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SF Gate

Time for a visit to the Cannabis Wedding Expo...The event is the first of its kind, according to organizers, and was sponsored by online weed wedding directory, Love and Marij.


"The niche industry for cannabis weddings is new but booming, so much so that Koop decided to co-organize the first ever cannabis wedding expo on January 17. Sponsored by the 420-friendly dating site Love and Marij, Koop says they are "fully expecting to sell out."

The Denver Post

Weddings are a lot more work than finding beds to sleep in and places to dance. That's where the partnership with Love and Marij comes in.

"We're looking at them to be the concierge service for our wedding services," Roby said. "We can't do it all, so we're making alliances with other businesses.


According to CEO, Niki McDonald, started as a way to spark change in the way people think to use cannabis. Having the right to enjoy legal marijuana is tremendous, but she is on a mission to elevate the social acceptance of WHERE and HOW people should be able to legally recreate!

Racked Magazine

Niki Usbay McDonald, the founder of Love and Marij, is also a documentary filmmaker from New York... "[I was] out on Colorado on an assignment when I saw what the legal marijuana industry was; how many lives it was saving, how great it was for the state of Colorado. I came back saying this is amazing, we’re going to make a series, and I want to devote the rest of my life to making other people see what a good thing this is." With her work with Love and Marij, Niki helps couples devote the rest of their life to one another — with a touch (or an ounce) of marijuana.

Edibles Magazine - Dec 2015

Edibles Magazine

Love & Marij feature in Edibles Magazine!

The Cannabist Show

Philip Wolf of Cultivating Spirits announces as the title sponsor of the World's first Cannabis Wedding Expo. Jan 17, 2016 in Denver, CO.

Cannabis in Canada

With marijuana legalization becoming common, more cannabis users aren’t afraid of answering “I do.”

After producing an MSNBC series called Pot Barons of Colorado in 2014, television producer Niki Usbay McDonald’s view on cannabis switched from passive supporter to activist, and set out to shatter stereotypes many in opposition still carry about cannabis users.

THC Magazine – Nov 2015

Love & Marij in Sold Out Edition of THC Magazine

Trazee Travel

Marijuana bars are sprouting up at weddings across the country, but only in states where it is legalized, of course. There are even websites dedicated to catering to this growing need for weed. For example, Love & Marij.

Ministry of Cannabis

As marijuana goes mainstream, it's also going matrimonial. Cannabis use at wedding is "out of the closet now." ...Blogs such as Love and Marij provide resources for brides looking for "4/20 friendly vendors," such as photographers and caterers.

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World's First Cannabis Wedding Expo