Our mission at Love and Marij is to connect couples with cannabis friendly event service providers, products & dispensaries to elevate the experience of your event!


Your wedding is one big day but the planning stage can last one to two years. Finding vendors that share your ideals is essential to having a fun and stress free planning process!




Find dispensaries that offer special wedding discounts and services from giving you discounts to helping you select your signature strain.



DANK your wedding party with gifts that will ELEVATE your Wedding Weekend experience!

Sleep 100mg CBD Bath Bomb – Vital You

HEMP-DERIVED C B D  B A T H  B O M B deep rest & rejuvenation Catch some sweet zzz’s with our…


Deep CBD Bath Bomb – Vital You

100mg HEMP-DERIVED C B D  B A T H  B O M B Ease tension & relieve discomfort The DEEP bath…


Surrender 70mg CBD Bath Bomb – Vital You

HEMP-DERIVED C B D  B A T H  B O M B flow & be free Our SURRENDER bomb is our go-to after a…


Bloom 50mg CBD Bath Bomb – Vital You

HEMP-DERIVED C B D  B A T H  B O M B heart opening & joyful Allow your heart to be opened by…


Rob Rodney Cannabis Case

Rob Rodney is the luxurious leather bag that is smart, stylish and secure. We customize our bags…


STOW Caddy

STOW Caddy The perfect odor-proof storage solution for your stash and accessories crafted with…


STOW Pouch

STOW Pouch The perfect accessory that’s roomy enough to hold your gear for a weekend getaway or a…


STOW Slim Case

STOW Slim Case The portable case ideal for everyday use. Made of supple top-grain leather, our 5…


MyJane Sleep Box

Can’t shut your eyes at night? Curated, evaluated and designed by women, you’ll love the luxurious…


MyJane Passion Box

Curated, evaluated and designed by women, the Passion Box by MyJane is the perfect experience for…


MyJane Romance Box

Curated, experienced, evaluated and designed by women, this Romance Box by MyJane is the perfect…


Urban Re-Leaf CBD Spa Re-Leaf Essentials Gift Set

Indulge yourself in total relaxation with our Spa Re-Leaf Essentials Kit.  Our Spa Re-Leaf…


Urban Re-Leaf Cannabis CBD Bubble Bath

If you are looking for greater relaxation then this CBD bubble bath is for you! Our CBD bubble bath…


Urban Re-Leaf Cannabis Candles (2.5oz)

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening with our scented candles made from coconut wax infused with…


Urban Re-Leaf Cannabis Candles (6oz)

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon or evening with our scented candles made from coconut wax infused with…


Assorted Cannabis Queen Rx Ancillary Accessories

Custom and Specialize Feminine Ancillary, Bridal Gifts, Invitations, Note Books and more by…

Pretty Dope Accessories – 6 Pre Rolled Cones

You'll look Pretty Dope with these in hand!  Indulge in something luxurious with our custom…


Pot Away Travel Set

When you are out and about you will run into odour situations that need solving. Your PotAway…


My Bud Vase – The Nightingale

The Nightingale is a symbol of immortality, beauty, and freedom from the world’s troubles.  Its…



Accoutrements is a conscious cannabis lifestyle brand made for the modern smoker, and the modern…

Black Tie Grinders

A great gift for wedding guests and groomsman, Black Tie Grinders will grind your herb during, and…


Pink Bow Grinders

The first designer grinder ever created, Pink Bow Grinders has a cute pink color, carry pouch, and…


Moon Rore Organics

Indulge your wedding party with these crystal charged organic products from Moon Rore Organics.…


Pot Pockets

The perfect customizable "thank you" gift for your wedding party, bachelor party or a great…


Stashlogix ProStash Cannabis Carry Case

Our largest case, the ProStash is for the connoisseur with a serious stash. Great for trips or the…


Stashlogix EcoStash Carry Case

The EcoStash is our mid-sized pack for on the go. Features: Combination Lock Customizable Padded…


Stashlogix GoStash Cannabis Carry Case

The GoStash is just that - ready to go. Latch your GoStash to anything else you might be carrying…


AnnaBís Whoopie Vape Case

CARRY YOUR CANNABIS IN STYLE Like all AnnaBís products, Whoopee is crafted from fine leather,…


AnnaBís Melissa Carry Case

ABOUT THE MELISSA MULTICASE Perfect for stepping outside and striding back in with pride! Handy…


AnnaBís Chelsea

Chelsea mixes high style and functionality with unique Odor-Loc technology to create the perfect…


Mary Jane Wedding Gift Box

MARY JANE GIFT BOXES is Colorado's premier gift box company specializing in fun and unique canna…


Shine Benjamin Franklin Rolling Papers

So much money you burnin? Now you actually can, with the world's first and only ink'd blunt™!…


Shine American Flag Tattooed Rolling Papers

Shine® Tattooed Blunts™ - Old Glory™ Burn one in honor of freedom. Handcrafted blunts made with…


Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers – 12 pack

Shine® 12-Sheet Pack Luxury at your fingertips. Don't be at the party. Be the party. Handcrafted…


Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

No home is complete without The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook!  This curated collection of…


Shine 24K Gold Cigars

Shine® Infinity Cigar Premium Dominican filler and binder wrapped with a Connecticut Shade leaf A…



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