotivation, you know, just had a bad experience for whatever reason. Those people are wanting to give cannabis another try for wellness, or relaxation, or whatever ailments they may have. That’s really cool segment of the class. I like working with those people. And a lot of people are combining cannabis and yoga for the very first time. So the class has a lot of new people, young and old, experiencing new things. Which is pretty cool.

Environment being an important aspect of the experience, what kind of atmosphere do you provide?

It’s interesting! The environment I do the Ganja Yoga class is an art gallery in the SOMA area of San Francisco. It’s gritty…not your typical yoga studio. The gallery is run by about five vortex artist guys and there’s all of this crazy, trippy, three dimensional, almost like Alice-in-Wonderland art everywhere. And it’s always changing and rearranging. It’s beautiful, but it’s a lot to process (laughs). So I have arrows on the wall saying, “THIS WAY TO YOGA” and I greet everyone as they come in the door. I say “checking in” because everyone registers online, then shows up to class with their Medical Marijuana card. I check it, then send them to the studio. I keep the cannabis on my mat at the front of the class and ask the students to form a circle around my mat as they all trickle in. So I’m walking around asking them to sign the yoga waiver and answering any questions or concerns. Most of the concerns are about past experiences with cannabis. So I let everyone know that the white vapor pen is a sativa for an uplifting or energizing experience. The black one is indica if they’re wanting a more relaxed and embodied experience. And the other one is a hybrid for the ones who may have had paranoia in past experiences. There’s usually a joint with a sativa or hybrid. We usually do the practice with a sativa or an uplifting hybrid. I like to explain the strain being used, what the THC percentage is [and other] details. Not because I’m a pot expert, but because some people want to know and I want to create a really relaxed and trusting environment. Then, everyone is sitting around talking about cannabis and this social atmosphere develops, a camaraderie forms. Everyone introduces themselves, there’s 30 minutes [of socializing], which really helps to eliminate any paranoia.

Do you think Ganja Yoga would be a cool date idea?

Oh yeah! I’ve actually had couples come in to class on dates before, so that goes to show that people are already doing it! I think it would be great. Because it’s a unique thing here in San Francisco, and there is this sense of community and the social aspect of it. But at the same time, it can be as personal as you want it to be. At the beginning of class, I tell people not to worry about what their bodies are able do compared to the people around them. It’s not a competition, you know? It’s your own personal practice. Everyone does their own practice during the yoga session. But the thirty minutes social beginning of the class and the overall experience would definitely be something to talk about after class is over. I think it’s a great atmosphere for a date.

How does cannabis enhance the yoga experience?

I can’t just say one thing; there are so many ways! Simply: cannabis helps you to relax. Yoga helps you to relax. Put the two together and the whole is greater. It helps people to feel more subtle sensations. There’s a greater appreciation for the taste of food, or the sound of music with cannabis, it’s the same with yoga practice. The sensations in your body become more enhanced. You have more relaxation and higher sensory feedback within your body.

You also teach nude yoga and coach in tantra practices, for more adventurous couples, is there a naked ganja yoga class?

Well Tantra is a VERY vast and disciplined tradition or practice.  It really meets you where you’re at, where you’re coming from and where you want to go, you know? Like if someone says, “I’m interested in developing myself and I want to do something different and live life a little more daringly, but I’m nervous”, I would say, “Well you don’t have to  do clothe-less yoga on the first class”, (laughs). That could be really far out there for someone for their very first class.

Sex coaching can be a great place for people to start because we can chat people specific sexuality, or relationship concerns, or self image and body issues, or maybe they have trouble communicating their desires. They may be trying to get over some heartache. Married couples, early daters, or even single people, everyone has something in their sex lives that they’d like to attain or work on. Whether it’s women who have never had an orgasm, or have trouble reaching climax, or men who want to take longer before orgasm, sex coaching is a pretty chill place to start. Because it’s all talk at that point. Then we move into ideas and “homework”, or journaling. Then I begin take them through meditations in class. That’s when it becomes Tantra: Meditating on different parts, maybe wounds inside, in their heart, their genitals, or disconnections from their body, or whatever the issue may be. Everyone is going to have a totally different, personal session in a safe and relaxed way. Tantra is a way for us to further familiarize ourselves with our sensual feelings. You know, different ways to make us feel alive and to tap into that place that helps us remember that we’re not just super computers made to just work and work.

If you’re not ready to adventure into that realm, Ganja Yoga would be a fantastic way to journey through your senses on a whole new level.

ARTICLE BY: Cooper Read  |  COVER PHOTOS BY: Monica Lo