Six years ago, Candice’s father hired John to join the kitchen staff at his restaurant in Buffalo, NY and Candice fell in love! After dating for six years, they were finally married on July 16, 2015 in their new home state of Colorado.

While the couple’s move was a complete leap of faith, they couldn’t have made a better decision.  They left their jobs in NY to build careers in the cannabis industry!  A subject of a  Bloomberg Business article on jobs in the legal marijuana space, John was hired as a trimmer by Medicine Man Denver in April of 2014 and within six months worked his way up to become lead trimmer!  Candice started as a budtender at MM Denver in Sept of 2015 and is now a manager at their newest flagship location; Medicine Man Aurora!

A year before moving to Colorado, Candice and John were in a serious car accident that took a hard, physical toll on John.  Smoking marijuana became the best form of pain relief. Indicas seemed to help, but he couldn’t be too picky about what he got back home in NY where even possessing marijuana paraphernalia at the time was an offense punishable by law. When John moved to Colorado, he was able to get his medical card and the caliber of cannabis he was able to medicate with was astonishing!  Candice, who uses cannabis to help manage her anxiety, was blown away by the difference in quality between legally regulated cannabis of Colorado and the black market marijuana back in Buffalo.  One of the cutest pre-wedding gifts Candice received to help her manage her anxiety about the big day was from a friend on the morning of her dress shopping day:

“Our wedding was truly the most perfect day.” said Candice.  “The sun stayed shining and every plan turned out perfectly!”

The morning was powered by Starbucks.

“We were married in a public park, so we were not allowed to serve marijuana on site,” but at the post reception afterparty, some of Candice & John’s co-workers managed to surprise them with their three favorite Medicine Man strains:  G6 #3, Ghost Train Haze, & Lemon Head!

Being able to recreate with cannabis as a couple was a true “exhale of relief!”  With so many nerves in the air, the recreational retreat was the exact thing that Candice needed to take the stress off the day and enable her to focus on the moment.

They couldn’t be more thankful for the family of co-workers they’ve acquired over the 18 months they’ve lived here.  Kala Williams, who runs the front desk at Medicine Man Denver, was their officiant, while Pete Vasquez, the GM of MM Denver stood in place for John’s best man who passed away earlier in the year.

Contrary to the lazy stoner stereotype, Candice and John were able to enjoy a marathon of a day!  Their post reception afterparty was in Manitou Springs where they continued the party into night!

The Williams family, who owns and operates both Medicine Man Dispensaries & Medicine Man Technologies have welcomed Candice & John into their family.  Not only do they now have a Colorado family to celebrate Thanksgiving with but John, (along with all tenured MM employees) was gifted stock in Medicine Man Technologies to help set up a nest egg for their future!

Candice and John plan to remain in Colorado and continue budding with the industry!