A beautiful fall day in Steamboat Springs, CO, Courtney contemplated her vows…

…as Shayan, COO of BudandBreakfast.com, “the Air B&B of cannabis friendly lodging,” set up the Cigar & Herb bar.  Due to his line of work, choosing a venue was the most difficult part of getting married, but after having a magical experience while staying at the Bella Vista Estate  with Courtney last May to film a promo video, the two of them fell in love with the venue and were ready to set the date!

Palo Santo, a sacred wood with the same cleansing properties as sacred sage was burned to cleanse and purify the next chapter of Courtney’s life and the rose petals were lovingly placed on the newlywed’s beds.  It was officially time to try on her dress…

…and she was stunning!

The lovebirds were blindfolded and lead to one another for their first look.

Loved ones gathered outdoors…

…while two guitarists ushered guests in.

According to Sal Albert, Property Manager at Bella Vista, “Courtney and Shayan chose to stand at the fire pit with a simple alter and intimate bridal party.  Mother nature did the rest.  After some laughs, tears, memories and mostly cheering, this Colorado wedding in October could not have turned out more beautiful.”

Courtney & Shayan were pronounced man and wife…

…and it was time to get the party started!

A tent was set up for the reception with fine food and a traditional alcohol bar…

…but it was the Cigar and Herb bar that stole the show!

“Toast, the head budtender was an incredible source for the guests” said Sal.  “He invited anyone to ask questions and present the normalcy, dare we say, luxury, of the situation.  I watched him grinning all night, calling out to eager guests, “Yes, the Bud Bar is open!”

No one was lurking there during speeches or anything (like you usually see at alcoholic bars).  There was a sense of respect for the guests who didn’t partake at all times, and it worked perfectly.  Not one staff or family member felt offended throughout the night.

From rolling up “I Doobies” to setting up lasers after sunset, the Herb and Cigar Bar was the highlight of the party at just the right times!

Folks were happy to try something they hadn’t since the ’60’s, and Toast was making sure people knew the difference between dabs and edibles.”

A beautiful day morphed into a beautiful night where the marriage of cannabis and alcohol were gleefully celebrated alongside the beautiful bride and handsome groom.  Courtney & Shayan cut their cake…

and two could not be happier to be joined as one!

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Letitia Smith, White Light Exposure |  VENUE: Bella Vista Estate | GROOM: BudandBreakfast.com

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